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    • Da List (Spring 2017)

      2 years ago

      Koala_Bear Aspiring Author

      It's that time again, time to WATCH EVERY SINGLE ANIME! I'm not going to miss a gem again

      like Dragon Maid last season. Honestly I probably am, since I have no taste. So in no particular order:

      Shingeki No Kyojin Season 2: Those lovable cannibals are back!

      Clockwork Planet: World made of gears complete with a gear girl from the sky there to stop the gears from falling apart.

      Eromanga-Sensei: Your favorite porn artist you always hire turns out to be your sister >:C

      Busou Shoujo Machiavellism: Boy fights for Freedom in a school full of sword wielding tsunderes.

      Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records: lazy teacher at a top magical school that's just barely trying not to become a harem anime (probably will)

      Renai Boukun: Boy gets harem 'cause cupid made 'Kiss Notes' into her fanfic book

      Sagrada Reset: Dude with perfect memory and girl that can reset time team up to fight Sadness!

      Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai: Lucifer fights for control of Hell with as much violence and censorship as possible.

      Granblue Fantasy the Animation: Jean-lite teams up with Crystal Honey to summon dragons to fight the Generic Bad Guy #1 Empire

      Re: Creators: Anime comes to our reality (MY WIFU IS REAL!!)

      Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte li desu ka?: dude is the caretaker to a bunch of weaponized girls (not harem).

      Alice to Zouroku: Old man yells at all powerful girls

      Gin no Guardian: dude protects our world in a computer world 'cause you would too for dat booty

      Seikaisuru Kado: Huge cube shows up but all that people seem to care about is the MC Shindo!

      Tsuki ga Kirei: Middle School! Drama! Romance! Expositions~! (I wish there were expositions)

      Sakura Quest: Lovable town tries too hard to bring back tourism

      Tsugumomo: Your blanket turns into a wifu

      Fukumenkei Noise: Long lost childhood musical friends come together to form a love triangle.

      Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine: This Spring! Four naughty princes are going to be taught by (vinyl scratch) a commoner? EEEEHHHH??!!

      Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni?: Naughty Naughty temple monk anime

      Kinako Note: Quirky girls get together to form a theater troupe

      Kenka Banchou Otome: Girls beats Boys: Girl becomes the boss of an all-boys school full of delinquents.

      Atom: the Beginning: Learn about the scientist behind Astro-Boy for the people who are to lazy to watch the original anime.

      Kabukibu!: Kabuki anime! weird but fascinating

      Nobunaga no Shinobi Season 2: adorable "historically accurate" ninja

      Boku no Hero Academia Season 2: PLUS ULTRA!!! Mi heroes are back!!

      Sakura Internet: people actually trying to live our their foolhardy dreams

      Frame Arms Girl: model building with tiny girls (first shot is seriously a panty shot)

      Love Kome: We Love Rice: The bottom of the food pyramid has never been more Extreme!!

      Kenkei Shoujo: Super shorts about girls that transform into things

      Quan Zhi Gao Shou: (Chinese) world's best gamer goes back to his roots (lvl. 1 noob)

      Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho: Furry travels around with little witch girl

      Ani Ni Tsukeru Kusuri: How real siblings behave (constantly hating each other)

      ID-0: The Best ED EVER! This man takes Engrish to a whole new level!! Also girl joins a space pirates crew, yeah that happened too.

    • Da List (Winter 2017)

      2 years ago

      Koala_Bear Aspiring Author

      Every season I make a list of all the anime I checked out and add a little funny summary to help me remember them. Since writing it down on paper is so 100s BC and I keep on misplacing them, this is the next best place (because RT is going to last forever guys). So in the order I saw them:

      Little Witch Academia: Trigger Warning: Witches

      Seiren: All the sexual tension you'd expect from summer school in the mountains

      Youjo Senki: WWI except this time a little girl kicks the crap out of the French (historically accurate)

      Masamune-kun No Revenge: Narcissistic fat boy becomes Narcissistic cute boi to get back at Narcissistic hot chick

      Fuuka: Typical high school drama; boy has to decide which hot chick to go out with

      élDLIVE: The space police don't care about child labor laws (it's because he has "the special")

      Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu: Headline: Local Girl Learns to Ride Bike!

      Nyanko Days: How cat people see cats

      Demi-chan Wa Kataritai: Vampires & Callahans & Snow Maidens Oh My... F%& S*&! I am so pissed by how adorable and entertaining I find this!

      Chiruran: Nibun No Ichi: Happy go fun time with the Japanese death squad

      Gabriel Dropout: God's top angel finally understand the trails and tribulations of being a healer

      Onihei: Spaghetti western set in Japan (Sushi Western)

      ACCA 13 Ku Kansatsu Ka: Extreme pencil pusher extraordinaire!

      Spiritpact: the ambiguously gay duo vanquish naughty spirits

      Kemono Friends: Cat girl and a girl named 'Bag' cross the Savannah to go to the library (obviously was made for kids)

      Hand Shakers: tech-boy gets unexplained powers by holding terminally ill girl's hand.

      One Room: You're the MC, here's a pretty girl knock her-- I mean-- yourself out (Spoilers: it doesn't take place in one room)

      Piace Watshi no Italian: 4 minutes of angry Italians

      Kuzu no Honkai: Friends (that was to F*#k their teachers) with benefits

      Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Lesbian dragon that wants to lick her cloths

      Idol Jihen: An cute idol is your congresswoman

      Oh what a joyous time to live in...


    • 2019 years ago

      Koala_Bear Aspiring Author
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    • conmars

      7 years ago

      hello! how are you?

      • Koala_Bear FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Aspiring Author

        5 years ago

        Hey, I'm doing good, thanks for askin :D

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