RTX is crazy and a bit scary if it’s your first year, or even if it’s not! Don’t worry though, cause we have plenty of experienced attendees who were happy enough to share their experiences and advice for everyone else. The number one rule though, don’t be a dick.

What the Hell are Tickets This Year?!

So, there’s a few more badge options this year than there were before. The Platinum badge is last year’s VIP with all access for those who can afford it. Weekend Plus is a step down, and an in between for Platinum and Weekend. The Weekend badge gives you access to RTX the entire weekend, but expect to wait in lines. Single Day badges are just that, they give you one day at the con.

To see a more thorough breakdown of each badge, check out Bethany’s post below. The main notes we have are that Weekend Plus is like a discount Platinum; you get in an hour earlier, an extra autograph code, lounge access, and reserved seating for CENTER STAGE (not panels). There is a possibility that more features will be added later, but we will have to wait for an update from RT on this.


Pick Up Your Badges Early

RTX badges are being mailed out this year. Fingers crossed this goes smoothly. Make sure you purchase your ticket by July 6th 11:59 PM CST. In fact, the sooner you buy your badge, the better. Any badges purchased after this will need to be picked up on-site. If this is the case, we suggest picking up your badge early. Like, Thursday early. It will save you a LONG wait the morning of.

RTX Lines

Okay, so the lines at RTX kinda suck, especially for the big panels. So if you're not sure whether you'll make it into a panel because of the lines, subscribe to the @RTXLines on Twitter for the most up to date notifications. Plan out what panels you want to go to the most. And just in case you end up missing one, have back up plans, because chances are, it will happen. Some lines form 2-3 hours before the panel, plan accordingly. HOWEVER, please do not line up any sooner than this; it’s rude to other con-goers and the Guardians will just tell you to come back later anyway.

Check out the RTX app!

You know how we mentioned planning out your days for panels above? Well, Rooster Teeth makes a pretty awesome app to keep track of all that stuff! You can add panels, autograph sessions, and events to a linear schedule so you can keep track of everything you want to do. It allows you to add reminders, view maps of the convention and city, and even view friend’s schedules. Just remember, you may not be able to do everything, so make sure you have a couple things picked out that you REALLY want to do. We suggest one panel a day, especially if it’s one of the big podcast ones.

After Hours Events

RTX not only goes on during the day, but in the afternoon too! And sometimes the day before the weekend and the day after. If you bought the badge, there’s the VIP party, RT events, and community events like the ones we put on through RT Florida. There are even a lot of events that happen on Thursday too like the Booze Cruise put on by Rooster Speak. Make sure that you arrive early enough to take part in these with everyone else! Take a look in the forums on the RT site, check Facebook and Twitter closer to RTX, or just ask us and we can probably find something!

Meet New People!

Okay, seriously. Rooster Teeth is all about community. That’s WHY RTX exists. So use that to your advantage and interact with the attendees. They’re there for the same reasons as you, and that’s because they love RT too! If you’re waiting in line for a couple hours, turn to the person next to you and strike up a conversation or play a game of MDB or CAH, or another game with a 3 letter acronym. If you like to bring your Nintendo DS or Switch (a very good idea to pass the time), you’ll likely pass the same people all weekend. See if you can figure out who they are and talk to them. You can make new friends during the weekend, and because we all live on the Internet anyway, it’s easy to keep in touch!

Mind Your Body

RTX is a weekend of fun, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Austin is hot, just like Florida, so make sure to drink A LOT of water. Stay hydrated and make sure to rest up enough at night and you should make it through just fine. Carry around a bag (you get one that you can pick up at the convention) and put a bottle of water in it. You can carry your wallet, a charger, some snacks, entertainments, and any merch you buy it in. Also, make sure your wardrobe is appropriate too- Wear shorts, or be comfortable with the fact that wearing jeans is going to be very hot of you’re outside. As a courtesy to others, make sure to shower every day and wear deodorant, even carry one with you if you tend to sweat more than usual (hey, it happens to the best of us). There will be a lot of people crammed into small rooms and you don’t want to make the smell any worse. Plus it’ll be perfect to keep in that bag you're carrying around!

Budget, Budget, Budget!

RTX is expensive, we know. But if you budget yourself, you can make it through the weekend having spent only $1K! Your flight and hotel will take up a large part of this, and while there’s not a lot you can do about the flight, the hotel cost can be cut by room sharing with other attendees. Post a message in the forums or in the group and see who else is looking to share. We even put up a room sharing sheet below so you can put your name down and find someone to room with, or find people to share your room. Make sure that you budget out enough money for food, merch, and drink too. It’s a weekend of fun, but you don’t want it to be Saturday and you’ve already spent most of your money on merch. Tip: you can save some money by staying at a hotel with free breakfast; you can bring some bagels or cereal back to your room and use them for lunch too!


Our Official RTX 2018 Hotel

Rooster Teeth has their own block of rooms at hotels where they offer discounted rates. This can be a good deal if you get them before they sell out. However, like we mentioned earlier, you can also save money by rooming with a group of people. We like to try to stick together as a group here at RT Florida, and have chosen an official hotel for the group this year; The Hampton Inn on San Jacinto Blvd. While you don’t have to stay here, this is our choice because we find it’s a decent price, has free breakfast, and the suite rooms have enough room for people to pile in!


It’s been said enough times, cosplay is NOT consent. Ask before you touch someone or take a picture. If you like someone’s outfit or setup, ask them about it. Most people are willing to talk about their work and even give tips. Just remember to ask first! If you’re cosplaying, make sure you are aware of the rules for weapons. There’s a security table where you will have to get tagged and the tag will need to be visible on the weapon at all times. And if you have a large cosplay project, just be mindful of others, make sure you aren’t intentionally bumping into people.


RESPECT THEM! Seriously. RTX Guardians keep the events held together. Don’t be a dick and get upset just because a Guardian says you can’t line up early or tells you not to stand somewhere. They’re just doing their jobs, and a fine one at that! Don’t feel afraid to talk to them if you’re waiting in line, or ask questions if you’re unsure of something. That’s why they’re there. If you see one of them rushing around doing something though, either be brief, or ask the next one. Guardians are busy people, but they still want to help how they can!


There’s a lot of fun and cool stuff you can get at RTX. If you’re one of those lucky people who get to walk the exhibition hall early, consider using that time to visit the store while there’s no line. You can get your RT shopping out of the way that day too! However, Sunday is usually when the store and the other vendors usually have the best deals. They’re trying to get rid of all their stock before they have to lug it back so mark down a lot of the prices. Just be wary that they may be sold out of some stuff come the last day, so if there’s something you really want, maybe get it ahead of time.

Some Other Helpful Tips

If you are carrying around a bag, make sure that you don’t leave it lying around. There’s a good chance it will get taken and you will never see it again. Last year, someone left a Nintendo Switch in the bathroom… Yeah, they never saw it again. Prepare for the security tea mto check you on the way into the exhibition hall. There is a bag check and a metal detector; when it’s your turn, don’t hold up the line because you weren’t paying attention and aren’t ready with your bag or badge. Also, make sure to carry some cash on you. Maybe you’re splitting something with someone or one of the booths doesn’t accept credit cards. It’s always a good practice to do when you’re traveling. Lastly, we’re going to repeat it again, DON’T BE A DICK. Have fun!


The RT Florida Crew