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    • 3 years ago

    • Absence/ Buff Buddies Week 0? Probably Not

      3 years ago


      Hello all. Haven't wrote a journal in a long while. This website has done so much for me over the last 2 years, so I thought you guys deserved an explanation.

      It's not you, it's me

      Actually, it's mainly because of this new school I'm going to this year. With all these new people I have to meet and friends to make, it's just so much to keep up with for a guy like me who's never really had more than maybe 4 or 5 friends at once. On top of that, the buffed up curriculum is adding a ton of unneeded stress to my normal life that I just wasn't used to dealing with before (umm, I kinda forgot how to use the spoiler tool when writing a journal on this site, so I'll just write it at the end of this journal WARNING: only read if you wanna see me get a little real about my life at the moment)

      While I'm very proud of myself for going from the quiet lonely kid who sat in the back of the class by himself to this new sociable person who works harder to put himself out there, it's just very chaotic trying to keep up with new friends and old friends and online friends all at once. I mean, before this school year, I would check the site nearly every day (even though I'd hardly post journals, I was still here checking up an y'all), but I don't even think I've logged on to the site at all since August. I miss you guys

      I'm almost always checking my phone guys. So, if you're an older friend who I haven't talked to in a while, or even someone who I've never met but wants a friend on the site/to talk about RT, I'd love for you to message me on kik. The username is (surprise) nickgonz_

      Buff Budies:

      I'm not entirely sure if this counts as following along with the show, but I've recently started to simply take walks in the afternoon since I live a mostly sedentary life style (which I learned in my health is the most unhealthy way to live). It's not much, but it's a start. And just this afternoon, instead of walking, I decided to ride a good mile or two on my longboard. It's a pretty good aerobic exercise, and I really missed cruising around the neighborhood and exploring. Who knows, maybe by week 1 I'll have found some sort of upper body exercise I enjoy


      Well........ I don't know if I ever publicly posted about it, but about two years ago (during my freshman year of high school) I'd been through a mild depression. I had this huge fight with an old girlfriend of mine, which sort of ended our relationship all together. I'd also successfully cut off all of my friends, both close and new. It was pretty short, only lasting about 2-3 months. Since I got myself out of that funk, I prided myself on being a solely positive person. Even in the worst of times, I always had my chin up........... Had

      My grades are slipping. A lot. Before this year, I barely touched my school work outside of class and succeeded with a pretty solid B+ average. I was never really used to studying. I'm still not used to studying really. This rigorous course work though is actually forcing me to work harder in school. Sound good right? Well it would be, IF the studying were actually paying off. I look at a C like it's a God given blessing now. It seems as though no matter how much extra work I put into this, I can't grasp anything. I feel so helpless....... I feel broken. I feel worn out, depressed on an almost daily basis. I feel like I'm not trying hard enough, but I can't seem to force myself to do anything about it. Maybe I'm not naturally gifted in academics like my brother and sister, like my parents expect me to be...... And I have no clue where to go from here. I'm scared. God, I'm so scared

    • 2 Year Anniversary (Late) Post

      3 years ago


      It happened again guys. I missed my membership anniversary AGAIN! I joined on August 16, 2013; 2 years (and three days) ago. I remember thinking that this was just some stupid YouTube thing that I would only like at the time and it wouldn't last past a few weeks. BOY was I dead wrong (thankfully)

      (This is normally where I'd put a gif if my images worked in journals, alas)

      Fast forward about 2 months. I'd made a couple friends, and eventually found out about this group on the website called Rooster Speak. Naturally, I just sort of threw myself in hoping they would accept me as one of their own and not notice how much of a scrub lord I am. This might have been the best decision I've made to date. I've made SO many friends in that group, so shout out to (in no particular order) @TDBTyler @goldguy81 @mugsoftea @TJ1023 @SpartanSloth @Erkan @Nester82 @Giffy @Retalora @Warpek (sorry if I forgot anyone, but y'all are pretty dope too). I remember spending day and night on the server, trying to be online as much as possible just because I felt so welcomed

      Fast forward about a year and a half, somewhere around January of this year, the coolest group of guys I've ever met invited me into the most hectic, most fun Skype chats I've ever been in. Huge shout out to @LeoHashee @Airzeez @Matt_Ryan @Layne and Skye the Cool Guy, y'all really made the first half of my year

      This brings us to two weeks ago; RTX 2015. Like I said in my obligatory RTX journal, I've been to a lot of places, but that may have been the greatest because of all the love and sense of community I felt. I made so many friends just by looking to my left and right and butting into other people's conversations xD and that's fine because everyone there had the same interests and felt the same sort of love towards the community. @RootBeerGuy definitely sticks out the most in that crowd, thanks buddy!

      And now it's 1:51 on August 19, 2015. I'm heading into my third year on this site. I'm not going to make any resolutions or changes for myself like I've tried to in the past because THIS has thrown so many incredible and surprising things my way that I know something even cooler will pop up in my 3rd year anniversary journal a year from now. 'Till then, keep moving forward, every single one of you

    • Obligatory Post RTX 2015 Post

      3 years ago


      I can't believe this post is finally irrelevant. It seems completely unreal, but RTX 2015 came and went and I'm SO glad it came (wink wink). I've been to a lot of incredible places, but this trip was by far the best one I've been on yet due to the sheer amount of community and love I felt. That being said, I'd love to share a bit of my experience with you guys who helped make it as incredible (WARNING: Photo Spam imminent)




      Mah bois @LeoHashee and @AirzeezUEw5HNP.jpgdYwDQsd.jpg#Squad




      By far the best panel at RTX

      T4VtYrK.jpgZ1nRNau.jpgMy mom saw Colton Dunn and thought he was cute ;)

      dxwD7PW.jpg@Miles and @Kerry are seriously just the coolest guys!

      YDxLaTi.jpgThat time Ryan and (I think) Caleb stole the table from the Miles and Kery Signing

      kyqesxr.jpgThe shirts progressively came off one by one

      nMOQoLr.jpgiOvDusa.jpgSnd56Y9.jpgThose are two different panels. @burnie wore the same hat the whole weekend!



      6OiO9HF.jpgEeLDhI8.jpgWhen the Green Cursor became the new mascot for RTX


      Mah other boi @RootBeerGuy




      The Pre-Panel Panel hosted by the interns




      Right as I thought the weekend was over, I got meet @Ray for a bit!

      AZV3xPp.jpgAnd the weekend ended with some awesome dancing at RSMUD

      I can't thank y'all enough for making it one of (if not, THE) most incredible weekends of my life. This community is truly remarkable

    • Also if anyone is staying at JW Marriot

      4 years ago


      let me know cause I wanna meet as many people as possible and it'd be cool to chill with someone in the same building

    • Finally in Austin!!!

      4 years ago


      I'm gonna keep this journal short, but I just got to the hotel in Austin for RTX so if anyone wants to chill or something, let me know :D can't wait to hang with the community this weekend

    • 4 years ago

    • New Site?

      4 years ago


      Don't get me wrong, normally I'm the first one on board for new stuff. I like new things. New things are shiny and cool. The new site is new. It's shiny and cool; HOWEVER, I"m so confused.

      For Example: Just after righting that last sentence, I accidentally posted this journal prematurely because I was playing around with the tags

      For Example: Do your friend's journals ONLY show up in your notifications? If not, can someone tell me how to view them all at once like you could before. If so.... why? No offense to the guys (who I know worked INCREDIBLY hard on the new site), but I just seems..... tedious? Yeah, I guess that's the word to use :/

    • Weight Loss

      4 years ago


      So a few months back I made a little challenge with my homie @leohashee

      The basis of the challenge is, basically, who ever looses the most body fat percentage by RTX will be rewarded with $50 (although I'm putting in $150 for reasons I can't remember at the moment). Why am I bringing this up now?


      A few days ago, Leo posted this journal about his incredible weight loss progress and it got me thinking.......



      On Monday I said enough is enough and started planning out my strict diet and exercise regimen for the next month. I decided to cut off snacking completely and cut down on some of the carbs. On top of that, I'm hitting the gym every day for at least half an hour (normal around an hour). I didn't think I would get results fast enough, but then I remembered somethingsomeone




      then maybe I can too (besides, Chris Pratt's practically been my idol since GoTG). And sure enough, I started to see results almost immediately. I started my weight loss regimen yesterday, and today when I stepped on the scale I was 201! That's the lowest I've been in a VERRY long time! I'm comin for ya Leo, like a bullet train

    • People Are Awesome

      4 years ago




      One of you did this

      And I genuinely can't thank you enough.

      From the bottom of my heart, thank you you. This just goes to show how fucking awesome this community is. Someone is willing to spend their hard earned money on me, and the modesty that you displayed is incredible.

      If you'd like, message me friend. I'd like to thank you properly (even though it'll probably just be me saying "thank you" over and over again). You're an incredible person

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      4 years ago

      Figured I would add you after we chatted at the Rooster Speak meet-up!

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      U told me to


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      I told u dees

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      I told....... u dees

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      I told u dees

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      4 years ago

      I think worshipping the Hand has had an effect on your account...

      • nickgonz_ #3 For A Reason

        4 years ago

        Yes, but how many people CAN'T be awarded these things huh? I'd like to think that I'm special for it

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        you cannot be awarded and also, you became a girl. put them ribbons in your hair.

      • nickgonz_ #3 For A Reason

        4 years ago

        Haha is it noticeable?

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        well, i guess he had something to say about it, then.

      • nickgonz_ #3 For A Reason

        4 years ago

        I'm not worshipping the heretic. I'm detesting him

    • Caszie

      4 years ago

      Thank you so much for the friendship! :3

      • nickgonz_ #3 For A Reason

        4 years ago

        oh hey! no problem :D

    • SpartanSloth

      4 years ago

      I grant upon thee... THE SLOTH MEDAL. For internet feats and for supporting The Shifty Key Podcast.


      • DrSparks

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        Nope...lost all meaning...

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      Welcome back to the site!

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