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    • Entry #104, 2017/09/11: A Multi-faceted Journal.

      1 year ago


      Firstly, today's the 16th anniversary of 9/11.  Part of what makes me think of this date is what might have happened if more people had lived.  I prayed for the victims, survivors and their relatives today, hoping they have peace.

      Secondly, I'm to embark on a journey to see U2 in concert, in Kansas City.  I'm going with folks I know to see the concert, and should be back home sometime early Wednesday morning.

      Thirdly, and not least importantly, this Saturday, at 3 pm US Central time (4pm Eastern, 1 pm Western time), I'm going to hosting a Minecraft Let's Play with my friends at the Good Guy Gamers.  Get in touch with either me or group admin @BeepBep to be able to get onto our VoIP TeamSpeak channel and our Minecraft server.

    • Entry #103, 2017/08/21: Were you Solar Eclipsed? I was.

      1 year ago


      I made the journey to experience the solar eclipse that occurred today; I got home not too long ago after a great journey.  Me, my roommates and a group of folks (some of whom we knew personally, others we didn't) who wanted to go see the eclipse traveled to the central Midwest to catch the path of totality.  

      As the eclipse started to occur, people were paying close attention, and there was a lot of conversation about the event itself.  When the totality came, there was a lot of excitement, and people were thrilled- a lot of the people present talked about how awesome it was.  After totality and the end of the eclipse, we packed up and headed home- it was worth the time and trouble to do so for this event.

    • Writing Thoughts #39, 2017/08/17: Memoirs

      1 year ago


      So what is a memoir?  A memoir is much like an autobiography, but is often aimed more toward a more specific series/timeline of events in a the life of the subject, often the writer, rather than the whole life of the subject.

      What inspired this entry was that years ago, I saw the film October Sky, based on the Memoir Rocket Boys, by Homer Hickam Jr.  My mother had gotten the film, and I watched it several times.  Then a few years ago, after seeing the VHS tape laying around my parents' house, I got memoir itself, and watched the film as a comparison after rereading the memoir.  Hickam did take some liberties in writing his memoir, as well as there being the same in the film; as much as I might not like that thought, if it helps the story, its not necessarily wrong.

       Now, what might prompt the writing of a memoir?  Basically, to help recount one's personal experiences and histories.  It would be a way for a person to tell the family lore in a way to help preserve the family story.  It could also be a way to publish material that might be ultimately bound into an autobiography in the future.  Knowing what needs to be told should be a key point of any memoir, and having the audience relate to it.

      Gotta decide what next month's topic is

    • Entry #102, 2017/08/02: Le Gasp!

      1 year ago


      Yesterday, my U2 Live Concert ticket arrived in the mail.  I was so excited when I got it that I spent about five minutes being enthralled about having it in my hands.

      Now time to keep stowed away, in a safe place, till the concert next month!

    • Entry #101, 2017/07/27: Going to a Concert

      1 year ago


      I'm gonna be going to a U2 live concert in September.  I made the arrangements for my tickets a few days ago.  This is the first really popular band concert I'll be going to.  I've been to concerts and public music performances, but not of this scale, and that it was time to do so.  Thus, this event is going to be a real life achievement for me, and I'm glad to be doing it.

      I'm already making plans for the trip- already requested time off work, and I'm making the other needed arrangements for this event.

    • OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #38, 2017/07/16: Alternate History

      1 year ago


      Alternate History is a an interesting novel genre.  Basically, this genre explores the potentials of what might have happened if a particular event had gone in a different direction- the great "What ifs" of history.

      So what would cause an event to be a "what if"?  In a simple answer, and event we know of in our history goes differently.  Because this particular X event goes differently- creating a point of divergence leading to a different timeline (even more than one separate timeline)- the history known in that timeline can be very minor to oven greatly varied from what we know in our history.  It can be a very minor event that leads to a big change in history- a big change in history can lead to even bigger changes.

      What inspired this journal entry is the Southern Victory Series (or Timeline-191) by Harry Turtledove.  This series' point of divergence is centered around Robert E. Lee's Special Order 191, known in our history as "The Lost Dispatch"/"The Lost Order."  In our history, SO191 is recovered by Union forces after its lost by Confederate forces, thus leading to the Battles of South Mountain and Antietam.  In the TL-191 universe, Confederate scouts taking the orders to the needed forces lose the orders, but other scouts recover them, thus preventing the capture of SO191 by Union forces.

      The result is that the CSA is recognized as a nation by France and Great Britain, and ultimately gains independence from the USA.  The Civil War is officially known as "The War of Secession" in the TL-191 universe, and this starts a series of different events compared to what we know.  As I have continued to read the series, there are a number events that are same or similar, and based on what I've read, I expect to find more similar events in the series.

      So, what about writing in the Alternate History genre?  As I have said in prior entries, you must know your history, locations and people.  In the Alternate History genre, you really must know your history (and the material associated with it) if you are going to create a point of divergence to an alternate timeline.  The people, the events- especially the causalities and results pertaining to the events, the various nations and any related alliances, cultures, etc.  The writer must be aware of the general situation of the event to be changed.  But also having the courage and willingness to have the imagination to see that one little thing that would set up an alternate history from what we know is also important.  So take a chance as well.

      For next month, we'll talk about memoirs.

    • OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #37, 2017/06/16: Three Years

      1 year ago


      Its been three years since I started this journal series- its come quite a ways.  Here's the entries we've covered since last year's anniversary journal:




      Writers and Influences

      Environmental Degradation

      Writing a Book Series

      Series Themes

      Stand Alone Novels

      The Shrike

      Culinary Aspects, Thoughts on Food


      So where are we going to go in the next year?  I've got no idea- each month tends to be random.  But hopefully, there'll be some very good things.

      For next month's entry (since I'm reading a novel of this genre), we're going to dive into the genre of alternate history.

    • Entry #100, 2017/05/25: Four Years.

      1 year ago


      Yes, four years ago I signed up here on RT.  Yes, I know the new version of the site says I joined the 26th, but it was late on the 25th (for me) that I joined up.

      When I was preparing to join up, I'd been debating several user names which I could use but was having some trouble figuring out which one to choose, so I took a walk, to help figure things out for my alias.  As I was walking down one street, I was passing a line of osage orange trees that were used to help mark a property line.  I hadn't really been considering the name of osage orange, but it popped into my head that "osage orange" would be a good as an interesting alias, and decided it was a name worth using.

      So I came home, and signed up.  In the past year, I've gone to my first con, and continue to have fun with the GGG.  Hope some good things happen in the next year.

    • OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #36, 2015/05/15: Patriotism

      1 year ago


      So I found myself wandering through my web browser's bookmarks, trying to get some sort of inspiration for this month's entry, I found a bookmark on a British patriotic anthem, "Rule, Britainnia!" and that gave me the though for an entry on patriotism.

      Now what is patriotism? Basically, patriotism is a love and strong affinity for one's homeland, or the associated aspects of one's homeland.  There are many factors into patriotism, and many points of view- its best to try and do some research where possible to find out more about what kind of patriotism you, as I found out by even doing some looking for a few things to discuss.  Even I would have to look this material up in order to provide for a more realistic and relatable story to write about it.  Of course, some personal experience also helps as well.

      So, regardless of the level or the type of patriotism you want to write about in your novel or other writing, you need to remember the context for it within the story.  One such story could have a revolutionary working toward a revolution in a downtrodden society that an ruthless monarchy lords over.  There could be a war of one country invading one of its neighbors in a bid for resources, and the country being invaded could have people saying "Help defeat the invading barbarians cause they're mongrels who abuse those of our faith!"  If you feel the need to patriotism in a different way, make sure you have a plan and reasoning for such, even its not really explained as thoroughly in the novel.

      Do bear in mind that as with most any subject, that patriotism can be a double-edged sword, and can turn readers off.  It can be even one little thing that makes people not finish the novel.  If you go through a more traditional publisher, they may not like what you're depicting, and may even reject your novel outright, if they don't work with you on it so that they can accept it.  There are undoubtedly some risks in depicting.

      So, all this being said, try to have some fun with patriotism.  For next month, we'll discuss the third year of this journal series.

    • Entry #99, 2017/05/13: Time for another Spring Farm Tour

      1 year ago


      So, I had yet another spring farm tour today, as a mother's day gift for my mom.  For whatever reasons with the site, I'm having trouble uploading images to the site from my camera (I tried from multiple browsers, I might add), so I'm not gonna be trying to do so.  I'm not going to cover all the stops that I went to, mostly because of how tired I am.

      One of the first stops we stopped at was a place specializing in sheep and bees.  We were advised to keep clear of the fence line at the pen, because of it being an electric fence- I instantly recalled the RTAA episode "Brandon and the Electric Fence." We looked around at the other parts of the ranch, then went onto the next stop, a bison ranch.  We found some interesting displays in the barn, but the bison weren't near the barn, but farther afield when we arrived.  The rancher tried to have the bison head back to the barn while meat was being gotten, and as my mom and I were about to leave, I saw the herd away in the field and I pointed them out, getting several pics.

      We made several more stops, then for the second to last stop, was the alpaca ranch we stopped at last fall.  We were able to get in a little closer to the chickens, donkeys and alpacas this time around.  A number of the chickens were resting under one of the maclura pomifera trees (the tree from which I derive my alias) on site.  Most of the alpacas were either resting or grazing under tree shade.  We then got a few things from the shop, and went to the last stop, a produce farm, where we got some strawberries, and then went on home.

      So that's the bulk of it- it was a good day.

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