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    • Quote Log 2

      8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Myshu: On an unrelated author's profile, we have an odd mix of taste in games
      Myshu: "may favorite games are the bouncer, dynastery, the resident evil games, any dateing game from japan, final fatasy series, metal gear games."
      maggiekarp: dynastery
      maggiekarp: the stomach illness that goes on generations?
      Myshu: "You have a long way to go before you'll fill up the family john, son."
      Mozz: the family portraits in the great hall
      Mozz: are all of guys hunched over with pained faces
      Mozz: rather than the traditional noble 3/4 pose.
      DK: lmao
      DK: final fatasy
      Mozz: final fatassy
      Myshu: It's the name of one of those Japanese dating games
      Myshu: Guess what the fetish is
      DK: it's like normal FF except everyone's morbidly obese
      DK: "Cloud... we gotta.... *gasp* blow the react... react...or..."
      Mozz: Quistis learned bad breath by eating an ENTIRE Malboro
      Mozz: (she unhinged her jaw and swallowed it whole in one gulp, like a Boa Constrictor.)
      DK: Rufus jumps up, grabs the helicopter, it shears sideways spinning and belching smoke wildly
      DK: steel groaning
      DK: Cid's gotten so angry and fat that he can't even get up, he's grown into the fibers of his couch and Shera has to feed him and wash him with "a rag on a stick"
      DK: He attacks by listlessly pointing his spear as rides his rascal around
      DK: Yuffie just eats the materia. Red's like a fat lion and diabetic and had his rear leg chopped off, I can see it all.
      Mozz: instead of stabbing Aeris, Sephiroth hits her with a stick
      Mozz: and she bursts like a pinata of intestine and cellulite
      DK: Ironically the only thin character is Palmer
      DK: "Do you have any TOFU for this tea?"
      Mozz: they mockingly call him "thin-ass"
      Mozz: he is ashamed of his uncouth skinniness
      Mozz: for fat is IN in midgar
      Mozz: (it's like the "Eye Of The Beholder" episode of twilight zone)
      DK: "They don't call it a pizza for nothin' mates"
      DK: Loveless retitled "Chinless"
      Mozz: even the bass line of the Turks theme song is slow and plodding
      Mozz: the tempo has been doubled
      DK: The chocobo race is more like the slow chocobo crawl
      DK: the theme playing slowly and distortedly
      Mozz: chocobo racewalk
      DK: bwaaaahhh bwahhhhh wonk wonk wonk waaaaaaahhhhhhh
      Mozz: heel toe heel toe heel toe WARK
      DK: The chocobos have to move by biting the earth and dragging themselves by the neck
      DK: it's sheer agony
      DK: the deranged crowd loves every moment
      Myshu: What about Sephiroth, man
      Myshu: What's his game
      Myshu: Does he summon a giant diet pill from space
      Mozz: he's trying to summon MEATBALL
      DK: Basically everything normally except he eats the black matrea
      DK: also he just bites Aeris' head off
      Mozz: no myshu
      Mozz: Holy IS the diet pill
      Mozz: in order to purify/save the planet, Homo Flabians may have to die
      Mozz: Sephiroth all "What if the planet ate a meal so filling it threatened the waistband itself?"
      Mozz: also now i'm imagining in final fatassy
      Mozz: the Squall/Seifer duel being two lardasses playing tug o war over the last drumstick of KFC extra crispy
      Mozz: FITHOS
      Mozz: (tugging)
      Mozz: "i'll be here."
      DK: scars are grease burns
      Mozz: "where?"
      Mozz: "here. At the restaurant. With reservations."
      Mozz: LUSEC
      Mozz: Cecil's epic ordeal to shed the pounds of a Lard Knight and become a Palathin.
      Mozz: rescuing Rosa just before the giant Salad Bowl falls on her head.
      Mozz: etc etc
      Myshu: Celes really does play the singing fat lady in the opera
      Mozz: OH MY HERO
      Mozz: (Sandwich)
      Mozz: SO FAR AWAY NOW
      Mozz: ON IT I WOULD SUP
      Mozz: BUT I'D HAVE TO GET UP
      * Myshu weeping applause
      Mozz: also, FFX
      Mozz: ends at the Mi'hen Highroad.
      Mozz: *huff*
      Mozz: *puff*"
      Mozz: "you mean...we gotta walk... all this?"
      Mozz: *wheeze*
      DK: "JUMP, KAIN, JUMP!"
      Mozz: lulu has to wear even MORE belts to get around her great girth
      Mozz: "Only a Summoner is allowed to enter the chamber of the fayth."
      Mozz: "is it dangerous in there?"
      Mozz: *sounds of muffled struggles, and hmmmf mmmg nom nom crunch snap nom nom*
      Mozz: as Yuna chows down on yet another aeon
      Mozz: a chunk of Ixion's horn clearly stuck between her teeth.
      Mozz: "I did it!
      DK: "Tidus!"
      Mozz: I....
      Mozz: ...became a summoner!"
      DK: "This is MY PASTRY."
      Mozz: Auron's ultimate weapon: the ASSAMUNE

    • Rvb: Revolution Ch. 2, 19-22

      8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      (Psst check out the group this week for, uh... a surprise?)

      - "Not in the face!" -





      Phew, tired. I forgot how much that whole "waking up in the morning" part of the day shift can suck.
      On the bright side, I finally got my sister to watch Reconstruction. She wasn't as much a fan of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, so it was an uphill climb, there. But she likes season 6! So, success.

      Now then.

      *crawls into a cave to pass out*

    • Quote Log 1

      8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Since 2001, if there's been any single formative influence on my taste in media, sense of humor and personality in general, I feel I have to blame give credit to my friends from a tiny corner of the internet that shall go unnamed. In the past ten years many internet communities have sprung from the aether and either exploded into popularity ('sup RT) or withered into obscurity, and although you might say the latter of my dear friends and our dead website, we survivors have been camping on a remote little IRC island this whole time, riffing on video games, RPGs, bad fanfic and whatever we like (or don't.)

      Since I've been archiving funny quotes from our chat logs for nearly a decade, you can imagine I have quite a collection by now. So I figured, hell, this might be a good place to share a bit of the fun, instead of keeping all these quotes to myself. I hope y'all enjoy.

      --- comic books
      DK: All right, which of these stupid things to read next
      DK: Gotta be DARK CLAW
      DK: Wolverine+Batman
      Sancdar: oh god
      DK: "Are you the one they call PATCH MALONE?"
      DK: "Just my luck! Flamin' Cyborg-Assassins!"
      Sancdar: dark claw was actually really popular
      Sancdar: unfortunately
      Sancdar: also it bothers me that his name is logan wayne
      Sancdar: since wolverine's real name isn't logan
      * Sancdar nerds all up in this joint
      DK: skronky?
      DK: lmao oh god his partner is ROBIN+Jubilee
      DK: lmao oh fuck's sake
      DK: Some burglar breaks in to DARK CLAW'S APARTMENT
      DK: and he has like obvious anachronistic photos of himself in WWII fucking EVERYWHERE
      DK: and he has an OPEN WALK IN CLOSET just filled with fucking Dark Claw outfits, like twelve
      DK: Jesus Logan you better hope the super doesn't let the fucking exterminator in
      DK: This is why Dark Horse is my favorite comic book company
      DK: Also they publish Berserk which comes sealed in shrink wrap, making me feel a goddamned pervert
      maggiekarp: well when you enjoy Berserk it's kinda
      maggiekarp: implied

      --- Payback
      SaintNick: this movie was pretty okay until 2/3 of the way in when Mel Gibson decided he didn't want to play an amoral sociopath and started demanding rewrites
      SaintNick: suddenly the dog who was shot is back alive, and Porter has feeelings
      DK: Best Mel movie is still THE PATRIOT but not for the reasons he thinks
      DK: Legitimate best: Road Warrior
      DK: Reminder that Road Warrior has a group of death bikers named the "Gay Berserkers"
      DK: also "Smegma Crazies"
      SaintNick: this movie just really did bad by casting Gibson.
      DK: Mel Gibson is, don't take this the wrong way, hilariously antisemitic
      DK: Like just so antisemitic it's like a punchline from god
      DK: Who the fuck is an ANTISEMITIC DRUNK
      DK: Mel
      DK: Mel is

      DK: So my dad's coworker at the phone company
      DK: His wife worked as a receptionist at a doctor's office
      DK: And one day, they had a full waiting room.
      DK: When up to the front ambled this be-sweat-panted fifty year old snaggletoothed blob monster
      DK: "I GOT A QUESTION" says she
      DK: "Yes?" the receptionist asks
      DK: "Well, ma'am, he's busy, you'll have to make an appointme-"
      DK: "Well, ma'am, perhaps you could ask me."
      DK: And the woman leans in, conspirationally.
      DK: And then proceeds to ask, loud enough for the ENTIRE waiting room to hear
      DK: "No ma'am. No it would not."
      DK: As the entire waiting room bursts out in frantic laughter.
      DK: She spins on her heel and strides out.
      Myshu: lmfao

    • Groupie'd

      8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      So Nero has been pesterin' me about promoting the comic more ('any' counts as more, doesn't it?) I've been reluctant to draw much attention to it (or y'know, be an attention whore in general) before it's really gone anywhere in the story, but since we're almost at the end of chapter 2 I finally caved and let 'im make a group.

      Of course there's still the old fan group that Samurai373 made (thx dude), while this new one's meant to be for the comic itself, run by Nero and I. (He keeps trying to call it 'official.' I am amused by this--he even made a spiffy image for it.)

      Although I'll keep posting regular updates in my journal here, I'll probably be deleting the threads in my image gallery in the next week or so, before shit gets redundant up in here.
      So! If you guys enjoy the comic and want to support it, y'all should join the group and watch it for all the new pages and weird extra shit we make between regular updates.

      </shameful self-promotion>

      ( smiley12.gif you guys)

    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 2, 15-18

      8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      'sup guys? Been a while, I know... Oh hey look! Birds!

      *posts comics and runs*

      - "Hey asshole, are you dead?" -







      (Yeah, I just meme'd my own post. You wanna fight about it?)

    • 8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic
    • Dear RvB Fandom

      8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      We need to talk. Go on, sit down, get comfortable.

      But first, I'd like to take a minute to point out that a couple of weeks ago a certain comic that Nero and I draw got a feature on Tuesday Stuff, and then earlier this week on RTCCotW, which is pretty frickin' awesome. You should check out both those groups if you haven't already, since they show off some really cool stuff from around the community.

      Okay, so you're comfy now? Good.

      Listen, about this Alpha thing...

      You need to let him go.

      Look, I missed him, too. He was a snarky, cynical, complete asshole and we all loved him for it, and I thought it sucked when he got EMP'd with all those other cool AI, as well. It's just that holding on to all these crackpot theories about Alpha still being alive or hidden away somewhere else--and don't lie, I've seen them floating around, you can't hide this shit from me--isn't doing anyone any good. It's just wishful thinking. It's not like the incident was a total loss, besides--Church isn't gone, right?

      So if Church is still here, as we all can't deny, what you're really telling me is that you have a problem with Epsilon. You don't think he's the "real" or "original" Church, or is in some other way inferior to the Alpha version, in either the way he acts or talks, or simply because he doesn't remember Blood Gulch.

      And that's the problem, here: that's all bullshit. Epsilon remembers Alpha, remembers Delta, remembers everybody--that's his job, it's what he does, and I'd even say Epsilon remembers Alpha better than Alpha freaking did, and do you know how?

      Do you remember that Freelancer off-site storage facility, where Tex was brought back in season 8? Did you notice how both Church and Tex seemed to have a lot more of their old selves together once they had bodies, particularly in their demeanor towards everyone else? They were getting backed-up information. That facility had archives of practically everything that's happened in the Freelancer Program; FILSS said so, it took Grif and Simmons less than a minute to see for themselves, and even Tex said it "didn't take long" to catch up on everyone's history on the site.

      So not only is Epsilon equipped with all of Alpha's memories before they were split, but he has memories of every fragment, and then the backed-up memories of Alpha's time in Blood Gulch, so arguably Epsilon is a more complete, fully-realized version of Church than Alpha ever was, even before he was fragmented. So suck on those apples.

      But y'know, even if you want to call bullshit at me, and say I'm the crackpot, it really just feels like you're missing the point. Remember what Wash told Church in Reconstruction about Tex, or what Delta told Wash, or what the theme of the entire Recollection series is about--the real moral of this fucked-up story, if you will?

      Memory is important. What's important is that you remember. Because no one's really dead so long as you do.


    • Meerkats and More

      8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Hey piezanos, look forward to a four page comic update next week. Unless you're impatient; then you can grab a bite by clicking here.
      In the meantime, I've got a weekly dose of Good Shit(tm) to share:

      If there's anything that's bugged me since the start of the comic, it's my inability to draw Tucker's nose a consistent shape. (The other thing would probably be my inability to color the canyon walls the same color from page to page, but that's another rant.) Thing is that in his initial design, Tucker had a more narrow/sloping nose that I ended up constantly steering away from in the pages because that's a more feminine trait for chupas. The result has been some confusing over/under-compensation that's just a mess. So recently I sat down to try to drive him back towards my original idea, and this is what happened.

      Allow me to pimp Soup1065's journal for a mo'--he's got a link to a cool video there.

      So then I was reviewing another lame safety handout at work when I found this:
      You know, when the old company I worked for pulled out and this new one took over, I wasn't too happy with the change of management. But now that I know they endorse furries, I think they might be a'right.

      On a different note, anyone familiar with Thomas Newman knows he's composed some very beautiful, atmospheric music that you might've heard in the movies. "Any Other Name" is a particular favorite of mine, and as it happened someone on youtube set it (surprisingly well) to the ending of Halo 3.

      And finally, some of you might recall Drunk Tank #123 mentioning a BBQ restaurant by Jack's (almost) name, along with some less-than-complimentary discussion of the cities of Orange and Beaumont. As a resident of Orange, a worker in Beaumont and a member of the Rooster Teeth community, I feel obligated to visit "Jack Patillo's Bar-B-Q" and investigate whether or not the cuisine lives up to Jack's (spelled slightly different) name.

      Hopefully I shall report my findings soon.

    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 2, 13-14

      8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      You know what they say: it's always easier to draw things you like. And this week I learned that I like the Halo pistol, for purely bullshit artistic reasons.
      Take that, other guns I don't like drawing.



      It's a shame Church isn't in the building, so-to-speak. I bet he'd be getting a kick out of this power trip.

    • Stalling

      8 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      This coming week's comic update might be a lil' late, which is my bad. Have I mentioned I don't like drawing guns? Still, I hope the results'll be worth it.

      In the meantime...


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