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    • A Test Journal, and Thoughts on the First Few Weeks of the Polaris Re-Brand - Ep

      6 years ago


      I have heard the journal mentioned a few times on the podcast, and I am now trying it out to see what the deal is. So far, it's just good, old-fashioned, text. Which I am totally fine with. When I hear 'journal,' I think text, and this experience has yet to disappoint. Hell, I didn't even see there was a title box until just now. This is one of the great things about roosterteeth as a company. Their products are fuckin intuitive as shit, which is so above and beyond what is necessary for an entertainment company to provide. I could go on all night about analyzing why I enjoy certain products, so I'm going to stop myself and start typing something that's actually fuckin interesting to me.

      So I've been following this 'The Game Station' rebrand to 'Polaris'. I find the whole thing fascinating. For one, I had just started following them from their e3 coverage, so they were pretty up on my radar at the time. It seemed odd for a seemingly organic collective of let's players to arbitrarily rebrand, so I looked into shit a bit. Found that they are owned by Maker Studios, who own around(don't quote me) 1000 YouTube channels, including Snoop Dogg's. By own, I mean 'traditionally produce,' for lack of a better term. I'd I back and rewrite it but I'm realizing its kind of a bitch to type on this proprietary site on an iphone.

      Fuckin a, lets long-story-short this. I'm getting bored with writing. So today one of the Maker kids, Dodger, posted a 'what you need to know' about Kick Ass 2 video on her side-channel(less produced, more vloggy and implicitly honest). It somehow got out that the video was a paid advertisement. I only know about this because she tweeted some sort of snappy responses to the comments in the video... Lets see it I can find them and quote them, hold on a sec.

      @dexbonus: In the future how about I write "LOL SOMEONE GAVE ME FLIFF FOR THIS VIDEO" in the description
      @dexbonus: Let me help you out: yes I got money to make my pre-thoughts video. No I will not get money for my actual review.

      Here's what I find interesting about this. First, if your viewers are collectively voicing a concern(and a sorta legitimate one, at that), if one does decide to reply... How to phrase this... We are used to 'stars' bein prepped and vetted to control spin. A lot of people in this new medium, however, are more subtly brought to the 'deep end' of media exposure. It's, again, interesting to see a sort of public figure take offense and lash out in a situation where they probably should have apologized. Or, probably a better move would have been to not respond at all.

      There have been people watching this Polaris shift and replying with disappointment and confusion, and a lot of the involved channels have just chosen to ignore the criticism. More power to em, if that's their decision. Again, I have no actual stake in whatever fleeting opinion I have on the topic. But it's really interesting to watch these companies, roosterteeth, Polaris, and Rev3Gaming being at the forefront in my mind, develop alongside each other. I truly hope the more open approach, where people choose to take advantage of the give and take, interactive aspect of this medium, prevails.

      Either way, fascinating shit indeed.

      Aight it's fuckin 515 am. I'm tired. I give this journal experience an 8/10. I had to zoom all the way out to avoid the screen jumping around constantly.

      Fuck, I hope this actually posts now.

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