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    • Meerkats and More

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Hey piezanos, look forward to a four page comic update next week. Unless you're impatient; then you can grab a bite by clicking here.
      In the meantime, I've got a weekly dose of Good Shit(tm) to share:

      If there's anything that's bugged me since the start of the comic, it's my inability to draw Tucker's nose a consistent shape. (The other thing would probably be my inability to color the canyon walls the same color from page to page, but that's another rant.) Thing is that in his initial design, Tucker had a more narrow/sloping nose that I ended up constantly steering away from in the pages because that's a more feminine trait for chupas. The result has been some confusing over/under-compensation that's just a mess. So recently I sat down to try to drive him back towards my original idea, and this is what happened.

      Allow me to pimp Soup1065's journal for a mo'--he's got a link to a cool video there.

      So then I was reviewing another lame safety handout at work when I found this:
      You know, when the old company I worked for pulled out and this new one took over, I wasn't too happy with the change of management. But now that I know they endorse furries, I think they might be a'right.

      On a different note, anyone familiar with Thomas Newman knows he's composed some very beautiful, atmospheric music that you might've heard in the movies. "Any Other Name" is a particular favorite of mine, and as it happened someone on youtube set it (surprisingly well) to the ending of Halo 3.

      And finally, some of you might recall Drunk Tank #123 mentioning a BBQ restaurant by Jack's (almost) name, along with some less-than-complimentary discussion of the cities of Orange and Beaumont. As a resident of Orange, a worker in Beaumont and a member of the Rooster Teeth community, I feel obligated to visit "Jack Patillo's Bar-B-Q" and investigate whether or not the cuisine lives up to Jack's (spelled slightly different) name.

      Hopefully I shall report my findings soon.

    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 2, 13-14

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      You know what they say: it's always easier to draw things you like. And this week I learned that I like the Halo pistol, for purely bullshit artistic reasons.
      Take that, other guns I don't like drawing.



      It's a shame Church isn't in the building, so-to-speak. I bet he'd be getting a kick out of this power trip.

    • Stalling

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      This coming week's comic update might be a lil' late, which is my bad. Have I mentioned I don't like drawing guns? Still, I hope the results'll be worth it.

      In the meantime...


    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 2, 11-12

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Since I do so much artwork (especially comics) at work--hell, I call it a perk--I ocassionally get caught at it. It's always fun to try to explain--not why I'm drawing at work, but what the hell I'm drawing ("space hippos" rarely suffices as an answer, for some reason.)
      The next question I usually get asked is whether or not I make any money by my art, and when I reply no, what comes after is, "Seems like a waste of your talent."

      And I realize it's a well-meaning compliment, but really? How come anything that isn't turning a profit is a waste of time in our society? I just love drawing and telling stories. In fact, I only consider my "day job" a means to that end. Hell, I'd live in a cardboard box so long as it has a scanner and internet access to post comics.

      ...And a skylight. Bitches love skylights.

      (psst Chris that thing I'm sending you today is not a cardboard box. Probably.)



      Tucker's luck is only improving.

    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 2, 9-10

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Guess what, amigos?

      I've got twenty watchers, that's right. Here's a celebratory Caboose for all you kool kats (because we all know k's are cooler than c's and sit at the table with all the real cool kids--but not the d's, they're just dicks):

      No, Caboose, look at the camera. The camera, it's right--oh forget it. This is as close as we're gonna get.

      In other news, the very cool SailorTweek has started a group that everyone should check out and chip in, even just once. No special skills or artistry required, I promise--only need to bring the fun.
      (And I'm slacking off there already, but only since I've been too busy updating this comic. That has to give me an ironic exemption, right?)



      RIP Tucker's rock. And... tree next to Tucker's rock.

    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 2, 5-8

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      What's up, guys?
      If you check out the comic's website, you'll see the front page got a bit of an upgrade. And lookie there, a character page (as if these poor rejects needed any introduction.)

      "Brown Chicken, Black Cow"
      By the way, anybody who doesn't want to be left hanging this chapter better stop reading right about...





      Oh, shit.

    • 7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic
    • +10 Internets

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      So, I've moved into a new pad, and for the first time in three years I have actual high-speed internet. The roomie/bro wants me to get back into WoW, although I wonder if I should get a 360 instead and play on sexbox Live like all the cool kids do.

      Ah, the life-stealing possibilities. Hit me with y'all's suggestions, if ye please.

    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 2, 3-4

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      So how 'bout that horde Immersion? That was fun as hell (and almost as hot. But there's the South for ya--you learn to love it. Or learn to love bitching about it.) I'm that brown-haired girl head-bobbin' in the background at 2:14, and then at 2:20. Two seconds of zombie fame, woo!
      I think my favorite part of the shoot had to be standing around waiting on a take, everybody sweating their makeup off and half-starved for lunch, and then hearing Gus quip, "Filming shit sucks, doesn't it?"

      Seriously though, it was a rockin' time. But I'm sure y'all are readin' this journal for more comics, so let's get to that.



      Something else I'm grateful to Chris for: coming up with good Donut one-liners. =P

    • R.I.P. Lenovo

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      I feel like I should mark this occasion with a journal. Since I spend so many good times with them--years, even--game consoles and computers have served as odd milestones in my life, making the passing of one notable.

      Tonight I decided to let my home PC idle while I took a before-work nap, and I woke up about an hour later to the beeping death-throes of my machine. Ten minutes of troubleshooting (and extra nap) later, I realized that all was lost--the harddrive was toast.
      It was a Lenovo Thinkcentre, a strange offshoot of IBM that had those big old-school initials branded into the tower, along with a 3-1/4" floppy drive and a noisy fan that sometimes wouldn't quit buzzing until I nudged the front panel with my foot. I bought that computer refurbished off Newegg back in 2008 (2007?), and its 2.8GHz Intel processor and 1GB of RAM have served me well for the price, all considered.

      It's not a catastrophic loss, really. I've been prepared for this eventuality since last year, when I barely recovered the machine from a nasty virus. It never quite ran the same since, so I invested in a 500GB external drive to back up all my files. Eventually I forewent the occasional back-up and just started saving everything to it by default, so in terms of documents/images/etc I've lost virtually nothing. And I still have my laptop, even if that's not quite the same.

      The timing is convenient, at least. Since my brother-in-law just bought a brand-spankin'-new PC, I stand to inherit his old e-Machine, a computer with a very... interesting history. That motherfucker survived Hurricane Rita back in 2005. Even after the room it was in got smashed by a tree, and its casing got plastered with rain, leaves and fiberglass insulation, all my bro did was brush it off, plug it in and it worked fine. He's been playing World of Warcraft and watching porn on it to this day.

      This is also a noteworthy occasion because it makes the--fifth? Sixth? I think I lost count--computer that my scanner has survived, and I hang on to computers for years until those suckers give up the ghost. My scanner is huge, dusty, loud and ancient, and it's been running like a beauty since 1997 (every time I try to go around and cheat on it with another scanner, my drawings just haven't come out the same.) The first computer I hooked it up to was an IBM Aptiva running Windows 95, and my scanner has always worked hand-in-hand with Microsoft Image Composer 1.5, an art program I got off a disc (that I also still have) for Frontpage 98. They're what I use for all my artwork, including comics.

      Ah, good times.

      So now my poor scanner's bereft of a PC companion, again. I guess I'll have to find another way to scan stuff until I get a replacement in line.

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