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      Guys and Gals of Rooster Teeth,

      It pains me to write this letter as I do love watching your content.  I have been a member since 2012 and been watching your content well before that.  Been a first member for quite a while now.

      I was getting nag letters from RT about my First members ship expiring and not being able to be auto renewed.   CC's change and this is understandable.  

      Logging in and going to your page to change my CC information, I find that RT is not protecting the CC entry page with such basics as SSL encryption.   Considering this is such a basic industry security standard and that RT has already had at least one data breach, this is mind boggling.

      So now I am left with a choice.  Expose my personal data, or do not renew my first membership.   Not a choice that I really want to make.

      So take the following as an intervention:  

      Rooster Teeth, I love you and what you do, but get your security sh*t together!



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    • 2019 years ago

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