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    • RT Podcast Tangent: Six Times Blaine Should Have Been Fired

      3 years ago

      Becca RT Torturer

      In the latest Rooster Teeth Podcast, @bgibbles briefly talked about a few stunts he pulled during his internship that, in all honesty, should have gotten him fired. Yet somehow, he’s now a full-time, valuable member of the Rooster Teeth staff. Miracles are real, you guys.

      Here’s a list of all the shit we’ve had to put up with from him through the years.

      1. He farted on Gus while they were coming up with the name for The Know.


      2. He planted his dirty underwear on the podcast set for Burnie to find.


      3. He spanked Matt’s ass at a Christmas party, thinking he was Jordan.


      4. He left a hot glue gun on in the annex and drove back at 3:00 a.m. to turn it off.


      5. He walked around the office with a dildo on his forehead. It left a bruise.


      6. He accidentally punched Barbara in the boob during an intense Let’s Play.


      How about you? Have you ever been shocked to still have a job after an incident at work? Leave a comment and let us know!

    • Merch Monday: Rebecca’s RWBY Skateboard Adventure

      3 years ago

      Becca RT Torturer

      Welcome to the first installation of Merch Monday, our new series that showcases Rooster Teeth fans with their favorite Rooster Teeth merch! It’s our little way of saying thanks for supporting us.

      We had a lot of really great content to choose from, but we were particularly impressed by the image, videos, and story Rebecca (AKA @rebkos) sent in.

      She bought her RWBY Skate Deck last October. At the time, she didn’t actually know how to skateboard, but that was all the motivation she needed to learn.

      Rebecca says she had a blast researching everything she needed to know for spec'ing out the hardware and safety equipment. Then she had a good time getting together with friends so they could watch her fall down a lot.

      Check out this timelapse video of her assembling the board:

      Here she is with her finished RWBY skateboard (and rocking the RWBY White Fang Shirt):


      And finally, no skateboarding story is complete without a blooper reel:

      If you want to see more, Rebecca hashtagged all of her RWBY skateboard adventure tweets with #RWBYBoardAdventure.

      Thanks for sharing your adventure, Rebecca! Everyone thinks you’re a total badass.


      If you’d like to submit your merch photo and story for a chance to be featured in future Merch Monday posts, simply send me (Becca) a message via the Rooster Teeth site. Ideal submissions include clear, well-lit photos of current merch, along with a short writeup about how long you’ve had the pictured item and what you love about it. See the post here for more info.

      Also, don't forget to participate in #MerchMarch! Barb's journal has more info.

    • TheKracken asked Becca a question

      Hey! you're super cool! but when are we going to get your posts on the app? I would love to read them while I'm waiting to be sat at work :D

      Answered: Mar 6, 2016

      Good question! Psst, @Dave and @natalya.

    • Fan Art Friday #2: DeeRezzed

      3 years ago

      Becca RT Torturer

      TGIFAF! It’s time to take our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE. This week’s featured artist is @DeeRezzed.

      Check out this incredible digital painting she did of Felix from Red vs. Blue.


      You can see more of Dee’s art on her DeviantArt page.


      Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Simply head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

    • Up Close and Uncomfortable #1: Embarrassment

      3 years ago

      Becca RT Torturer

      You know those questions you ask people when you’re first getting to know them? The ones that have the potential to reveal a lot about the person? Yeah. We know those questions too.

      Welcome to "Up Close and Uncomfortable," a new monthly content feature that gives readers an intimate look into the inner workings of Rooster Teeth staff members’ minds.

      In our first edition, we pose a pretty simple question:

      What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?

      Barbara Dunkelman

      10th grade picture day. I wanted to look nice, so I wore new light-wash jeans and a strapless blue shirt. I also started my period this day (no, not for the first time. That was in 7th grade) which, I guess at this moment in time, decided it would become really fuckin’ REAL all of a sudden.

      You can probably see where this is going.

      I sit down on the chair to take my photo, get up, walk out of the hall, and feel… well, let’s just say “damp” to put it lightly. I go to the bathroom, turn around, and see that I had completely bled through my jeans. And I’m not talking about a little spot. Imagine murdering someone, having them bleed all over the floor, then plopping down in that blood and standing back up.

      To this day, I have no idea if I left anything on the chair I sat in for picture day, or if anyone noticed, but how could they not have? Lucky for me, I had a sweater in my locker that I tied around my waist, called my mom in tears to pick me up, and went home.

      That night I forced myself to start using tampons.


      THE picture.

      Yssa Badiola

      I was in my first year of college, and I was still getting used to having a roommate since I've had my own room for the longest time. She was out getting groceries, and I thought, “Oh wow, this is the best time to... porn and masturbate.”

      Best way to hear porn is surround sound, so I had my really good headphones on.

      I mean like. You can probably already guess how it ended. My roommate came in, I had my hand in my pants, and there was porn on my laptop screen.

      The best/worst part is we didn't talk about it. She was just like, "O-Oh!! Hey!!!" and like, tried to sort her groceries with her back turned to me while I tried to pick up the broken shards of my dignity by speaking REALLY LOUDLY to her and singing songs out loud because of the adrenaline of being caught.

      To this day, she is one of my two favorite people I've ever lived with.

      Brandon Farmahini

      I was pantsed in high school gym class during a game of dodgeball. Gym shorts and boxers down to the ankles.

      Tyler Coe

      I shit my pants during a huge bike race in pre-k.

      It was a brutal day in more ways than one. It was a hot, summer day in Texas, so it was like 220 degrees. No one wanted to be there, kids and parents alike. We were a bunch of kids on training wheels with oversized helmets going about -5mph down the track because, shockingly, four-year-olds have terrible motor skills. Most of us didn't even know our colors yet. Shit, I remember one kid in my class had just learned to talk the day before. Imagine THAT fucking kid hopping on a bike. That's a far cry from his normal day of being the mute kid sitting in the corner eating glue.

      Anyway, I was about to steal that kid's dumbass thunder because I was near the back of the peloton and I was freaking out. I had to shit like NOW. I remember thinking that if I stopped cycling, I'd be ok.

      So I stopped...

      Big mistake, because now people were looking at me as the other kids raced by. I created a scene and people were getting involved. My teachers were telling me, "Keep going! You can do it!" and in my head I was like, "No. I can't do it, because I'm about to shit all over this bike."

      Pretty sure the tears were welling up in my eyes as my handle on this situation was slipping away. Literally.

      Then it happened.

      I couldn't hold it anymore and I unleashed hell into the seat of my tiny pants. Holy shit. I mean I don't even remember eating that much but I shit enough for a grown-ass man and a great dane. It was so much. It was everywhere. All down my legs, down the bike, on to the ground. It looked like I got dipped in melted chocolate.

      I was totally defeated and it was most certainly the lowest point of my four-year-old life. I was covered in shit, crying like a little bitch – in full view of my entire school with my parents in the crowd – and Lennie the Mute had just passed me on his tricycle.

      There's no coming back from that.

      However, I don't remember getting much ridicule after it happened. I think everyone felt so sorry for me that it wasn't even cool to make fun of me. Pretty sure my classmates were just like, "Damn. Glad that wasn't me, because… just.. damn." My parents never even spoke of it.

      That was my lone memory from pre-k. Life has gotten better since that day.

      Thank you for your time.


      Miles Luna

      Lemme tell ya: middle school was hard. In the 7th grade I took my first theater arts class. We were performing a play in front of the entire school in order to practice for an upcoming competition. I was cast as a fairy boy. I wore green tights, a little Peter-Pan-like outfit, and to really drive home this mental image, I'd also like to inform you that I was super chubby at this point in my life... and had spiked hair. Really sexy look. Anyway, in the middle of our very first performance, at the end of my very first scene, I knocked down the ENTIRE set. My leg got wrapped on a cloth, which pulled down a curtain, which knocked over a pylon, which toppled the back wall, and so on and so forth. The entire student body laughed as I stood, mortified, in little green tights. Like I said, middle school was hard.

      Gus Sorola

      I once pissed my pants when I was in 9th grade. I was taking a test in my computer studies class and had an urgent need to go to the bathroom. My teacher said I could go to the bathroom but if I went I'd have to turn my test in since he didn't want anybody cheating. I went through and tried to complete my test as quickly as possible and as I was finishing up my last question I couldn't hold it anymore and pissed my pants. When I was 15 years old in high school, I pissed my pants. I stayed in my seat and waited until the person next to me finished their test and asked them to hand mine in for me. Luckily it was winter so I had a coat with me, so as class ended I made sure I was the last person in class and stood up and wrapped my coat around my waist to hide my soggy pants. I only had one more class for the day and for some stupid reason I decided to go to it instead of going home. I went to class, finished out the day then ran the fuck home. To this day I still wonder why I was so stupid to not go to the bathroom, and then to stay in school and not go home.

      Chris Demarais

      (No explanation needed.)

      yaMNOfk.pngSponsor Exclusive:

      Check out Chris’s vlog to hear about how – and if – he recovered from this traumatic event.


      And there you have it: your first glimpse into the dysfunctional lives of Rooster Teeth staff. New issues of "Up Close and Uncomfortable" will be released the first Thursday of every month, so check back on April 7 for your next dose of depravity.

      As always, leave a comment to share your most embarrassing moments. I'm sure there are some jaw-dropping stories out there.

    • j4sonm asked Becca a question

      Out of all RT productions which would you say is your favorite live action and (machin)animated series?

      Answered: Mar 3, 2016

      Million Dollars, But... and Social Disorder are tied for my favorite live action productions. They both make me laugh way too hard. My favorite animated series is Red vs. Blue because there's such a rich history there.

      Honorable mention: I love the RT Podcast.

    • Wednesdays Got Me Like

      3 years ago

      Becca RT Torturer


      (If you haven't watched the new Million Dollars, But... Bloopers & Outtakes clip, DO IT NOW.)

    • Red vs. Blue: Derailing Your Thread Comments Since 2003

      3 years ago

      Becca RT Torturer

      Sorry, OP, but this thread is about Red vs. Blue now.


    • 3 years ago

      Becca RT Torturer
    • Rooster Teeth Merch Feedback

      in Forums > Rooster Teeth Merch Feedback | Follow this topic

      Becca RT Torturer

      We want to know what you'd like to see more of in the Rooster Teeth Store. Want more sponsor-exclusive gear? Wish that one shirt came in a different style? Leave a comment here with your thoughts – we’re all ears.

      411 replies

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      But now I'm recalling our conversation about Clarissa's TMBG poster. That was awesome.

      Nerd HIGH-FIVE!

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      You don't sound like Dr. Girlfriend!

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      Hey Bex i really do hope you get better i havent got LARYNGITIS i have the flu so lets hope we both get better smiley1.gif

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      Since you're a site admin, i thought you could help me
      this guy called wookie_likes , is being an asshole to me
      like right out of the blue, no warning at all and starts saying crap about a pic of Twilight the movie i have
      so i block him
      then he gets in another profile called hates_you
      i also block that one
      but i found out he's created that second profile to give more crap to people who block his first profile
      he practically says it in his journal
      i think he needs to be banned

      Link to wookie_likes

      Link to hates_you

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      10 years ago

      Texas is in a BCS bowl! Good luck! ^_^

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      Zzombie13 has posted another image involving Sister. Just thought you'd like to know. Have a nice day.

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      Rebecca sup, just saying have a merry christmas and thx for being part of a great present(RVB all seasons)

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      Now we're talkin~
      Lake Tahoe is at most 2 1/2 hours away.
      You are officially made of awesome
      Of every sort.

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      10 years ago

      According to a former co-worker of mine, he apparently cock-blocked some dude out of spite because he liked the girl but she wasn't interested in him.

      Can't he just be happy with his millions and rabid fan base? GAWSH!

    • jeff Shorts Forum Mod

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      You and me are the only ones who have been in every video.

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      I think my family is trying to get a dachshund today... You're the queen of them.

      Advice needed!!!

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      Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, hope you have a good one. Eat a lot of turkey for me.

    • Taketoshi

      10 years ago

      I think my exact phone message to her once I had broken down was: "My god, Deborah, this is the gayest band I have ever heard (other than Xiu-Xiu and early Depeche Mode, of course) but I CANNOT stop listening to it!"

    • Taketoshi

      10 years ago

      ever listen to Hot Chip? A friend tried to get me into them for a long time and I finally broke down and really checked em out. Loving it so far.

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      Thanks much. I figure I had to do something worthwhile to make up for my lack of quality dancing. smiley4.gif

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      I spent 17 hours out of a 24 hour period and you CAPS LOCK me for the one mistake I made?


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      Because I am a caring soul and all that fuckin horseshit....

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      SHAZAM !


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      hi can i add you

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      ur not gona talk to me cuz u dont know me init that the case

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      becca my m8s say hi and so do i lol

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      BOO. YOU SUCK.

      jk ilu. <3

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      thanks for the add on facebook. smiley12.gifsmiley0.gif

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      OBAMA WON!

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      I think you made my night... Those shorts are hideous.
      I felt like I was watching Forest Gump...

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      Nice profile and pics Becca

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      You did a great job as Sis. Keep up the great work.

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      Just wanted to say howdy again. Havent really talked to you all since I was in Korea. Go where the government tells me to go. Asia to the Middle East and hope fully home.

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      Hey feeling sick..I thik I need u stick a thermomitor...somewhere-STAT
      10CC of hot pink nurse - now!

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      Love the costume, happy halloween although belated :p

    • Warbringer95

      10 years ago

      What's up? Could you ask the moderators why I have been banned from the RvB Forum? I haven't done anything to merit it and it came randomly the day the episode came out.

    • Bastian2

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      Nice costume. Happy Halloween, Becca.

    • silentucker

      10 years ago

      oh wait!
      your doctor girlfriend

    • yograndaddy

      10 years ago

      I didn't know you watched Venture Bros.!! Monarch FTW!!! lulz nice costume btw.

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      Well it came out great, you look amazing.

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      10 years ago

      You've actually got the right figure for it! She's such an awesome character.

      You know, I think you should bring the dark hair back. smiley8.gif

    • cantimon

      10 years ago

      Im wondering if you guys know about The PASIC convention thing thats going to be in Austin this weekend. PASIC stands for percussion arts society something something. im going to be performing there with the rest of our schools drumline. i just think itll be cool if you guys saw our show, its awsome.

    • kristen

      10 years ago

      thanks for reading my mind. my head i was like, "i want to be friends with her."

    • MissZahrah

      10 years ago

      It won't help you sleep... but maybe it'll be worth a giggle all the same.

      The last two soldiers in blood gulch?

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      10 years ago

      Another gorgeous cast memeber of RVB!

      Your charcter was awesome!!! Just thought I'd let you know

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      Hey could you give me a link to where you got that robot shirt, its very cool.

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      That's the one I was talking about.. with the curly hair thing on the top of his head...

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