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    • Lets Play Live... Live!

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      Hey everybody in case you didn't know Lets Play Live in October is going to be broadcast live to theaters across the nation. If you go to Barbara's post she recently made you can find out more info. If you are a First member tickets are on sale now and there is a link to buy the tickets in the post.

      I though we could use this to post if we are going and where so we can meet and hang out with other RT Floridians either before or after the show and enjoy the hijinks of the Let's Play Family!

      I bought tickets for the event at the Sawgrass Mills Regal theater in Sunrise if anyone else is going to that theater let me know and maybe we can plan a meet up!

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    • Chat Bff

      2 years ago


      Stumbled upon my RT Florida twitch chat bff on the roosterteeth site tonight yay! @NotRayNarvaezJr

    • Thank You Victoria

      3 years ago


      So someone *wink wink Victoria wink wink* felt the need to gift me sponsorship as they felt I was just a tad bit behind on RWBY. Well I plan to use this gift to the best of ability as it lasts till August! Also I owe someone a drink next time we're out ;)

    • The Basement

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      So this is to post whatever anybody wants. The dumping ground so to say. Anyways who else likes milkshakes at 4am?

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    • The world is fucking evil

      3 years ago


      I just had star wars spoiled to me in the worst fucking way possible. I was going to go see it this week with my whole family so obviously I have been avoiding certain websites, forums and so on to avoid getting any inkling about the films plot.

      Well I decided to watch a youtube video about different carbon structures which has literally nothing to do with fucking star wars. I'm reading the comments and decide to click on a lengthy comment chain about the video and carbohydrates when the second to last comment is a star wars spoiler out of fucking no where. It had nothing to do with the video, nothing to do with the previous comments just someone decided to be a fucking prick and ruin my life.

      Screw you Ender Wiggin I hope you rot in hell for the rest of eternity

    • Destiny

      3 years ago


      I caved and finally bought Destiny. I purchased the Taken King Legendary Edition, so it has Destiny, The Taken King, and Expansions 1 and 2, which I have no idea what any of that means, but hey I have it.

    • Very "Forgetful" Thanksgiving!

      3 years ago


      First off, I would like to say that the worst thing imaginable happened to me when I got back to my place after spending the week at my parent's for Thanksgiving. After my long four hour drive back to my apartment, I started to unpack and realized I left ALL MY MAKEUP at their house!!!!! Farewell Urban Decay lovelies I shall see you soon :'( I now have to live life off of cheap $5 drug store makeup until Christmas/New Years.

      Then, as I unpacked more I came across this art project I'm currently working on and realized I forgot to steal borrow this giant jar of black paint from my parent's house that I really needed in order to finish it! It was one of the few reasons I decided to go home for the holiday.

      And finally, I borrowed a suitcase from my Dad for a trip to Jacksonville a couple months ago and I have yet to return it. I was planning on returning it over Thanksgiving but I forgot it as I keep it out of sight shoved into the back of my closet. Although he hasn't asked for it back to be polite, I know he wants it. Woops.

      On the plus side, I finally found my UCF baseball t-shirt that has been missing since I visited them in the summer, turns out I left it there!

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    • Chopped

      3 years ago


      So just a few days ago, I chopped off over a foot of hair. That's right, over a foot, that's 12 inches plus, a subway sub made of hair (ewwwww).

      I've been growing my hair out ever since a very disastrous short hair cut in 6th grade, where I swore I would never cut my hair that short EVER!!! Well sorry 12 year old me, but I love my new hair, sometimes a little change is needed.

      So far my biggest problems are going to brush hair that no longer exists, and figuring out how much shampoo to pump.

      Check out the photo album My Hurrr for before and after pictures.

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