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    • Entry #110, 2017/11/18-19: GGG Extralife

      8 months ago


      GGG Extralife is Live!



      Update: The stream is over and we beat out our $1000 goal by raising over $2000!  You guys are awesome!

    • Entry #109, 2017/11/16: GGG Extra Life is nigh!

      9 months ago


      Attention, fellow Gamers! Please come join me and my friends at the Rooster Teeth Community group The Good Guy Gamers as we live stream to raise money for Extra Life! We’ll be streaming from 8 am (US East Coast time) Saturday, November 18 2017, to 8 am (US East Coast time) Sunday, November 19 2017. We’ll be playing a range of games over this 24 hour period, and we aim to raise $1000 for the San Jorge Children’s Foundation.

      Here's the Group's RT Profile: http://roosterteeth.com/group/the-good-guy-gamers

      Here’s our Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/officialgoodguygamers

      Here's our Extra-life page: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=248232#

      Please use all available social media to help spread the word!

    • Entry #108, 2017/10/28: It's that Extralife time of the year.

      9 months ago


      Yes, it's Extralife season.  I'll be joining my friends over at The Good Guy Gamers (Group Link!) on the weekend of Saturday November 18th to Sunday November 19th of our 24 hour Extralife live stream.  There will be plenty of things to see in this stream!  We'll start at 8 am US Eastern time on Saturday the 18th, and finish up at 8 am US Eastern time on Sunday the 19th.

      Here are some important links:

      GGG Facebook Extralife: Here!

      GGG Twitch: Here!

      I'll be there of course, and both the group and I would appreciate it if you spread the word.  We want to meet our goals this year!  We want you there!

    • (Belated) OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #41, 2017/10/20: Safes, safety deposit boxes and lockboxes.

      9 months ago


      *Realizes the date* Oh, darn it, I forgot to do something on Sunday!  And this is it!

      So, uh... safes, safety deposit boxes and lock boxes.  Basically, if you anything about them, these designed to keep valuables stowed in a place to where they can be kept from being robbed in the home or elsewhere (safe), while a bank safety deposit vault does this away from the home or business for the important documents/valuables (safety deposit box) or of the processing of financial accounts by a bank (lock box).

      Now how could any one (or all three) of these safety measures be of use to you in writing.  The biggest thought to my mind would be as a plot device.  An excellent example would be the safe in James Cameron's 1997 film Titanic.  Hockey's safe proved to be an important plot device for the film, especially in the beginning, but had a few features in the later portions as well.

      So the plot device would be a good choice for use of one of these three items.  Figuring out how to have it function within the writing will depend on what kind of story you want to have.  The presence of a safe/safety deposit box/lock box with have its own effect on the story, which will have to be considered on how the plot unfolds, how characters act/speak, etc.  As I've said before, planning and experience can be big help in this area.

      For next month, let's cover jury duty

    • Entry #107, 2017/10/09: Times do change....

      10 months ago


      So, if you're in the know, something important happens tomorrow.  If you don't, I'll tell you a little prelude to tomorrow.

      I've recently gotten hired to work at a bank in my region.  I have felt that my job at the grocery store had reached a place where I couldn't grow anymore, professionally or personally.  There was the need to move on, and banking seemed like a good option.  So, in the middle of last month, I had the interview, and got the call for the offer later in the day.  I have officially left the store I worked at, with this last week being my last there.

      So, tomorrow, I start work at the bank- training, first of course, and then working at the branch with my new coworkers.  Remember, treat your bank tellers and bankers nicely!

    • Entry #106, 2017/09/16: Let's Play!

      11 months ago


      So today I'm hosting another Minecraft LP with my buds over at The Good Guy Gamers.  Its been awhile since I've hosted one  Here's the Info:

      What: A MC LP Hosted by me, OsageOrange

      Where: The Good Guy Gamers PC Minecraft Server and TeamSpeak Server

      When: 3 pm US Central Daylight Time (4 pm Eastern, 1 pm Pacific)

      Who: Everyone who can show up!

      Why: To have fun, that's why!

      If you wanna join up, just send me a PM here on the site before the LP starts at 4 pm Eastern time, so you can get whitelisted.

    • OsageOrange's Writing Thoughts #40, 2017/09/15: Concerts

      11 months ago


      So, with the recent concert I went to, I figured I'd write a bit on one's characters going to a music concert.

      First of all, the type of concert your character(s) would go to would depend on many factors.  It would include the time period they live, the technology levels, the genre(s), the tastes of the character(s), the band(s) to preform, the venue itself (including its design, capacity, staging, amenities, its location, etc), what you want the characters to go through, the logic for going to the concert, amongst many factors.

      In terms of presenting a concert, again, personal experience is a big help.  One should also be aware of how you want the concert to proceed, as well the experiences you want your characters to take away from the event.  Most often, its for a good time.  But one thing to include would be to have a character interact with a performer at the concert.  Though I didn't have this experience, getting to meet a band member of a popular band would be an awesome experience for any person.

      So, in writing a concert-event for a story, write something interesting, or unique.  Make it something for your characters to remember, and to have the readers be touched by in some fashion- it doesn't have to be super over and beyond amazing.  Making an event worth a character's time is good story-telling.

      So next month, I'm inclined to discuss safes and lock-boxes.

    • Entry #105, 2017/09/13: U2's Joshua Tree Tour in Kansas City.

      11 months ago


      So, yesterday, I was in Kansas City to see U2 live as apart of their 2017 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour.  This was actually my first concert I've been too of a well known band like U2.  My roommates, a friend of theirs and I stayed at friend of mine who was also going to the concert, and allowed us to bunk at his place Monday into yesterday.

      Then my friend took us visitors to Westport and the Country Club Plaza (sorry, no pics).  We toured some stores (including a place I enjoyed, Barnes and Noble) before returning to my friend's house.  I was able to momentarily get on to chat with some of my peeps over at the Good Guy Gamers and then we had to get ready to go to the concert.

      So, then, while we were enroute to the show venue, Arrowhead Stadium, during rush hour, we heard police sirens behind us.  It was thought it was police going to an accident.  Then we saw five cops on police bikes, followed by a limo and other escort vehicles.  It was quickly reason U2 had just passed by.  So after getting to the stadium and parking, we got food (I got myself a commemorative tour cup) and ultimately got to our various, dispersed seats, for the concert.

      The concert got started at 7:30 with Beck; it was during this pre-show that I realized that I needed earplugs as to reduce the amount of hearing loss from the concert, so I went and got some.  After an hour's performance, there was 45 intermission, and U2 came on.  Most of the stadium lights went dark, and the music began, folks going from sitting to standing- U2 was starting the concert.  The lights came up as the band members made their appearance.

      The main concert was awesome in its two hour length.  The best part (at least for me) was when "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" played, which was just over half an hour into U2's performance.  This song was the primary reason I went to this concert, besides going to a famous band's concert I could go to.  As the first notes of the song made me realize it was "I Still Haven't" and I was ecstatic.  I sang to the song with Bono and fellow audience members, moved about to it, clapped in-between verses with the crowd and enjoyed having the song be played.  When it ended, and the last few refrains were said, there was a euphoria I had never had before, and I'm glad I experienced it.

      The rest of the concert was excellent, and when it ended, there was a tinge of sadness, but I felt that this concert was going to be something I could never have had at any other time and have such wonderful memories.  So, with that, I met back up with my traveling companions at our car, said goodbye to my KC friend, and after a long wait in the parking lot (as everyone was leaving the concert), we got underway back to home.  We of course got home safe and sound.

    • Entry #104, 2017/09/11: A Multi-faceted Journal.

      11 months ago


      Firstly, today's the 16th anniversary of 9/11.  Part of what makes me think of this date is what might have happened if more people had lived.  I prayed for the victims, survivors and their relatives today, hoping they have peace.

      Secondly, I'm to embark on a journey to see U2 in concert, in Kansas City.  I'm going with folks I know to see the concert, and should be back home sometime early Wednesday morning.

      Thirdly, and not least importantly, this Saturday, at 3 pm US Central time (4pm Eastern, 1 pm Western time), I'm going to hosting a Minecraft Let's Play with my friends at the Good Guy Gamers.  Get in touch with either me or group admin @BeepBep to be able to get onto our VoIP TeamSpeak channel and our Minecraft server.

    • Entry #103, 2017/08/21: Were you Solar Eclipsed? I was.

      11 months ago


      I made the journey to experience the solar eclipse that occurred today; I got home not too long ago after a great journey.  Me, my roommates and a group of folks (some of whom we knew personally, others we didn't) who wanted to go see the eclipse traveled to the central Midwest to catch the path of totality.  

      As the eclipse started to occur, people were paying close attention, and there was a lot of conversation about the event itself.  When the totality came, there was a lot of excitement, and people were thrilled- a lot of the people present talked about how awesome it was.  After totality and the end of the eclipse, we packed up and headed home- it was worth the time and trouble to do so for this event.

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