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    • Theorys for semi dark but semi Feel Good end for Vol 3

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      They can't just drop us into a black hole of despair for the next 6 months. There is no way to a totally happy ending here but what can happen to give us a sort of feel good, hopeful ending? Here are a few thoughts.

      Ruby vs Neo- A good fight but a draw, but the fight takes down the ship. Neo and Roman out of the action.

      Adam vs Blake- Adam hasn't seen her since she was 12. He'g going to underestimate her. And that "hello my darling" comment says he needs his teeth kicked in. Blake takes him out. Maybe with help. I think Yang is nearby. With Adam down, the Fangs retreat. 2 threats down.

      Somebody takes out the CCT. That will stop the virus and the Atlas robots turn back to the good side. Thats 3 down.

      Zwei takes out the dragon grimm. Don't ask how, He's Zwei! Thats 4.

      With all this taken care of, everybody bands together and takes back Beacon.

      Now the tough one. Pyrrha, Ozpin, Cinder, and Amber. No matter what happens, It can't be good, so I'm lost on this one.

      OK your turn!

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    • WoR The Four Maidens

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      What did you take away from that?

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    • WoR Well,......That was a thing.

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      So many things they could have given us and we get 3 min of "if they pull the plug, we can't Skype." G-Golly thanks.

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    • Is Vale really a "Kingdom"?

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      I know Earth rules don't apply here, but, on Earth, you can't call yourself a Kingdom unless you have a King or royal family or at least a regent. Weiss made a point that in Vale, the school and government were completely separate. If war breaks out, wouldn't the government be involved? Why would the head of the local school be running the show?

      My point is, do you think in the upcoming shows, somebody will show up and say " I'm Crown Prince of Vale and I'm in charge, follow me pions! Reactions would be a riot.

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    • RWBY goes to Japan

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      Next week, the official translation of Vol 1+2 will hit the shelves in Japan. How do you think it will be received? ie: Will it be a hit? Do you foresee any issues?

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    • Ironwood is in on it

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      I watched the whole show yet again last night (netflix makes it flow) and I am convinced. The only other option is he is the most clueless sawdust head EVER. He has been covering for Cinder this whole time. After the infiltration, he had to have seen Cinder when the doors opened. The next day he pooh poohed Glynda with a "it coud have been anybody" speech. He is using any excuse to bring in more and more troops. He told Penny they are at war and not to talk to anybody. He was invited into the inner circle late by Oz, who may be on to him and using the "keep your friends close but your enemys closer" bit. The White Fang got ahold of those Polident robots very easily for secret high tech. He is spreading the chess virus on purpose. There was no real reason to put up that display in the office and do you think he never noticed the queen icon on his scroll? Cinder called him "our little friend". Cinder is playing chess and he is a piece on her side of the board. How do you play chess? You quietly get your pieces in position and then you strike. Ironwood is in on it. So is the Shnee family (except Weiss} and I hate to say it, although she doesn't know it yet, so is Penny.

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    • What is the "End game" here?

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      Hi- I'm new to posting but have been on this site for years, early RvB days. I guess I'm just venting because if you have RWBY OCD like me, you are fried right now. 1 ep in 3 weeks? Like Hg said, " I hate waaaiting". Anyway, tell me if you think I'm off the mark here. What is the big picture?

      Vol 1 was intros. Vol 2 was all about getting Atlas army to occupy Vale. Old man Schnee gave the bad guys giant robots in exchange for driving up dust prices. Cinder hacks the mainframe. Now we have all the best fighters in the world in one place and it is occupied by Atlas army which is mostly robots. So the plan is? 1. Cinder hacks the Atlas robots to turn against the people 2. Everybody freaks and that brings the grimm. Vale is overrun. Vale falls. But then what? How does the white fang and Adam fit into this? Move in after and take over? For what? Some kind of revenge thing? What is the bottom line? What do you guys think is going on?

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