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    • Entry #98, 2017/04/24: Round Two... surprised again!

      1 year ago


      Yay, another Featured User Day!  Once again, I was caught by surprise.  I pulled up the site, then thought "Let's see who's today's FU before I log in. *scrolls down with the merest glance*  Oh, its me- wait, WHAT!?"  I'm still glad to be a member of this community.  Talking with people that I never would've had the chance to meet before, listening to the tales of good friends (Glad you've got a new daughter, @monopoly_j!  Keep her nerdy!)

      So, what's new any of you?

    • OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #35, 2016/4/16: Culinary Aspects, Some Thoughts on Food

      1 year ago


      Owing the fact that there’s so much in the culinary world to discuss, I’ve decided to have a certain focus on some thoughts of food.

      Knowing that food is vital for most organisms to live, and that food takes many forms, its interesting to think about for fiction. Now, what sort food do you want your people to have as their norm and for special occasions? It depends on the culture, geography, geology, weather and climate, what types of animals, grains, plants and other food sources are available to your writing’s culture to use. Do bear in mind that not all types of foods are found in the same places- there are many common foods but there are some that are only found in certain areas. One must also consider the availability of food over the course of the year, cultural aspects of food, means of acquisition, storage and transport, cost, rules and regulations (if any), etc.

      Now, knowing the sources and influences, one can figure out what one wants to have as typical foods for one’s writings, as well as the foods used more sparingly/for special occasions. You must know that in some cases, some foods are forbidden for religious, known health or other reasons, and make sure that for any foods of these types that exist in your writings, make sure that there is logic for this. But in many cases, one must know how much culture, geography and weather can influence food and what makes it unique for the writing involved. Of course, this can lead to some very interesting foods.

      Within the context of your fiction, create foods that are interesting. Yes, there must be “bland”, “typical” or “boring” foods within your writings, to offer contrast to other, more unique and savory foods that would exist in the contrast to the bland ones. Even subtle differences can make the differences between a normal fare and a great one. Don’t be afraid to explore and explain the details. Look around at earth cultures to see some of the unique foods that exist to serve as inspiration- and creating more unique, fictional foods based on the content of your own writings content can be a very good thing.

      For next month, I’m going to have to think about the topic.

    • Entry #97, 2017/04/01: Another RT Birthday...

      1 year ago


      Yep, RT might be turning 14, with RvB Season 15 upon us, the greatest thing about RT is its community.  To my fellow community members, I say Huzzah to you, and hope to continue to see you guys around here for another good year.

    • OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #34, 2016/03/15: The Shrike

      1 year ago


      Ok, guys, this month we’re going to be talking about an important entity from Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos series, the Shrike.

      So what is the Shrike? Its a being that is typically seen on the world of Hyperion (though it has been seen on other worlds), and drives its name from the Earth bird species of the same name. It’s a three meter (10 foot) tall humaniod-like being, with four arms and a body made of a chrome-steel like metal with many thorns and spikes, razor-sharp bladed fingers on its four arms, multi-faceted red eyes and sharp pointy teeth. Its origin and purpose are unknown, but its suggested its made in the far future, and is a pivotal role in the relations between humans and TechnoCore, a gathering of Artificial Intelligences that had been originally made by man, and has since separated itself from mankind, but remains in contact in some ways.

      I’d like to present a few artistic images that help represent my mind’s view of the Shrike- bear in mind that aspects of these depictions are how I see the Shrike.  All three of the images from DeviantArt, and I will include links to the original pages at the end of the journal.




      My personal mind’s eye sees the Shrike much like the first image, but with the arms, fingers, some spines and the teeth of the second, and the eyes, “crown” of spikes, some of the other thorns and a lesser extent the fingers of the third image.

      Now, you might be curious why I find the Shrike so appealing. There some aspects of the Shrike I have to explain. Firstly, the appearance of the Shrike and what it does. Much like its avian namesake, it impales its victims on thorns- in this case, on a Tree of Pain, which is a vast, artificial tree, where people agonize for eternity, imapled on three meter thorns. The Shrike, as you can see in the imagary above, has many thorns and spines on its body, which when combined with its read eyes and four arms, create the image of a terrifying hunter, made all the more potent by the fact that it can travel through space-time via Plack-space, known in the novels as The Void Which Binds. But as fearful as it appears, the Shrike does create a sense of awe and wonder,

      Another aspect of appeal is that the Shrike is is its mysterious nature. The Shrike is apart of an interaction between humans, TechnoCore, and a group of beings who live in The Void Which Binds called, as by the AI Ummon, the Lions, Tiger and Bears. Its not known who “controls” the Shrike, but it plays an important part in the battle between the Human Ultimate Intelligence and TechnoCore’s Ultimate Intelligence. Its able use The Void to appear in multiple locations simultaneously, and attack a victim or target before it can even hope to react. So what the Shrike fights for, and for whom, remain unknown. Aenea, one of the protagonists of the later half of the Cantos, seems to have a “limited control” of the Shrike, or more likely, because she has been through time and had experiences with the Shrike, it is being sent to protect her, so that she can ultimately overthrow the Pax


      Of course, the there is a religion formed around the for the first two novels of the Cantos, called the Church of the Final Atonement, or the Shrike Church. It foresaw the Shrike as the one to punish mankind for its ills and sins, and that a person- later known as Aenea- would be able to later be able to redeem humanity, as much as the Shrike seeks the payment for sins. Thus, when the Time Tombs- a grouping of structures where time-space behaves rather strangely, and often unpredictably- began to open in the beginning of Hyperion and the Shrike was on the move again, the Shrike Church aimed to pay its tribute and thus, the story of the Cantos’ main events began, with seven pilgrims (each having encountered the Shrike in some way) being sent to the Time Tombs to make a request of the Shrike.  Of course... things happened.

      As for next month, we’ll discuss a few things on culinary.


      The Shrike By FilipeHattori

      The Lord and The Colonel By Abiogenisis

      The Shrike By Pengono

    • Entry #96, 2017/03/06: It's quite cool, really....

      1 year ago


      This is a shout out to both @TheDarkLight and @McDom in this journal.  These two fellow members of the Good Guy Gamers (not to mention friends here on RT) are back-to-back Featured Users!  It's nice to see someone I interact with here on the site and/or related media (ie, the GGG), but this just seems to break records.  It's nice to see folks like these fellow gamers and friends highlighted.  Its an honor and a privilege to know you guys, and I hope we can continue to have fun together!

      Welcome to the Featured User Club, guys.  Our clubhouse?  As I told @IndiaRT28 and @Myshu some months ago, the closest thing to a Clubhouse is the GGG, but also the RT community as well.

    • Entry #95, 2017/02/23: World 1.10 Second Image Show

      1 year ago


      It's been awhile since I last posted something about my 1.10 Minecraft World- well, here's n update.  Been having to balance real life, other games, social media and being with gaming friends.  I've put a few updates in 1.10 Minecraft Album, but I'll hit a few highlights here.


      So this is my storage building- I'm going for a multi-level mall sort of feel, with a Japanese/Chinese style roof and at least one- if not several- sky-lights.  Part of me wants to install a throne area as well, as that I will be "king" of this land.  There's also goign to be prisons in the corners, and there's a access from one corner (directly ahead in this image) from the mineshaft, as well as a manual input from the same corner for any supplies I might be carrying.  You can see my house in the background as well.


      This is my mineshaft at present- as you can see, I've been doing a lot of mining; the end is in sight, but you have to look hard.  Its taken a lot of resources to be able build the smelter, my house, the storage building, the zombie farm and have resources to build other things.  This is where I spend a lot of my time, and so other builds do help get me get out of the mine. 


      This is entrance to the Mark 5.3 "Challenger" Industrial Smelter.  Its departed from the original prototype I wanted to build, with some improvements, ergo the .3 designation.  It's been expanded in length with another full block of furnaces (5.1), features redstone control for on/off functionality from a control room (5.2) and added both coal lump and coal block input (5.3).  It's called the "Challenger" because it has been both a challenge to build, and in honor of the Union Pacific 3900 "Challenger" class steam locomotive.


      My Edgar.  In my house- nuff said.

      I'll post further personal Minecraft world updates as I can, guys.

    • OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #33, 2016/02/17: Stand-alone Novels

      1 year ago


      Stand-alone novels can be a good thing.  I'll discuss two novels in a short nature, and I want I feel is significant about it.

      The first novel I'm going to discuss is Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.  In this novel, the Lunar citizens revolt over the Terran overlords, and establish their own independent nation.  One of the biggest characters is Professor Bernardo de la Paz, who calls himself, politically, "a rational anarchist."  This line by the Professor created a spark of interest, because of the oxymoronic nature of his views.  Of course, the Professor does lead a significant role in this novel, being a leader who takes his position seriously, in order to preserve the moon for future habitation of its denizens.  Another aspect of this novel is the computer Mike, officially a HOLMES IV computer.  Mike's a bit of a trickster and jokster, but proves to be vital to Lunar resistance, providing information and a "leadership" position.  This of course helps secure Luna's freedom, though Mike does not survive (in terms of his human like features) the war between Luna and Earth.

      Another novel to discuss is Daybreak, 2250 AD.  Set three hundred years in the future after its original publishing date, it depicts humanity enduring an Earth that has gone through an atomic war, and focuses on Fors, a mutant human.  Though I haven't read it years, the biggest image of this novel I still remember Fors encountering a row of rusting tanks, their turrets pointed toward the sky.  The sense of conventional verse atomic was striking, even with knowledge of what has happened since this novel was written.  The sense of being powerless over weapons beyond imagination was very powerful- even today, there is the potential for the use of atomic and radioactive material to hurt people.

      For next month, I'll be talking about a particular entity from the Hyperion Cantos series, the Shrike.

    • Entry #94, 2017/02/01: I Still Remember this Day.

      1 year ago


      Have you seen this?

      Or maybe this?

      So (hopefully) you remember that today is the second anniversary of Monty Oum's passing.  Despite some of the.... conflict over some of Monty's work (most notably in S9 and S10 of RvB)... today is the best day to celebrate the fuits of his life.  HE..... LIVES.... ON.... by those who watch RWBY and RvB- even the parts that weren't worked on by him.  I know some of my friends here- @v_Thunderwolf_v, @DistractedGamer and @Edain are waiting for RWBY Volume Four to wrap up in order to watch the whole Volume at once, and I hope they find that it still contains a lot of Monty's vision and work (Don't worry, no spoilers, guys!).

      So what's your favorite memory of Monty's work?  Mine is of the Tex vs the Reds fight in RvB S8.

    • OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #32, 2016/01/16: Series Themes

      1 year ago


      So, for this month, I’m going to discuss some themes in a few book series I read what I find important. I will be referencing some aspects of my previous Writers and Influences post as part of this entry, because of the relevance to this post. I’m going to focus, briefly, on two items.

      The first aspect I’m referencing comes from David Weber and Naomi Novik- responsibility. Weber’s basic philosophy for responsibility is this: The good guys take responsibility, and the bad guys don’t. For Novik, it is being responsible for one’s country and close comrades over the needs of those who think they know better, or are in positions of power. Now for these two writers, I really like their portrayal of responsibility, because of how they portray responsibility as a means of plot advancement. While the sense of responsibility is varied, it is a goal for both writers to have their characters recognize whats going on around them, and that they should bear in mind that dangerous things and that they can even prevent these things from happening, even at the cost of their livelihoods. As much as it often does cost the protagonists their livelihoods, they are able to return to those livelihoods in some capacity, often being marked in some way for it, both personally and professionally.

      For my second point, which is in a number of book series I’ve read, is relationships. A notable set of examples would be The Blending by Sharon Green, and The Gandalara Cycle, by Randall Garrett and Vicki Heydron. In The Bleding, the six protagonists- Rion, Naran, Lorand, Tamrissa, Jovvi and Vallant- have a close relationship, collectively as a group, and as three pairs. Its in part because of their relationships the group is able to pull off their victory over their opponents. In the Gandalara Cycle, Rikadorn and Tarani, the protagonists, have a rough start to their relationship, but it grows and changes to an improved one, becoming intimate. In this area, the relationships are often close, and often beset with challenges- both from within the relationship, and from beyond it. However, these challenges lead to stronger characters able to handle the increasing strength of challenges before them. These relationships also tend to be intimate in a number of ways, which is both a source of strength and contention. But, for the trouble of the relationship, the characters are often better.

      For next month’s topic, I’m going to think about it, but I might be inclined to discuss a few stand-alone books I’ve read.

    • Entry #93, 2017/01/01: New Years and stuff

      1 year ago


      Well, 2016 has wrapped- yet another year of drama.  I'm not really goign to review the previous year like I did the start of 2016, but I'm going to put down some goals (I feel that "resolutions" isn't the right word I'm looking for) for this year.

      1. Work on getting to bed more regularly. There are times where I'm not getting to bed in a more timely fashion, or not getting enough sleep- need to fix that.

      2. Work on getting caught up on Rt/AH content.  I'm way behind on the RT podcast on somewhat on the AH Minecraft series, but I'm already working on getting caught up on the podcast.

      3. More writing!  I did do some bits and pieces of writing last year, in terms of my own projects, but not as much as I should have- work and other distractions got in the way a lot.

      4. Continue to work on being a RT community member, especially with the GGG.  The GGG is the biggest part of my RT (and wider social media) internet personnel network.  I recently bought GTA V so I hope to be on some of those LPs the group hosts.  But also being with the RT community is a big thing, which I hope to work further on.

      Those are the things I want to get done this year.  I'm also waiting on the deliver for my recent purchase of my Eve2Eve sale items the RT store had- you'll see what I got soon enough.

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