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      7 years ago

      The BlawnDee Fanclub


      In this extremely large and mixmatched image, you find the definition of support. It's all from a community, one community, united to congratulate a very special person on a very special job hiring. This image offers a fraction of the overall burst of comments, tweets, etc. that were made in response to our very own Barbara, formerly BlawnDee, being hired as Community Manager by Rooster Teeth. This picture shows just a fraction of this community and its capability to show love. Its capability to show support.

      I will say with the utmost confidence that the Rooster Teeth community is the best community on the Internet. I have had my fair share of different Internet communities, compiled of random strangers to friends. But something is different here. We aren't just a community; we're a family. We encourage each other to strive for success. We console each other when we are sad. We support each other in everything we do.

      Why am I choosing to say that here? Because Barbara is the epitome of everything this community is. She is by far one of the nicest people I have ever had the blessing to talk to. She is kind, caring, pure in heart and soul, dedicated, I could literally sit here and let different descriptive terms come to mind for hours. Barbara is a wonderful individual. There could not possibly be a person more suited for the position of Community Manager for this community. For this family.

      Barbara, thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for this wonderful community, and for all that you will continue to do. Thank you for showing us that with hard work and determination, we can reach our dreams. You are a bright and shining source of inspiration for all to follow. Thank you for being such an involved community member, never hesitating to assist fellow members in their time of need. Thank you for giving nothing short of your best to this community. We can only hope to repay the many, many favors we owe you. Thank you for this, and infinitely more. Particularly, thank you for being a figure of support I could turn to in my time of need. Thank you for giving me hope in this world when I was sure I'd lost it forever.

      On behalf of myself, of this group, and Rooster Teeth, thank you. This job was made for you, and you for the job. We have no doubts that you will soar among the stars as our Community Manager.

      Good luck, Barb. The Force will be with you. Always. smiley8.gif


    • Birthday?!

      8 years ago

      The BlawnDee Fanclub

      Well everyone, today is a day that stands out from every other day of the year. Today, we celebrate the birth of a very, very awesome person. That person is none other than our BlawnDee.

      First, you should all go to her page and wish her a very happy birthday.

      Then, you can read this, because I decided it would be only proper to give some kind of toast-like thing.

      What can I say about Barb? Well, to start with, I can say she's an absolutely wonderful individual who has an amazing heart. She has this certain aura to her that makes you immediately want to be friends with her, mainly because she's so social and open to meeting new people. Barb cares about the people around her. She gives so much to this community, whether it be through being a model in the ads, participating in community-based events, or writing journals to help assist other community members. And from a personal perspective, I have to give a very big thank you to Barb. It was back in November that I attended one of Barb's TinyChats. In that chat, there were only about twelve people, so it was pretty close-knit. I met a lot of great people in that chat, and I will say with all honesty that it's because of that chat, that I am an active member of Rooster Teeth today. It was there that I decided to branch out and make new friends. It was there that I decided to not be so quiet and reserved, and instead let my fun, outgoing self be known to the community.

      Not only is Barb everything listed above, but she's a great friend. One I'm very proud to have.

      So a big happy birthday to you, Barb. We love you more than you can possibly imagine and hope that today is spectacular.

    • Holy hell!

      8 years ago

      The BlawnDee Fanclub

      I just realized we broke 400 members in here.

      You GUYYYSSSS <3333

    • Did You Know...

      8 years ago

      The BlawnDee Fanclub

      That there is a group in full support of BlawnDee getting a job at Rooster Teeth? If you didn't, now you do! And if you did, bravo!

      We're all fans of BlawnDee here(otherwise I'm not sure why you joined the group), and we all believe that she should have a job at the greatest place in existence! BlawnDee is extremely active in fan-related events, being one of the main persons for RvBTO, and also a modeler of T-shirts for Rooster Teeth! We all know she is a very outgoing and inspirational individual with skills that would allow her to work well in any environment she picked. So wouldn't it make sense for her to have a job at Rooster Teeth, the place where anyone would love to work?

      We can make this happen. The group has over 100 members now, but you guys and gals can change that! Join the group! Spread the word to your friends! Let's get her that opportunity!!!

      Oh, and hi. I'm James. smiley0.gif

    • PAX East and more

      8 years ago

      The BlawnDee Fanclub

      I should probably post here more.

      To those of you just joining us, and to those who have been here since the beginning, thanks.
      I'm still shocked that I have any members in this group.

      So just letting you all know, I will be at PAX East in Boston this coming weekend. You can find me at the Rooster Teeth booth! If you're gonna be there, you should definitely stop by and say hi.

      Now, as for this group, does anyone have ideas for stuff they'd like to see? I definitely need to give special treatment to this group. You all rock so hard.
      It was suggested to do a "Cooking with BlawnDee" thing. Thoughts?

      Also, I want to add another admin. Now accepting applications.

    • Good Morning

      8 years ago

      The BlawnDee Fanclub

      So if Barbara was an animal, what would she be?

      Pics required!!!

    • VOTE!

      9 years ago

      The BlawnDee Fanclub

      You can vote once a day! ...and from multiple computers! ....and using multiple IP addresses!


    • It's here.

      9 years ago

      The BlawnDee Fanclub

      Get ready for nonsense.
      Truth or Dare.

      Now, I'm sorry, there are a few dares that I refused to do, but whatever.
      I'm the boss.

      The password for this video is blawndee.

      Also just a quick warning... this video is almost 17 minutes. So settle in. AND ENJOY!

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