I just went through another streak of not logging in for a while. Nothing much is new with me. Photo editing, going to events (most recently, Anime Expo), and working. 

I have to admit, Anime Expo has not been the same for me for years now. I still like to go though. I have heard of lots of people deciding not to go for various reasons, such as price increase and the cosplay community being toxic. While I am saddened that the price for badges went up, it didn't stop me from buying the 4-Day pass on Day 2 and the Early Bird special for the 4-Day pass for Anime Expo 2019. I should have done that the year before, since I can just sell it if I am unable to attend. 

I still made the best out of my time there and it has made me want to check out My Hero Academia.

I'm thinking about starting a new blog from the current one that I have or having a legit website of my coverage of various events. What I'm doing right now is pretty much Photojournalism. However, my writing could be better, though I don't prefer it (maybe you can tell by the way I write these journals :P).