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    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 2, 1-2

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      So, chapter two is officially started. I'm not gonna lie; this is going to be one of my favorites.



      You might notice a couple of things different with these pages. The first is that I finally figured out a fix for my font problem, and I'll be slowly going back over the first chapter and fixing all the speech bubbles there, too.

      The other, more obvious (perhaps, just a little) change is the handiwork of my new partner, Chris Godwin (no relation to another Godwin we might know. Unless he's not telling me something), also known as Nero_Maxim on this site. Chris is the man awesome enough to deal with my shitty linework loan his coloring skills to the comic, and he's been a huge help so far. This chapter might start out a lil' rough as we get our styles in sync, but I'm really happy to have Chris on board, and I totally look forward to working together. So check out his page and give 'im some props, if you're so inclined.

      Now, time to go eat a half-thawed tv dinner and pass the fuck out.

    • Phew, back

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      So then, RTX was amazing. RvB Season 9 is gonna be a complete and total blast (er, the good kind of blast. Not the bad, explody kind.) And the RT crew are some of the friendliest and most awesome people on the planet.

      But you guys already knew that, right? You definitely didn't need to take my word for it.

      I didn't expect the community aspect of the event to be a highlight for me, since I'm a pretty reclusive person. Hell, I was --->this<--- close to not showing up for the shoot on Sunday and just holing up at the hotel to draw, but now I'm totally glad I attended, and I'm even happier that I got to meet so many kickass community members and hang out with them on Sidequest(s) and stuff. So, this is a shout-out to all the people I met and befriended this weekend--you guys rock, and I hope we get to hang out again sometime.
      (Also, to the dude from Italy who was watching me draw Saturday: you're totally cool as well, and I feel crummy about losing your name. I hope to find you somehow!)

      Although it was a pretty busy weekend, whenever I got any downtime I was doodling, as usual. I did a bit of comic work, a drawing I ended up giving away and then this concept that made it home with me:

      The best part, of course, was that I managed not to kill myself or my fellow motorists on my trip, and only spent 2.15 hours being lost!
      That's gotta be like a 20G achievement, right?

    • As a general rule...

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      "...nobody cares about ninety percent of what you have to say."

      That's something my dad said to me, once, and it stuck with me ever since. He wasn't being mean or critical at the time, or even directing it at me (well, he could have... I wish he'd said it to me when I was a lot younger, so I would've made less of an embarrassment of myself as a child.) It really was a generalized pearl of wisdom, and when I look back, it goes a long way to explaining that taciturn nature of his that used to drive my chatty mother crazy. I sometimes wish I was that wise, to know how to keep my mouth shut until I actually have something interesting/important/funny to say. Better to be quiet and uninteresting than loud and boring?
      ...Wait, I fucked that up.

      At least that's the reason I don't mention my personal life or my job much in my journals--it's boring me to even think about that stuff, much less type it out. And I bother even less with my opinions, since what good are those?
      But guess what: you guys are outta luck tonight, because I'm in a chatty (typey? texty? sexy) mood.

      By the way, I found my favorite youtube comment of the week:

      today after school i saw a blue car
      and yelled
      the guy drove away
      and had a bumper sticker that said red vs blue
      i knew then
      that he knew what i meant

      Speaking of RvB, I'm going to put on my rant hat. I know there's forums and shit that discuss this to death, but I'm not crazy or bored enough (yet) to sift through like 500 pages of threads to jump in on that shiz.

      It seems to me a lot of Wash fangirls are never too bothered by the fact that he's, y'know, directly responsible for the "deaths" (a very loose term in this series) of four major cast members--including Alpha and Tex--on top of a shitload of other AI. It's easy to forgive him for Lopez and Donut, at least, since everyone can agree that's his crowning moment of badass. The part that itches me--about Reconstruction, anyway--is that, for someone who claimed he was stopping the Meta and getting revenge on behalf of himself, his friends and the Alpha, he was pretty okay with recruiting Alpha on a suicide mission, exploiting both Church's super-motherfucking-denial and his desire to find Tex in the process. It wasn't even one of those typical abuses of the phrase, where "suicide mission" really means "if we fuck up we die"--it was literally suicide, where Alpha getting emp-nuked was one of the *winning* conditions.

      It's not that Wash isn't the hero of that season, or that we don't want him to succeed--because we do, right? It's just funny how little he regards the well-being--or, hell, continued existence--of one of the people he's allegedly fighting for. But then, maybe that's exactly it: Wash doesn't see AI as people. He shouldn't care if Alpha understands what he's really doing because AI are expendable non-entities and it's not the same as duping a real person into running decoy for you into a nuclear blast.

      And maybe that's a valid sentiment. And it was for a good cause--or at the least, well-intended revenge.

      But man, is it a dick move when you think it.

      (Or maybe it's really frustrating because after everything, the whole plan was in vain--there's the bleak comedy of it. And then Wash did get sent to prison, so that's just enough punishment for his good intentions.)

      But I'm not hatin'! I like Wash's character, and I love how Reconstruction ended.
      I'm just. Sayin'.

      tl;dr I'm bored and lazy and stuck at work. Less talk more action, internet. Also, any excuse to link tvtropes is a good one.

    • RvB: Revolution Chapter 1 Complete

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Unconventional Warfare - Now that both teams' numbers are back up, it's back to business as usual.




      So, this wraps up the first chapter, at a whole (and vaguely unimpressive) twenty-four pages. This is the part where I'm supposed to make some commentary on it like a total wanker. Truth told, I've still got a long way to go, both artistically and story-wise, and hopefully chapter two will be twice as fun. Who knows--there might even be some actual plot coming up. smiley8.gif
      I'll be getting that ready to start posting as soon as I get back from RTX (is anyone watching this going? I don't think anybody on my friends list is gonna be there, alas.)

      Big thanks to everybody who's read the comic so far, and to Samurai373 for starting a group for 'em, and to DocRossim for being hella supportive right from the very first page. Y'all're cool dudes.

      (I totally abused, like, four different colloquialisms from across the globe in this post. Oh shit, five now.)

    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 1, 21 & maps

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      If I'da known this would only make one page, I'da put it with the last update. (Even so, panel three almost didn't make it.)


      I'm not one to (completely) short-change my watchers, though. So here's some bonus stuff:

      A map of the gulch and
      A map of Blue Base.

      I drew these up for reference as soon as the comic started, but didn't figure they were interesting enough to share. And I would've made one for Red Base, but the layout is virtually identical, and there aren't many scenes inside that base, anyhow (the Reds have all their fun outdoors, amirite?)
      These bases are apparently made to house a lot more soldiers, but since the teams assigned to this post were so small, their commanders let the boys move out of the barracks and take some rooms upstairs. And since both teams have been short a commanding officer for quite some time, they've made several other "adjustments" to their bases as they've seen fit. (Mostly booby-traps and graffiti, but still, it's something productive. Right?)

      Next update will be the end of chapter one, so fun stuff ahead. Laterz!

    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 1, 19-20

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      page 19:
      page 20:

      Introducing the newest member of the team. Oh, and Donut.

      Hmm, still screwing with fonts. I kinda like this one. Thanks to DocRossim for some good suggestions, and to Nudge1 for that fur color.

      Man... if anyone wants to help me color these, I would love you long time, just so you know. I love the hell out of writing and drawing this comic, but the coloring part really eats my lunch. I would freakin' pay to free up those couple of nights each week.

    • RvB: Revolution Ch. 1, 15-18

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      First impressions are very important.

      page 15:
      page 16:
      page 17:
      page 18:

      So after, like, twenty pages, we finally have a Caboose. This last page tried to kick my ass, but I put 'er in 'er place. *flexes backhand*

      And don't feel bad, Church, the sketchpad adds like ten pounds. Honest.

    • Can't Give a Camel's Ass

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      So this weekend I got back from my holiday "across the pond," as they say, although I was too wiped out to get my shit together and post a journal before now. Needless to say, I live! And damn, it's good to be back in America.

      I spent the majority of my trip on the pleasantly temperate psuedo-desert island of Gran Canaria. Although I didn't have the opportunity to draw anything proper, comic ideas were never far from my mind--nor my camera. I present this inane pic dump:

      Mmm, tasty suckers.
      At some point I got to go on a camel ride, which was kind of a lackluster tourist-ridden experience, all told, but the animals themselves proved fascinating. It was most interesting to me that the white camel's name was Leo--and so, I got the least flattering shot of him possible. I'm, uh... kind of ass with a camera.
      (The camel I ended up riding was named Isaac, and he was fond of driving my riding partner into the cacti.)

      Eventually I borrowed a stack of plain paper and a pen from someone, and went to town with some doodles:

      And there went my two weeks. Let it be known that being 5,000 miles away from my home computer did by no means stop me from getting my ticket to RTX.

      Fuck yeah.

    • Blargle

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Rawrg, remind me to never take an art commission like that again. Boring as hell and took up my whole week, so I only got to post one page of the comic (it's up where I usually stash 'em. One lousy page ain't enough for a journal.) By the by, I switched to comic sans font, which seems to be easier to read. I've encountered comic snobs before who are all, "blasrlgelsrawrg COMIC SANS BLOWS CHUNKY COCK, THE FONTS SHOULD BE UNIQUE AND ARTISTIC" and argh, man, I can't get that worked up over shit. I'm not lookin' for artistic integrity in a fuckin' speech bubble, y'know?

      Well, this is my last post before I fly out on vacation, so I hope everyone has a bitchin' end of March, and if everything goes well I'll be back in April. Peace, dudes.

    • Surgeon Had to Remove His Own Appendix

      in Forums > Surgeon Had to Remove His Own Appendix | Follow this topic

      Myshu chupariffic

      There's pretty much no chance you'll ever be manlier than this guy, so you might as well pack in your nuts and fold.

      (Use this thread as an opportunity to prove me wrong with other tales of testicular fortitude.)

      16 replies

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