I created the first piece of chupa concept art in December of 2010, which makes chupathingys eight years old. Hurrah!

We've done a lot with chupas in that time: made a website, a chupapedia, a comic, animations, hundreds of lil' chupababies, a Discord server, and even a game. Now we're going into 2019, and there's still a lot of story left to share, so I'm more committed than ever to getting that done.
To that end...! I'd like to get you guys involved in the next big step. In order to move at a better pace, I need to cut back the things that are slowing it down. This might mean trying something new, or just abandoning the old. This year I'm putting all my other projects on the shelf and focusing entirely on this--what you guys are about to vote on.

What should I do next with r[E]volution?

1. Continue producing the comic as-is
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," they say. All I would have to do is double-down on comic work and do nothing else (that means no more "Ask Docs" or gifs, etc.)

2. Continue the comic in a reduced style
Comics...! But faster, and messier. Imagine the style for "Ask Doc" but with a little more polish. The obvious benefit is that THIS IS THE FASTEST OPTION, by far. If you don't mind a sketchy thumbnail-style and just want more comics nao, this is a pick for you.

3. Go back to producing the video game
There's a new version out (v0.5) thanks to Auro Vee, who volunteered to do a ton of work. It has an additional smack battle, boss encounter and overdrive system. Big props to him, and y'all should check it out:


DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE (Windows version - Mac version available upon request)

So, there's lot of fun things to be said about a game project. The possibilities are practically endless. The DRAWBACK is that not everybody has the time, technology or inclination to play a video game, so that reduces the audience for this. It's possible to record and upload gameplay videos (chapter-by-chapter, even) to make up for that, but that would be that.

4. Make a game, but in a reduced format (visual novel)
If you've ever played (or watched) a visual novel, you know what this is about. It would still be a game project, just without the map exploration. Progress would be driven by dialogue and character portraits in front of nice backgrounds. Being a game, this still leaves a lot of room for branching paths and player choices, so it could be really fun, and take much less time to produce than the above option. Also, like the above option, it's possible to record and upload gameplay videos.

5. Make a video series (animatic style)
Here's the wildcard:

So far, the time it takes to produce a scene like this is roughly the same as it does a regular comic update. Time spent being equal, this option does have bonus backwards-compatibility by taking the raw frames and cutting them into comics, as well (see: option #2.) It also opens the door to some outside help with sound design, if anyone's interested in that...? I always welcome new chupapologists, heh.

I'm equally invested in all these ideas--they EACH sound fun, and have their own unique drawbacks and challenges. Really, at the end of the day/month/year, my goal is to share r[E]volution's story. I'm not particular on the art medium, which is why I leave it to y'all to decide. WHATEVER IS CHOSEN, the other options will be archived and never returned to again.
(And for the 1% looking for more Phoenix Chronicles, you're going to want to vote for the FASTER options, because I won't be going back to TPC until chupa stuff is off my plate.)

At last, let me say... For those of y'all still here, thank you. You guys amaze me all the time. I've always appreciated your support, feedback and community.
Cheers to a chupariffic 2019~

TL;DR Here is a poll and your votes are appreciated!