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      You know what's sad? That Steam has such good sales on game that I can't play all at once.

    • X-Com: Enemy Within

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      I know it's bad to write something about an expansion when you have said nothing about the original. But I'll get that over with in a second. X-Com: Enemy Unknown is remake of an old turn base strategy with alien invasion and human survival as the foundation. It's faithful to the core mechanics that made the games so popular then and just upgraded the graphics and weapons while adding a little flair here in there. I call that win. Now, on to Enemy Within. It takes on a more aggressive role, with more abductions and UFO sights then before. Not to mention that they happen so often, you will not get satellite coverage over half the global on EASY unless you are making them with every penny you have before the first council member pulls their funding. I know this is to create more of 'realistic' invasion scenario, where time is short and everything has to be done now. But that is why you put in a difficulty setting!. I played it on easy to see how the new Mectroopers and Gene Mods worked. So I want to research everything to get the best. My next play though will be on hard so that I can really test myself. But I don't know it I'll get to that point with all the dang bugs in this game. Four times now, I have had to redo something because I had to go to bed for work, only to be told goodbye by the interface refusing to bring up the pause menu. So I can't save! Or the dang thing will just refuse to work from the start. At least then I still have time to do something else.

      Even with that in mind, I still like the expansion. I'm sure a patch is coming to fix the issues I said, but the need for one out of the gate is a minus in my book. Laters..

    • RWBY Speculation

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      Ozpin has a grand scheme in play. His symbol is a gear, so I'm betting that he is good at mechanics and understanding how to keep a machine going. What ever reason Torchwick has for gathering Dust in the massive amounts he is gathering them at, I'm betting Ozpin is aware of it and plans to stop it. Also betting the Torchwick is not the head of the organization that he is a part of, but just the region leader.

      While Oum says his character are not based on Fairy Tales, I can see plenty of them influencing them. Ozpin has many similarities to the main character from OZ, the Great and Powerful. His heart is the right place and he has made many mistakes. But he is forced into a world he didn't want to be part of. In the end, he pulled off a stunt that fooled two of the most powerful beings in that world. Defeating them both and casting them out of the kingdom. Ozpin seems to be doing the same thing. Not to mention that the headmistress of Beacon is named Goodwitch, a spoof from the same story. Although this one is a little more cynical then the Good Witch of the North. Plus the Pyro Witch from the first episode and title animation can be attributed to the Wicked Witch of the West in that she hides her face. Yes, I know the green faced one never cared, but we have also not seen the face of this one. The only thing we really know is that her eyes are orange, like fire, and that she is a match for Goodwitch.

      Juane Ark has been a character of interest from his first appearance. His obvious lack of skills, cowardly nature, and self loathing is not in line with what should have motivated him to get into the school. He had to obtain or create a fake transcript then submit them. Something that would take courage all it's own. But he has shown little to no interest in learning how to be a hunter like his father or grandfather. Sleeping in class, crying like a girl, and refusing help is counter productive to his goals. So either we can add stupid to the list of flaws this character has or Ozpin has his hand carefully placed in this. Jaune's saving grace is that he was able to pull his group together and execute a Nightstalker with relative ease once he took command. Not only that, but the others accepted his leadership with no debate. Pyraah obviously has greater skills and understanding, but she took his orders without him even having to complete them. Nora even focused enough to obey. This all speaks that he is very trustable. Plus his team remains loyal to him even when he starts to shun them due to CRDL blackmailing him. I have high hopes for him. I see him growing up a lot very soon. He will make a stance soon, then will be shocked when his team stands with him. Even with the threat of being expelled, that I think he will face when it's brought before Goodwitch, they stand with him. This will be one of two on going thing he will struggle with. One, that he will have to let people help him out. And two, that he can't afford to doubt himself.

      People have mentioned that Ozpin is not a grand schemer, more like a parent that is nurturing his children. As a parent of two boys, I know this is not true. A good parent is a grand schemer, preparing their children for a world that is harsh and unforgiving. At the same time, being caring about how that preparation is done. So Ozpin has plans, great plans. Ruby's appointment and entrance into Beacon are not a coincidence. She is furthering part of his plans. Goodwitch was not happy when he looked at her in episode one right before he told Ruby that she could come to his school. A disapproving gesture from someone that didn't have his full vision. Yes, I don't think anyone really knows just how much Ozpin is working on. He is a chess player that is moving each piece with care. Taking as much time as he can spare to carefully weigh out each move.

      So why is the story so focused on the secondary team and not the title team? This is a story teller tactic, used to keep people interested while teasing listeners. This story line is to help pass some time while building characters.

    • RWBY- Yellow

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      Name: Yang Xiao Long
      Suspected Age: 18
      Eye color: Purple / Red

      She is the muscle of the group. More popular then her sister, Rose. But this diva is very vain. Any harm to her hair sends her into a blazing rage. This turns her eyes red and surrounds her in an Aura of fire. This can also happen if she gets overwhelmed, which does not seem as difficult as it might seem. A side from that, she is a people person. Confident in herself to the point that she can command a room if she felt like it.

      Power: High. She is by far the strongest of the group

      Speed: Average, but she is the slowest of the group. She uses the recoil of her guns coupled with fire to push her where she wants to go.

      Durability: High. She takes missiles to the face and smiles

      Endurance: Average. She show a slight sign of fatigue after a pummeling an Ursa. But she shrugged it off just as quickly.

      Weapon: Ember Celica - Gantlets with shotguns.

      Aura: She uses her to increase her physical strength to superhuman limits.

      Yang does not share the last name of Rose, yet they call each other sister. Rose even says that Yang used to read her stories at night. This suggest that they may come from a blended family. Never the less, Yang is proud of Rose. Them meeting each other outside the night club in her trailer was no coincidence. She might have some bounty huntress in her, as she was looking for someone in the club. Plus she knows how to research, hence knowing the club owner on sight. I'm betting the 'long story' has her hunting Tourchwick and dust shipments. Which may put her at odds with Weiss if my predictions are sound.

    • RWBY- Black

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      Name: Blake Belladona
      Suspected Age: 18
      Eye Color: Yellow

      Quiet, logical, and the sarcastic one of RWBY. A lot of mystery surrounds this lover of books. She is strait and to the point on things and seems to be an advocate for Civil Rights of the species called the Funuss. Episode 2 show that she has an understand of the work environment of the Weiss family Dust production and does not approve of them. She is a very able fighter and has excellent reflexes.

      Power: She is strong and precise. Dealing with a group of enemies with easy.

      Speed: Rivals Ruby for the fastest. Reflexes are also high and she uses this in conjunction with her weapon to do a good job at crowd control.

      Durability: Descent. She is more vulnerable then Ruby, but less then Weiss.

      Endurance: High. The ribbon Scythe she uses should strain her due to the massive amount of energy she must be using to control it. But she shrugs it off.

      Weapon - Gambol Shroud: Heavy Pistol, Small Scythe with a ribbon. Offers her a ranged blade.

      Aura - Speed and Reflexes

      I suspect that Blake was once a member of the White Fang Civil Rights group and her trailer was the attack mentioned on the news report during episode one. Adam's link to her is a little harder to speculate. He could have just been another member of the group that was fed up with just protest and convinced Blake to help him strike out against the Schnee family. His lack of concern for the crew of the train changed Blakes mind, showing she never really wanted to hurt anyone, just send a message. I am betting that the cars behind her on in her trailer held at least a portion of the crew. I don't think she has any Fannus ties directly to her. Some think that her concern over CRDL teasing Velvet links her to this race. I think it just links her back to White Fang.

      Alright, I admit that I was wrong about Blake being a Fanuss. She is one. But I was right about her being a member of the White Fang. However, in light of this new information, I must reevaluate her skills and alter some of them.

      Power: No change
      Speed: Cat like reflexes and extra reaction speed due to her cat ears.
      Durability: No Change
      Endurance: Average. I'm lowering this due to the extra sensory adaptations she has. However, she makes every move count.
      Weapon: No Change
      Aura: Shadow. I don't think we have seen her Aura ability. While she does seem to have a quick step teleportation ability, it's yet to be show if this is due to her aura or her cat like speed.

      Speculation 2
      Her knowledge of Fanuss battle tactics suggest that she was a member of the White Fang for a while and participated in more then one raid. She more then likely has exallant eye sight

    • RWBY- White

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      Name: Weiss Schnee
      Suspected age: 18
      Eye Color: Light blue
      Symbol: Snow flake

      Weiss is the hair of the Schnee Family Dust Company. As such, she has gotten almost everything she has ever wanted without complaint. In fact, she may be the most highly trained of the group. However, she hacks experience. Every other member has leaped into battle and been able to operate proficiently. Weiss wants a battle to be by the number and for everyone to attack in turn. This supports a careful observation of the situation and only striking when the time it right. She uses dust a lot and even has it incorporated into her sword. Of the rest, she is the magic / caster of the group. Her midair platform summoning gives her and her team en edge in battle.

      Power: Her strength lies with Dust usage and Aura attack. Further amplified by we weapon to deal devastating damage. This, in turn, means she does not pack much punch on her own.

      Speed: Varies. She uses runes to hasten herself as well as other. But she does have a quick dash that is on par with Ruby or Blake, but she has yet to do it for any length of time.

      Durability: Varied. She depends on her spells a lot and acts rather frail. This could be because she focuses so much of her Aura on offense instead of defensive.

      Endurance: Low. Of all RWBY, she is the only one to show fatigue after an encounter.

      Weapon: Myrtenaster -Rapier with a dust cylinder in it, and dust crystal.

      Aura: Platform Creation to increase stats, defy gravity, and also platform magics. Has a 'Fury' mindset. Were the scar over her left eye grows to four times it's size. During this time, her Aura limits seem to be gone. She no longer hesitates and deals powerful damage. Afterwards, she seems to show no fatigue.

      While the conflict over Ruby's leadership appointment seems to be resolved, I don't think this will stop her from interjecting her opinion. But I do think she will be more supportive of the team. The underlying conflict with Torchwick will directly effect her family in some way, pulling the group with her. I also think that the scare over her left eye is the result of her not focusing during a practice battle.

    • RWBY- Red

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      Name: Ruby Rose
      Suspected Age: 16
      Eye Color: Gray
      Symbol - Rose / Rose heart.

      The title character which is the youngest of the main cast. She is energetic and confident in her abilities. Episode 2 revealed that those that attended Signal Academy and made her own weapon. So miss Ruby has some decent technical skills to create her signature weapon. In addition to that, she 'geeks out' at the sight of other weapons. Earned her spot as leader by uniting her then unformed team to destroy a Nevermore

      Power - Not the strongest, but she can pull a Nevermore up the side of a mountain and behead it. But that could have been directly tied to her gun aiding her again. However, she did cut down a tree with little to no effort at all.

      Speed - One of the fastest with quick reflexes. The only one that might be faster is Blake. Depends heavily on recoil from her gun to increase speed.

      Durability- Hard to judge. She avoids most attacks with ease.

      Endurance- She is well seasoned and thus able to keep going for long amounts of time. This may also be directly tied to her lack of using dust.

      Weapon - Crescent Rose: Used like heavy rifle. sickle, and claw.

      Aura - Speed, Reflexes, Strength to move weapon.

      The opening title has Ruby kneeling in front of a grave with a rose on it. The same grave was featured in her trailer. The rose is also a belt buckle she wears. I'm betting this has something to do with a relative, possibly a grandmother with the red riding hood theme. The figure in white suggest that another has worn the red hood and it's a symbol of honor to Rose.

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