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      Hey guys last time I posted one of these was for a Laser Team screening. Please give it a read and let me know if you're interested. Also please build on this if you have ideas. The point of posting here is to get the ball rolling and see how far we can take it! 


      After watching Burnie's most recent vlog about making disaster relief kits for those affected by Harvey in Houston I began to think about why this is something he chose to put up in the middle of his series with Ellie. That series is just so damn good. Many of us only visit the channel for his vlog so why deviate from his typical formula so greatly and risk losing viewers?  


      Thing is Rooster Teeth has never been about viewer count. Sure, that is a benchmark to measure growth, but the company is built on community first. So many of our favorite faces who have helped the company grow so much are former community members. So, at times like this where our communities are in need it's clear why they see the value in giving back anything they can. Burnie reached out to his community there in Texas, but he made the video so us community members could repeat what he did in our communities when a disaster inevitably hit our areas. He knows the value of community. He built this amazing company on the strength of its community. The company has grown from the "Spare Bedroom" office to Stage 5 because of the community. Things like RTX and Let's Play Live being held all over the country are because of the community. So let's help our communities. We have all seen what can come from having a strong well knit community. He showed us that all it takes is a little bit of money and 30 minutes of our day. He literally timed it for us.  


      We all know by now that recently our communities here in RT Florida have been devastated by Irma. 


      We came out in force for the Laser Team premiers. That's when we wanted to be entertained. I get it. Rooster teeth is an entertainment company too.  


      But if you need any indication that there are things Rooster Teeth hold more dear than being just entertaining, look at how many people the employ to promote community. They invest in people and community. We as community members, who consume so much of their content, should learn to follow the example of a company we love so much and devote so much of our time to.  


      So, if we are going to follow their example of being just as interested in entertainment as community, then let's see if we can get even a quarter of the amount of people that came out for Laser Team to help out with this. We can show that we too are willing to put community first and help those who are truly in need.  



      We don't need 100 of these disaster relief kits. Not everyone is in the position to make one themselves. That's why I figured that maybe we could work together here to do the same thing for those affected by Irma in Florida. One thing that we could do is all meet up at a wholesale market like a Costco or Sam's Club and buy things in bulk as a group. This would let us be able to make more kits for less money and be able to help more people. It's all about doing what we can.  


      It differs from giving money directly to relief funds in that we can get these kits directly into the hands of families quicker by doing some of the leg work for those assisting. We are giving our time so they don't have to do it all themselves.  


      I live in in the Orlando area right now so I would be looking to do this with people who live around there. Of course, if anyone has any ideas on how we can extend this and include people from throughout the state please throw out any ideas you have! The more people who we can get involved the more kits we can make and the more people we can help. Thanks! 


      I'll post a shorter post over on our group page since it is a bit easier to engage there instead. So just please like that post if you are interested. Ill message you to see if we can work out the details.


      I chose to post this here because where better to post a blog about the importance of community both for Rooster Teeth and our communities in our area than the Rooster Teeth community site?  





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