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    • Nomad of Nowhere (Piano Cover)

      1 year ago


      Hey everyone,

      I made a cover of the Nomad of Nowhere theme on piano, and thought I'd post it here. I've already posted it on Twitter, where several RT staff noticed me.

      - Miles Luna retweeted it

      - Eddy Rivas replied to the tweet saying "if only there was a heart ears emoji"

      - Spencer Crewe liked my tweet

      So you should check it out!

    • Red vs Blue Theory: the Blue and Red Army

      2 years ago


      There's a fact everyone has been overlooking: The sim troopers have also been hunted down. They've been going missing after Chorus's events. Yes, so has the rest of PFL's staff. And we know it's thanks to the Blues and Reds. So why would they hunt down other Sims? Well it's because they went through exactly the same thing. They're pawns for the freelancers. And sometimes, Pawns kill the Kings. But the Sim Troopers that are being hunted aren't dying. Rather, the Blues and Reds expose the truth, and they expand their army. So far, yes. We've only been seeing the Blues and Reds. But why would they need all that space just for themselves? They don't. How are they hunting Freelancers using only one set of Sims? They aren't. They are a massive team.

    • RWBY Volume 4

      3 years ago


      So it's been announced that RWBY Volume 4 comes out on October 22nd this year. THANK YOU ROOSTER TEETH FOR THE GREATEST POSSIBLE BIRTHDAY PRESENT! I LOVE YOU ALL!

    • RWBY: Who and Where is Salem?

      3 years ago


      Warning: This post contains Spoilers on the RWBY Volumes 2 and 3 Finales. Continue at your own risk.

      Salem. The "Queen" that has pawns, as Qrow said. At first, we thought the Queen was Cinder, being so powerful. But nope, it's Salem, and Cinder is just one of her many pawns. I suspect Salem is going for each of the maidens to get the ultimate power. Now here's the deal: She already has the Fall Maiden, thanks to Cinder. But Salem herself? Who is she? My answer is: A Grimm Faunus.

      Now before you go hating on this and saying she's just the "Grimm Lord", or "Creator of Grimm," yes. She creates Grimm, and I'm agreeing with you here. But she herself is Grimm too. Let me ask this: What is a Faunus, exactly? Faunus, according to the wiki, is "a race of humanoid people in the world of RWBY who possess physical animal traits." But I don't think that's very accurate. A singular Faunus to me, would be "a human who possesses a singular physical trait, and several mental traits of one specific animal." Don't believe me?

      Take Blake, for example. She's a Cat Faunus, as we established at the end of Volume 1. Her one physical trait is her cat ears. Her mental? Well we know for certain: She loves Tuna, as seen at Volume 3 Episode 1 (11:11). There's also a term most kids use "scaredy cat." Hence, why she runs away after everything.

      How about Sun? He's a monkey, clearly. He has a tail, and he's crazy. Ever seen him in a fight? He just runs out there and attacks. Kinda reckless and cocky. Then again, that could just be his character.

      And Adam is a bull. He's got the horns on his head. Though they're not clear, they're there. Go check the Wiki if you don't believe me. His only clear mental trait is the fact that he will charge at everything. In the Black Trailer, he charges at the opportunity to kill the giant machine thing. (4:06) And he charges at Yang when she attacks him in Volume 3 Episode 11 (14:54).

      So now how about Salem? She's a Grimm Faunus. Her Physical Attribute is more like many attributes in one. Her entire face is that of a Grimm. Pure white with red markings on it. Although the white part is armor on a Grimm, I think it's safe to say most (if not all) Grimm have that armor. It's gotten to the point where it's a part of most of them. She's got the white part as a part of her now. And notice it's not just on their faces. It's all over them. Her skin is pure white if you pause at 21:42. The visible parts of her skin are white with the red markings (assuming those aren't gloves, even though that would prove my point of armor). And she wears a black cape to show even further that she's related to Grimm. Might I add, her eyes glow when she's thinking of evil? And they're red, similar to that of other Grimm (though those are slightly orange.) And for her mental trait? Oh, she hates humanity. She wants to use all her power to "snuff" out the flame of hope. She wants to watch Ozpin (and the rest of humanity) burn.

      And here's just a bit of a stretch. She's a Dragon Grimm Faunus, if you want to get more specific. Since a faunus is based on a single animal, Grimm are a whole species. Birds, dragons, land animals. She creates Grimm, just like the Dragon Grimm does.

      The Faunus were sent to live there. All of them. No way of contacting the outside because of the lack of CCT's and Relays. When the revolution went on, they may have built a small civilization. But then they were allowed to leave to a better location like Vale. Salem stayed there, being a Grimm Faunus. She despises all humans, away from all contact. This place was literally a desolate wasteland, as we can see behind her. Nobody would ever want to live there. Hence why Faunus were sent there. The only way she contacts people is with those portal things. You know, the one Raven used to travel to Yang, the one that shows up in the Volume 3 Intro, and the one Cinder used with the glove in Volume 3 Episode 7. It's so simple for people with that power to move around, and to even bring people around. But her full plan? That's for another theory, maybe later on.

    • Red vs Blue Season 12 Episode 14: What?

      3 years ago


      Warning: This contains spoilers for Season 12 and 13 of Red vs Blue. Turn away if you don't want to have anything spoiled.

      Go to Red vs Blue Season 12 Episode 14. Timestamp at 3:45. Does that look familiar? If you watched Season 13, it should. This thing is the Gravitational Temple as I call it. It was to "create a defensive barrier around the planet. By manipulating the planet's gravitational field." ~Santa. But why is it familiar?

      Now look at Season 13, Episode 18. Timestamp at 8:47. That's why this looks familiar. The team from the New Republic used this to take down Charon's ship. You can see the same sort of animation at around 9:10.

      So does this mean Carolina's team watched the Temple take down a ship in Season 12? I think so. But this ship was never mentioned, ever.

      But there's also an inconsistency with this. If this temple really did get activated, it would need someone to activate it. So why did Epsilon say they were "clear," if in reality someone really was there? That's a bit odd...

      I have a small theory for this: Sharkface in Season 13 Episode 6 (Timestamp at 6:01) states "You're only safe for as long as that shield is up. Then you have no cover and a failing AI." I'm thinking Epsilon started at some point in Season 12. A moment perhaps before they witnessed the Temple being activated. Epsilon's fail lead to not having proper information from the radar. Truthfully, there was someone there. One person. Or a very small group, to where they didn't think they could do enough. When they saw the Blues appear on the radar, they called for backup, and that's what lead to the Blues being found. At least: Some of the backup was from that group. Others came because they recognized the coordinates of Washington's Trackers.

      So to summarize: Church was failing, and couldn't see the fact that someone was using the temple to bring down a ship for its manifest.

    • The World Should Learn

      3 years ago


      Lately, I've been watching a lot of Rooster Teeth's TV Shows. RWBY, Red vs Blue, and a bit less of Xray and Vav. And I feel like the world can really learn a lot from Rooster Teeth. Some of the most inspirational quotes I've ever heard come from these guys. Hate, love, individuality, unity, everything in general. It's gotten me to look at the world in a different way. Such a different way, that I feel like I've changed completely. I've learned to hate only for myself. Do things for myself, not others. That you can't force a love, and if you try, you push it away. I learned a simple soul can make a difference. I've caught my friends discriminating on others much more, and I've been stopping them. I've learned that when separate, everyone falls, but together we grow. These are just a few things that I've learned from Rooster Teeth. And I think if the world saw all this, there would be less violence in the world. (Ironic, since these are all about dystopias). So many lessons that I wish the governments of the world would just take a look at and learn from them.

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