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    • Bowtie Smiley!

      1 year ago



      Me Lip Syncing to a scene from the crow.

      Been obsessed with Musical.ly

      Need to make a real video soon!

    • Procrastination Damning

      1 year ago


      So if my RT profile picture didn't five it away.... I'm a pretty big fan of Geoff (For those that might be too young or new to the site the shirt in my profile pic is from the RT Comic days and was Geoff's shirt). So naturally I was planning to buy a... or some of the Geoff line shirts but... uh.... kept putting that off.... So I missed the opportunity.

      Other Opportunities I have missed because of my Procrastination:


      whiskeyProbably a girlfriend or Two.

      whiskeyGetting a good night sleep... like ever.

      whiskeyYouTube Subscribers

       whiskeyBeing able to cook well

       whiskeyProbably a few more relationships.

       whiskeyBeing a better musician.

      But besides that.... I'm golden pony boy.

      - Will Sherrill 

    • 11 years

      2 years ago


      I recently went through and did a “fall cleaning” of my journals on here. Roughly 99% of my journals I deleted. Here’s why:

      • When I first joined this site I posted upwards to 8 journal entries a day with the sole purpose to try and top the most popular member lists.

      • A Lot of my posts had tons of misspelling and grammar issues in them.

      • Many of my posts either were half truths or flat out lies.

      Basically, looking back, I was very embarrassed with past Will.

      Today is my 11th anniversary as a member of the community. It’s crazy that many people have come in and out of my life since I started watching Red VS Blue but Roosterteeth is still a main force. I may not spend time in the message boards or write hundreds of journals anymore but I watch so much of the content put out by all  divisions of the company.

      I am thankful for all the entertainment Roosterteeth has provided over the years and they continue to be a constant in inspiration for my own endeavors in entertainment.

    • My 10 Year Anniversary on here...

      3 years ago


      Is coming up next month! All I can say to that is: Holy Cowbells.

      If I am remembering correctly I signed up as a member of the community a year after my friend Schretz showed me my first episode of Red Vs. Blue, which was Episode 8 of the series. I'll always remember that. I remember first off thinking, "Why is he not showing me the first episode if he wants me to get hooked on this thing?" Then I saw Caboose kill Church and I understood his logic. I was hooked. The funny thing is I was one of those kids you here Burnie talk about on the RT Podcast that didn't play Halo. I didn't just not play Halo, before red vs blue, I had never heard of Halo before it. I was still playing on my PS2 and Nintendo 64. I didn't learn the fact that Red VS. Blue was created inside a video game until I heard the audio commentary for season 1.

      I was very skeptical of joining the website because, much like never hearing of Halo, I didn't know what a "community site" was. One day when I was on the website going to check out the new episode that had come out I noticed a post on the front page. Geoff had asked everyone what is the funniest instance people had run into a red vs blue shirt in the wild. The end of his question was important he said, "Post your replies in my comments or send them to my email." where he proceeded to post his email info at the time. I wasn't a member of the site yet so naturally I sent my experience through his email. Here is to the best of my recollection of those emails.

      Me: I was at the mall with a friend of mine when I noticed a young girl about 5 with her parents wearing an over sized Maroon "Cockbite" Shirt.

      Geoff: That's Funny

      About a minute after I got his response I joined the website. In my mind I thought, "Man this guy who's internet famous was cool enough to respond back to my email. I definitely got to be apart of this community." Becoming a member of the site brought on trying to get approval from the RvB team when I found out about awards. But this wasn't the only thing that intrigued me about the site. I started posting in forums, going to pretty much anybody's page and liking and or commenting on photo's and journals. I started meeting people from Canada, Finland, Australia pretty much everywhere in the world thanks to the RT Community.

      In 2006 I had started a dialog back and forth with Matt through the message system on here. I was asking him about certain aspects of rvb creation, his other jobs he had done in California, probably advice on getting into film. I guess I had bugged him enough that at one point in our messages he said something along the lines of, "So how are you doing." I don't know if Matt had picked up on a sixth sense or not but right around the time he asked that I wasn't in a good spot and it actually took me about a month, maybe longer to respond back to him. When I did I kind of unloaded in the message that my grandpa had passed away and it hit me pretty hard cause my grandpa at times was more a father to me then my dad. Matt wrote back to me offering his condolence. If I wasn't an RT Fan for life yet... That for sure made me one.

      My activity on roosterteeth.com sure has dropped off since the early days. That doesn't mean I quit being a fan though. The emergence of Achievement Hunters and "Let's Plays" along with many other videos going up on youtube caused me to shift a lot of my time over there viewing. That mixed with most (if not all) of the people I used to talk to on here leaving the site caused my attendance on the actual site to drop.

      RoosterTeeth is also pivotal in my path to making videos on youtube.

      Here were the (not so) odd steps:

      1. The Film The Patriot led me to want to be an actor.
      2. The Last Samurai made me want to become a filmmaker
      3. Both led me to take acting classes at a local Theater Company
        1. Local Theater Company is where I met Schretz
        2. As mentioned earlier: Schretz introduced me to Red Vs. Blue
      4. Red Vs. Blue made me realize I could make videos myself and put them online.

      This really is a post I should of waited to make on October 4th to celebrate my 10 years on the website. The problem is I thought about it now and EVEN if I saved it to post later.... I might forget to post it on the 4th. Then what? Post it 10 years and 1 day? Fuck that.

    • Wow

      7 years ago


      Apparently I was FU? crazy.

    • 8 years ago

    • 8 years ago

    • Do you like Pancakes?

      10 years ago


      But you don't like the hassle of making them. You would rather make one and be done with it? but one small one isn't filling and making one on the stove top pan that's really big can get messy! I have a solution for you.

      What you will need:

      1 1/2 cup of add water pancake mix (Why hassle with making the mix if your being lazy anyways?)

      1 cup of water

      1tsp of sugar (Optional)

      Bake Easy Spray

      1 8 inch pan (Used for baking circle cakes, perferably one with easy cake getting out methods.)

      First preheat oven to 375.
      add pancake mix (And sugar if your using it) in a bowl then add water and mix together. It might look too watery, trust me don't add more mix, it will all be fine. Spray Bake easy spray into 8 inch pan then put pancake mix into pan. place in oven for about ten minutes then take out to flip. Cook for an addition 2 - 3 minutes. take out of oven and enjoy!

    • RvB un everyday life

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      My life seems to be fixed around it. Everything I seem to do refers to it, or someone will ask me a question and I will answer as Sarge. I also notice things around me know Like that my friend has Red and Blue Christmas lights up. Also before I even got into Red Vs Blue, My Nickname was Red, and my friends Nickname was Blue. (Due to the fact A darnk coke he drank pepsi. I smoke Marlbro Red he smoked Marlbro Menthal.)
      Is there anyone else here who feels that way.... Please share.

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    • 2019 years ago

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