So 2017 is over.  A lot's happened this past year, and there's a lot that could have been as well, but I try not to dwell on what didn't happen/couldn't make happen.  But there were several big things that I did get done in 2017, and they are as follows:

1. I went to several music concerts, biggest of which was the U2 Concert in Kansas City- what a fun trip that was, especially with friends in my first concert of a major band.

2. I had a change of jobs.  It was needed.

3. I hosted a part of the 2017 GGG Extralife Live-stream, overseeing the Minecraft segment with the Gladiator Festival.  It was lots of fun, and there was plenty of drama.


So what will 2018 hold?  With all the stuff going on, there's gonna be quite a few things to do in the new year.  I'm already seeing a few potential changes already.  Hopefully, I can get to go to another concert or two.  I'm also hoping to do some more stuff with my buds in the Good Guy Gamers group- if you wanna join us, just let me, @BeepBep or @Killerkel know and we'll help you out!

As for my Writing thoughts journal series, I'm gonna put that on hold for awhile.  I feel the need to take a break from it- the Extralife stream and the holidays have held up the last few entries.  But I hope to get into again eventually.  As for other things?  Well, we'll have to see!

Have a good 2018 everyone!