Hey everyone!

Today we’re excited to introduce a new tier of FIRST with some amazing benefits our Community has wanted for quite a while. This new annual tier is called FIRST+ and with it you’ll receive all the same great benefits of a 12-month FIRST membership, plus…

  • FREE domestic standard SHIPPING and 50% off domestic expedited shipping from the Rooster Teeth Store

  • 50% off international standard shipping from the Rooster Teeth Store

  • A FREE copy of our new game Vicious Circle for Windows PC

  • A FREE copy of the Vicious Circle FOUNDER’S PACK

  • A unique FIRST+ star by your username

  • And more to come

FIRST+ will be available starting August 12 for $119.99, charged on a yearly basis. We’ll have more fun and surprises for our FIRST+ members later down the road.

In a previous journal post, I also announced we will be increasing the price of FIRST for our existing tiers. On August 12, 2019, at 12:00 p.m. CT, the following new rates will go into effect across all FIRST membership plans:

  • Monthly: $5.99

  • 6 Months: $32.99

  • Annual: $59.99

The annual plan will also include a FREE copy of Vicious Circle for Windows PC when you sign up or renew your membership at the new annual rate (valid through the end of 2019). 

All membership plans will be affected by this new pricing, including our grandfathered member rates. We are grateful for your continued support and hope you understand that it's time for us to move to a more uniform subscription price for all members. As a thank you, all our grandfathered users will also receive a FREE copy of Vicious Circle for Windows PC.


As always, if none of these options are interesting to you right now, there are still many ways to support Rooster Teeth, watch our content, and engage with the Community. 

And speaking of the Community, I also want to give a brief update on the new community site we’ve been working on. Some of you have been invited to the closed beta and have been helping us immensely in its development. We will be opening the site to the public later this year. In the meantime, if you want access to the beta NOW, fill out this form and you’ll be added!

If you have questions about the pricing change, how or when the new rate will affect you, please check out this helpful FAQ or contact our community support team

Thank you for making what we do possible!