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    • Theater Mode AUX

      1 year ago

      Stab RT Broadcast Producer

      Hey Gang,

      I hope y'all had a great RTX Austin 2018, I sure did. We had Theater Mode Live on Friday with a big crowd and lots of laughs. I'll say we did record the episode and do plan to release Squeeze Play as an episode in the next installment of AHTM. For anyone that attended our TML in April 2018 that episodes releases this Friday (7/10/18) and will be our finale for this volume. 

      So, AUX. We released our test episode this last Friday to test a few concepts to see where we can go with the project. The main concepts we wanted to test were...

      1. (The most important) Will you enjoy it? 

      2. Can this exist as a pure Audio-Only Format?

      3. Will targeting films that are easily accessible matter? 

      1. (The most important) Will you enjoy it? 
      Overall, everyone that watched AUX enjoyed it. That's a good start. People enjoy the concept and like something a little different. AUX is not here to replace the series at all, but it is here to change the landscape of how we can do the show. 

      2. Can this exist as a pure Audio-Only Format?
      We've been looking at audio-only format shows for some time now, and have seen in polls that nearly 50% of the community will sometimes prefer an audio podcast rather than a video podcast. Does this work for AUX? Although audio-only commentary has been the way to go for similar shows, the audience at large still want to see AH's goofy faces. So we'll work out the best way for this to happen. 

      3. Should we target films that are easily accessible? 

      This is probably the hardest concept we were testing. There's the issue of region-locked films, the cost of renting films, and what's available on common streaming services. These are all reasons as to why AUX will only be around (maybe) once a season. However, it's still something that the community will run into. I'd love to hear more from everyone on this subject. 

      Other Questions & Comments 

      I'll just go over some of the other questions and comments I saw in the comments. Fell free to ask additional questions. 

      1. Will we get a camera of them on the couches?

      I want to work with my team to make that happen. We use the RTP microphones for TM: AUX, so we have to work that into a set area that looks decent on camera. They're kinda strapped to the set. 

      2. Do more of this!

      We do want to do more of this. So thank you for watching and letting us know. 

      3. Runtime/Timecode on screen?

      This is possibly the trickiest question/request. It makes sense, we'll work on making a running timecode and maybe a visual countdown for the movie to start. Having it means you can take breaks and grab snacks. There's a few issues we may have with frame-rate of the film and our commentary. It's why all of the movies we license are exported to be 29.97- we need everything to match up. 

      That's all I have right now. I'll probably update this post with any additional questions I see. TM:AUX will return at a later time. For now you can enjoy Funahus Theater Mode on September 14th. Also, let me know if you would like to see some films in Theater Mode: AUX.


    • Theater Mode Live & Theater Mode AUX

      1 year ago

      Stab RT Broadcast Producer

      Hey Everyone, 
      Going to be talking about Theater Mode Live and our test concept for Theater Mode AUX

      First things first. Theater Mode Live is completely sold out. It happened crazy quick. Looking forward to seeing all my fellow Theater-modians(?) We should get a name for that. We have the movie, Squeeze Play, a summer softball movie that's the predecessor to The First Turn-On from RTX 2017. So plenty of gags and nudity. Looking forward to it. 

      Moving on. So what is Theater Mode AUX? Theater Mode AUX is our chance at doing real movies on Theater Mode; something our audience has wanted us to do since day one of the show. AUX is a Theater Mode episode that is purely audio based and lets us do any movie we want by only releasing our commentary. It's something that RiffTrax and podcasters like Kevin Smith have done before. It's not a new concept, but neither is putting a couple people on a green screen to comment on a video. 

      Why Audio Based? This is our way of getting around having to pay a massive amount for licensing a popular film. All you only need to do is sync it up by pressing play at the same time we do. We want to do films that are easily accessible and right now we are leaning toward Deep Blue Sea, which is on Netflix and very easy to find. 

      Before anyone asks, this is not replacing Theater Mode. This is a concept that we are testing to have at least once a season or using it to make additional content. The Theater Mode team is a very small group of people that work on a variety of different sows and were doing our best to make the content our audience enjoys. 

      That's all I have for today. Have a good weekend! 

      Current Theater Mode Schedule

    • Broadcast, Pilot Month, Theater Mode and more!

      1 year ago

      Stab RT Broadcast Producer

      Hey Everyone,

      Just wanted to write a little update regarding things happening in here at Rooster Teeth regarding Broadcast, Pilot Month, Theater Mode and more!

      First things first, Pilot Month. Pilots are interesting here at RT. A television pilot is usually kept behind closed doors, analyzed, and shown to a testing group before making it anywhere to an audience. Here at RT, the community is our testing group. And the pilot is put out ahead of any official season to get your opinion. We want to hear your thoughts, because at the end of the day it's a show for you and the rest of the Rooster Teeth community. For Pilot month Broadcast has two new shows, very different from any other shows we have done in the past. They are Gorq's Quest and Murder Room (link). Both have been in the works here for a bit and they have grown progressively during their testing phase. I can't say much right now, but you can see Gorq's Quest on May 15th and Murder Room on May 31st. I think both will be a favorite among community members who enjoy the game-based shows. 

      Alright, now for some Theater Mode. I hope you've enjoyed the first season of Funhaus Theater Mode. It was awesome to work with Elyse and the rest of the Funhaus team on the season and I hope to do more of the show in the future. I personally have really enjoyed Funhaus' style for the show- going for something a little closer to the original MST3K style. 

      Recently we shot our first live episode of Theater Mode at the Alamo Draft House in South Austin. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event. This is a first for us. If it proves successful it can mean doing this type of production more often and possibly not just in Austin. You can expect the edited release during the next volume of Theater Mode. Now that I got you thinking about the next volume, let's talk about it for a second. We are working on acquiring new films for the next volume as well as testing a few new ideas- TM Live being one test. I don't have much to say beyond that, except for wait for the official announcement sometime soon. 

      The last thing I wanted to mention in this update is regarding changes in RT Broadcast's crew. You probably saw on this past Monday's episode of the RT Podcast that Eric Baudor from Mega 64 has joined our crew. Eric will be taking the position as our new Podcast Producer, working on RT Podcast, Always Open, and other emerging shows in our lineup. We welcome him to our rag-tag team of Broadcasters. 

      Lastly, you've probably noticed a new face on Fridays in the Broadcast pre-stream for Off Topic and Death Battle Cast. Dennis Fant is his name. He's a former Broadcast intern that had a particular talent for our graphics system and has been helping me by taking over a few weekly shows. Now I'm happy to say he'll be joining us as the permanent Live Graphics Operator for all our shows here at Broadcast. 

      As for me, I'll be working more behind the scenes as the Producer for Let's Play Productions in Broadcast. Basically anytime a Let's Play group is shooting in Broadcast, I'll be there to work on it one way or another. 

      That's all I have for now.
      See ya!

    • drifloon asked Stab a question

      for some reason my messages cannot show up in the chat, do you think you could help me figure out why?

      Answered: Mar 9, 2018

      Sorry to hear about your tech issue. I would contact someone from the web team and make a report in the upper right corner of the SVOD site. 

    • Theater Mode Update

      1 year ago

      Stab RT Broadcast Producer

      Today we announced Theater Mode's new release date of February 16th. With everything going on, this date worked better for the release pattern of films as well as how the show interacts with everything that our Programming Department is planning for Q1 of this year.

      Twitter Post by Achievement Hunter

      We've been working a lot the past three weeks with Funhaus on their episodes: I watched the rough cut of the first episode. If you enjoy Funhuas, you'll love their episodes. Justin Young has been building the Funhaus intro, which looks absolutely fantastic. Peyton McLeod has been editing the 3rd and 4th episode of the AH season.

      I've begun looking at new films now that our supply is beginning to run low. We've had some really good Gravitas films used in Funhaus and Achievement Hunter Theater Mode lately as well as some good old Troma films in the mix. I'm also working on a few pitches for the show that I'd like to test soon. More on that later...

      I'd like to end the update with a thank you to the audience. I know for some of you this is the show that made you sign up for FIRST and for some this is even your favorite show. So thank you for the wait. I look at the comments for Theater Mode very frequently, both on here and on social media sites. I understand that you as an audience want more AH, not to have big breaks, and more diverse movies- to name a few. We got a lot in the works for the future, so sit tight. 


    • Theater Mode Christmas Special and beyond...

      1 year ago

      Stab RT Broadcast Producer

      Hey Everyone, 

      So by now you've probably heard that we put out a special episode of Theater Mode that released on Christmas Day. It featured Cannibal the Musical, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's first film that would eventually lead to the creation of South Park. If you haven't seen it, I really recommend you watch it. Overall, it's just a fun movie to watch and we thought it deserved a special spot in the show. 

      Now on to the main course. Theater Mode will be returning on January 19th with our 50th episode. (PLEASE SEE EDIT BELOW)

      So far we have shot 3 episodes and will continue shooting in a week or two. The holiday season it typically tough to shoot around, so we have to begin shooting early (as you may see from some of the episodes) and then take a big 4-6 week break for the holidays.

      If you haven't heard, we've been shooting Funhaus Theater Mode. It hasne't been fully announced, but Bruce and Geoff have talked about ti publicly. We flew to L.A. a month ago to get the Funhaus team setup, shooting a few episodes, and beginning to help them with Post Production. We do not have a set date yet on when the episodes will premiere, but you can expect it after AH's season. I will admit, shooting with Funhaus was a treat. They are no strangers to the Mystery Science Theater style, especially after doing shows like Demo Disc and Wheel Haus. 

      That's all I have for now. 2018 is going to be a good year for Theater Mode fans. I'll post another update on the show when we are farther into Achievement Hunter's next season. Feel free to reply with any questions. I'll answer them as best as I can. 

      Frequently Asked Question:
      Q: Why does AHTM have to stop while the Funhaus and CowChop volume air?
      A: I see this question a lot on every social media platform, including the site. All three Theater Mode series are being produced and edited by the same group of people- which is myself, Peyton McLeod (Editor), and Justin Young (Graphic Designer). In short, we cannot work on three different shows simultaneously. In the case of when Cow Chop's volume was in Post-Production as well as airing, we were in the process of shooting the Funhaus volume as well as the Achievement Hunter volume. 

      We announced today on Off Topic #112 (1/19/2018) that Theater Mode will be postponed. Please wait for an official announcement from RT social outlets (RT Site/Twitter/Reddit) as well as on Off Topic for information on the release date. We are currently moving things around to lineup certain events and releases that will overall bring a better product for the community than we had originally intended for Q1 of 2018. 

    • Theater Mode Film Suggestions

      1 year ago

      Stab RT Broadcast Producer

      I've seen this question a lot since we launched Theater Mode, so I'm making a journal post to answer everyone's question: How do I get [insert name of film] in Theater Mode? The truth is, we can't. Licensing a film for world wide distribution is very, very expensive. So no Jaws, no Mars Attacks and no Pixels (as much as that last one would be awesome). What we can do is license select films from our friends at Troma Entertainment and Gravitas Ventures for future productions. Films like Father's Day, Future World, Night Beast, and Psycho Sleepover all come from them. So if you know films that are distributed by our friends and really want to see them, post a reply here and we'll take a look.

    • This Week in Broadcast

      2 years ago

      Stab RT Broadcast Producer

      So in the past week we have had a lot of new things happen in the Broadcast Department. The control room has had a big facelift in its organization and design. We moved our Audio Mixer station to a more isolated space for the purposes of cleaner sound quality. If you have tuned into our broadcasts, you've probably noticed the new 'Mike Cam". We also had Bryan Baker from Game Attack start on Monday. It's been a solid year since we have seen a new face in Broadcast, so it's always great to work with new people. 

      Theater Mode is approaching the end of its season. The season finale will be on Friday, the June 2nd. We showed Luther the Geek this past Friday. Lots of neck bitting and chicken noises- the usual. Since I became Producer for the show, I'm doing my best to look for a good mix of films. Although I think I have found a film that is worse than ThanksKilling 3...Fan Service is about midway through its season. We had Tanya and Dustin from animation come over to talk about gory anime and the most recent episode of  Attack on Titan: Season 2 and episodes 9/10 for Shirobako. We also had a new shirt come out. You can pick that up at the Rooster Teeth Store.

      The biggest thing that happened last week was our auditions for a new show in Broadcast. We held auditions in North Austin on Friday night and Saturday morning. We eventually had to cap the line with more than 200+ people coming out to audition. Thank you to everyone for coming out to support our new production! Really looking forward to this show and its new challenges that face our crew. 

      That's all I have for now. If you have any questions, feel free to comment. 

    • My weekly Journal

      2 years ago

      Stab RT Broadcast Producer

      I'm going to try and write here on a more weekly basis. I pretty much stopped doing journals when Theater Mode and Fan Service kicked into high-gear at the same time. So let's see how long this will last. 

      We've got a new batch of films that I'm currently going through for Theater Mode. I really enjoy watching Troma films. Gravitas is also good, but Troma knows what they are- weird, funny, and unexpected. Redneck Zombies was our season premiere. It says it all in the title. Military vehicle losses a barrel of radioactive waste and then some Rednecks make it into moonshine. This is exactly what you would expect a Troma film to be. We also have Def by Temptation coming out, and as Jack mentioned on Off Topic last week, Samuel L. Jackson is in the film! This came out the same year as Goodfellas! Couldn't believe it when I saw him. 

      On the Fan Service front, we are watching Attack on Titan Season 2 (no surprise) and Shirobako. AOT is great, if you like anime you are probably already watching it. However, Shirobako is very different. An Anime about making Anime. No, this isn't the La La Land of anime. This actually dives into the life of animators and their jobs. Animation is not my background, but as I finish episode two right now, it's very appealing to someone who works in the entertainment industry. If you enjoy BTS of any kind, this will be for you. 

      As usual new episodes of Theater Mode and Fan Service are available every Friday and Saturday (respectively) on Rooster Teeth First. 

      Hopefully I'll be back for another journal entry next week. See Ya!

    • Rooster Teeth Podcast

      2 years ago

      Stab RT Broadcast Producer

      So after nearly six months of designing and construction, the new Rooster Teeth Podcast set has been revealed. As Burnie and Gus explained on episode 395, we have been building the podcast set for six months on the floor. The new set needed to be built on the stage that the previous set first sat, so we had to compensate while it was being built.

      The process of doing that takes roughly 40-50 minutes: Getting the arches and logo centered with the stage, centering the couch, mic stands, and side chairs, and not to mention the set dressing (which is something we showed off at RTX 2016 with a great time-lapse of the stage done by Shane Gordon, Editor of Heroes & Halfwits). Overall, it was a little difficult to have such an easy process suddenly become more difficult and time consuming. 

      Now with the new set in use, getting RT Podcast set into place is much easier, because it can physically roll onto the correct points in the stage. Once there all we need is three stingers and the two side curtains in place to be finished with the set- a 40 minute process, now 10-15 minutes. Overall it is a beautiful set thanks to Marcus LaPorte, Travis Eisenberg and the rest of Art Department for putting the time and passion into it. 

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    • Caiti FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Velvet Scarlatina

      8 years ago

      Hey there! I'm Caiti & I'm one of the admins on the RT Live group that hosts TeamSpeak.
      I'm just letting fellow members know that TeamSpeak has gotten bigger and better and we'd love for you to join us there!

      We're hosting awesome groups such as Glowden's Storytime and we have our always active RT Live Thread.
      We're also doing some fund-raising to keep our server alive, if you have some spare internet change you can donate!

      So now you've got the links - I hope to see you within the RT Live group soon!


    • blueb

      8 years ago

      Oh I just saw your picture you were the guy in the Caboose shirt sorry I forgot I commented on your comment Hey didn't I take that picture I was the guy creepishly hanging out beside the RvB booth

    • blueb

      8 years ago

      Cool where from Florida do you hale ,forgive the world hale, I just went to see Geoff Griffin and there daughter Millie at Mega Con did you go?

    • griffon FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold create/destroy

      8 years ago

      Hey Griffen,

      Thanks for signing the comics and dvds today at MegaCon. Love the to read half of them on my way back to Port St. Lucie in 2 hour traffic

      thanks! hopefully you weren't driving...

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    Sorry to hear about your tech issue. I would contact someone from the web team and make a report in the upper right corner of the SVOD site. 

    I am building a flat for a set wall in my production design class back in Full Sail University. I had a lot of fun in that class.

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