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    • Trance; A Danny Boyle Film

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      So I recently went and watched the new psychological crime thriller Trance, and other than an immature tard down the front of the cinema it was a great movie that I highly suggest you watch.
      Trance is about art, high stakes theft, hypnotism, and deception. Simon (James McAvoy - Wanted, XMen First Class) work in an auction house as an auctioneer, but he has just helped steal a painting for Franck (Vincent Cassel - Oceans 12, Oceans Thirteen) to help pay off a hefty gambling addiction debt, but the painting has gone missing in changing hands and no one, Simon and Franck included, has any idea where it has gone. Simon who now has amnesia thanks to a blow to the head from Franck is the only one that could possibly know what happened in the exchange, so it is now up to Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson - Sin City, Seven Pounds) a hypnotherapist to unlock Simon's memory and find the painting to save his life.

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    • Liking my chances

      6 years ago


      With the realease of episode 12 of Season 10, I'm liking the chances that one of my theories may be correct in some way. Throughout the season you may have noticed references to donut, and now it has been revealed that the team will be returning to Valhalla. This provides an opportunity to see whether donut is in fact an A.i. or not. My prediction is that upon returning to the bases, the discover the bodies of Lopez and donut. Lopez who is clearly artificial can be restored from a backup, but Wash who knew that donut was an A.i. recovers him from the body. It may be revealed that Wash who was cautious about exposing Maine to an A.i. recognized donut from working as recovery one, he then switched off his recovery beacon so as to not alert Maine to donuts true self and shot him.
      Sounds far fetched but I guess we will see.

    • Epsilon Church could be the new Alpha

      7 years ago


      As season 10 continues to play out I wanted to put forth my ideas on epsilon before he is revealed in the series.
      As we all know Epsilon is the Alpha's memory fragment, as we saw in season 8 Delta was able to appear whilst epsilon was still in the memory unit and then again after he had been transferred into the monitor unit. During one of his appearances in season 8 delta said "me and the other memory fragments" which he explained that the fragments are present within epsilon.
      Now to my thoughts, as epsilon is the memory component of the alpha, he is in turn te backup of the alpha, he has the capacity to be the full AI unit and produce all the fragments that were lost in the EMP in season 6. This may be why at the end of season 9 Carolina referred to epsilon as "Alpha" cause she knows full well the potential that he has.
      Evidence for this theory can be that he was able to recreate Tex during season 8.
      Anyway those are my thoughts on the subject. I apologise for any misspellings or typos I am writing this on my iPhone and it's going slow today.


    • Just a thought

      7 years ago


      It could be argued, (at least in my opinion) that all the original characters in the Blood Gulch Chronicles could in fact be segments of the Alpha A.I. (Church). Grif could be the laziness, Donut the femine side, Simmons the intellect, Caboose the stupidity, Sarge the grufness, and Tucker could be womanizing side or something to do with that.
      In season one when Church was first killed there was blood around his body, and Tucker had said that the body stank (obvious that there was in fact a body there and not a robot shell), this gives reason that Donut could in fact still exist, he just did not "inheret" the ability to move between bodies and suits like the alpha and omega, and he is probably stuck in his body waiting to be retrieved.
      It could also be argued that when a A.I.'s safety is threatened then a beacon will activate, though a beacon never activated when Church (Alpha) was first killed or in his following deaths (i.e. in Sarges body, in his own body, etc). So for this reasoning maybe all the A.I. units that were stationed in "Blood Gulch" could have been deployed without a recovery beacon, hence why we did not meet Wash earlier than we did, and did not discover that Tex and Church (Alpha) were A.I.'s till Reconstruction.

      This is just a thought, theorycrafting if you say. I would like to hear anythoughts, and would also like to discuss anyone elses opinion.

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    • Arvin FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      7 years ago

      Hey there!

      The Official Rooster Teeth fan event, RTOZ, is just around the corner! I just wanted to remind you to buy your ticket, if you haven't already, as they are limited in number. The event is going to be on the 16th of June with the attendance of Drop Bear Gladiator, Burnie Burns and Space cowboy/Free "Thinker" Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth.


      The night will be filled with bowling, laser tag, food and Xbox comps and arcade games. We will even jam in an exclusive panel with Burnie and Gavin! Seriously, who wouldn't want to listen to Gavin talk?
      But wait, there's more! You will also receive a Roo Teeth goodie bag and an RTOZ shirt! The shirt automatically gets you bragging rights among your friends and allow you to defeat the dirty Blues!*

      So what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket here! Invite your friends! Invite your enemies! Invite the Blues (maybe). And join us for a action packed and awesome night of fun with the Australian Rooster Teeth community starring Burnie and Gavino!

      * Actual results may vary.

      • dreamhntr FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        7 years ago

        Hey mate, cheers for letting me know about this event. I had seen it already and was intending on attending unfortunately I will be in Canada during for the entirety of Burnie and Gavino's stay in Aus, as well as missing RTOz and Supanova.

        To my huge dissapointment I will not be able to attend and I will not be in North America long enough to make it to RTX as well so I will have missed every oppurtunity for Rooster Teeth related in person entertainment this year.

        Thank you anyway


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