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      terran18 Azernak

      The title says it all. Pretty much just post the games you play (system/console), and ranking if applicable.

      This is more a list for competitive type players.

      I will start off:

      CS:GO gold nova 1-4 depending on number of drinks I've had

      Overwatch still new to game (rank unknown would assume bronze/silver)

      Diablo 3 hardcore only

      starcraft 2 will pretty much play any mode rank gold

      minecraft, redstone expert. my creative skills are limited, but my redstone skills are pretty good in versions 1.8.1 and older (not sure if anything has changed in 1.9 and 1.0) also could set up a server for our timezone in any FTB mod pack, or vanilla with or without plugins.

      Elite dangerous, more an explorer than anything but wouldn't mind doing space pirate things with others.

      I will play any of this games for fun but also looking for people to actually play these games on more of a hardcore/competitive style.

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    • 6 years ago

      terran18 Azernak

      As I awake in your arms I look to see all their faces but the shadow of the hoods masks them from me. All I can see is the glow of their eyes. My carrier his eyes burn red like fire, to his right they glow pure and white as snow, and to her left eyes that glow black as the night sky. You look down at me noticing I have moved, starting to blush but hidden by the cream coffee color of my skin. You just keep walking though not saying a word. The links holding the sheath to your side click as your adjust to keep your grip on me. Your body radiating a warmth that is soothing and refreshing. I look up into your eyes and you look down at me. Hope, love, and happiness fill me. I can see myself in all of these things, and all of these things in me. I cant break my stare, as I watch the flames dancing in your eyes, all I can think of is home. My vision starts to blur and the last thing I see is you kneeling down beside me before I pass out again from exhaustion.

    • 6 years ago

      terran18 Azernak

      Blinded by the pain of love lost, regret fills the soul. Time is the only thing that can heal these deep wounds. Left by you pitch black and cold, I had no where to turn. Letting go of it all, I began to fall. Slipping away from everything, pulling away from everyone. I wanted nothing to do with the world. The only strings left attached, regret and memories. Now being choked by my own thoughts I cant escape. There is a flash of light in the distance. The roar of thunder can be heard in the distance. The swift wind can be felt across my face as their blades pass me by cutting all ties to the past. You catch me before I fall further. Looking down at me saying your safe now, we are here. With fire in your eyes and blades drawn I can see you are ready to carry me through to the end. A lost comfort knocks at my heart as I grab your shirt and pull closer in your arms as you carry me away. The only thing holding me to the place I once stood on top of the world.

    • 6 years ago

      terran18 Azernak

      The path here has weighed heavily on my mind.
      Remembering all that I have hurt and left alone.
      Out right denial of my actions.
      Never stopping to think of what might happen or who I might hurt.
      Not listening to those who knew best.
      Irrational and reckless decisions.
      Execution of my hopes and dreams.

    • 6 years ago

      terran18 Azernak

      The branches are weighted, the snow covers the ground like a warm welcoming blanket. The air crisp and cool, its refreshing. The sound of the brook as it follows gently down over the rocks, is only muffled by the ice that has formed over it. The wind blows the snow about, and places it with care. In the distance, the smoke from a chimney can be seen rising over the hill. The faint smell of wood burning tickles the nose. Its comforting, soothing. The walk back is warm to this place called home.

    • Fall

      6 years ago

      terran18 Azernak

      The glow of orange and red covers the trees, and the path that lay before me. The warmth of the breeze is soft and comforting. Looking out before me I see an opening. The sound of falling leaves is all there is. My mind is clear, as the sky with the setting sun. I'm getting closer now to the opening, and the vast expanse that is ahead is just in site. I stop for a second, to look around and take this place in for one last time. It's been awhile since I've been here, a place so beautiful. The wind kicking up leaves, as they rush by me I take a deep breath, I can smell the change in the air. I turn back to the opening, this is my path now. As I step into the expanse I see the path follows over the hill. I know the direction it goes but not where it leads. I reach for your hand as I look out over it all, this sea of fire. Today I found serenity in you and in this place.

    • writing

      6 years ago

      terran18 Azernak

      number correspond to the original order this was written.

      2. The cold air gently sweeps across your face, as you turn to look at me. I grab you by your hand and pull you close to me. As these tiny crystals of hope fall from the sky one lands on your cheek and runs down like a tear of joy, as you stand in anticipation...
      4. As it draws toward its end, the question remained. Only you knew the answer. I knew though now was perfect, as the tiny crystals collected on the ground. It's the moment I had hoped for. Nothing could stop me on this winters night, as the moon crest the hill and its light hit your face. I knew I was ready.
      4.1 I asked the question, not knowing what would happen. I thought I had prepared and thought I was ready. I stood waiting for your answer. No, is all you said. As I knelled there with my heart in your hands. Watching as the...
      6.1The snow faded red, emptiness consumed my soul. I couldn't escape this feeling of betrayal, I stood frozen in time.

      1.Watching the sands pass through my hands, I try to stop it. Yet its flow is unrelenting, and undeterred. My arms are getting heavy, my hands weak from the strain. I'm being buried under the pile. Yet time does not stop. My heart stats to race, what can I do. I start to question whether I have the strength to press on. I'm giving it my all. Can I out last this on slot?

      6,2As you stood there, I tried to take it back. No, its to late it couldn't be changed.

      3. I have lost control of it. Giving out under the pressure, I collapse under its weight. I couldn't stop it, I couldn't slow it. There is nothing I can do now but watch it come. This moment is where I wished to stay, but time refused to stop. I can only sit and watch as the end draws near.

      6,3 As you let go, it fells to the ground sinking into the snow, its was cold, all life drained from it as I watch it stop beating.

      5.My sight has all but gone now, surrounded in darkness. No light, and no hope left. I pray it ends soon, it has seemed like forever since I started this impossible task, that has buried me in self doubt, and lost time. The sands are starting to crush me and making it hard to breath.

      6,4 You turned from me leaving an empty shell...

      7.Gasping for air, I can't breath anymore. I can hear the faint sounds of the cracking glass under the pressure. Thinking its to late, to save me now I'm to far gone now. "Giving up' I think to myself. Why now after all this time. I hear it pop again as the sand keeps pouring in. I stare into my soul and see all that I left. I can't give up now, I refuse, I struggle to free myself. The sound of the breaking glass is muffled by the sand that buries me, and as I slide out across the floor I see them...

      8.look around the sand slowing turning to snow. The prison in which I have trapped myself is shattered. I awake to see myself broken and beaten. I look to where you stood, my heart left laying there, behind you in your path of destruction. I look back at myself, no I can't give up here. Looking around I see them beside me and behind me. I wonder have they always been there? Was it you that broke it or was it the ones who stood beside me? Was it my friends that helped me escape my own personal torment or was it you. I'm free, freed from my mind. I can see the damage I have done to myself. So now I must pick up my pieces and push forward. As I grab my hand, I cant help but think, I can move on.

      As I pull myself together, I can feel the warmth all around me. As you walk away, the strain is lifted from body. I can move again. No longer weighted down from trying to fit into your life. I can breath, this feeling that overwhelms me is one of relief. My friends still standing there. I wonder how long had they stood by my side, how long did they watch me torture myself with you. It seems like ages since I've seen any of them. How long has it been since I let you take control over me. Everything is different now. How many times must I do this before I learn. My mind is at ease now.

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      6 years ago

      terran18 Azernak

      As time slowly ticks by, I stare into nothing just wishing for something. I sit here on my last nerve, just wishing for you to get off. I do not know how to take this pain, it is too much for me to bare for you. I just do not know what to do. As it all speeds up to the end I can see time slowing to a halt. My points have become pointless and I can no longer go on, this is too much for one man to bare. So as I look at you now not saying a word, you hear "I'm sorry I wish it could have been different goodbye tonight goodbye forever."

    • 2019 years ago

      terran18 Azernak
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