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    • Scenes From The Future Of RWBY (Possibly) #16

      1 year ago


      Torn Atlas

      The air raid siren blared long and loud.

      The citizens scattered through the streets of Atlas City as soldiers, hunters, and robots--all that the military and academy could spare after sending such a large force to aid Mistral--rallied to the defense. Among them was the specialist, Winter Schnee, who looked out to sea amidst one of many towering cannon turrets and bore witness to the dire tide that threatened to wash the kingdom away.

      Grimm. Thousands of them. Maybe millions. Whatever the full strength may have been, it made the force that had conquered Beacon Academy look like a raiding band.

      What could've drawn such a massive force to Atlas so quickly? Did it have anything to do with the news of Weiss' disappearance? Of Jacques' atrocities being known to the public? Were the rumors that he had planned to restructure the company true or not? And what about the whispers of Dr. Polendina building a second P.E.N.N.Y.? Of Ironwood's alleged plot to take over the council?

      Winter had suspected that all of these rumors had something to do with the man called Watts, but now wasn't the time to investigate; now was the time to fight. She had faced great hordes of Grimm many times in her life, but never one so huge and of such single-minded fury as this.

      As the nearest Great Blackjaw swam to shore, Beowolves and Ursa packed to the brim on its back, a single word escaped Winter's lips.


      With a thunderous roar, the turrets opened fire, their rounds crashing down on the Great Blackjaw and its passengers and engulfing them in columns of fire and water. But as the operators reloaded, more Great Blackjaws reached the shore, carrying more Grimm to storm in.

      "FIRE!" shouted Winter again.

      Again, the turrets opened fire, devastating more of the Great Blackjaws landing. Then, a fell shriek pierced the sky, urging Winter to look up. Nevermores and Gryphons flew through a hail of bullets from the machine gun nests nearby, and though many were shot down, those that made it through set to work, tearing through the cannons.

      Winter would have none of this. "FIRE AT WILL!" she shouted as she drew her swords and charged at the nearest Nevermore. Bouncing off the fallen cannon turret with a glyph at her feet, she jumped onto its head and plunged her cutlass where its skull cap met its neck, killing it. As she looked up to strike down the next Grimm, an Gryphon swooped in and knocked her down. She rebounded with a glyph projected behind her and rose to strike the Gryphon down, but it flew out of her reach and struck down the cannon operator nearby.

      Many a soldier fell to the oncoming horde, which by now had all but overrun the shoreline. All Winter could do was rally the survivors and retreat into the city.

      "Specialist Schnee," an officer reported in while crouching behind a large crate.

      "Where's the rest of your platoon?" asked Winter, her swords bathed in Grimm blood.

      "Wasted," replied the officer. "And we will be too if we don't get out of here."

      "And who gave you permission to do that, soldier?"

      "Nobody, ma'am, but with all due respect--"

      "Respect nothing! We will defend this city--this kingdom--with our lives! Now, get in there and fight! Understood?"

      The officer picked up his rifle and stood at attention. "Yes, ma'am!"

      Indeed, it was a dire situation, but not one that couldn't be won. The Grimm had all but overrun the city square, but none yet had approached the academy, where Ironwood and his cohort were stationed. It took a while, but the full might of the Atlesian military would rise to meet the Grimm force. After what seemed like an eternity, the Grimm started thinning out, Atlas' victory seemingly in sight. As Winter continued to battle her way through the now fleeing horde, she spied what appeared to be a human figure riding atop a Nevermore's head...

      Headed straight for the Schnee manor.

      Winter gasped and darted after the Nevermore and its rider, but with her aura all but spent, she couldn't project any glyphs that would carry her to keep pace with it. She could only watch as it circled over the manor she once called home and drop the rider into the courtyard below.

      It was too late.

      The mansion lay half in ruins, the silence broken only by the panicked cries of dying staff. And there, at the center of the courtyard, impaled on the broken half of a Nevermore's feather, was...

      "Mother..." the horrified Winter mouthed, barely able to step forward and meet this corpse. Tears formed in her eyes as she almost dropped her swords, but there would be time to mourn her later. Whoever--or whatever--this humanoid was had to be stopped.

      Racing throughout the mansion, she searched for any trace of the Grimm, but everywhere she looked, there was only death and devastation. It was nothing new as far as the horrors of war were concerned, but never had they struck so close to her, even to a home she hadn't seen for...she didn't even know anymore.

      But then, she came into Weiss' room, the window to the front yard still shattered from Weiss' first voluntary summoning. There stood, poised to kill Klein and Whitley with a crudely fashioned spear, was the humanoid.

      She had never been on speaking terms with Whitley, nor had she even known Klein but in passing, but judging from the expressions on their faces, Jacques, the man she begrudgingly called "Father," was dead too. Though she had never approved of his trying to decide her future or his dragging the Schnee name into the ground, she still knew of some small spark of genuine love in his otherwise desolate heart.

      If only there had been time to find that spark. If only there had been time to reconcile. To forgive.

      But now was the time to fight.

      "Get away from them," she growled at the humanoid--the pale visage of a huntress long thought to have died with Beacon's Central Communications Tower.

    • The Voices Project: The Kickstarter

      2 years ago


      TL;DR In case you didn't get the news about my Kickstarter campaign, here it is.

    • Disney's Susanoo: an Idea

      2 years ago


      So, the other day, I had an idea for a Disney Susanoo movie. So far, what I've got is in this link.

      What do you think?

    • Moving to LA in August

      2 years ago


      Well, the time has finally come. I'm going to California to continue to grow as a voice actor and...well, other stuff. I'm both excited and nervous to go, more specifically nervous about how to get there. Do I drive cross country with whatever can fit in my car or do I take a plane and have the car shipped with everything inside?

      I guess the answer will come when I get to it.

    • Scenes From The Future Of RWBY (Possibly) #15

      2 years ago


      My Purpose

      The flight to the isle of Midna was long and dreary, and with each passing minute, fear set in amongst the united armies of Remnant. What if they failed to save Ozpin? What if they failed to survive the onslaught of Grimm that were doubtless waiting for them? What if this isle of Midna didn’t even exist?

      This fear, Yang decided, simply wouldn’t do.

      Thus, she stepped forward, walking down the length of the airship that housed her and her friends and teammates, Teams RWBY, SSSN, and JNPR, until she reached the cockpit and knocked on the sealed door.

      “Who is it?” the voice of General Ironwood softly boomed through the door, bidding Yang to open it and step in.

      “Mr. Ironwood,” she said. “Permission to speak with the rest of the army.

      “For what purpose, Ms. Xiao Long?” asked the general, his eyes focused on the sea ahead.

      “The rest of my team has already given motivational speeches. I figure, might as well give one too.”

      Setting the intercom to Open Channel, James opened the door to the cabin and let Yang sidle up beside him. “Make it quick,” he said, “and do try not to break anything this time.”

      “I’ve learned my lesson, Jim. Don’t worry.”

      The good general couldn’t help but crack a smile as he watched Yang tap the monitor and blip the intercom to life.

      “Whassup, my homies?!” she hollered over the intercom. No one answered, much to her dismay. “Really? Nothing to that? Oh, well.”

      But before she could hang up, an officer answered from another ship. “Silver Delta 2, reading you loud and clear. Over.”

      Excited, Yang picked up the intercom and resumed her talk.

      “The name’s Yang Xiao Long. You know me as ‘Blondie,’ ‘Hot Stuff,’ ‘Lady Punch-a-Lot,’ ‘The Girl who Broke Mercury’s Leg,’ and ‘Yangry.’”

      A mix of groans, boos, and sighs reciprocated her poor choice of humor, but she was mostly met with pained silence.

      “Come on, folks. These are the jokes. Tough crowd,” she flatly responded before clearing her throat and straightening herself. “Now, all kidding aside, I’ve lived most of my life thinking that I had no purpose, being the illegitimate daughter of two of the best hunters ever to come out of Beacon Academy—no offense, by the way. But recent events have led me to realize that despite all assurances to the contrary, I had let myself be a prisoner of the past.”

      This time, a series of murmurs greeted her.

      “I had spent the better part of my life chasing after my mom for answers that were never there, to questions that I never even needed to ask. And after I lost most of my hair—not to mention my arm—I began to realize that my life…does have a purpose after all. Everyone’s life has a purpose, in fact.”

      In the loading bay, the sleeping Ruby jittered herself awake to the sound of Yang’s voice, her silver eyes fluttering open.

      “Some people are meant to go out and be heroes in storybooks. Some are meant to write those storybooks themselves. Me? I’m just meant to get out there, kick some butt, and put smiles on the faces of people who need help. It’s something I’ve been doing for my own team without even realizing it until I reunited with them at Mistral.”

      She tiptoed to the cockpit and peered inside.

      “And guess who needs help right now. I’ll give you a hint: he’s got white hair, wiry sunglasses, a green necktie, a black suit, and he drinks WAY too much coffee. That’s right: Professor Ozpin.”

      Yang paused to look back, spotting Ruby in the doorway, and then faced the microphone again.

      “It’s going to be crazy, it’s going to be scary, and it’s going to be dangerous—deadly, even. But me and my friends, here? We figure, screw that! When we get to Midna, we’re going to save Ozpin if it’s the last thing we do, and we’ll blast any monster dumb enough to get in our way to kingdom come!”

      She pumped her prosthetic fist…


      …and after a brief pause, was met with waves of applause over the intercom.

      “Thank you, Ms. Xiao Long,” said General Ironwood. “Now, please return to your seat.”


    • Tired and...whatsit

      2 years ago


      I don't know why. That is all.

    • "Bmblb" is a big mistake

      2 years ago


      No matter how you look at it, this one song, "Bmblb", set to come out on the RWBY Volume 4 soundtrack, is a big PR nightmare waiting to happen. If it's about Bumblebee, the ship between Blake and Yang, that's grounds for pandering to the fan dumb, and if it's not, it's grounds for queerbaiting. Frankly, I think the latter is the lesser of the two evils, because nobody who deserves to call himself or herself a creator should have to stoop to the level of the fan dumb for ratings or publicity or anything. Besides, there's no hard evidence that any of Blake and Yang's interactions could possibly be romantic and no reason for it to make sense in the context of the story, and even if there was, for any romance to work, both parties involved must have a common core desire to bond over, an overlap that Blake and Yang sorely lack.

      Blake wants people to see her as a person, not as a label, and to that end, she needs a reason to stop running away.

      Yang, on the other hand, wants a life of adventure. Always running, always fighting, always being someone else's 11th hour guardian angel. And to that end, she needs to close the book on her abandonment issues with Raven.

      Any overlap? Any common ground? I think not.

    • Most Unfairly Hated Characters?

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      Who do you think are the most unfairly hated characters in RWBY, and why?

      To start, I'd say that besides the obvious answers of Jaune, Blake, and Ruby, it's Sun and Neptune. Both of them are hated mainly because they got in the way of White Rose and Bumblebee, and what few legitimate criticisms exist...well, I can't think of any that can't be traced to time constraints and limited resources.

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      Could you, as a fellow web series creator, tell me what you think of my web series idea?

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