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    • Season 9 Drinking Game

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Take a shot for every non-machinima shot where there isn't a lens flare, light bloom or ray.

      (Spoiler: you'll never get drunk. But your eyes will hurt like you did.)

    • Quote Log 30 (NeverSFW)

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      To take a break from my dickheadish opinions, here's more of my friends being dickheads.


      --- my kind of security
      Annie_Felis: My wifi is configured so I can sit out in the yard with the laptop if I want
      Annie_Felis: But that also means that we've been leeched by neighbors before.
      Ezelek: Just lock it down to MAC addys then, Annie.
      Annie_Felis: Yeah, it was reconfigured.
      Annie_Felis: After Chris put an 11 GB text file on his laptop that said "I see you".

      --- cordial welcome
      * Belle has joined
      Belle: sup fags
      Pipgirl: faggotry of course
      Belle: k
      * Belle is now known as Belle(afk)
      Pipgirl: You join just to go afk? WELL
      Pipgirl: >:|
      Belle(afk): I apologize.
      Belle(afk): I shouldn't go afk when the room is just fucking buzzing.
      Belle(afk): but more important shit calls
      Belle(afk): like your mother
      Pipgirl: :(
      Pipgirl: She's on a plane to SC
      Belle(afk): And she'd better be punctual
      Pipgirl: :'(

      --- how to pet-sit
      bionicfen: We had a guinea pig once
      bionicfen: it's name was russel
      bionicfen: One time we went out of town, and my dad got his friend Doug
      bionicfen: A lifelong bachelor
      bionicfen: to feed Russel
      bionicfen: while we were out of town
      bionicfen: And doug thought to himself
      bionicfen: "Why bother coming back every day for a week when I can just plop a whole head of lettuce in the cage, and call it a day?"
      bionicfen: Well
      bionicfen: This is what he did.
      bionicfen: And we came back and found russel
      bionicfen: sitting in the cage
      bionicfen: next to a very small hunk of lettuce
      spiderflower: was he dead
      Arkstar: bya ha ha.
      bionicfen: whereas russel himself
      bionicfen: was the exact size and shape of a head of lettuce

    • Let's get semantic for a minute

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Niriall has a very funny image in her journal (courtesy of Rane0) that made me laugh, although any time this subject comes up I get some mixed feelings. So before anyone thinks this is targeted at them, there's no argument here--I'm just throwing my thoughts out on the table.

      Tex & Church is not romantic.

      I'm not saying I don't like them. I do! I like them both. At best, their banter and on-and-off relationship is quirky and funny, and that's why we like them. In the nicest terms, I'd even call them "cute."

      But if we're going to start thinking in terms of romance then we're starting to take them seriously--and if you want to look at this seriously, then Tex is unscrupulously, physically abusive and unfaithful while Church is a pathetic stalker with codependency issues. At best.

      Of course they're not the first couple in any romance to have issues or be downright dysfunctional, but at least the show is self-aware enough to acknowledge that what Church and Tex have is fundamentally flawed from the very beginning--from the very moment they were created. It's just that thing--being paired with Church by freakish design, without her control or consent--that Tex rebelled against at the end of season 8 (she SHOT CHURCH AND LEFT HIM FOR BAIT to seek the answers she wanted, in case any fangirls forgot) and then finally, in season 9, it was that "solution" that Epsilon was trying so hard to unravel. Everything he went through to get back with Tex finally taught him that the only "correct" answer was to let her go, for both their sakes. It was the only way to fix both their problems--to answer the "why" that plagued their own existences--and leave him in peace. It's a bittersweet resolution, yet one that's been coming for years, and I was glad to see it happen. It's better than the story trying to shoehorn a "happy ending" onto a couple that was doomed from conception to never work out.

      So, there's no real romance here. If anything, I'd call it a tragic love story set in a comedy.

      So now if season 10 pusses out of this and contrives Tex back to life for whatever reason I'm going to be pissed.

    • Quote Log 29 (NeverSFW)

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Announcement! I'm now closed to commissions and chupababy requests. For those of you still waiting for yours, don't worry--they're in the mail. I don't know about y'all, but I'm eager to get back to drawing regular comics (and Doc's behind on answering questions. That's a bad Doc.)

      Anyhow, this issue of quotes is gaming-centric:

      --- Phoenix Wright
      Arkstar: t DK I started PW3 today!
      Arkstar: it is pretty loltastic. Also the GBA setup is kinda cool!
      Arkstar: also, BOOB JOKES.
      DK: I've seen the trailer
      DK: and can't wait to see why Phoenix apparently spent his late teens as a HIGH-FUNCTIONING RETARD
      Mozz: Phoenix Wright: Special Needs Attorney

      --- this probably exists on the internet by now
      Seris: query chat
      Seris: do you think princess peach reproduces by clouds of spores
      maggiekarp: y
      BahamutChris: y
      Seris: i mean it only makes sense rite
      Seris: shes half toadstool
      Seris: what would her fetish be
      Pipgirl: I smell a fart fanfic.

      --- Chrono Cross
      BahamutChris: My sister tried that out for the first time this weekend
      BahamutChris: All asking me for help, so I'm watching
      BahamutChris: And she gets past the opening sequence, where you see Serge with the bloody knife
      BahamutChris: And I say "yeah the village you start in, it's a convict village"
      BahamutChris: "You see, Serge is there because he killed Kid right"
      BahamutChris: And I made up all these elaborate stories about everyone she talked to
      Pipgirl: haha
      BahamutChris: "The guy in the kitchen? He once killed a man and put him in a stew"
      BahamutChris: "Oh yeah Radius in here on serial assault"
      BahamutChris: And at first she was like "I don't quite believe you see I can leave to the world map"
      BahamutChris: But then I told her to go to the canyon
      BahamutChris: And she saw the guards stop her and she was like "HOLY SHIT IT'S TRUE"
      Myshu: hahaha
      BahamutChris: So, my sister was playing Chrono Cross again, still under the impression that it's about people in a prison camp
      BahamutChris: And then she looked at the status screen, and saw the "innate" section
      BahamutChris: Except on my tiny little television, she read it as "inmate"
      BahamutChris: And that kind of drove the point home, for her

    • Quote Blarg 28

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      It's only ten days in, but so far this has been the most eventful, overworked, underslept and generally stressful month of my life. Next week isn't going to get any easier, either.
      Yet I'm happy. And I love to be here. And I'm still drawing chupababies! Hopefully everyone will see theirs in the post before long.
      Also, I just got one of these thingys. It cheeps.

      --- sinister facial hair
      Myshu: How does money work in prison, anyway
      Drew: I think it's intertwined with rape and shivs.
      Mozz: and cigarettes, don't forget cigarettes
      Drew: those too
      Drew: I long for the simpler days of incarceration
      Drew: when the inmates were all loveable rogues and all the wardens had to worry about were suspiciously shaped cakes
      DK: You mean where they twiddled handlebar mustaches before the anal rape?
      Drew: except it wasn't called that
      Drew: it was called "that moste detestable vice of sodomie"
      Mozz: mmm, handlebar mustaches
      Mozz: i almost had one
      Drew: I can't....I can't grow one
      Drew: I can't grow any facial hair really
      Drew: it just moves slightly out of stubble stage and stops
      DK: I tried to grow a mustache this year
      DK: cue Tom's comment
      DK: "I'm just saying if you were on trial for molestation and I was on the jury and I saw that mustache, I would convict you"
      DK: That ended the month long experiment

      --- le perfume de feline
      Arkstar: hmmm, query, chat.
      Arkstar: Exotic-locale scent, crazy-bitch scent, or foody-spice scent?
      Mozz: towards what end?
      Mozz: state Mission Objective
      Arkstar: Awesome dreams.
      Mozz: probably not crazy bitch
      Mozz: either of the other two could work
      Arkstar: I dunno, one of them is the Franziska scent.
      maggiekarp: huh, smells effect your dreams?
      Arkstar: y, y, y
      Mozz: why wouldn't they?
      Mozz: sounds do
      maggiekarp: come to think of it, I think the cat did piss on my blanket when I had my crazy murder dream

      --- I cast my vote in laser beams
      DK: Yeah they say that is why Nixon lost
      Mozz: well it was like a really boring debate in general
      Mozz: mostly because Kennedy and Nixon were like, you know
      Mozz: actually stating their policy ideas and like talking issues
      Mozz: and not treating their audience like ignorant buffoons who couldn't understand politics.
      Mozz: also they mostly agreed with each other just had slightly different takes on stuff.
      Mozz: cuz, you know.
      Mozz: democrat and republican.
      Mozz: both pretty centrist.
      Mozz: then as now.
      Mozz: same thing in slightly different words
      Mozz: both taking their respective extremes for granted on election day
      Mozz: and thus aiming for the "Vital center" (nixon's own term actually) in the middle that puts them over the top.
      DK: I think that's how you kill the third boss in Gradius

    • Quote Log 27 (NeverSFW)

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      For anyone asking about chupababies, the current list of characters that are claimed is right here. If there's anyone y'all want to adopt who isn't on there yet, let me know!

      And now, for something completely different.

      --- wee wee talk (warning: completely fuckin' gross)
      Myshu: Men have terrible bladders.
      DK: I can't imagine women are much different
      DK: Aside from the spray
      Myshu: lmao, sprayin'
      Drew: ah yes
      Drew: the art of fine urination control.
      DK: I'm just saying yes a man can force a pee but when the bladder is empty it needs time to recover
      DK: Or else you're pissing knives and getting like one drop
      DK: Dude have you ever been pissing and then like trip or something horrible and have to stop the flow
      DK: My god that hurts with universe-rending force
      Myshu: You guys are speaking from a lot of experience
      DK: Every man has this experience
      Drew: no
      Drew: once I start, nothing stops.
      Myshu: Hahaha you sorry cunts
      Myshu: I could pause enough to piss the national anthem
      Drew: the only problem occurs when I sneeze
      DK: Once I was pissing and a bag of popcorn in the microwave burst into flame
      DK: I staggered desperately out of the bathroom with God's own death happening in my loins
      DK: Then you feel bad for like three hours with your bladder all: ">:( - you're fucked up"
      Drew: microwaves come and go man
      Drew: you're only gifted one urinary tract
      Myshu: Man, what happens when you sneeze
      DK: While you're pissing?
      Drew: look myshu
      Drew: I won't say it is pretty
      Drew: it aint.
      DK: spastic spurt pretty much
      Drew: generally you have to try and control the sneeze
      DK: But see it's pointed out and away from you
      Drew: yeah. And if you're unlucky the nozzle, it goes a'crazy
      DK: If you're holding it securely during the sneeze, it's not like it's gonna fly up in your face
      Drew: I'm not talking about a little a-tishoo
      Drew: I'm talking about a full-body nosegasm
      DK: Man that's controllable
      DK: I'm just sayin'
      DK: That's totally controllable
      Drew: look man I get hayfever
      Drew: and some of the sneezes I get are beyond mortal control
      DK: The only time I've ever gotten wee on my pants is in the dreaded "last shake" sequence
      DK: Wherein a small band of piss partisans hiding in you make a desperate bolt for the Green Zone when you shift position after
      DK: It's like the song goes
      Drew: the only times I've got piss on my pants is when Mr. Foreskin has made things complicated
      DK: "No matter how much you jump and dance, the last two drops go in your pants" OH JESUS LET'S NOT BRING THE FORESKIN INTO THIS
      Drew: hahahahaha
      Drew: ohhh, son, if you only KNEW the added layer of complexity
      Drew: see the thing is
      Drew: you can need to pee SO DAMN MUCH that you are unable to get your foreskin completely down in time
      DK: Oh that is bullshit
      Drew: and the thing acts as a further nozzle, and we're talking about a wide angle arc
      DK: Apply CONTROL OH GOD
      DK: what are you
      Pikebot: That IS bullshit.
      DK: you are a beast of the field
      DK: what are you
      Drew: no look it's about 1/4 of a second worth of pee
      Drew: but that's enough to be problematic
      DK: Dude you gotta be IRONCLAD on this
      Drew: you don't have my goddamn foreskin
      Drew: it's a nightmare, I tell you
      Pikebot: What, is your foreskin some ALIEN PARISITE or something
      DK: I don't have ANY goddamn foreskin
      DK: But I believe that yours is, in fact, a nightmare
      Pikebot: Look my foreskn is prefectly intact and I have no idea wtf you're talking about
      DK: Also this is really disturbingly revealing who in here is circumcized/not
      Drew: look
      Drew: it makes things DIFFERENT ok
      DK: Yeah whatever dogpenis
      DK: You're all red rocketing, pissing on the fucking walls, screaming and yodelling
      DK: You sicken me
      DK: You
      DK: sicken
      DK: me
      Ezelek: jesus you guys
      Ezelek: I cannot leave you alone for one second. one second.
      * Myshu laughing, can't breathe
      Ezelek: This is not a subject I am going to divulge to you ever, dk. Ever.
      Drew: look I simply cannot imagine the horror of walking around with your goddamn glans out there, rubbing and chafing and ARGH
      DK: Man shit I'm not SANDPAPERING it
      DK: SO HARSH
      Drew: dude
      Drew: dude
      Drew: I once tried walking around one day rolled down, if you know what I'm sayin'
      Drew: and it was fucking torture
      Drew: I lasted 5 minutes
      DK: lmao
      DK: Well ain't you just a tenderfoot
      Pikebot: Well I think the reason there is because you aren't used to the constant exposure
      Drew: it's keritinisation
      Pikebot: DK's cock is DESENSITIZED
      Drew: yup
      DK: Pikabot please never say "DK's cock" again
      Myshu: Great, I've pissed myself to this conversation
      DK: (incidentally, this is the worst conversation I've ever HOLY SHIT)

    • 7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic
    • Quote Log 26 (NeverSFW)

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Happy Change Your Calendar Day, everyone! Anyone going to be putting some cool shit on their wall this year?

      --- dead babies are fitting for new year's, right? I guess
      maggiekarp: Also I think one of my relatives had a baby that died inside her
      maggiekarp: and instead of carving it out they just kinda waited for it to come out
      Drew: ew
      Angahith: :(
      Drew: I'd want that sucker out
      Drew: humans aren't walking tombs
      maggiekarp: That's a mean name for a sterile chick
      maggiekarp: Or one prone to misscarriages or something
      maggiekarp: doesn't make so much sense when you think on it, though...
      Drew: Tomb Wombs?
      Drew: you want to know what doesn't make sense
      Drew: that something like 30 or 40% of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion within the first 2 or 3 weeks!
      maggiekarp: Well, why do you think they're called MIRACLES?
      Drew: they aren't miracles
      Drew: they're just another mouth to stretch my paycheck more and more
      * Drew cancels his subscription to Rolling Stone and stops buying that fancy shaving cream he likes
      Drew: Carnie Trade.

      --- inyourwhatdo
      Myshu: Why do I draw cute feet
      maggiekarp: Myshu, teach me to draw cute feet :o
      Myshu: Okay, but first you have to learn how to snatch the fly from my hand
      maggiekarp: fly my hand into your what now

      --- wrong song but close enough
      Kyril: there's an explicit version of Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"
      Kyril: bet it has like one mention of fuck and nothing else

    • Yuletide Quote Log (NeverSFW)

      7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      I'm writing from work this eve, which seems like a drag, but frankly I'd hardly want to be anywhere else. I've got a cozy shack to myself, some gentle rain outside, a box of cookies and enough internet access to go around. So cheers and happy holidays, everyone!

      --- good question
      Seris: i come back home and theres this memo on my keyboard
      Seris: it reads:
      Seris: "amanda called to ask-does vegeta ever cry during dbz--call back its very important"

      --- good answer
      bionicfen: man
      bionicfen: what's the difference between the pygmies and the women's track team?
      bionicfen: well
      bionicfen: y'see
      bionicfen: one is a group of cunning runts, and the other is a group of well y'know
      Drew: female athletes?
      DK: role models?
      Drew: women with better-than-average physical health and stamina?
      bionicfen: Screw you guys >:(
      Pipgirl: cunting runns?

      --- good eatin'
      * MK|kitchen is now known as MK|bakin
      Pipgirl`cocksucka: What're ye baken?
      MK|bakin: cookies!
      Pipgirl`cocksucka: cockies
      Pipgirl`cocksucka: :O
      MK|bakin: No pips I am not baking cocks today :(
      MK|bakin: One of these days Pips I'm gonna make you some penis-shaped sugar cookies
      Pipgirl`cocksucka: yey
      Pipgirl`cocksucka: I can eat cocks without eating cocks
      MK|bakin: and you'll get them in the mail and your mom will be all "Oh you got a package this is exciting let me see"
      MK|bakin: they'll be spring-loaded
      MK|bakin: cocks all in your mother's face
      MK|bakin: "aaaaaaaaaa"
      MK|bakin: "AAAAAAAAAAAA"
      MK|bakin: And then you'll have to finally explain the internet to her

      And thanks to everyone who adopted my little chupababies and shared the love across the site. You guys made my week. smiley12.gif
      Niriall even made a group for all you chupa folks.
      (Look out for a batch of Blood Gulch babies soon.)

    • 7 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic
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