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    • Miles Miles


      5 days ago

      The contents of my fridge make me sad. LET'S COOK SOME TASTY GOODNESS.

      Now that RvB crunch is over, that means no more eating at the office all the time. I'm getting back into cooking and need to go grocery shopping at some point this weekend. Anybody have some awesome recipes they'd wanna share?

      In exchange, I offer my favorite family recipe: My dad's "Blue Moon Chili". This chili is the bomb-diggity. Sweet, with growing heat. (Pro tip: goes great with cheddar cheese and Ritz crackers). Play around with the recipe to make it your own (I like to add a little extra spice).


      -Chuck Roast, ground coarse

      -Pork, ground

      Cook meat slowly and then drain.

      Add the following items:

      3 Cups Onion, diced small

      1 ½ Tbl. Garlic, diced fine

      Add the following, bring to a simmer and cover for 2 hours.

      (Use tomato paste if not thick enough)

      2 Tbl. Chili Powder

      2 Tbl. Cumin

      1 Tbl. Paprika

      1 Tbl. Thyme

      1 Tbl. Oregano

      1 tsp. Salt

      1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper, ground

      1 tsp. Black Pepper, ground

      4 Bay Leaves, crushed & crumbled

      10 Chili Petins, crushed & crumbled

      1 Tbl. Brown Sugar

      1 Tbl. Red Wine Vinegar

      1 Can Beef Broth

      2 Cans Rotel with Green Chili

      1 Can Crushed Tomatoes

      5 oz. Spicy V-8 Juice

      1 Can Ranch Style Beans (plain or process smooth in a food processor)

      And you're done! CHOW DOWN.

      EDIT: Wow! All of these recipes look awesome! Thanks for sharing, guys!

    • Miles Miles


      1 week ago

      Hey Austinites! Quick update:

      Because the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse sold out of tickets so quickly, we've now opened up a theater at the Slaughter Lane Drafthouse for the RvB13 Finale Marathon!

      Grab your tickets before they sell out! The following locations still have seats:

      Austin (Slaughter Lane)


      Kansas City


      Note that we won't be holding the Q&A at the Slaughter location, but it WILL be recorded and posted at a later date!

      Hope you guys enjoy the show!

    • Miles Miles

      RvB13 Finale Marathon at the Draft House

      1 week ago

      The Chorus Trilogy has been a long and wild ride, and now it’s time to send it out with a bang.

      I am VERY happy to announce that on Monday, September 7th, select Alamo Drafthouse Theaters in Austin, Houston, Kansas City, and Yonkers will be screening Red vs. Blue: Season 13 in its entirety as a celebratory lead-up to the season finale!

      Come for the sim-troopers, stay for the drinks (and if you’re at the Austin South Lamar location, the post-show Q&A)!

      You can buy your tickets here:

      Austin (South Lamar)

      Austin (Slaughter Lane)


      Kansas City


      Don’t wait! You know you want to see Episode 18 on the GLORIOUS BIG SCREEN!

      The end is near! We hope you’ll join us for it!

      PS: The Q&A is currently planned to be recorded and released at a later date!

    • Miles Miles

      Netflix Recommendation

      1 week ago

      If you're looking for a show that can be both hilarious and soul-crushing, you should definitely check out Bojack Horseman. Flawed characters, realistic emotional issues, Will Motherfucking Arnett. Seriously, I cannot recommend that show hard enough. I never though I'd be able to relate to a cartoon horse/man.

      Here's the trailer.

    • Miles Miles

      RvB13 Clip in FreePlay!

      1 week ago

      Hey guys! A new episode of Free Play was just released! Not only should you watch it for the fat suits, and the trivia, and the Joel, but you should also check out the exclusive clip from this Sunday's RvB episode!

      It's right at the top of the show! I hope you dig it!

      Be sure not to miss #RvB13 Episode 18, "Great Destroyers" THIS SUNDAY for Sponsors, and Monday for the public! It's gonna be BIG.


    • Miles Miles

      2 weeks ago

    • Miles Miles

      2 weeks ago

    • Miles Miles

      ​Things Don't Always Work Out

      3 weeks ago

      Five and a half years ago I was suite-mates with my good friend, Kyle Taylor. We were the nerdy guys on the floor, which meant we typically kept things quiet, but these were the times when plastic guitars and drum sets were all the rage and The Beatles Rock Band had just been released. That night we sang, we danced, and we apparently made enough noise to bother the girls down the hall. They knocked on our door and politely asked us to shut the hell up.

      That was the night I met Arryn Zech.

      Things just happen like that. One minute you're focused on besting your friend's high score, and the next minute your only care in the world is "Who is this girl and how do I make her love me?"

      Sadly, things don't always work out.

      I'm writing this letter because Arryn and I are fortunate enough to have people that care about us all over the world, and we wanted to be the ones to inform them that we have decided to break up and go our separate ways. The two of us have been split for several weeks now, but chose to wait until after RTX to go public with this information (because that makes for some awkward panel questions). I'm happy to say that we are still close friends who care about one another very much and she will always lend her voice to characters such as Blake Belladonna and Emily Grey. Unfortunately, we've come to the conclusion that we are simply at two different points in our lives. Her future is waiting for her out in California, whereas my life remains here in the city of Austin, alongside my great friends at Rooster Teeth.

      Arryn and I spent three and a half wonderful years together, and I wouldn't trade those for the world... but things happen; sometimes in an instant, and sometimes not.

      We ask that you please respect our privacy during this emotional time, but also hope that you will continue to support the both of us in our future endeavors. Thank you.


    • Miles Miles

      RvB Episode 16!

      1 month ago

      Ohhhh snap! Be sure to keep an eye on @RoosterTeeth and @MilesLuna24 over the next few days for some images from the upcoming episode of RvB13!

    • Miles Miles

      1 month ago

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    • DaftProdigy

      DaftProdigy Tinfoil Hatter

      2 days ago

      DUDE. Very nice rule-of-three payoff on the "Felix, catch" thing! I really liked this episode :D

    • TheTah


      1 week ago

      Hey Miles. I'm doing some drawing practice and want a Miles' inspired idea. Gimme something to draw. ANYTHING at all. :D

    • jellogirl


      1 week ago

      Just want to let you know that you are a mad genius.

      That last episode of RvB was AMAZING!

    • chiefbrodie


      1 week ago

      Hey Miles was bored asf and couldn't sleep so I decided to read some rwby fanfiction "NOT SMUT". I found one on jaune and pyrrha it was all lovey dovey but I enjoyed it. Then I started to wonder what was going to happen between them or if there was going to be anything like that at all. If you didn't think about it yet adding some relationships to it would be a cool thing to have in the story afterall they are kinda in high school/college for warriors. PS huge fan of the series much love for all the work you guys put into it!


      Chief Brodie

    • Higgmeister


      1 week ago

      So in regards to a question that was asked in RTX about being in the same room as your RWBY character; what if you were in the same room as Felix and Jaune? Because personally, I hope Jaune does a "Gohan number" on Felix and makes mincemeat out of him!!

    • BiRubyRose


      2 weeks ago

      question: What are Scarlet and Sage's last names?

    • Cassner

      Cassner Hail Hydra

      3 weeks ago

      Now I don't have Twitter and I didn't get a chance to do this during the a RWBY panel. So here, So this is more for Jeff Williams is the Ice and Fire Biome going to have a songs specifically for that arena? You know a Song of Ice and Fire? Weiss's sister Winter is going to show up at some point. So in other words Winter is Coming. And Uncle Qrow is going to arrive, is Ozpin going have a part for him? Maybe a feast! A Feast for Qrow!

    • Spiderwing


      4 weeks ago

      Dear Miles,

      I would like to take this time to share a small story with you. I have a nine year old sister, by the name of Georganna. It is a lovely name, and we call her "George" for short. And my sister has many friends, as nine-year olds do. Many of her friends enjoy things like the Disney Channel, dress-up, and other things commonly associated with young girls. My sister, George, finished watching Volume 2 of RWBY last month. Therefore, in conclusion, you, my good sir, are a fantastic human being. Thank you for your time.

    • AlexanderCo2


      4 weeks ago

      You son of a bitch. How could you? How could you end this amazing episode? Seriously, well done. This is by far my favorite episode of this season. Ill give it a 10/10.

    • DaftProdigy

      DaftProdigy Tinfoil Hatter

      4 weeks ago

      Miles! Thank you and the rest of the production team for such a great episode this week. Also, thanks for your kind words about my theories on Afterbuzz TV. Those theories only exist because engaging and powerful stories inspire them, so I blame you :D

      • niriall

        niriall THE META

        4 weeks ago

        When I saw Daft wrote a comment I totally thought it was going to include "how dare you" so I came here to go "ooooooh gurl".


      • DaftProdigy

        DaftProdigy Tinfoil Hatter

        4 weeks ago

        @niriall tumblr_mtocau19Ic1qz9wlpo1_500.gif