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    • RTX - Days 1 & 2

      3 years ago


      My RTX experience was great-- so great, in fact, that while I was planning to come back in 2018 I decided I have to come back next year. (I can make it if I cut my vacation to London short and stay somewhere cheaper in Austin, as much as I loved staying right at the Hilton across from the convention center.)

      And hey, with next year's RTX not being over the 4th of July weekend my friend can join me! *blasts imaginary confetti cannon in celebration*

      I came in Wednesday afternoon and visited the Game Over Videogames store (so fucking cool) and the Kerbey Lane in that plaza, where I met up with one of my roommates, Will who flew in from the UK. We went mini-golfing at Peter Pan Mini-Golf with a small group later that night. It was hot enough that most of us were sweating buckets, but it was a fun time! We stopped at P. Terry's before heading back to the hotel, where I bought some excellent fries that I ate cold like a heathen after a lovely little shower.

      Me and Will woke up bright and early the next morning to meet up with two fellow Immersion participants at the P. Terry's around the corner from The Driskill. The egg burger was great, as were the breakfast potatoes, but the nerves started to strike halfway through and I had to give them up for a lost cause, ahaha. I had to stop by the 7-Eleven down the street to pick up some deodorant because I was an idiot and forgot the most important thing in my morning routine. I had two sticks at the hotel, a regular and a trial-size that I meant to put into my ThinkGeek bag just in case.

      But hey, three sticks are better than none!

      The Immersion shoot was so much fun. Everything was so organized and, despite some technical difficulties every now and then, my fellow participants seemed to have memorized their tasks pretty well. If anything, we were asked to be less enthusiastic! I got some cool pictures there.

      Here's Blaine, explaining Immersion! That's the closest I got to him. He was running around like crazy. Major kudos to that guy.


      Got this picture of a selfie being taken. Guess who the security guards are!

      Me with the wonderful Adam Ellis. I'd like to bring everyone's attention to Blaine upstairs. (Despite the slight blurriness, this is one of my favorite photos because of that unintentional photobomb.)

      Me and a rare wigless Michael Jones! This was just after I realized my camera was dead, fml, and it's maybe the third selfie I've taken. It turned out pretty good. Both he and Gavin signed my AH Monopoly board, then Gavin legged it before I could get a picture with him too. Didn't see him for the rest of the weekend, but seeing quite a few other familiar faces made up for it. <3

      Got this one with Burnie Burns. He, uh... he blinked. *sags* He signed my RvB book and I was really close to those challenge coins, though! I do have a second photo with him on my phone where he had his phone out and was texting Gavin to see where he'd run off to.

      I got a shitty selfie with Matt Bragg at the K1 event I dashed off to, so I won't bother posting that when I have a better picture from my camera for the next entry. I got photos and autographs with Caiti Ward and Jack Pattillo (the third on my board!), and another autograph from Joel Heyman, who was absolutely mobbed whenever he was off the go-kart track.

      She's even nicer in person. If you ever have the chance to meet her, do it. <3

      Oh boy, I brought out my selfie stick for this since the friend I was standing in line with left shortly beforehand. I got the last photo with him before the raffle because I switched out my Immersion shirt with the Jack Achieve shirt! I was too nervous to see it was still set to video mode. I had to turn the video, take a screenshot and crop it to get a picture out of it. Still have the two second video where we're grinning like idiots and I'll for sure get a better picture at Let's Play Live Chicago, so I'm not concerned. It makes for a funny story!

      After that, I listened to the raffle. I put $20 on one of the AH bundles, which then went to Extra Life. The event made ~$10,000 in just five hours! I love the RT community so much. :) I recorded the AH race on my phone, so I may put it up on YouTube at some point.

    • RTX - Day 4

      3 years ago


      The first thing on the agenda on Saturday was to go to the Buff Buddies workout session... but it was capped when I got there around 7:15. </3 So instead of a leg day, I declared it a Bragg day and had a breakfast of marble cake from the Hilton's cafe using the $10 us Immersion participants got after the shoot. It was meant to be for dinner Thursday night, but I ate a granola bar instead. (I ate two granola bars on Friday. Over the weekend eating barely occurred to me, tbh. I did keep myself hydrated, though!)

      While I didn't make it into the workout, I did go back to reap the rewards, autographs and photos with Zach Anner, Josh Flannegan, and Aaron Marquis!



      I think he's mostly confused by my selfie stick, but hot damn, I got some great pictures using it as a monopod.


      I love these guys. I love them so much. They didn't even know the workout had been capped, bless their comedic little hearts. It's too bad Chris Demaris wasn't there to sign my Simple Walk Into Mordor DVD slip cover. </3

      After that, I decided to join the queue to the expo floor and while wandering the expo floor, an impromptu AH signing with Jeremy, Matt and Trevor Collins was announced, so I jogged over to the H1Z1 booth to stand in line.

      I'd seen Jeremy and Matt already (they had their sharpies at the ready and everything, bless their souls), but I knew there was little chance I was going to see certified best video editor Treyco after that!I wanted as many AH signatures on my board as possible. ;D I once again kept it brief and took a photo for the friend I made in line to give the standby photo Guardian a moment's rest.

      After that, I headed across the convention hall, but didn't make it far before I happened to glance at a tabletop area and saw a crowd secretively huddled around a table. 'Huh,' I wondered, 'Who could be over there?' 'Lo and behold, I spotted a wild Gus Sorola! Shortly after I joined the crowd, he had to head to center stage, so on the way I got his autograph in my RvB book (three! Holy shit!) and a selfie with him.

      Fun fact about the selfie, it took three tries (who knew I would be most nervous to meet Gus, certainly not me) and he was incredibly patient or found it incredibly funny or, come to think of it, is very good at hiding his impatience.

      ...either way, Gus fucking rocks, guys.

      After that, I got a good seat for Geoff, Gus, Jack, Matt and Trevor playing Carmageddon center stage. That game looked fun as dicks. Trying to get into the RvB panel was when the crowds got intense, but the Guardians were great about making sure absolutely no one went to the sixth floor before they were ready to start seating in the room. I met up with Will in the Hilton lobby and we just went up to our room until we got the okay to go down there. We got some prime seats.

      I went straight to the Five Nights at Rooster Teeth Immersion, but it was capped, so I went down to the expo floor-- and spotted Ryan Haywood just as he started his impromptu signing session alongside the RT booth!

      Definitely one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip. I was so happy to see him again.

      I went back up to Five Nights, just in time for a new batch of people to be let into the line. I waited there for maybe fifteen minutes, which wasn't too bad considering it was consistently capped over the weekend.
      It was a lot of fun! They did something really great and unique there.

      When I was considering heading over to get a seat for Lawbreakers, Ray Narvaez tweeted out that he'd be signing at the Twitch booth, queuing a mob of people in that corner of the expo floor. I wound up in the soft cap. Oh god, the tension was real. I was shaking.

      But I got a picture with my favorite streamer and every time I look at it I ":D" so hard. (His reaction to his Achieve Buck and the Monopoly board was priceless. Like, "Oh, cool! Monopoly money! Is it for me?" to "Oh. Oh. Oh, no. Um, where's my house?")

      Afterward, I changed and went to the Hilton to get a picture with Stan Lewis and his Shiba dog, Kevin, before racing off to the Jeff Williams concert.

      On the way, I coincidentally met a couple from upstate New York (they got engaged the night before too!). Also met a pretty cool dude in a Captain America cosplay at Moody Theater. I'll have to try to track 'em down on the site.

      The concert was a blast. It was scheduled to end at 10, but it went on until 11:30! I briefly considered staying after to meet the band, but I was pretty wiped. I swung by the JW Marriott to see if there was anyone in front, and oh hey, there was Gus again! I had a camera and a photo Guardian to save myself the embarrassment this time around.

      I only found out after I got back home and watched the RT Podcast stream that the reason Gus was stranded in front of the hotel was because a valet lost the keys to his car. Will I ever know what happy!Gus looks like?

      I think I saw Cole in the lobby, but I was pretty exhausted. I guess Geoff turned up outside the hotel while I was briefly sitting there, so that was a little sad. I'm pretty sure he was winding down from Theater Mode, though.

    • RTX - Day 3

      3 years ago


      After a small breakfast of a blueberry scone at the Hilton's cafe, I went to the Team Tina meet-up and baked in the sun for two hours to see Tina Dayton and her and Ray's adorable Shiba dog, Charlie. If you were there, I was the one with the AH hat and the dorky portable fan.


      I'll have to post pictures of Charlie here after I upload them, but here's me and Tina. Hark! A camera!

      On the way back to the Hilton with a friend I met up with (RT user CloverBird), we ran into a (suddenly blond) Michael Jones and Matt Bragg!

      He'd already signed my board, so I just hung around for a minute. I think we briefly chatted, but I don't remember what about. *hums nonchalantly*

      I got Matt to sign my board! And he was stoked to see my Yu-Gi-Oh socks. Good choice, past me! :D

      The Puppy Party at the park in front of the Hilton must have wound down a bit by noon, so I went straight into the ACC to go to my signing with Ryan & Jeremy. Getting there twenty minutes early still left me standing in line for almost two and a half hours, but I met some pretty cool people in line to chat with.

      I used my two signatures on the board and one each of their respective Achieve Bucks for my friend who helped design them. It was crunch time, so I had to go immediately after the picture, but they seemed to love the board. <3

      The highlight of the last How To live, and I really hope it shows up in the stream, was when Jeremy sneaked up the stage and scared the shit out of them. Joel's brutal retaliation of (something along the lines of), "The only reason we didn't spot you was because you're so short" was pretty fucking great. Jeremy aw'ed so loudly at that.

      After How To, I got an autograph and photo with Griffon Ramsey and a picture on the Kings throne.

      Again, so very nice and badass in person. Ahhh. <3 I wish I could have found it in me to stick around for longer, but after the signing session earlier that day I kept my interactions as brief as possible.

      No hero poses here. I was too excited to even straighten my socks!

      After that, I found the RT Experience section and lamented over the blown up shell of the Warthog. Coincidentally, I was looking at the Warthog when a tweet went out saying to come to the Immersion panel to find out what happened to it. I mean, I was planning to go anyway, but that got me moving. I followed to the crowd to the Hilton straight up to the ballroom the Immersion panel was in. The panel-exclusive Immersion was something I would've hated to miss out on during the stream! There was some excellent discussion afterward, where Assassin's Creed hay and Slenderman Immersions were basically confirmed.

      After that, I went to the JW Marriott to cheer on Gus Sorola in Mario Party After Dark. What an enthusiastic crowd! I didn't get a great seat, but it was fun. I slept well that night.

    • Pre-RTX Journal #7 - It's The Final Countdown!

      3 years ago


      Sitting at my gate waiting to board at the Buffalo airport! I've got an hour layover in NYC at the JFK airport and should be landing by 12:10. I had a restless two hour nap (more out of excitement than nervousness!), but I'm ready to go!

      I checked to make sure I had everything packed about five times, so thankfully I don't have the feeling I'm forgetting anything. I managed to roll and stuff a larger duffle bag inside my carry-on duffle bag for the trip back to make packing Monday night easier. It'll be nice to...

      CAN YOU NOT with the gate switching, Delta?!

      ...not have to ship anything back. I'll take the checked baggage fee. That's a little less time I'll spend in the UPS office!

      I've got a pancake meet-up at Kerbey Lane on South Lamar to look forward to and a mini-golf meet-up later tonight. Those will be fun! The rooftop pool and hot tub will be equally fun. My next journal entry will be a RTX journal. Way I see it, it's fucking on when I land.

    • Pre-RTX Journal #6 - Kudos

      3 years ago


      I'd like to credit the idea for Achieve Bucks to Jon Risinger for his fantastic Achieve designs, and my friend Valerie, who you can find on Twitter @ladyviolathornhaven, with putting the designs onto the respective Minecraft money templates in a truly awesome way. I'd also like to thank the gorgeous Aimee Polanowski for the stickers.

      With this finished, I can finally pack for RTX! Awah! It's so close!

      Progress Report

      • With everything printed and for the most part cut out, there will be a second test play with my friends on Sunday. I'm pretty jazzed to see it in action. <3
      • I've also written up a How To: Achievement Hunter Monopoly to put into use. I'm going to try out a few things during the test play to see if they'd make plausible additions to the original game. For example, I want to make it so that it's entirely possible for Achievement City to win the game, as it so often does.
    • Pre-RTX Journal #5 - Playtesting AH Monopoly on Monday!

      3 years ago


      Me and my sister will be playtesting my AH Monopoly to make sure the Chance and Community Chest cards I created are a good fit!

      Progress Report

      • The Achieve Bucks are photoshopped and waiting! They'll be printed after my friend comes back from Anime North! <3 I'm thinking I'll print a few extra for anyone who wants a souvenir, to give to the AH crew, and to get signed for my friend. :3
      • Chance and Community Chest Cards: 31/32 have been created, with only a little help from some of the ones mentioned in AH Minecraft Monopoly Let's Plays. They'll be printed on Sunday along with the property cards (which will be one-sided).
      • The play pieces, once safely laminated, will be complete. They're pretty great, guys. Check them out. Credit for the stickers goes to the booth I picked them up from at UBCon. I'll need to pull their card up to credit them properly.


    • RT Staff & RT Community Meet-Ups

      in Forums > RT Staff & RT Community Meet-Ups | Follow this topic


      This thread, like the ones in the years before, will mainly be for meeting up with your fellow RT fans. Official events will also be listed to ensure everyone knows what's going on and when! If you know you want to go somewhere and want some company, or are looking for more to join your group, or just want to join in on the fun, this is the place to post your plans and make suggestions!

      The list starts with the dates and times (or sad empty slots where info will later go) of official RTX and RTSQ events and try to keep an eye on upcoming official RT staff meet-ups. The RT family's quite a bit bigger than it was last year, though, so check the comments and post if you're going to a meet-up that isn't listed!

      Confirmed RT Events
      (6/30 | Noon-6pm) Immersion

      (6/30 | 6pm-midnight) Jack Pattillo's Charity Event @ K1 Speed Arena

      (6/30 | 8pm-midnight) 5th Annual RTX SideQuest Cocktail Party and Charity Auction [SQ badge-holders only]

      (6/30 | 6pm-10pm) FIRST Night Screening @ Paramount Theatre

      (7/1 | 9pm-midnight) RTX VIP Party
      (7/2 | 10pm-2am) RTX SideQuest BarLympics [18+, SQ badge-holders only]

      (7/2 | 6:30pm-9pm) Theater Mode Live @ Alamo Drafthouse Ritz

      (7/2 | 7pm-10pm) Jeff Williams and the Freelance Orchestra Concert @ Moody Theater (Tickets are $25-$35 and currently on sale here)

      (7/3 | 1am-3am) Rave @ JW Grand Ballroom?
      (7/3 | 10pm-2am) RTX SideQuest Wrap Up Party [Open to all RTX attendees, barring the SQ lounge]

      Confirmed RT Staff Meet-Ups
      (7/1 | 10am-12:30pm) Team Tina Meet-Up @ Palm Park, behind the ACC

      (7/1 | 11am-2:30pm) Crunch Time Puppy Party @ Brush Square Park, next to the Hilton Austin

      (7/2 | 6:30pm) Professional Ultimate Frisbee w/ Austin Sol (featuring RT's Caleb Denecour!) vs Dallas Roughnecks @ House Park (Tickets are on sale here for $7 with the discount CD49, $10 at the gate; the game will be streamed on ESPN3)
      (TBA) Multipurpose Gaming Meet-Up

      Confirmed RT Community Events
      (6/29 | 3pm-4:30pm) Pre-RTX Brunch @ Kerbey Lane Cafe (South Lamar) [RSVP on the linked page]

      (6/29 | 7:30pm-9pm) Pre-RTX RvB Mini-Golf & Bevs ($6/person for 18 holes, $8/person for 32 holes) [RSVP on the linked page - shaded picnic tables have been booked!]

      (6/30 | 6:30pm) UK & Ireland Fan Meet-Up @ Old School Bar & Grill
      (6/30 | 3pm-6pm) RT Booze Cruise (Ticket sales closed as of June 10)

      (6/30 | 7:30pm) Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night @ Third Base (South Park Meadows)

      (6/30 | 8:30pm) Pre-RTX Dinner Meet-Up w/ gi_goku @ Moonshine Grill (message him or comment on his journal post here to RSVP)
      (7/1 | 9:30pm) RT Ontario Canada Day Celebration @ Old School Bar & Grill

      To save on space, I've compiled more info on these and other activities into a public Google Doc that you can access here:

      42 replies

    • Pre-RTX Journal #4 - Progress on Monopoly Cards!

      3 years ago


      I went to Michael's the other day before going to see Eddie the Eagle, and let me tell you, I almost missed my turn when my GPS decided to pronounce it as "Mi-cool's". I had a 20% off coupon that worked nicely for white cardstock (for the property cards and papercraft) and assorted/gold cardstock (for Chance and Community Chest cards). I also picked up Krylon adhesive spray to easily glue the soon-to-be-printed AH Monopoly board onto a proper 18x18 inch game board, which arrived in prime condition from Amazon.

      The color of the board is a darker blue than was pictured, but that works better for me since I couldn't get it in black or green. :|

      I'll be at UBCon on April 16th; I'll purchase a day pass next Thursday. The merch alley will decide whether or not I'm going to papercraft the gang's Minecraft skins.

      Progress Report

      • My friend is sick right now (darn you, uncooperative weather!), so the Achieve Bucks are still a work in progress. It should still be on track for printing by the end of April, though! She's already got the paper on hand. It'll work just like money would in the regular game.
      • Chance and Community Chest Cards: 16/32 have been created, with a little help from some of the ones mentioned in AH Minecraft Monopoly Let's Plays. I'll be re-watching my favorite AH Let's Plays within the next week or so to create some new cards.
      • The dice has been lifted from a regular Monopoly set.
      • The papercraft has not yet been attempted.
    • Pre-RTX Journal #3 - Game Pieces

      3 years ago


      I wrestled over the idea of printing out Towers of Pimps, from the obsidian block alone, to the obsidian and a block of gold, etc, etc, working up to a completed Tower with bits of paper hanging out beneath the obsidian blocks to hook under the board... but that would just be another thing to fuss with, especially on an uneven playing surface, and it would also look like shit. Papercraft will mean a bit more work, but I think the payoff would look a hell of a lot nicer. :3 I'll probably keep all but a few pieces in my hotel room. Even if it garners some interest in lines to panels, no one's got the time to play like Jack.

      I might even hate myself enough to try my hand at RT user Kamiryn's lovely papercraft AH Minecraft skins if I don't spot something I'd rather buy in the merch alley at UBCon in April. The papercraft game is not strong with me. I'll need the power of Jeff Williams to carry me through crafting sessions.

      What I'll be using:




    • Pre-RTX Journal #2 - AH Monopoly Board!

      3 years ago


      I was inspired to recreate the Monopoly board unveiled in the AH Minecraft series. It will come with (regular, store bought) dice, custom property cards, custom money (coined Achieve Bucks), and custom Chance and Community Chest cards, of which only some will be borrowed from the series. The game pieces will likely be bought at the RT/AH fan booth at UBCon in April, and the houses and hotels will be replaced by paper-printed and laminated pieces of the Tower of Pimps as seen in the series.

      Progress Report

      • The board is 100% completed and need only be printed at FedEx.
      • The property cards are 100% completed and need only be printed on cardstock.
      • The Achieve Bucks are being created by a friend and are a work in progress. I anticipate them being completed by the end of April. It'll work just like money would in the regular game. (You can see Geoff's and Ryan's in the album.)
      • The Chance and Community Chest cards are a work in progress. I'll be rewatching some of my favorite AH videos to get ideas. As in the regular game, there will be 16 of each.
      • The dice, game pieces, 18"x18" blank game board, and adhesive for said game board have yet to be bought.
      • The pieces of the Tower have yet to be created, but shouldn't take very long.
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