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    • Finally Winter has loosened it's grasp!

      1 year ago


      I finally feel like it is the end of Winter... today I was able to wear a t-shirt indoors without getting cold (I live in an old building in a country with really, really terrible building regulations... so sue me).

      I am happier than I have been for a while even though it is now the onset of the Terror that is Hayfever season *sigh* - maybe Summer will be better? Dunno if we'll be having one of those before the weather heads back downhill though *sigh*

    • On Capitalism... alleged.

      1 year ago


      God I hate this fucking country... today I found two local council (government) workers / contractors trying to crowbar open the bottom door to the apartment building because they couldn't get through (with no intention to fix the door they busted)... apparently in this shithole country even the government doesn't give a fuck about damaging private property any more... (though I'm sure they'd have called the police had someone tried to jimmy open their buildings doors - fucktards).

      If there is one thing that a capitalist society can not afford, it is a lack of respect for private property, particularly by government; as soon as you lose that capitalism just falls apart... so if you need any more proof that the UK is becoming a dictatorial police state then there it is - now it's just a competition with the USA as to who will arrive at an acknowledged one first (obviously the UK since the USA has much better publicists and brainwashers in schools and society in general).

    • Discrimination and evidence...

      1 year ago


      Spent my lunch being discriminated against and verbally assaulted by the bully managing a restaurant in the Cafe Rouge chain... my suggestion is not to ever use this chain as they are not LGBTQ+ friendly in any way (this is not the first problem that has occurred at this chain - different restaurants - in my circle of acquaintances) and to generally avoid eating at these restaurants until they deal with their culture of intolerance and learn the meaning of "quality customer service" - that we were baited into an orchestrated setup that pulled my parents, wife and baby daughter into it was well beyond reprehensible and well into criminal.

      The problem is that the witnesses to even half of the setup and execution are subordinates to the bully in charge and would risk their jobs that they likely badly need (this is waiting after all) if they said anything against the bully in charge... and the other evidence would never be usable, let along convict, the bully in charge; but when thousand to one "chances" happen without fail and constantly during a customer experience there can be no real doubt that it is a setup when the person in charge is so self-satisfied at an altercation. I can't believe any manager who cares about his customers' experiences (even if only the other customers witnessing the confrontation) can be happy about this, especially to the extent that he doesn't bother to immediately start apologising to the other customers but instead proudly, arms folded and standing astride looks on at his customer leaving with a look of satisfaction and glee.

      Discrimination is nasty - even for those many other caught up in the crossfire who had nothing to do with it... it is also alive and well and clearly a growing epidemic from the reports of late in the UK, US, Germany and France (those being the places I read the news about, YMMV. Fight it or you too will end up as collateral damage or even (I'd hope not) a target...

      First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out--

      because I was not a communist;

      Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--

      because I was not a socialist;

      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out--

      because I was not a trade unionist;

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--

      because I was not a Jew;

      Then they came for me--

      and there was no one left to speak out for me.

      Pastor Martin Niemöller

      ( http://www.history.ucsb.edu/faculty/marcuse/niem.htm )

    • What, when it all comes down to it, is the point?

      2 years ago


      The only meaningful answer is that that is for you to decide...

      And it's not something that you can not answer and so avoid... so even the question isn't the ultimate question... the ultimate question is: will you answer the question?

      If you choose not to then you will be carried along anyway, if you do then it is by you choice (or free will if you like).

      I choose to answer. I choose me. I am the point and all the point there ever needs to be. I choose to follow paths, not reach goals. I choose the way less trodden. I choose to be who I feel I am and if that changes every day then so be it. I choose to enjoy myself. I choose love expecting nothing in return. I choose to dance, even if it's sometimes only in my own heart. I choose elegance in all its forms and designs. I choose to be all that I choose to be. I choose life.

    • Back to normal... for a few months.

      2 years ago


      Looks like the Avengers filming has finished for the time being... *yay* life is slowly getting back to normal in the centre of the city :)

    • Avengers filming? (possible VERY SPOILERS, possible none at all)

      2 years ago


      So today I noticed that two of the generators they are using on what are apparently the Avengers location shoots in Edinburgh have interesting names... one is named Sarah Connor and the other I noticed is named Jason Bourne... what significance these have for diesel generators (I think; that's certainly what they look like) I don't know but it definitely amused me :)

      I've also been wondering how prominently Edinburgh will feature since a little while back they seemed to have filmed overnight on the (mostly glass) roof of Waverley Station with a section of the roof falling in (faked - the wreckage (metal struts and glass) on the ground looked like it came from the roof but the roof was undamaged... last week they also seemed to have lit up the side of the hotel next door as well as more of the roof so maybe more shots for the same section of the film?

      Interesting to see these things but overall very annoying as the cranes and the rest of it have caused a lot of road blockages in the centre of town for the last month or two - didn't help we had at least two other films doing location shoots over the same period - one appeared to be a period drama and the other a more modern drama (might also have been Avengers but unlikely unless their British characters are very extreme stereotypes of there is a time travel element).

    • [Bug Report] Error 521 - https://achievementhunter.com/login

      in Forums > [Bug Report] Error 521 - https://achievementhunter.com/login | Follow this topic


      Hello :)

      Logging in to achievementhunter.com starting throwing this error - I don't know if this is a recent problem or not as Firefox seems to have potentially pushing me to the http site when the https site didn't work? (I recently updated and a number of https sites stopped working as cleanly - I don't know why yet but it looks like various problems on their end though; out-of-date certificates etc. so far).

      Full error page:

      Error 521 Ray ID: 345287433a440ce9 • 2017-03-25 14:23:31 UTC

      Web server is down










      What happened?

      The web server is not returning a connection. As a result, the web page is not displaying.

      What can I do?

      If you are a visitor of this website:

      Please try again in a few minutes.

      If you are the owner of this website:

      Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not responding. Additional troubleshooting information.

      Cloudflare Ray ID: 345287433a440ce9 • Your IP: • Performance & security by Cloudflare

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    • A perfect eleven...

      2 years ago


      I feel like my run continued with my correct answer for the ELR tiebreaker coming in very late... blame a combination of time zones and a small baby! Such is life but then again it was good to get them all right! :D

    • RiverRunning; the wall of text guy...

      2 years ago


      ... I feel like this is too often me - and, yes, I realise this is post is ironic.

    • Shoutout to all the RWBY Cosplayers at Reicon (Winter) 2016

      in Forums > Shoutout to all the RWBY Cosplayers at Reicon (Winter) 2016 | Follow this topic


      I just wanted to say that all the RWBY cosplayers at Reicon (Winter) 2016 this weekend were great; we had (I think); three  ruby, two  blake, Two  yang, Two  nora, a  ren, a  jaune, a Sun, a Roman and a Cinder (apologies if I missed anyone and also for not knowing all your names :(

      Particular shout out to the guy dressed as Yang - you were magnificent  yang - and the Ruby with the folding scythe - amazing!  ruby - and especially to the Nora whose personality matched Nora's beautifully - soooo hyper!!! nora

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