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      2 months ago


      It's been a little over another 6 months since the last time I said anything about this campaign. Still going strong, meeting weekly. Picking up where I left off:

      The group pursued the Necromancer into the next nation to the east. Distraught peoples in destroyed villages helped direct them along the Zombies' path to an ancient and dilapidated keep called Shatterstone. In the shadow of this old fortress, the group was reunited with the Cleric of the Raven Queen who had helped set them on this task in the first place. Together with Christopher Crimsonplain, and the 5 members of the Sons of the Imminent Dawn, the group invaded the Keep and stormed through over 50 zombies and Carrion Cannons to the top level.

      Here they faced down the old one who stole their cart and horses as he completed his necromantic ritual in front of them. He sacrificed a young woman and magically regained his youth. After a short monolgue, aided by invisible walls of force that prevented the party from immediately killing him with arrows and spells, the group managed to defeat him. It was one of their hardest fights as he had prepared for intruders and had many deadly spells at his disposal.

      After the fight, the group unchained the woman who was sacrificed by the Necromancer. As the last links fell away from her lifeless body, her human form melted and she grew to immense proportions, filling a corner of the large throne room. The party gaped as what lay before them revealed itself  to be a dead Gold Dragon of at least Gargantuan size. The hill of its body nearly scraped the ceiling in spite of the cathedral-like vaulting.

      Unable to do more in their weakened state, the group fled to a nearby village, home to one of the members of the mercenary group they hired. The Tieflings of this hidden town, called Arngehir's Oasis, cautiously welcomed the mercenaries and their charges into the town. The healers at the Temple of Kord saw to wounds and curses and diseases. The next day, the groups buried the one fallen member of the mercenary group and then returned to the fortress to remove the remaining zombie threat and try to resurrect the Ancient Gold Dragon.

      They cleared out the zombies and successfully revived the Dragon. She introduced herself, after incinerating and devouring the corpse of the Necromancer, as Seltharis, Guardian of the East. She thanked them for restoring her to life as she had much work still to do. She promised them aid in exchange for their gift of life and said she would meet them at the Oasis the following day.

      The town threw a massive banquet when the adventurers told the mayor an Ancient Gold Dragon would be visiting. She arrived and took the form of an elegant Tiefling noble in a flowing golden gown with golden horns and gold fur on the devlish tail. She gave the party a magical device that would allow er to know they were in need and lead her to them should they use it. She then answered all the questions she could and interrogated them as to the plot of her 'sister' the Green Dragon Bala.

      The party left the village and bade farewell to the remaining members of the Sons of the Imminent Dawn and to the cleric Christopher. They'd made up their mind to continue South to the Desert of Torolas where lay, perhaps, the lost artifact of the god Kord. This would help them in their struggle against the brood of Bala. Along the way, they helped a young girl and her brother survive an attack by Griffons which claimed the lives of the kids' family, as well as the leg and hand of the boy. They protected a fleeing merchant wagon from Barbarian clansmen and earned the respect of the clan for their skill in combat. And they found a village full of very happy, well-adjusted people.

      They'd been asked to deliver a new message-bird to a member of the town who'd stopped writing to her brother some months earlier. They found the residents of the town to be exceedingly friendly of accepting, even of their Drow. It was honestly creepy how welcoming the townsfolk were. Convinced something was amiss the party investigated and found that a malevolent magical fog pervaded the area, only visible with Detect Magic.

      After some investigation, the group learned that the area had been taken over by a Beholder who was controlling the lives of the people under whom he lived. The group invaded the Beholder's lair and fought him. They would have been utterly destroyed by the Beholder and its impossible shelter (Beholders carve their lairs from stone using a disintegration beam, and they are usually comprised of vertically arranged chambers with no way for an earthbound creature to moved between them. No trouble, of course, for the flying beholder) had it not been for the cowardice of the wizard. He grabbed the young Half-elven Warlock when he realized the fight was hopeless and teleported out of the underground bunker. When the Beholder realized he could not track down and destroy the escapees and therefore his hiding place would soon be revealed to adventurers far and wide, he cut his losses and fled. But not before petrifying the Dwarf and nearly killing the Drow with a Death Ray. He also charmed the Human Rogue, Vendar, into helping him escape and knocked the Dragonborn Paladin, Raiken, unconscious.

      Thinking quickly, the remaining Dragonborn Fighter, Yukikaze, convinced the rampaging Earth elemental that the Dwarf, Bruenor, had summoned to help the survivors escape the lair. The Elemental agreed on the condition that the Dwarf and the magic axe that let him enslave the elemental remain in the bunker. And so the party survived the encounter with Beholder, drove it from the town, and escaped its lair. Then the elemental collapsed the bunker on top of the petrified Dwarf, forever burying the magic axe that had enslaved it.

      A strange Gnome appeared in the town as the party escaped the lair and helped out by bringing the children of the townsfolk out of the woods where a Unicorn had been protecting them from their mind-controlled parents. Slowly, the affects of the beholder wore off and the people rejoiced to have their children returned. The group quickly left the village after getting their Drow back from the angry mob.

      They continued south into the next nation, Shirkawa, and had to deal with their own terrible past. A couple forest spirits stopped them on the road and asked the Wizard about the group, wanting him to vouch for their honor and intentions. Confused, he inquired, and the elementals revealed that the group was accused of slaughtering a temple of Pelor worshippers ealier in their journey. Vendar immediately broke down and confessed to the crime, and then tried to justify it while the rest of the group filled in details. The wizard, Laromendis, took it all in and mulled it carefully before telling the forest spirits that he had been traveling with them a while and had witnessed their deeds. He accepted that the event in question was terrible but felt that in light of everything he'd been a part of, there was likely enough cause to give them the benefit of the doubt that they committed the act maliciously.

      From here they rode and then sailed, as Shirkawa is a land rent by rivers and streams and lakes, to the capital. The current was good and they made excellent time. They met with the leader, an old acquaintance of the 300 year old Elven Wizard, and arranged passage into the Desert by way of the rivers. They spent an extra day getting their gear sorted and selling the excess. They were also slightly delayed by protests that filled the streets and alleys of the city as followers of Melora and Erathis petitioned their leader to evict the other. Melora is goddess of untamed nature and the sea, Erathis is goddess of order and civilization. Being a city in the forest built in the trees (like Ewoks) both gods have ever been revered, to the chagrin of the followers of each. And for 100 years, the leader had been dealing with bouts of complaints about the seemingly contradictory nature of the city's existence. <- this was more interesting world flavor than anything the group could deal with, but I think they appreciated it.

      As of the last session, the group set sail on the city's fastest barge with the blessing of the leader that they defeat the dragon and protect her city from suffering the same fate as the Seat of Bahamut, which had been destroyed by Bala. The oarsmen and their captain were worried that traveling so quickly and blatantly down the rivers would arouse the dangerous Hydras who dwell in the waters of Shirkawa and are only avoided by means of a leisurely pace when traveling by water. Just as they feared one was about to surface, the threat came instead from on high. A hitherto unseen predator dove from the sky and tried to lift the barge from the water. Rocs boast a wingspan of upwards of 200 feet and take large wooden objects like boats and wagons as nesting materials to their mountain aeries. The group managed to deal enough damage to the Roc to drive it off. No mean feat considering the gargantuan bird kept scooping them up one at a time and dropping them into the river, or drilling them with its massive beak.

      Will the group make it to the desert? Will they find the lost artifact of Kord? Will it be enough to help them destroy the Green Dragon Bala? Who is this new Halfling that showed up shortly after the Drow admitted he could no longer travel with the group? Why does the halfling have dragon scales, and why does he know who the group is and what they are trying to do? These questions and more answered next time. Maybe.

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    • D&D Summary

      10 months ago


      Nearly two years ago, I gathered a group of players from this site, and beyond. The group grew, shrank, shifted, grew, shrank, grew again. I currently have 7 players, which is more than my ideal, but I like the people I have and we make it work with so many.

      It's been an interesting road for the heroes, and I thought I'd give as brief a summary here as I could, while including all the important details - for anyone curious how the story has developed. I will leave off character specifics that are not known to the general party yet.

      It all began at the annual festival celebrating the Unification of the northern-most, snowy province of Ebongarde. People of all races and creeds traveled from all over the continent of Amaranta to attend the week-long revel and get as stinking drunk as they could while participating in contests of physical prowess. The events are held to honor King Hadvar Lionborne following his brutal campaign to bring the scattered cities and towns into line with his rule - he had been seen as weaker than both his late father and his elder sister and so his influence beyond his home city quickly waned at the beginning of his rule.

      Ten years later, the new capital he had claimed was a gathering place of dignitaries and representatives of cities and countries who sought his favor at the annual festival. This is where the member of the group first met. They competed against each other and members of the gathered revelry for glory and monetary rewards.

      A Human from the bread-basket of Ebongarde's central southern city witnessed these up-in-coming heroes as they bested the best around in races and logging, lifting and chasing. Then he saw a local hero fall to a poisoned dart. He investigated the attack and, with the help of a very knowledgeable Elf, found it was a poison known to be used by the orcs of the snowy lands and that this was simply the latest of dozens of small harms the orcs had dealt the city over the last year. He stood before the King and asked leave to help the city by rooting out the problem, in exchange for only the provisions he would need to accomplish it.

      The Elf and Human went to the others they'd been watching in the tournament, feeling they had what it would take to fight potentially hordes of Orcs. Reluctantly, these others agreed. 

      Vendar, Human Rogue and Noble son to a well-known merchant in the Neighboring nation of Aspara, wanted simply to see the world and experience the festival. He was happily besting many of Ebongarde's local champions.

      Raiken, Dragonborn Paladin of Kord, had traveled to Ebongarde from the island nation of Arkhosia - the ancestral home of the Dragonborn and not destroyed in my world.

      Bruenor, Dwarven Fighter from the small neighboring nation of Vaardev'Tan, was heavy into the alcohol of the event but could not be slaked.

      Cayde, Elven Wizard and scholar from the distant and secretive island of Sol Sarakas, brought his vast knowledge to bear in service to Aerys as he formed this warband.

      Aerys, Human representative of the Elven family that holds the farmlands of Southern Ebongarde, gathered these men and arranged for their equipment from the King's armory before departing.

      Together they ventured into the woods, the bulk of their survival gear tied to two mountain goats given the range they scrambled about in. They fought many orcs, and on the first night they ran afoul of a small scouting group from the Underdark. They slew all the orcs in their path, gathering what info they could from what they carried and following their tracks back to scattered camps among the trees.

      On the second day, an orc caught them offguard and rendered Cayde unconscious with an unexpected lightning bolt spell. They killed the others in the raiding party and bound the old magic-caster. Urag carried a journal and a staff. The journal contained the two spells he knew how to cast and several pages written in Draconic that expounded on his distaste for being made to serve the new Chieftan in her vain attempt to break the city of Dragon's Hearth.

      The group forced him to lead them to his home - a walled collective of Orcs called The Contingent.

      Fighting their way trough the woods for several more days, they finally came to the gate of the community only to find it near empty. Only elders, youths, and some necessary skilled orcwomen remained. All warriors had been shepherded through a portal the day before. With Urag's help the group convinced the couple spell-casting Orcs who remained to open the portal for them.

      They appeared within the mines beneath the City of Dragon's Hearth and found the place in the middle of an Orc invasion. They worked their way out of the mines, freeing dwarves as they went, through the town to the palace dungeons. Here they found King Lionborne and his Honor Guards disarmed and imprisoned. Freeing these, they followed King Lionborne as he explained that his own sister, returned from exile, had led the host of Orcs into his city and dethroned him. They faced off with Fulbrehe Lionborne, and they defeated her, though the cost was great and it was a near thing. She was a skilled Evoker and laid waste to the room with Cone of Cold - dropping all but her brother and two members of the party. At the moment of her fall, Fulbrehe opened another portal and removed herself to parts unknown, swearing vengeance.

      After their victory, King Lionborne declared an extension to the revelry in honor of the heroes who saved the city and helped to broker an alliance with one of the tribes of Orcs beyond the walls, led by Urag himself in the absence of Fulbrehe, the Orcthane. A great victory for Ebongarde.

      Near the end of the extended celebrations, word came through town that a man from the Draconic empire had been brought to the healers and was asking for Raiken by name. Raiken found his uncle gasping for breath and choking on scorched lungs in the healer's bed. He had been badly poisoned in a miasma which he claimed had been spread over Arkhosia by a horde of green dragons and at their head was an Ancient evil. Stories told of the oldest of Green Dragons, nearly forgotten to time, Bala. Her might and the strength of her brood saw the end of the shining city of Magic, the Seat of Bahamut (in the common tongue).

      Fearing for his home and his family, Raiken relayed this information to the group and they requested one final favor of the King. Ebongarde had no sea route to Arkhosia, they were very distant and not direct allies. Magic came to Ebongarde from Arkhosia very sparingly throught Vaardev'tan. The King agreed to give them horses that would be theirs upon completion of a task for him. They were to help settle a brewing Border Dispute between the distant neighbor Aspara and the province beyond them, Bromdor. Lionborne hoped to gain favor as an ally to Aspara.

      He reinstated laws protecting the formation of mercenary companies within Ebongarde. A practice that had been banned since his father's time on the throne. Theirs would be the first official Mercenary Company and as a special dispensation, upon completion of their task to King, they would be free to serve any contract in any province they pleased. Other bands formed thereafter would be beholden only to Ebongarde.

      The group selected a new member from hundreds of hopefuls among the revelers who witnessed their deeds. Enter Notam, Human Barbarian from the distant, though still northern, land of Thanendir. He sought to make a name as a hero for himself, and help those of the world he could with his strength.

      The group traveled south, disbanded a Thieves' Guild operating in the coastal trade-town of Melthea, then passed on to Gateway. Gateway was named for the passage through the mountains that it guarded. The Mountain range was tall and wide and spanned the entire width of the continent, completely separating Ebongarde from provinces to the south. This was the only breech large enough to let caravans pass and it was incomparably smooth and straight. None remain who know how it was formed.

      Prior to passing through Gateway, the group ran afoul of assassins. Upon defeating them, the group gained a wagon/cart that the were able to harness their horses to once they purchased the equipment in gateway. They also learned that the assassins had been given their description and been paid to kill them by the survivors of the disassembled Thieves' Guild. It was at this time that the group's valiant leader, Aerys, was called back to his home city to see to a political affair there.

      The remaining group tricked out the cart for the journey through the harsh lands of vaardev'tan. Here they faced storms that were so strong and passed so frequently that no loose soil lay on the ground. The land was hard, bare stone with roads cut by long hard years of travel and water flow. In these dwarven lands, where it is safer to be below ground than above, they helped the locals by hunting Giants on their way through. They weathered a terrible storm, needing to chain their wagon to the ground and hide their horses in a nearby culvert. They were nearly destroyed by Raiken, who had taken a cursed sword from the treasury of the Thieves' Guild and told no one when it began speaking in his mind.

      Finally they crossed a great bridge over a virile river, they left the barren wind-swept lands behind them. Ahead, lay the green fields and rolling hills and deep forests of Aspara. It was a land of plenty and they past vast farms as their wagon rolled along the road eastward. But all was not well. Before spending the night in a small farming town, they bid farewell to Cayde as griffon-riding elves from Sol Sarakas came to collect him as he was needed back at the university. The next morning, they met a small, young Half-elf named Lia, who approached them as they breakfasted.

      Lia was an orphan from the northeastern coastal town of Watchtower Point. She'd been ostracized by the overwhelmingly xenophobic Human population there and had befriended an entity that offered her the power to protect herself and forge her own path through life, taking up the mantle of a young Warlock. She left Ebongarde, following the stories of a group of great heroes that preceded her. She, too, wished to become a great and storied hero.

      Together, they helped the villagers fight several raised corpses. They went to ask the Cleric at the village's Temple to the Raven Queen about the zombies. A doddering old man told them that zombies hadn't plagued this area in centuries, long before he'd taken up the cloth, but perhaps they would be served investigating the lore of the Temple's library and the graveyard outside. The group set the old cleric to the task of exploring the tomes while they checked out the graveyard.

      They learned that Zombies can be raised by corrupt Clerics or Wizards often in service to one of the evil lords of Undeath and in direct opposition to the merciful Raven Queen, goddess of the cycle of Death. Searching the graveyard, they found several disturbed mounds and a trail that led into the woods. They spent hours following the tracks of a host of zombies, until the signs were lost to a mounting rain storm.

      By chance, they found a large camp in the woods and it was patrolled by the living dead. They dispatched these and searched the tents. They found many books and scrolls and ingredients for necromantic rituals. Upon leaving the tents, they were chided by a disembodied voice that swore to depose the Raven Queen and cover the world in moving corpses. Hoping to stop the problem at its root, they ventured further into the wood, seeking the Necromancer responsible. In the waning light of day, they spotted smoke from a campfire and approached with caution.

      Two elven hunters, a married couple, greeted them and bade them sup at their fire. The group obliged and plied the pair with questions regarding the woods and its inhabitants and events of late, guiding the conversation toward talk of zombies. The hunters admitted that their game had been scarce lately and that the animals seem to have been displaced or dismembered - perhaps it was the work of Zombies afterall?

      The group asked to stay at the Elves' camp that night as it was many hours walking lost in the dark woods to return to the Temple. The Elves agreed, but told the men they must stay outside the tent, offering them an oilblanket to protect them from the rain. The young lady Lia was invited into the tent and away from the smelly, rowdy men.

      Halfway through the night, while the group was taking turns on watch, the camp was assaulted by giant Undead snakes. The skeletons bit and constricted and even cast spells. The party was victorious, but wondered why the Elf husband who'd run to the tent to fetch his wife to help fight the things had not reappeared. Worried, Notam and Raiken ran to the tent and found one of the Elves smoldering, burned to death. Lia was chasing the other out of the tent, as she fled toward the trees. Seeing a ceremonial dagger in the hand of the burned corpse, and rope still wrapped around Lia's arms, Tam and Raiken chased down and felled the other Elf.

      As soon as both Elves had been killed, the camp suddenly changed. The traps and game and carving instruments of normal hunters morphed and twisted and became the nasty ingredients, occult instruments, and Infernal-text adorned trappings of Necromancers. The place now very much resembled the encampment the group had raided during the daylight. Lia explained that she'd awoken as the Elves had been about to sacrifice her for some ritual. She then set fire to the tent and the surrounding instruments.

      The group found a cart with no animals hooked up that contained more scrolls and a portrait of what they guessed was the god the Necromancers were serving. They muddled their way through the woods and returned to the Temple of the Raven Queen.

      When they arrived, they found the cart and horses they'd tied up out front was missing. Kicking in the door to the Temple, they met a young man in plate armor that would have shined if not for the layers of gore all over it. They demanded to know where their wagon, horses, and the old man Cleric had gone.

      Cleric Christopher Crimsonplain looked at them with suspicion, confusion, and anger. He explained that he had no knowledge of a wagon, horses, or old man cleric. Christopher was the only cleric of the Raven Queen at this temple or anywhere for miles around, and he'd only just returned from several days away slaying Zombies in the surrounding farmland.

      Slowly, the group came to the realization that the Old Man had tricked them, and had likely stolen their horses and wagon. Christopher realized that someone had stolen some very dangerous books on Necromancy from the Temple's library and demanded the party take him to this Old Man to retrieve them.

      The group chased stories of an Old Man on a wagon pulled by several horses through a few towns. They were again attacked by members of the Assassins' Guild who this time kidnapped Lia and Tam, promising to return them only once the party had done the guild's job and assassinated several residents of the next town. Instead, the group gathered several members of the city Guard and raided the Assassins' camp, recovering their allies mostly unharmed. They were ambushed by bandits on the road and were nearly defeated by the archers hiding in the trees. Livid, Vendar demanded the party take them out non-lethally so he could personally make them suffer.

      The group disagreed with torturing the bandits but chose to leave rather than stop or stay and watch Vendar commit his cruel act. After the others left, Christopher asked Vendar about this rage. As a Cleric of the Raven Queen, he had little issue with killing. Speed people on to their happy ending and their god. But suffering was something he could not abide. They chatted, discussed, argued, Vendar told Chris about his anger issue and his family life, and Chris listened and offered what he could of consolation and reprimand for wanting to torture these men. He helped Vendar kill them painlessly. At first Vendar resented the cleric stopping his vengeance, later Vendar would reflect that the concern he'd been shown really felt good and helped stop him doing something terrible.

      Finally, the group came to Elezan, the last town on the road west of Aspara's capital city of Everwatch. The town was overrun. The streets were jammed with beggars, soldiers, noblemen and women, children, people from all over. They went to the Lord's mansion, the overseer or mayor of the city. They learned that the city had become crowded with refugees from towns east and south of Elezan when Bromdor had invaded, pushing for the capital. Vendar bought a pet ferret, and was roped into a plot against his father by a former Asparan soldier who had idolized Vendar's brother before the brother was lost to the Bromdoran attack. Vendar had no love for his father, and promised to meet with the soldier to discuss the offer further later.

      Here also, Lia informed the party that she had an errand to speak with the head of the Temple of Pelor from her patron. Supposedly the man was sympathetic to the cause of her patron and she was to mediate his assistance. Lia, Vendar, and Bruenor went to the Temple, while Raiken and Tam were out exploring the city and picking up provisions for their journey to Everwatch. When the three arrived and explained their purpose, the Heirophant blanched and called his Paladins to stop the assassins; the Temple of Pelor would not lose more members to these attacks.

      Bewildered by this response, the group defended themselves, poorly at first, but eventually Raiken found his way to the Temple and nothing would stop him from bringing honor to Kord in a brawl. He proved the superiority of his god, besting the paladins and Clerics of Pelor. Sadly, during the fight, one of the group had been blinded and so could not pull their punch when they struck one of the clerics, killing him in a grisly fashion with a maul. At least once the members of the temple were revived from unconsciousness and would not accept that the group had not been sent to kill them and tried to flee to summon the city Guard. Finally, the four decided they had no way to protect their image accept to leave no witnesses and craft the story that Necromancers had snuck into the city, murdered the members of the Temple of Pelor and fled in disguise before the group had visited the building.

      Luckily, they were well enough trusted and the evidence they had created was believable enough that no one questioned the veracity of their story. Cleric Christopher parted with them citing a great need to get to this Necromancer before he could perform any of the dark rituals in the books he had stolen; the group had been tasked by the Lord of Elezan with finding and protecting the Empress of Aspara. They left the city of Elezan quickly and headed for Everwatch. They found downed trees on the road accompanied by a sign that indicated a recent storm had blown them down and they would be cleared away by royal decree soon. Turned out a couple of the trees were mimics which attacked the party when they tried to climb over. They met a pair of Tieflings who had fled from Everwatch in light of the siege and were headed to Elezan. Vendar gave them a letter to pass on to the Soldier he'd met along with his family signet ring to prove it was from him.

      They fought patrols of Bromdoran soldiers including a paladin of Pelor, sealing the group's confidence that Pelor and his followers were bad eggs. When they came to the walls of Everwatch, they found that not only was a full-blown invasion/siege underway, but also that the walls had yet to be breached because they lay in the middle of a vast river and very high and thick. A massive army bivouacked on the fields south of what appeared to be the city gates, though no bridge to connect them to land existed. Notam insisted that the party's job was to break the siege and this could be accomplished with guerrilla tactics, thinning them one patrol at a time. He did not agree that trapping themselves within the besieged city was a viable option. So they parted ways as Tam vanished into the woods nearby to carry out his attacks.

      The party located a giant grate that covered a water-collecting pit at the river's edge. They'd been told about a magical aqueduct system to provided clean constant water to the capital. This must be the entrance. They climbed or slid down into the darkness, led by their everburning (Continual Flame) weapons as the watery shaft leveled off and slowly filled as they progressed toward the city. Two things in this wet tunnel struck them: 1) the Filter system which consisted of a trapped Gelatinous Cube disintegrating any biological matter that came down from the river above, and 2) the clockwork bucket system that hauled water up the immense distance from well under ground to the top of the mountainous island upon which the city was built.

      After nearly being disintegrated, then nearly drowning, the party was finally arrested upon leaving the water source building at the height of the city. They were brought before Empress Catarina Belgren who demanded to know their business breaking into her city during a siege and claiming not to be soldiers or spies of Bromdor. They tried to present the writs they'd been issued by King Lionborne, but those had been destroyed during their swim in the Aqueduct. Belgren was able to identify Vendar as son of the Noble lord formerly housed in her own city. Lord Drakner had relocated to Elezan as soon as hostility from Bromdor became apparent.

      The group was issued new writs swearing them to Empress Belgren's service with the task of ending the war with Bromdor and saving her Nation's freedom. They signed on the dotted line and were given rooms in the palace to start on their task in the morning. The next day, they exchanged their vast number of gold and silver coins for more transportable platinum. Here they were assailed by a Drow named Roen. He begged the party to help him dismantle the Assassins' Guild of which he had been a part his whole life and, failing that, take him away from Everwatch with them.

      Roen, the Drow Monk, had been trained from youth as a cutpurse and then an assassin by the greatest masters of the shadows in the world. He'd never known another Drow as he'd been born on the surface as a half-breed and promptly abandoned, but he soon learned that killing was distasteful to him. He'd spent years doing it, though, because he had nowhere else to go and feared the wrath of the Guild if he fled with their training.

      The group determined the fastest end to the war between nations would be brought by a common enemy. They decided to travel immediately to Arkhosia, find proof of the world-wide threat of Bala the Ancient Green Dragon, and help Empress Belgren present it to the Bromdorans and broker a truce. Together, with Roen, the group contracted the Archmage of Aspara, housed near the palace, to teleport them to the capital of Arkhosia.

      They appeared in a wide central square. Beautiful, even, perfectly cut and laid paving stones formed the crest of the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut, before the doors of the Arkhosian palace and the mighty Temple to its patron. No sound could be heard, save for a single lute crying softly in the empty gathering place of commerce. 

      Shiva, the High Elf Bard from Sol Sarakas, was traveling across Arkhosia to reach the mainland of Amaranta, seeking her parents in Aspara. She wished to travel the long roads and collect songs and stories from the people of the world before joining the Archmages of Everwatch. She'd found little besides fear and death since the second day of her trek across the large island nation.

      The party explained their purpose to the troubadour and offered that she join them for they intended to return to Everwatch quickly. She agreed immediately, happy to see another living soul in the dead city. Happy, until she laid eyes on the Drow who accompanied them, that is.

      The city was void of life, but there were no bodies laying about. The streets were dark and empty, many runes carved into the walls which would normally bring light to the surrounding area were dark. Inside the buildings, the party found either desiccated Dragonborn corpses or mounds of Green Dragon eggs. Looking for survivors, they found only recent hatchlings crying for a meal. They slew many baby and young dragons that day. When a much larger dragon descended upon them from above, they fled through the buildings too small for it to pass. Sneaking through windows and alleyways, the group evaded death and sought out anything that might help them collect evidence of the threat of Bala and escape the city.

      They found an apothecary and purposed to take any useful elixirs or potions that may lie within. To their surprise they found the alchemist owner alive and well. Well...alive anyway. The horror of the attack, the loss of everyone she knew or loved, and the loneliness surviving in her small house living on her alchemical ingredients for over a month had driven her quite mad. The Dragonborn, Paulina (chosen Human name for doing business with merchants from the mainland), shifted wildly between personalities, each seemingly set at a different time in her life and each bearing a different level of understanding of the current situation. When she was lucid and calculating, she insisted that she wanted the party to help her relocate to the mainland as their was nothing left for her here. She informed the party that she'd survived the initial miasma poured over the city by the dragons because of a magic pedant her late husband had given her decades earlier.

      The party gathered potions, poisons, and alchemist's fire from her shop and smuggled her out into the city. They fought more dragons, Raiken was nearly killed when he fell from the back of one of the beasts far up in the air where he wrestled it. Paulina saved him with a potion and wept over him, calling him by her husband's name, clearly confused. Eventually, the group made it to the Palace.

      Here they discovered several things: The palace teasury (an armory of magical weapons and armor) had been looted, the Patriarch and the royal counselors (Raiken's Parents) had been killed - but not by dragons, the ancient artifacts of the Scion of Arkhosia kept in the palace foyer had been stolen. Well, at least the sword and shield had. The armor lay in scattered pieces, but was all there.

      Arkhosia, home of the Dragonborn for the last one thousand years - ever since the Scion had led them there from the distant lands of Torolas on the east coast of Amaranta after the Ancient Black Dragon Shasharin had tried to destroy the children of her hated enemy, Bahamut, and been driven back - was a source of Arcane magic as dragons are progenitors of this power. Magical items and artifacts found their way here for study and safe-keeping from all over, and many more were created here. Few outside of the Dragonborn clans would be allowed to know the wonder of the magics and items of this place, even the merchants who frequented her shores.

      The party gained several powerful magical items here, including artifact weapons which had signified the trust and friendship of Arkhosia with the Dwarven nation of Vaardev'tan and the Elven nation of Silvanus. With all residents of the city dead or driven off, the party saw no reason to let such powerful tools molder here.

      After burying the Patriarch and Raiken's parents in the palace garden, the group fled through the secret tunnels from the palace to the docks. At the end of these tunnels, they fought Drow and Driders which had broken into the tunnels from the Underdark - a vast network of caverns that twist to unseen depths and connect all places in the world - filled with the most malevolent and distasteful of creatures consigned to the eternal darkness. Bursting onto the docks chased by four Driders, the party met a Pilgrim.

      Yukikaze, Frost Dragonborn Fighter from the desert of Torolas, was visiting the ancient city as the first step of his quest to earn Bahamut's favor in leading his tribe when his father steps down. A rivalry between Raiken and Yukikaze began immediately. Yukikaze is an impressive speciment, standing a threatening 7'7" tall and dual-wielding long swords which he seems to be able to enchant with his in-born frost breath, he scaled one of the buildings on the dock in a single bound to take on the two driders atop it alone.

      After driving back the Drow invaders, the group began readying an ownerless merchant vessel to depart. Lia disappeared at this time and the group spread out to look for her. They converged on the largest ship in port, a galleon of mighty proportions. As they approached, hoping to find Lia, she appeared on the top deck, headed for the gangway. Just as she reached it, the whole vessel bucked and she was thrown to the pier far below. Raiken managed to catch her as they watched a massive adult dragon soar from the far side of the ship's hull - the cause of the bucking - and circle high in the air to bear down on them.

      They ran for the top of the pier, seeking refuge among the warehouses along the jetty, but as they did so, a solemn Paulina strode past them, resolute. Roen tried to stop her, but she simply smiled at him and told him that the young must live on and her time was past. She offered herself up to the dragon, calling out heinous insults and cursing it in the name of her husband, as the party ran for the boat they'd prepared. The huge dragon scooped her up in its menacing jaws and soared over the party. She was smiling as she was carried over their heads. A fireball with the force of thunder engulfed the dragon's head and its lifeless body careened through several storage buildings on the docks with an echoing crash. The party later found that all the Alchemist's Fire jars they'd salvaged from Paulina's shop were gone, replaced by a hand-written note on a portrait of Paulina and her husband that explained her need for death.

      The group sailed their stolen boat away from the Seat of Bahamut, learning to sail as they went. They weathered a terrible storm and landed in a tiny fishing village on the edge of a thick, prehistoric forest within the borders of Bromdor. Here they met the village elder and a High Elf named Laromendis. The Elder demanded they take their story and their evidence (the heads of several green dragons, and the ancient necklace of the ruler of Arkhosia) to the ruler of Bromdor, Lord Erkhan Siven. It was agreed that Laromendis would accompany them to the capital to both obtain the audience with Lord Siven and ensure that the same story the Elder had been told was passed on to the ruler there. During these talks, Shiva had it out with Roen about her hatred for Drow which he had difficulty understanding until that point since he'd never met another Drow or been told about them - having lived a relatively safe life in the floating capital of Aspara. Exasperated, Shiva departed the group, unable to trust the Drow despite his protest.

      They sailed several more days, fighting off sea monsters as they traveled the dangerous coast of Bromdor, before landing in the capital city, Volinar. Here they met the Archmagus, an Eladrin named Nalia. She listened to their story, witnessed their evidence and helped them come up with a strategy for presenting it all to Lord Siven. She then arranged an audience with him for them the next day. The group then learned that Nalia had been contracted by the Temple of Kord in Volinar to help them locate a long lost artifact, the Armor of Kord. Wanting every advantage in serving his god, Raiken jumped on board to help locate and recover the item. Many were confused by his passion, as he stood before them wearing the artifact Armor of Bahamut.

      They presented their case to Siven the next day, completely forgetting the talking points Nalia had helped them work out, and resorting to having her open a teleportation circle to the Seat of Bahamut and sending several Royal Guards through to verify their claim. Luckily this worked, when told along side the visual evidence of the dragon heads and the Symbol of the Patriarch. Siven agreed to meet with Empress Belgren on neutral ground and work out a cease-fire in light of the apocalyptic threat that Bala poses.

      The party returned to Aspara via a secret teleportation circle that Nalia arranged for them, and they reported to the Empress who thanked them for their help in securing Aspara's safety and released them from their contract to her. Upon their return, they were informed of several things that happened in the time they spent in Arkhosia and Bromdor:

      1. Vendar's father had been killed in an attack on his house in Elezan, and Vendar's sister - who was courting the Empress' son - had been moved back to Everwatch to live in the palace prior to her wedding into the royal family.

      2. Christopher Crimsonplain, Cleric of the Raven Queen, had continued his pursuit of the Necromancer and was well on his way to the border with the eastern nation of Thanendir. He wanted help as he had realized the necromancer was still raising Zombies as he went and his growing army was rolling over small towns and destroying and desecrating any Temples to the Raven Queen on their path.

      3. No further news of the designs of Bala had traveled this far north, despite the party not running afoul of her on Arkhosia.

      4. The Assassins' Guild, at least the branch located beneath the streets of Everwatch, was beholden to the Empress and she would see what she could do in loosening the contract for the party's life from their grip.

      Vendar went to visit his sister and, in the most beautiful display of over-sharing ever, told her he had been part of the plot to kill their father and had given his signet ring to the murderer. He then refused her request to travel to Elezan and help their mother with the estate in their father's absence, claiming he had to be the one to deal with the necromancer and Bala despite that the armies of two nations would be gathering against at least Bala.

      Chagrined, the party departed Everwatch across the massive bridge that the archmages raised from the bed of the river, and passed among the Bromdoran soldiers that were still camped on the fields to the south. They traveled east for the border with Thanendir, hoping to meet up with Christopher before he got in over his head. They stopped in a small village along the road that claimed to have lost all its men to an army of walking corpses several days earlier. They asked the group to help with wild animals that were normally kept at bay by the missing men. The party was about to refuse, claiming pressing deadlines when they heard a shriek. They broke and saved a young woman from the jaws of several wolves that had dragged her through the woods before all becoming entangled in the webs of giant spiders.

      In thanks for their heroic rescue, the defacto leader of the village, a young woman named Catherine, told them about a visitor that had preceded the Zombie horde. A pale old man driving a wagon pulled by several horses who asked after a place called Shatterstone Keep. The group thanked her for the information and rode on.

      Eventually, evening settled upon them as they approached a waystop at a crossroads. The Wanderer's Respite is a well known Adventurers' tavern in eastern Aspara and the group paid for rooms and a good meal, then sat down to listen to the songs of the bard. They were assailed and plied for information by armed men claiming to be from a few different adventuring companies, some came with invitations to join and share in the spoils. 

      Lia took to the stage and met Trugzar the Gilded Tongue, Half-Orc Bard from Kalavar (a tiny break-away nation split from Torolas about 10 years earlier) and member of the Sons of the Imminent Dawn - an adventuring guild that operates between Torolas, Kalavar, Thanendir, and Aspara helping where they can, for a price.

      The party was plagued with dreams that night, many believed them premonitions, some believed them nerves, others believed them to have been sent by a malevolent power to drive them from their course.

      They decided to hire on the Sons of the Imminent Dawn to help them fight the army of Zombies, stop the Necromancer from causing another cataclysmic event (like summoning Orcus to the Material Plane), and save Cleric Christopher Crimsonplain.

      They headed off after breakfast and soon came upon a Temple of the Raven Queen. Within they a found disturbing sight. Ruin and Desecration, the place had been Unhallowed by a powerful spell and was cursed with darkness. Lifting the spell, the group found the inside a ruin covered in old, dry blood which had been painted on the walls into Infernal script, slogans praising Orcus and reviling the Raven Queen. Investigation revealed an old, coded message from Christopher letting the party know, should they be following, that he was still in pursuit and he would be in touch as he could be.

      Further on down the road, the group caught up with some shambling Zombies, but it turned out to be a trap and as soon as they destroyed the eight on the road, a horde swarmed out from nearby trees, nearly 50 in all. Just as the group thought the worst of their problems was being surrounded by gnashing mouths - and they were - the ground nearby erupted and several rotting corpses vanished into disgusting misshapen maws.

      Large, engorged cadavers wavered before the group, their chest split down the middle in a horrific vertical mouth lined with tooth-like ribs. Hands, feet, and guts dangled and dripped from the rent flesh, they were devouring the corpses and zombies and adding them to their mass. As they staggered across the road toward the group, they scooped up more corpses, both active and destroyed zombies, and began launching nasty, disease-ridden body parts at long range at the warriors.

      As though this weren't bad enough, when the group finally felled one of the Carrion Cannons, it was devoured by the remaining one, which grew to monstrous proportion and became an even greater threat as it repaired its nasty body with parts from those it devoured.

      As of the latest session, the group has just defeated the Carrion Cannons and intends to continue East to Thanendir, and their hirelings, the Sons of the Imminent Dawn, are demanding an increase in their pay based on the newly realized scope of their danger. 

      I hope whoever reads this enjoys this fast-forwarded tale of woe and is rooting for the party as they continue their perilous journey.

    • Still GMing RT people a year later

      1 year ago


      All I can say is wow. Almost a full year ago, some users of this site posted the request to the Dungeons&Dragons official thread for someone to GM for them. They had seen some episodes of Heroes&Halfwits at that point and they wanted to try. Many of them had never role played in their life. Some had a little experience with the game.

      I let those requests sit there for days, hoping someone else would step up. I had a little experience as a GM at the time: I'd run a short campaign in 4e, a single session in 3.5e... I had nearly a decade experience as a player though, and I had spent years STing (GMing) for Shadowrun. But I didn't feel confident I could GM for them and have it be a satisfactory experience.

      Days later, one of them repeated the request, signalling that no one had stepped up. That age old get out and do things question that I've become so adept at ignoring rang in my ears: If not you, then who? These people just wanted to try something new. Something that, for as long as I had played it, had been deeply entrenched in "nerd culture" and therefore seemingly inaccessible to mainstream gamers. Suddenly, Achievement Hunter had made it a cool thing. Made it OK for mainstream gamers to want to sit at a table, roll dice, and pretend to be someone else for an evening.

      Hell, I love D&D. Of course I want MORE people to love it with me! So why wasn't I GMing for them? Because I was worried I'd mess it up? Because I was worried about my story telling ability? My world-building ability? My ability to quickly adapt as the players make unexpected decisions? HELL YES, that's exactly what worried me. I'd only had success in Shadowrun.

      But these people deserved a chance to be players. Deserved a chance to love the game I'd spent nearly 10 years making amazing memories in. I sit there and tell the stories of crazy characters friends and I played and the shenanigans we got up to. They deserve to have their own stories to tell others with elation in their eyes.

      I wrote my fateful message on the forum thread: "I can run D&D5e. Message me if you'd like to join and we'll set up a day that works for everyone."

      I started getting messages, one of them rallied the others and they picked a day and time: Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST. They picked a communication platform: Discord Skype. They picked a setting and a heroic theme.

      The first couple sessions were rocky. We had people calling in while delivering pizza, a couple never showed up. About 4 sessions in, one just disappeared. In the second session, I added 2 more players: both close friends of mine, one was on a podcast with me and had never D&D'd before, the other was my original GM - the one who first introduced me to the wide world of role playing. 

      As I expected, the Veteran took the reins on the group and began to show them that interacting with the NPCs of the world was just as important as interacting with other player characters. His character learned of troubles on trade routes and at the city walls, and requested the king's leave to end the attacks. He gathered the Player Characters to his cause, having witnessed their prowess in competitions held as part of a celebration in the city.

      Suddenly, five unlikely heroes were trudging through the woods in the frozen mountains of a Skyrim-like kingdom. They fought Orcs. They hunted Orcs. They captured an Orc and forced it to take them to its home. They learned that not everything is as it seems. They stopped a plot by the King's own sister to coerce the local Orcs to dismantle her brother's city. They became honored heroes.

      I had gone through all the info from the short campaign I'd run in 4e. I was in Uncharted territory! No...wait. This group had handled the campaign far differently from the group years earlier... and I'd come up with new characters and hooks that fit the same plot. I'd been in uncharted territory all along, and things had been fine. Everyone was having fun.

      "Okay," I said. "Let's see what happens next." I dived into the countries of origin of the players - I'd earlier drawn a map of the continent and described each nation, letting the players pick where they were from and working with them to develop a couple family members and cultural dynamics.

      The player characters had just hit Lv 3, so they all had paths* (*class specializations) now. The Paladin had chosen to take an Oath of Vengeance for his path, so I needed to set up something big and important for him to avenge. I told them that amid the festivities in honor of their heroic actions, a Dragonborn had appeared in the city and requested to see the Dragonborn player character. the PC met his uncle in the city's hospital and the older man recounted how their home had been attacked and devastated by an ancient evil dragon. He then warned the younger dragonborn away from the island nation of his birth. The player swore his Oath and asked the party to help him liberate his home.

      Not wanting things to be transparent, linear, and easy (and also knowing the group had no way to travel the huge distance between their current location and their destination), I came up with another story line at this moment. They went to the newly saved king and asked him, as his heroes, for transportation to the island nation of the Dragonborn. He decided to use them as an example to reinstate mercenary companies within his kingdom, assuming they swear their loyalty to him. He gave them a commission and their first mission: to aid an ally in distress on his behalf. He would give them a set of horses to get them to this allied nation's capital at which point the horses would become theirs. They would be expected to broker peace between this ally and the foreign power they're entangled with.

      It's really fun to watch their interactions shape the world around them, near and far. They're not well-known in the new lands they travel now, but there are a few elements preceding them that may cause them more trouble than they expect!

      I got a little deeper into it than I intended. I got caught up recounting their story. Suffice it to say I found stories in me and inspired by my players that have been more rewarding than I could have hoped to play out with them each week. As we close in on 1 year, thank you all for being part of this adventure with me!

      @kaosblack21 @JDunlap @eltoroguaco @BillyRage @Bobomcgraw @Dude1999 and more whose RT names I can't find!

      It all (kinda) started here:

    • This that should have been in the last journal

      1 year ago


      A couple highlights slipped through on the last journal cuz I was focusing on Guardian stuff, but I think I do a disservice to good friends by not mentioning them.

      First, got my annual hug from the ever fishy @Caszie! We talked fish for a while and bonded over the stupidity of the Mola Mola. If you don't know, go educate yourself. You can't make this up.

      I crawled through some bars and got a hug from my friend Anna. We seriously don't get to hang out enough and I'm so glad for the chance at RTX. See you again next year!

      I caught @Myshu in the hallway near a panel I was teching and got a hug and chatted about art projects. She's awesome, go check her out now!

      @Felix expressed his gratitude on our way out of the ACC at wrap time. Always good to see you mate. Keep wrestling.

      I ... think that covers all the highlights of my social interactions.Good people whom I care about. Thanks for spending time with me guys. you're all why I love RTX!

    • RTX2017

      1 year ago


      So RTX came and went. It's the one real connection I have to the community I've loved for so long and I look forward to it every year. Once again, I donned the mantle of Guardian of Technology and helped to make the show the best it could be. 

      I love camping Meeting Room 6 in the ACC. They always seem to schedule the secret best panels in there! Once again I had the Martial Artists showing off their moves mocapped for RWBY and RvB. I also had the 2D art leads getting krunk and drawing dicks. It's a very enjoyable experience setting up the computers, working with the panelists to get their media ready to show the world, and then streaming the audio and visuals to people at home who couldn't be at RTX. It's very rewarding, even if in the moment it can seem tedious or challenging.

      Add to that, the fact that I always get amazing Panel Guardians to help make it all happen. These guys work their butts off managing the lineup outside the room, getting people safely into and out of the seats, and generally helping me make sure the panel goes off without a hitch. You've never seen someone run until a panelist hands the walking mic to a panel guardian and points at an eager attendee in the back of the room! So big shout out to @NicoleKelly for managing Rm 6's attendees and making my weekend very enjoyable. There were two other Panel Guardians, but they haven't friended me yet :P Julie and Derek, I think I got the names right....Thank you guys. Keeping the lonely tech guardian company between panels is now part of the job.

      Biggest of shout outs and highest of fives to the whole of Tech Team, each year we get better at keeping the fires out and keeping the streams running. You guys are all Awesome. Except @Blutonian, he's from Jersey. :P Loooove you, Mike. <3

      The condo gets more interesting each year, too. This time we had @JDunlap around the whole weekend! Many laughs and much mischief were got up to with @WomanFriday, @kaosblack21, @ChaosKrys, @tonyski, Caled (@Chernobyl) and Brett Omura, and their friend Hayley (sp?). Never Forget Jackbox and Forza @RTX2017. It's always the Nazis.

      Looking forward to next year. Been weeks and still haven't fixed my sleep schedule since the show. That's my quick rundown. There is so much detail and so many antics I haven't got into. I may going forward, but I promise nothing.

    • Feeling Accomplished

      1 year ago


      Not everything in my life is peaches and cream right now, but I could be doing a lot worse and my heart goes out to those who are.

      I've got a good engineering job and am looking for one located closer to Boston.

      I have good self-esteem but I know my limits.

      I'm trying to eat better and exercise more - an area for improvement.

      I have good friends who care about me.

      These are all things I'm thankful for right now, but they're not why I feel accomplished.

      This past weekend, my friend picked up the parts and he and I spent all day under our cars. Nine hours of struggling with bolts and breaking tools. But at the end of the day, we had one working car.

      Sadly, we were unable to remove the bolts from his differential and were thereby waylaid from completing the work. My car, on the other hand, was very cooperative and within a few hours we had the problem fixed.

      Sparing you the technical details, I had a leak in my axle and had to take everything apart to fix it. You have to disconnect the axle shaft from inside the differential to remove the thing and that held us up for a while - we had to remove the whole emergency brake assembly and then the ABS sensor assembly. Then we got to the seal. The new one we got was just a sheetmetal cap with the lid cut out and replaced with a rubber skirt. Simple design. So I imagined the old one was the same and should be removed easily. Sadly it was shaped completely differently and required utter destruction to remove. But after the fit was thrown and the tools were broken, the part came out and the new one went in. We reassembled everything which took less time than taking it apart but felt like it took longer. We refilled the differential with oil - it took 2 forking quarts! Luckily I'd bought 2, one for my car and one for his - then we test drive it and were satisfied.

      Why is this such an accomplishment? Because I had taken my car in the for 125k tune up and they told me the leak would cost up to $700 to fix because they MIGHT break the ABS sensor in the process. I told them to leave it alone, and a month later I fixed it myself for less than $50 in parts. of course, it took us 9 hours of dicking around with it and at mechanics' rates plus parts we'd have been looking at about $1000 repair. But our time is free when we work for ourselves so I'm pocketing that $1000.

      It feels good doing work on my car successfully. Now I have to tackle the ventilation system for the cabin....the fans and AC stopped working.

    • Life update (short-ish)

      2 years ago


      Last week was thanksgiving 2016 and for the holiday, my family took a week-long trip to Iceland. None of us had been to Iceland before and we had a great time. We visited the cities of Reykjavik and Keflavik, and spent two days out on the peninsula of Snaefellsnes. We saw the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). We ate Icelandic foods. We saw the geyser at Geysir. We saw the falls at Gullfoss. I watched the Aurora dance across the sky from a hot tub out in 25-degree weather. It was a fun trip.

      On the flip side, I lost a week of work for this trip as I am a contractor and don't get vacation pay, so now I'm out a couple thousand in income :\ Such is the price of worldly experiences.

      Upon returning home, I used the available upgrade on my cellular plan to change from my Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 928) to a Google Pixel. I was actually surprised to find that it did not use a google proprietary OS. It's running Android 7.1. I am still currently in the "hate it cuz it's different" phase of the switch over. I loved my windows phone and am very disheartened that MicroSoft let such a good product flounder and die. (I changed over not because I wanted to but because the phone was almost 4 years old and the integral battery was warping the case with its expansion. Good time to move on.)

      I also picked up my latest luxury purchase (I try to be frugal more often than I am frivolous). I ordered a pistol from Massachusetts Firearms School. I like to go to the range with my friend whenever we have time and shoot some paper targets (I'm still not very good). I have had my eye on the P227 by Sig Sauer for a long time and have just been waiting for MA to legalize it (almost the entirety of the P200 series is MA legal, but they're dragging their feet on a couple members). I just haven't been excited about the price. A gun of that quality and caliber will run you anywhere from $800-1200. Yikes. Sig is a highly acclaimed company for their reliability and the quality of their designs. I would count myself lucky to possess one of their products. So, when my friend texted me about a sale at MFS, I jumped on their site to see what it was. I was greeted by a model I was unfamiliar with: SP2022 by Sig Sauer. It seemed like a less-luxury, stripped down variant of the P200 series pistols, which used a polymer frame as opposed to a steel one. It still looked to have the Sig quality I was accustomed to, but it was no P227. Then I saw the price. $480 for a pistol by Sig is .. well I'd never ehard of Sig so inexpensive. Apparently, the SP2022 was a short run that had been discontinued and MFS was clearing out its stock. So there you have it, the story of how I got my first-ever pistol.

      Sorry, that got long. I feel like extra care must be taken when discussing firearms in the climate of today's USA. I have to make sure potential readers understand that I'm a recreational target shooter and not a danger.

      Anyways, tl;dr: got new phone, got a nice gun for cheap, went to Iceland for Thanksgiving with family and had an awesome time. took lots of pictures which are on facebook.

    • That thing that people are doing.

      2 years ago


      I got tagged by @JDunlap. That means I have to do things against my will cuz I've lost control of my life.


      Username: Shagrazir

      From: Boston, MA

      FIRST member: Yes

      Date Joined: 4/10/13

      Last Signed in: Usually signed in, check weekdays cuz work is boring sometimes.

      Rooster Teeth Content:  

      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Red vs. Blue: Season 1, Episode 1

      Last Podcast you watched: Somewhere in the 200s

      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: I have had the most interaction with @digigargoyle and he is a cool dude and a good friend who is there for people. I've always loved Geoff's attitude, and Burnie is very inspiring, but few things top Matt Hullum's annual tearful thank you to the Guardians at RTX.

      Did you watch a RT video today: Yes

      If yes Which one: rewatched RWBY S4E2 

      Favorite RT Series: Red vs. Blue

      Favorite RT video: Noted to Death, RT Shorts

      RT Site:  

      Current Number Of Notifications: 2 

      Name of first Journal: I'm Slow, Thanks for Noticing

      Name of you latest Journal: MineCraft Realm!

      Last Photo you uploaded: Current profile pic

      Last Thread you commented on: The Guardian chat for 2016

      First group in your group list: League of Legends

      Last Private message sent to: @Xcalante

      Achievement Hunter:  

      Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: 16,215

      Team Lads or Team Gents: Gents

      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Ryan, then Michael. Miss Ray...

      Minecraft Skin: Isaac Clarke

      Favorite AH show: Let's Play Minecraft

      The Community   

      Favorite Group: Player 4 Podcast

      Have you gone to a community event: RTX13, 14, 15, 16, RTNE meetup 2015

      Favorite Fellow Community member: My P4 Podcast co-hosts, and @jack

      Tagging: I don't usually like bothering people with this chainmail junk, but I like you guys and the community has felt so disjointed since the site update, so please forgive me. Also, if you've already been tagged and done it, don't worry.

      @Xcalante, @Myshu, @BillyRage, @Caszie, @Bobomcgraw

    • MineCraft Realm!

      2 years ago


      @JDunlap @kaosblack21 @WomanFriday @TsukiKiba and more have gotten together to make a Minecraft Realm! Here are some images of things we've been working on!

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      Congrats on being the featured user today!

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      Weren't you the one who had the hack to update your phone with the dev thing to Windows 8.1? If so then please link. Only one I can find requires a 20$ purchase to be an app dev.

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        they're in the process of releasing it now. It's in like final stages of testing, but you'd still have had to wait for your carrier to push it to you and MS knows those guys drag their feet.

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        There we go. finally updating my phone.

        Watch, Verizon releases 8.1 next week for the Icon.

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        So I just typed "Windows 8.1 preview for developers" into google and this was result #1.

        That seems to have everything you need. Links and all.

      • tonyski change is scary

        4 years ago

        yes plz

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        Yeah. There was a website Microsoft set up. It explained how to sign up as a dev, link that account on your phone and then get the Preview for Developers. Microsoft said they used the phrase "for Developers" to bypass the phone companies, but it was for whoever wanted 8.1 without waiting for their provider to push the update out. Let me try to find the link.

    • Caszie

      4 years ago

      Have a great day! smiley12.gif

      • Caszie

        4 years ago

        Always here for ya, babe. If you ever need some melodrama in your life, you know where to find me. :3 I hope things get better soon. I really do miss seeing you around the site.

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        I think I'm still seeking a muse. I go to work and make money. I go home and I chat with friends and play games with them.I'm just missing something and I haven't found it yet. I still get sad a lot so that's fun...
        But I want to say thank you for continuing to send me messages. They really brighten my day knowing someone is thinking of me. smiley12.gif

      • Caszie

        4 years ago

        I hope I made the right choice! It's going to be awfully awkward if I put in all this work and decide I hate children. ;3 I haven't seen you around the site in forever! I miss your face! I hope life is perking up a bit and all is well. smiley12.gif

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        work work.

        Thank you! I'm glad to hear that classes are going well, if keeping you busy. Sounds like you got just the right fit for choice of major.

    • Caszie

      4 years ago

      I hope you are doing well!!! smiley12.gif


      • Caszie

        4 years ago

        I get it completely, darlin'. You have every right to feel how you do. But don't let it get you down too much, alright? Life happens as it should. It was how it was meant to go from the very beginning. Feel what you need to feel, get happy again, and then go find the next amazing girl who will be your everything. smiley12.gif

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        I'm working on it. getting better all the time. But it really hits you hard when someone you've known and loved for five years suddenly changes completely, offers no explanation, and walks right out of your life. It sets you reeling a bit. It took three months for it to even sink in and actually hit me.

      • Caszie

        4 years ago

        I understand. I can't wait for happy you to com back though! I miss you! smiley12.gif You could always talk about fish if you need something interesting to talk about. Or we could be melodramatic! We could be SO melodramatic!

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        I've been lurking, but I just haven't been able to put any thoughts down on here. Figure I'll do my moping in private and post things here when I actually have something interesting to say.

      • Caszie

        4 years ago

        I noticed you haven't been very active on the site lately..... I'm here if ya need me, okay? You are an amazing human being. I absolutely adore your soul. I hope life gets kinder to you soon. smiley12.gif

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        Hello there! I'm OK. Lost in my thoughts and trying to get work done at the same time, but otherwise surviving. Slowly recovering from the loss I've previously talked about.


    • Caszie

      4 years ago

      You are wonderful. :3 smiley12.gif

      • Caszie

        4 years ago

        You are the best! smiley0.gif

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        I just try to be a good friend.

    • Concupis The Healer

      4 years ago

      Hey have you uploaded your photos yet?????!!!!???!??!?!??!??!???!

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        Still gotta get the ones off my phone, but otherwise did it!

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        Doing it!

    • JDunlap The Dude

      4 years ago


      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        I started a few days ago. I have a good idea what it will look like. only limit now is skill.

      • JDunlap The Dude

        4 years ago

        Might start working on this today.

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        Oh goodness! Ok, I'll do my best!

    • Zack FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Zatch

      4 years ago

      It's February so I'm writing a nice note to all my RT friends. Really glad I got to chill with you at RTX last year! So fun! I thought it was hilarious how I put the room number in the meet and greet thread and you and Concupis just showed up. Hope to see you at the next one!

      • Zack FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Zatch

        4 years ago


      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        They raised the price of admission and they're not doing hotel discounts? Man, that sucks.

      • Zack FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Zatch

        4 years ago

        They said no hotel discounts for RTX this year. I might stay at a condo this year, so no hotel. But it could change. Still I'll see you!

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        You absolutely will! I'm really glad you did, we had a great time with you guys! Thanks for taking in a couple of noobies and making us feel welcome :)
        We'll likely be staying at Hyatt Place again, assuming we get RTX discounts again.

        Post edited 2/12/14 9:06AM

    • BluClw

      5 years ago

      Sorry man. Just turned on that laptop and its not detecting the hard drive. Not sure why yet. At this point I can just tell it isn't spinning. Considering its on a 386 16mhz with a whopping 4 mb of ram, my guess is that the motor turned to dust long ago and I've just been wasting my time carrying a paperweight around. But I'll take it to work where I have tools.

    • Shinny

      5 years ago

      Hey dude thx for the add!
      I don't know you and you don't know me, but that's about to change
      I'm Mr.Shinny Godfather of the confetti mobsters

      • Shagrazir

        5 years ago


        you're quite welcome.

      • Shinny

        5 years ago

        Thank you,tumblr_lo8csfS55d1qdzwfwo1_500.gif

      • Shagrazir

        5 years ago

        Pleasure to meet you Mr. Shinny! I don't have an awesome title, but we can pretend I do. I admire your work with Confetti, you're quite spectacular at welcoming all the new members :)

  • Questions answered by Shagrazir


    | Asked by: mysticc118 8 months ago


    Since graduating, most of work has been with relatively static systems - how to mount tech to moving products is still a statics question. But I don't see why I couldn't take a look at a machine design question and give some input. I just haven't actually designed one, start to finish, since college.