Hey everybody! It's that time of year again where the community gets together and plays games to raise money for their local children's hospital. That's right, we're talking about Extra Life, and we're gearing up to stream again this year!


Join us November 4th starting at 12:00 PM EST on Twitch as we play games in support of the Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville. A few of our members have been directly affected by this hospital, making us proud to support the establishment! You can help us by donating any amount on our Extra Life fundraiser page below:


Do you have your own Extra Life stream you plan on hosting this year? Let us know and join our team! We want to help you. Your donations will help us reach our team goal of $3,000, and since we're also signed up under the Rooster Teeth Super Team banner, all that goes towards their total goal too!


Speaking of goals, we have our own. Our 25 hour RT Florida stream is working to raise $2,000 towards the Wolfson Children's Hospital. We know you're an awesome community and you'll help us break that in no time, but we also decided to give you guys some incentive and set some stretch goals for the group. Check them out below!


To keep the stream fun and interesting while we're on our way to that goal, we have a full schedule planned out for you wonderful viewers. From games to shenanigans, we have a full menu for you keep yourself entertained with while you watch!


And hey, maybe you want something a little more out of your donation than self satisfaction. Well we have just the thing for you! This year RT Florida has its own exclusive Extra Life merch. Available until the end of Game Day weekend, you can purchase your own RT Florida Extra Life exclusive shirt or Pineapple Civil War print from our store. All proceeds go towards our $2,000 goal, and you get some snazzy swag out of it. Check them out below, or head to our store and pick one up yourself!




Just like last year, we have a lot of cool raffle items and prizes to give away. We've teased a few of the items below, but the rest will be officially announced later this week! All it takes to enter a raffle is a small $5 donation during an item's scheduled time. At the end of that slot, a winner or winners will be chosen at random, and contacted via email about their prize! You can only win one item during the stream, so choose wisely!


UPDATE: Raffle items have been announced along with their giveaway schedule. Check it out in the image below. We're very excited to display some local work from the community (like the RWBY Spray Paints) and are continuing our tradition of giving away another Burnie Burns Challenge Coin. And yes, you read that right. On Sunday, 8:00am EST, during our RT Community Power Hour, we are raffling off an Xbox One with a controller, and possibly even a game! All it takes is $5 to enter the raffle, however, there is only ONE entry per person. Remember, it's all to help the kids!


Last year we implemented a fun activity called the Hat of Horrors. This year, we've upped our production value and turned that hat into a wheel (we're not witches, we swear)! Donate $25 or more and you will be able to hear the tick tick tick of the wheel as we stand around in horror at what one of us is going to have to do. We also upped the stakes. Now, if you make a donation of $100 or more, we have a special list of activities to spin for that are far more dastardly than the standard ones!

Make sure to follow this post to stay up to date on our most recent Extra Life announcements!

See you Game Day! -> https://www.twitch.tv/rt_florida

The RT Florida Crew