So with today's post of a pre-release for Vanilla Minecraft 1.13, I will be proceeding with my plan to go about streaming a tour of my vanilla 1.10 Minecraft World, and it will feature the final, Grand Smelting of the Mark V "Challenger" smelter.  I've been spending the last few weeks getting ready for this stream, with final decorating and mining prep for the final smelt of the Mark V, which will be succeeded by the larger and complex Mark VI Smelter.

I hope you guys can show up for it!

So here's facts for this stream:

Who: You, me and as many people as we can get!

What: Minecraft 1.10 World tour and epic smelt

When: 5 June 2018, 3 pm (1500) US Central Time


Why: Cause I wanna share this world before 1.13 come about.

So I hope to see you there, and it will be going up on my gaming YT channel as soon as the stream is over- that way if you miss the stream, you can still watch it