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    • fear

      11 years ago


      wow, it has been awhile...

      first off, to my friends and family in houston, i love you and hope you're safe. i have talked to my mom and as of this morning she and the house is fine. left a voice mail with my dad.

      it is only windy here this morning, and the weather peeps are saying that we may not even get rain, just a lot of wind.

      but, now, to the real reason i am posting

      last night was the first time in my career that i felt true fear for my own life on a call. i was scared.

      we get a call at a particularly nasty apartment complex in my district (think training day, one way in/out, lots of drugs and violence). the call gets dispatched to us as an "unknown". usually means a third party caller, they see something weird and call 911. i joke to my partner that since we are going to this complex we should just put on our ballistic vests before leaving the station.

      well the weird thing that the caller had seen was a man bleeding in the parking lot. the call changes to a hemorrhage. the caller states that the patient is in front of a particular building. well, when we get there, i of course make the wrong turn in the complex and can't find the building, so while circling back we see two men walking from the direction of the building and one is holding his face. they flag us down and we put the guy holding his face in the back of the ambulance.

      we start talking to him, he says he got in a fight and thinks that some guy pushed his eye with a thumb or something like that. he does have some bruising to the cornea. it is my partners call, so he is examining the guy while i fill out paperwork. all 3 of us are in the back of the ambulance.

      well, a crowd gathers around the ambulance and they start getting rowdy. they bang on the door and start yelling at us that the patient we have just stabbed someone else and they are bleeding on the other side of the complex. it is half english, half spanish so i cant really understand what they are saying, we just know they are pissed.

      we get the patient's friend inside the ambulance and lock the doors. i call for the police and advise dispatch that angry people are beating on our ambulance in the hopes that the cops get off their asses and hurry to the call. i also tell them of the possibility of another patient and request another ambulance.

      i am scared at this point. there is a crowd of people out side, yelling about the stabbing and still hitting the side door to the ambulance. my partner and i discuss the idea of one of s hopping out and running to the front and driving the fuck out of there. neither one of us want to open the doors with the crowd still there.

      for some reason, the crowd kinda disperses and calms down. my partner jumps out, grabs our vests, and gets back in the ambulance, locking the door behind him. we pull our vests on. the crowd comes back and starts yelling that this guy did the stabbing and the other guy is bleeding.

      once again, we seriously consider just getting the fuck out of there when two cops show up. the crowd leaves and we tell the cops we are ok and that there may be a stabbing on the other side of the complex. they head over there. after checking with my partner to see if he is cool with the idea, i grab the primary pack and walk over to the other possible patient. still have my vest on.

      dispatch has sent another ambulance at this point, and they are staging until they get the all clear from APD and us. guess two dead paramedics is better than four.

      i make contact with the other patient and sure enough he has a one inch puncture wound to his lower abdomen. i tell the other unit that it is clear and they head on their way. they must have been staging around the corner as they were there in less than a minute.

      by this time it seemed that every cop on duty in north austin was showing up to this complex. we load the stab victim into the other ambulance and they head off to Brack, the local trauma center.

      i head back to my ambulance, and by now the patient's pain level had decreased. he decided to get his buddy to take him to the hospital.

      he signs the paperwork and we get the fuck out of there.

      i really hope i am never in another situation like that, but i am glad that the city does provide us vests.

    • Chicago trip

      12 years ago


      this is going to be a long one, all about Chicago with pictures and everything...

      so Andra and I flew in on Thursday. Lance picks us up from the airport and immediately drove us to the 7-11 kwik-e-mart.


      we then drop off Andra. this is pretty much the last I see of her until the flight home except for 2 seconds at a bar some where and 10 minutes at Wrigley, but I am getting ahead of myself.

      Lance and I got get Jody from O'Hare and go to the bar that had those table tappers I mentioned previously.

      the next day Lance, Jody and I head to little Italy to meet up with Tim, Lana and lil' Tim. This is the first time I got to meet their baby, and he is awesome. Tim's looks (unfortunately) Lana's eyes (fortunately).


      the 6 of us eat at Rosebud's, some fancy Italian joint where Sinatra ate a whole lot. it was amazing.

      then, back to Tim and Lana's. they live right above the shop they work at:


      I should mention that it is Friday the 13th at this point. However, it is also July 13th, my mother's birthday. I am in Chicago with my tattoo artist. I have been waiting for this.


      happy birthday mom! the redness has lessened a lot and the yellow is looking great. it is a goldfinch on a thistle. the goldfinch is my mother's favorite bird, and the thistle is what goldfinch's like to eat. my mom likes the colors of the thistle. I was going to go for her favorite flower, but when i told her why, she was the one who suggested the thistle.

      Lance also got tattooed


      a pitcher of ice tea, a yellow rose, and Texas of course.

      Jody and I explored little Italy a bit while Lance was getting tatted. we ate some more fattening food (huge beef sammiches, italian ice).

      then, after Lance, myself, Lana, and Tim got Friday the 13th tats (Jody wasn't for it), Lana stayed with the baby and the boys went bar hopping.

      the next day we go to breakfast here:


      visited this museum:


      and then watched the Astros lose to the Cubs here:


      after that is when the real drunkeness begins. after discovery the wait at the sears tower is 45 minutes, and that would make us late for a party at 8, we bail, bu Jody stays behind to visit and meet us later. Lance, Lyndsey, her friend Tiffany, and myself go to the party.

      this party is at a bar. $20 all you can drink 8-11. nothing but jack and coke. i tip well and the bar tender does a few shots with me.

      Jody meets back up with us and we sneak him drinks for the last hour or so. 2 of Tiffany's friends show up, Colleen and Kara.

      after that bar, we head to some place called LuxBar. it is a place where businessmen finger bang their secretaries. we escape from there and head to the Original Mother's. this place is open til 5 am. karaoke in the front, dancing in the back. we get destroyed. Lance, Jody, and I sing. A Lot.

      at 4:45am we crawl into a cab and end up at a McDonald's from the future. it is packed. we eat our food, then we notice some one standing in line

      R Kelly

      the back of R Kelly's head

      his entourage would not let anyone take pictures. we had to be sneaky. i think Lance got some better ones. Lance asked him when his I"m a Flirt video is coming out "Soon, baby" was the reply

      the next day wasn't very eventful

      I just went to a little place called:


      even tho the Astros lost, it was still amazing. it is a great ball park. Jody and I were in full Astros gear, got boo'd and hissed at. it was awesome.


      yeah, we got swept.

      after that, Lance, Jody and I spent like 2 hours driving around, trying to find some place to eat. a combination of not knowing the city, bad directions, and frustration led us back to Taylor St for some Taylor Made Pizza.


      my god, it was good.

      the next morning, met up with Andra and we had an awesome cabbie for the trip to Midway.

      i need to go back. didn't eat at Gino's or Uno's or Hot Doug's. didn't go to the lake, or to the Navy Pier, or to any of the museums.

      some time soon.

      the rest of the pictures are here

    • the windy city day 1

      12 years ago


      so, my first day in chicago

      i have been to a kwik-e-mart, got misdirected trying to find two major cross streets, got stuck in traffic, seen my friends baby for the first time (he loved my astros hat), and went to a bar that had table tappers (www.tabletappers.com).

    • certain smells

      12 years ago


      you know how some smells stay with you

      this happens alot with my line of work, unfortunately

      this morning we went to a man's apartment because he said he was having trouble breathing. we open the front door and this smell hits us immediately.


      "great, this man has like 20 cats and can't care for them" i think

      i was wrong. no cats, no pets at all, unless you count flies. dude was lying in his own piss, and it reeked...

      of course, he is over 350 lbs and is paralyzed on his left side. means we have to get real up close and personal to move him. i nearly threw up.

      i can still smell it.

    • a-kon wrap up

      12 years ago


      well, i am mostly rested up from the long weekend now.

      a-kon always goes so fast, but your body feels it has been working straight for a month.

      i guess i can really just hit some of the high points, and some of the low points. we only had to call the ambulance 3 times this year, once for something we thought was appendicitis but turned out to be kidney stones, and twice for drunk minors

      both of the minors were wearing skirts. only one of them was a girl. the boy was the one that puked on me. sigh. the price i pay to get in for free.

      of course i love hanging out and working with all the returning medical and security and troubleshooter staff, and i miss that the rest of the year.

      i actually got to meet kyle (cloud/rowen)! so now every friend i have listed in myspace i have met irl. he got me a button. i didnt have time to find anything for him, but i am sure i will find a surprise for him later.

      the button: Chicks Dig me, Guys Dig me, I am dug by all... i put it on my lanyard right above my kon badge, which says dug, of course.

      got to see becca, talk with her for a bit. it was fun, even tho we kept getting interrupted by fanboys, but hey, it is a kon.

      went to david and barrett's house after the kon. elana is getting big! oh, and don't tell david's parents yet, but barrett is pregnant again! (they'll find out over the 4th of july)

      speaking of parents, i cannot express my apreciation enough for kimi's parents. they let us stay two nights, fed us, and made sure we were fed during the kon. well, it was mostly kimi's mom that made sure of that. i love that woman.

      one last thing: rent/buy/go see "The Last Horror Movie". we watched it, and it was awesome. kimi can pick them (brook cant). i ripped it, and will attempt to burn it later.

      here's what i got this year:

      red vs blue season 4
      god of cookery
      sympathy for mr vengeance
      sympathy for lady vengeance

      oz: the manga (pocket edition)(as in the wizard of)
      new alice in wonderland pocket manga

      button as described above
      serenity t-shirt
      battlestar galactic patch
      battlestar pegasus patch
      viper pin
      pikmin plushie
      mad props for my axel steel costume
      laughed at when wearing a wig

      so there it is

      12 months left for the next one

    • a-kon destroys

      12 years ago


      i will write here later about a-kon

      i will write about meeting kyle

      i will write about actually talking to/hanging with becca for the first time in a while even tho she lives less than 2 miles from me

      i will write about getting puked on by a boy in a skirt

      but as soon as i get some sleep

    • 3rd day in the big apple

      12 years ago


      my last night in new york for a while

      woke up today and went to the local grocery to get a sandwich for lunch (we slept in)

      the prices at the store really reminded me why this town is a grea place to visit, but not to live

      then, off to my sis's graduation. it was very entertaining, hell, thats what these kids went to school for, and several of the students put on performances during the ceremony. they were funny, cheerful, and heartwarming, even tho they were filled with in jokes and parodies we were sure not to get...

      then dinner, the whole family, plus my sister's roommates, and our cousin that lives over in williamsburg. big table, small restaurant. tho, i guess that is typical in this town. food was excellent, dessert even better :)

      then, off to celebrate with my sister and colin. we joined several other graduates at the watering hole near the school. one last time for some of them... it was fun, but i was easily reminded that i was not in texas when i ordered 3 beers and paid $18... sigh

      tomorrow i fly back in the afternoon. my sister and i are going to try to squeeze some sight seeing in before hand.

      btw, i got more batteries, pictures soon!

      oh, uh, austinites, i get in around 8:40 pm, who loves me enough to come get me at bergstrom?

    • nyc day two

      12 years ago


      so today i went to the new school and watched a reading of my sister's thesis play. she was in school for playwriting/screenwriting for those not in the know.

      any way, it was about a bunch of paramedics dealing with the death of a fellow medic and the replacement being female. the lead character was named doug. the female character was named brooke, who is named after my sister's boyfriend's friend who is a paramedic back in kentucky. my sister cant make up fake names to save her life :)

      when her reading was done, she took me to the magnolia bakery. the hype lives up. fireworks exploded from my taste buds...

      went back to the new school to see a play my sister's friend had written. it too was awesome. these kids are talented.

      anyway, after that we went to a bar right down the street, and it ended up being my father, colin (sister's boy), and myself sitting at a table drinking. this was the "so, my daughter (sister) is moving in with you" conversation. kinda awkward, but kinda awesome.

      eventually though i bailed and went to meet up with bev. the funny thing tho, as i was leaving the bar i noticed a clear plastic container screwed to the wall filled with nyc condoms. and i thought they were a joke at sxsw. but no, here was about 200 of them, right there, free for the taking.

      but anyway, i go meet up with bev.

      this means me riding the subway by myself FOR THE FIRST TIME!

      i survived, and met her at an italian joint named lil frankies. delicious baby meatballs and pasta filled us both. also, they have a great home brew there.

      bev then took me walking around, showing me sights. we braved a city park at night, pointed out where famous people hang out, saw katz's deli, the whole she-bang.

      then we end up at a bar where her friend karen was tending. free pbr for the rest of the night for me.

      took a cab home from there cuv bev was "not putting you on the subway at this time of night"

      saw rockefeller center , nbc, and still couldnt see a reason why the cabbie was honking his horn.

      i know i promised pictures, but i guess my camera is sucking it, cuz the batteries i got this morning did ot last through the day. bev was a little upset.

    • new york city (first day)

      12 years ago


      everything here is so tiny, and crammed together

      but they use the space well, nothing is wasted

      landing in la guardia was amazing, my face was against the window of the plane the whole tiny. ellis island, all the buildings, all the bridges. amazing.

      then riding in the cab from the airport to manhattan, i had a weird feeling. though i have never been to new york before, everything seemed so familiar. like i had sen it all before. but then of course i have, how many movies have i watched that have taken place in new york?

      my sister lives in hell's kitchen, and man is it awesome. 30 feet from her front door you have a deli, pharmacy, thai place, sushi bar, flower shop, and an italian joint. and that is just her side of the street!

      i was walking with my dad from the apartment to my grandma's hotel, and i suddenly realized: "i am standing in times square!"

      of course the best thing, we were walking to dinner last night, and not 20 yards from my sister place: troma films. troma!

      i kinda like it here

      but i think i will be over it in a week

      good thing i am back on friday

      (pictures as soon as i get batteries for camera, sometimes i am unprepared, sigh)

    • damn you

      12 years ago


      damn you, roger....

      damn you

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      I totally want your user number.

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      Dude I was at the nice Walgreens at 45th and Guadalupe.

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      mightyj can eat a bag of broken dicks

      which albums do you need?

      Haha, none. I went on a spree after said journal.

      That, and I got all of Type O's and updated my Sym X discographies.

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      Yes! I am so happy you like it!

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      i met u lololol

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      i bought it for the ps2. we have a 360 but it usually just sits there, behind the play station and the wii not getting any love.
      i never played gh1 but i am so addicted to gh2. i am trying to beat the game on hard with 5 stars right now but expert still kicks my ass.

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      I'm not going. :\

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      i like half life
      do you play Deathmatch?

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      haha, rowen.... just be glad you aren't a myspace friend, or you would have got triple exposure :)

      We're not friends on MySpace?


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      A-Kon is almost here!

      I can't fucking wait to meet you, dude. :D

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      any guy that like gitar hero is a friend of mine.

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      If you don't know who this is...

      Well, I'll just be a little sad, Duggy. D:

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      I had a total wine headache this morning.

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      For knowing the glory that is Guitar Hero, and for displaying your love for it proudly, you have earned this.
      Rock on.

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      Yeah guitar Hero rocks! smiley11.gif

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      to lighten up your day



      did not work


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      Please check out my Journal...it's for my brother's B-DAY..............

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      Thnx for the comment Dug.

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      hows it going.........im bored

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      Welcome to the most addictive website in the world! You can kiss your life goodbye!


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      irish car bombs.... mmmmm explodey

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      good call on the ol' irish carbomb. nice taste in beer you've got.

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      hey doug whats crackin?

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      hmm.. My name's Doug!! tis a small world? Nah, it's rather large actually...

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      cool! I used to be a paramedic. well, intermediate at least. money was aweful though.

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      Irsish Car Bombs > Most other drinks out there, period.

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      cool ur a paramedic......how about coming to canada and giving me a ride to some hospital...just for fun....i heard the front seats are very comfortable

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      Wendy's chili kicks ASS! It's good, and cheap.

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      I can't wait to see y'all!

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      an irish carbomb is a pint of guiness with a shot of irish wiskey and irish cream dropped into it then slam the whole thing...

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      It's because people on my LJ will actually be at the prom, and people from RVB won't!

      LOLOLOLOL @ dinging from college.

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      Irish Carbombs???

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      Doug likes Wendy's chili.

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