First off, the RT Florida Extra Life stream is being worked on behind the scenes. There is a group heading the event which consists of Victoria. Chris, Will, Clayton, Sergio, Jake, and Logan. If you have questions about anything, please bring it to one of us and we can help.


Extra Life Game Day is November 4th, a Saturday. While there is a confirmed RT Community stream, we don't have the exact dates and we can only speculate based off the information we have so far. 

In the most recent Rooster Teeth podcast #447, Jack confirmed that their EL stream will be November 11th, a week after Game Day. This leads up to believe that the community stream will be the same day as Game Day, just like last year. No matter what, we plan on doing both Game Day and RT community stream whether they are separate or the same day.


Our EL stream is all going to be at one location this year in Orlando. This is to reduce technical difficulties and simplify the process. We will be inviting people on throughout the 24 hours and swapping others out to give everyone a chance to be on camera. However, we can only have so many people on at once and as there are a lot of people in this group, please note that not everyone might get a chance to be apart of the stream on the camera. But, we do intend to have prizes, stretch goals, and the Hat of Horrors again this year.

Another thing. Last year there were some instances of underage drinking and that will NOT happen again this year. This is a charity event for the children and we need to remain professional. We will also be making people sign waivers if they are going to be on the stream. This is nothing personal, it just covers out asses as some things we have planned are going to be a little outrageous. 


We are still working on a list, but so far have the following games/segment.

  - Overcooked

  - Speed Runners

  - Possibly Dream Daddy

  - A LIVE horror game segment

  - A special racing game setup


We're always looking for ideas to incorporate into the stream. If there's something you think would be fun to try, let us know and while we can't guarantee we will use it, we will consider it.

We are looking for some extra equipment, one item in particular, a multiple output video switcher. We ask because a decent one costs as low as $500. We're just asking you guys to keep an eye out if you know where to get a used one for a couple hundred or even know someone who has one who would consider letting us borrow it for the event. A few other things we're looking for are HD camera, USB and HDMI extension cable, tripods, collapsible tables, monitors, lights, mics, and games. As we get closer to the event, it will become more apparent what we really need.

Prizes. While we can get some help with this from Rooster Teeth, it's going to be small things like key chains and slap bands. We want to offer more unique prizes as well. We're looking for people to donate or offer as a service such as physical items, commissions requests for some type of art

digital goods, etc. If you have something to contribute as a prize, please let us know and we will review it.

A big thing we want to do is a Retro Rooster Teeth Grab Bag. What we're looking for are people to go through their closets, storage boxes, or whatever to find old rooster teeth apparel that they are okay with donating for EL and allowing us to used them in a grab bag of 2-3 items depends on how many donations we get. If you're not sure whether an items is good to use, the condition is good enough, or are just not really sure what this is about, just message one of the people heading the event and they can help.

Finally, we'd like to deliver most of our grab bags and prizes in the RT Double Gold boxes. If you have a few of those lying around that you haven't gotten rid of yet, please be sure to keep them around or give them to Victoria to hold onto in the meantime. If we have any left over after the event, we'll gladly give them back if that's what you want.

If you have any more questions on Extra Life of what's happening, please be sure to ask! We'll explain what we can.

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