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    • RTFL Weekly Update #02

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hello, RT Florida members!

      Welcome to our second weekly update with our intro brought to you by the DFW crew!

      This Sunday is our March Meet Up at Whirly Dome in Orlando off I-Drive. I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited! There will be lazer tag, bowling, lazer maze, food, drinks, and this awesome game called whirly ball. We timed it so we'll be ther during happy for food and drinks, plus special pricing on certain games! Event starts at 3:30 and really kicks off at 4:00. We will be recording a video segment for the RTICD community video to show the company and its workers how much we appreciate and adore them. Just show up and listen up when we announce we're about to record.

      We have a few more announcements relating to Rooster Teeth International Community Day (You can find the RT group here for more information on the multiple events as well as to interact with your other community groups). If you're discussing on social media about this event, please be sure to use the hashtag #RTICD16 for all related posts. Liv from Rooster Buckeyes is heading her own community video project, to learn more, see our previous update, or Liv's original post on how to record and upload your video segments. Remember the cut off for these submissions are MARCH 25th, so be sure to get yours in before then.

      We are also planning our RT Florida events for that weekend, some of which will include rabb.it streaming of RvB and RWBY with RT Maine and the rest of the community, and a game session hosted with various members of other community groups. There will also be various community game sessions throughout the weekend with other communities we will link for you. While we will be dealing mainly on the Xbox One with Halo 5 and GTA V, there will also be other sessions on different consoles like PC and PS4.

      In addition to online sessions, we will also be having our own anniversary meet up April 2nd (Saturday). While the location is still being decided (bouncing between Dave & Busters, Whirly Dome again, and Cloak and Blaster again), we know it will start around 3-4 pm that day so if you need to request off work or make plans, you have the information! We want this weekend to be all about you guys so if there's something you want to do, and it's in our power, we'll do our best to get it done!

      This comes up usually at least once for each of our events, but if people want to come to our meet ups but don't have a ride, make it known! Ask your fellow members and see who is in your area that might be willing to pick you up.

      We will also be having our North RT Florida meet on the weekend of May 20th in Jacksonville. Keep a look out for more information from Will later on this week as well as a Twitter poll to decide what specific day works best for everyone. Based on previous meet ups, it will likely be on a Sunday, though this, along with the location, is still to be decided. But by all means, if you have a suggestion of where to host the meet up in Jacksonville, or input in general, let us know in the comments!

      With St. Patrick's Day this week, show your pride and tag us in your photos on Twitter or upload them to Facebook. We like to see our members hanging out and enjoying themselves! In general, you can also find us at the following social sites where we post funny content, interact with other RT community groups, and keep you up to date with the most recent happenings in RT Florida.




    • Rooster Teeth International Community Day 2016

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Otherwise known as #RTICD16.Tell your friends!

      In case you haven't heard or have been living under a rock, the admins of each community group have gotten together for a big project for Rooster Teeth's 13th anniversary April 1st. More details on this are provided below, but first let me tell you how hard it is being in a chat with admins trying to admin admins while being admined themselves. It's about as loud and confusing as that statement. But, after a lot of re examining, tearing down what we already had and building it back up, and being scolded by the veterans of the site, we have our track set.

      So, the fun details. There are three big projects; a "Thank You" community video, a "Fans of RT" video, and meet ups during the weekend of April 1st.

      "Thank You" Community Video

      This is going to be done in AHWU-style segments in which we will film it next Sunday at our March Madness Meet Up. This will be along the lines of "We are the Florida community and we love you Rooster Teeth. Thank you for all you've done!" So be sure to show up for that if you want to be involved in this RTICD16 video.

      "Fans of RT" Community Video

      This is a personal project run by our friend, Liv, over at Rooster Buckeyes. This is different than the above video in that it is a bit more personal to each individual, showing their journey through RT. For this, you will make your own video answering a few questions that will then be spliced together in a video with everyone else's responses. Don't forget to wear your favorite RT merch!

      1. How long have you been part of the Rooster Teeth community?
      2. Who/What got you into Rooster Teeth?
      3. Who is some who inspires you that works at Rooster Teeth?
      4. Why do you love Rooster Teeth?
      5. End the video by saying "Thank You, Rooster Teeth" (You can make the thank you personal but just make sure you say thank you :D)

      Please send your video to Liv at roosterbuckeyes@gmail.com with your name and RT site username somewhere in the email so you can be given credit. You must have this in by MARCH 25TH. She wants to get as many community members involved in this project as possible because it's truly for everyone whether you've been a fan or a few days or since RvB started. Please help spread the word so everyone can be part of RTICD.

      April 1st Weekend Meet Up

      This is being done individually by groups and is still being planned on our side. So, if there is anything you would like to see done here let us know; either post it in the comments or send Will or myself a message and we'll do what we can!

      That being said, we have two ideas. Drunk Gaming Part III, Friday (April 1st) afternoon. While Drunk Gaming is fun, I would also like to do a physical met up that weekend (likely Saturday + Sunday). However, how do people feel about combining the two a bit? Dave & Buster's, games and drinks, Sunday so people under 21 won't get kicked out.

      Let us know and be sure to check out our social media sites and follow us to stay up to day on the most recent information. Especially when we just put out a new Let's Play video on our community YouTube channel. ;)


      Much love,


    • RTFL Weekly Update #01

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hello, RT Florida members!

      Starting today, we will be posting weekly updates each Monday to let you know what's happened with our group, what will happen, and how awesome each and every one of you are. Kind of like AHWU, but ours is longer, written, and RTFLWU doesn't roll off the tongue the same way.

      First off, we had our second Drunk Gaming session this past Saturday and the turnout was even larger than we thought. Seriously guys, you blew us away. As always, we recorded the Google Hangout and posted it to our YouTube page for people to review, enjoy, and, in some people's cases, relive what they had already forgotten. We understand that the videos are 8 hours long (seriously, how does only one person "die" each time), so that's why we're going to do a "best of" video for each session. More information on that to come.

      For anyone who is unfamiliar with Drunk Gaming, it's a monthly event we do online via Xbox One and Google Hangout because, let's face it, that's a lot of what Florida is. The running joke, for those of you who are not aware, is that one person ends up dying during this alcohol-heavy event in the sense that they disappear from the stream and pass out as if they have really died. First it was myself, then it was Clayton. Who will it be next? Stay tuned for information on April's session.

      Don't forget March 20th is our next meet up, located in Orlando at the WhirlyDome. More information can be found in our previous post here. The first one was a blast with every one in December at Cloak and Blaster and we're going to make this one even better. March Meet Up Madness- Now with name tags! Trust us, name tags will make all the difference for people who are new or haven't shown their faces yet. But we're looking forward to seeing all those beautiful mugs next weekend! Speaking of meet ups...

      Our dear other admin, Will, is working on putting together the first North Florida meet up in, you guessed it- North Florida! The details are still being worked out as it is still in super pre-planning stages, but be sure to voice your input and fill out the following form so we can put this together to involve as many people as possible. Because, as we've said before, this is a community-driven group and none of this would be possible without any of you.

      Probably one of the most important updates of this post: the admins of each community group have come together and decided to do a large, international event for Rooster Teeth's anniversary on April 1st. We're still hashing out the details, but the gist of it is that since RT does so much for their community, we want to give a little back and show how much we love and appreciate them. Events may include a video from each community, jam packed into one love-filled compilation (think AHWU intros), RWBY: Grimm Eclipse tournament, international (not just nationwide- we have communities across the pond as well) simultaneous meet ups, and live streams. We aren't asking anything of you yet, but will keep reminding you to be involved and, when the time comes, and volunteer to participate if you are available. We'll keep you updated through the group here on the RT site, as well as via Facebook and Twitter.

      Rooster Rumble will be making its comeback soon as well. In a friendly competition between the RT Community groups, teams battle tournament style for, well, basically bragging rights. That's about al you get, that and general fun. More information can be found in the post here, as well as more updates to come.

      In general, you can also find us at the following social sites where we post funny content, interact with other RT community groups, and keep you up to date with the most recent happenings in RT Florida.

      We love seeing everything you guys do, so occasionally we're going to feature a member from the group and something awesome they've done. First up is FusionHD because of their recent post about RWBY Vol. 3 (including the edit) paired with their sponsor display title, it made me laugh and then sigh in pain. <3 you!



    • North RT Florida Meetup

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey All!

      It's finally time. We're getting ready to schedule the first ever North RT Florida meetup! That being said, there is a bit of work we have to do before choosing what type of awesome awe-inspiring shenanigans we plan to have in not-Orlando (we still love you guys).

      If you are at all interested in attending this momentous event, please use this link to go to a survey and fill out what dates you might be available and where you are from. Do keep in mind that this is all preliminary planning. If it looks like the proposed dates do not work with most people, we can definitely reschedule.

      If you have any questions or comments about the event, please feel free to leave them in the comments or message me directly (@WB_Spartan).

      One of these --> <3


    • Just An Update

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey everyone.

      Thought we should let you know, even though it may seem like we've been silent here on the group, we've been screaming at the top of our lungs on social media. Be sure to check us out, follow, join, or watch us to stay up to date on the latest info.

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/rt_florida

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rtflorida

      Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/rt_florida/profile

      We have a few events coming up as well (physical and digital), so be sure to see what they are and if you're able to join on our Facebook events page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RTFlorida/events/

      Also, we are working on creating an intro card for our YouTube videos and want your opinions (as this is a community group after all). We've posted polls on Twitter and Facebook, but to make it simple, we're also posting them here for you as well. There are three samples and the biggest difference is the music. Please watch each one and vote which you like best.

      #1: https://twitter.com/RT_Florida/status/702312712433...

      #2: https://twitter.com/RT_Florida/status/702312910744...

      #3: https://twitter.com/RT_Florida/status/702313487536...

      The Poll: https://twitter.com/RT_Florida/status/702314075628...

      Thanks for being apart of our group.

      Heart you!


    • Rooster Rumble is back!!!

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey All!

      As the title of this journal indicates, Rooster Rumble is back in action! This season will be set up as a double elimination tournament with each round consisting of a specific game type (e.g. Halo Round). They are currently accepting teams right now, so I went ahead and signed us up. There is currently no schedule set up for when this tournament will take place, so be sure to check back for more info. You can also find out more on their group page here.

      If you haven't already, head over to the group gaming google doc and fill in your information. This will be one of the main ways we will make teams for RR matches.


      Can't wait for RT_Florida to kick some major ass!



    • March Meet Up Madness

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Alrighty. I couldn't sleep last night so ended up planning a lot of stuff until 3 am, including our next meet up. May you appreciate what my body hates.

      We will be hosting our next meet up at WhirlyDome off I-Drive on Orlando on March 20th (Sunday) at 3:30 pm.

      6464 International Dr,

      Orlando, FL 32819


      As may have seen me explaining previously, WhirlyDome has a lot of fun activities such as whirly ball (just google it), lazer tag (yes, I will be using a Z due to the movie), bowling, an arcade, a lazer maze (like the one that was previous seen on Free Play), and a full bar and restaurant all inside the building. It's pretty sweet.

      Why 3:30 you ask, it's such an odd time. Well, starting at 4 pm they have a happy hour for both their drinks and their games. People can begin to gather at 3:30 pm, then the real fun can kick off at 4 pm. From 4 - 8 pm, you can pay $25 dollars for all-you-can-play whirly ball and lazer tag. Normally it is $8 per game, which isn't a bad price, but if you intend on playing more than 3 games between the two of these, you may want to opt for the special. They also have drink (and possibly food?) happy hour during the same time, so it'll be a big money saver for people too. Menu here: http://whirlydome.com/bloodhound-brew/

      While WhirlyDome opens earlier, they also close earlier at 10:00 pm. However, going there at 4 still gives us six hours to have fun. And worst case, we can all invade Steak N' Shake like last time. It was a blast; new friends, fried foods, milkshakes. What's not to love?

      We had said we were going to do this at the end of February/beginning of March, HOWEVER we had no planning done and really wanted to advertise and give people a chance to arrange their schedules. So, no excuses that you couldn't get off work; I'm looking a you Jake. We'll be talking about it until the actual day, and even then, tweet your ears off with hype and info like... free prizes? I guess you'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

      Also, if you can make it, but need a ride or want to save on gas and tolls, talk to your fellow members. I'm sure they'll love to help out. I myself took a car full of people to one of the Lazer Team screenings and we had fun, plus there was less cars being used. Yay environment!

      So, as per the usual, post if you are attending or considering attending in the comments below so we may get an accurate head count on what to expect. There is not RSVP required, you can just show up without any notice the day of, but we still like to have and idea on what we are dealing with.

      Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Not sure if it'll be fun? Let us know below or contact myself (use that awesome new question feature!) to answer whatever ridiculous notions you have about how awesome I am- I mean, the event. Yeah, that one.



    • RT Florida Meet Up

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey, everyone!

      Planning of our next meet up is underway. So far we have an incredible demand for lazer tag, someplace with food and alcohol, and definitively name tags. We will likely be hosting this in Orlando again since it's pretty centrally located for everyone coming from Tampa, Gainsville, Jacksonville, and while it may be a bit of a drive, also Ft Myers and South(ish) Florida.

      With all this in mind, we are looking at Whirly Dome off I-Drive: http://whirlydome.com/

      It has food and drinks, an arcade, this interesting sport called whirly ball (think go-carts mixed with hockey and basketball... Yeah), a mission impossible-style lazer maze, and bowling. So, a bit of everything, and the best part, it opens before six. Cloak and Blaster was a good place, but it opened a bit too late for people who had to drive to Orlando and back the same night.

      Also, we are looking at the end of February/beginning of March to do this. Be sure to let us know your availability or when (days, time or day, parts of Orlando even) would work best for you so we can include as many people as possible. Last time we managed a good 12-15 people. Let's beat that!

      Of course, we are still open to ideas as well. If you think there's something we should add/do different compared to the last meet up. We want this to be a community-driven group, so if there is something you want to do, show off, advertise, host, or just straight up rant about either during a meet up or any other time, let us know and we'll help make it happen.

      Also, if you're new to the group or have been with us for a while and just don't know where to start, check out our previous post on how to get started with RT Florida. We have many different sub-groups/forums for nearly anything, and if you don't see one you need, create one!


      So, any ideas?



    • An Introduction to Everyone New (and Not So New)

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      How'd everyone enjoy the movie! I did, we all did. No one didn't. That's a fact, straight from RT Florida so it must be real. Right?

      Now, we had a lot of new people join over this past week, so this is going to sever as a sort of introduction to anyone new to the group.

      First off, we appreciate everyone coming out, and Rooster Teeth did as well. Congratulations to people who got to meet Matt at the Orlando and Jacksonville this past weekend. If you got some cool picture, we'd love to see them, so upload them to the group or post them on our Twitter @RT_Florida. We also had another giveaway Saturday with a new round of winners so congratulations to those who won your prizes. See the winners here!



      And one unnamed winner who didn't have an account

      Did you buy something with your gift card? Send us a picture with your swag!

      If you're new, we suggest you keep on reading because we have some really good information on how to get started within the group. Also, we really want RT Florida to be group driven, so if you have a game session, meet up, or anything else you want to do, let us know and we'll help you set it up and get the word out. Starting out, we suggest stopping by our location forum and letting us know where your from. General locations are fine, but it also lets you know what other members are in your area:


      We also have a forum for group gaming sessions where you can put together a game/party/session/group/co-op/whatever. Currently this is a general gaming group, however if you would like to make one for PS4, PC, or any other obscure system... Go for it! This weekend we're even having our first drunk gaming night, Saturday at 5pm so bring your game and liquor for some idiotic fun. Check out the group to find out more information on our gaming within the group:


      We also have an RT Florida Gaming Roster to put your gamer tag, console, and availability. This is very useful for when you want to put together your own game night. We use it constantly for our game sessions (mixed with the forum), and it makes everything so much easier. So fill it out and know who you can game with and when!


      We had a lot of people asking about shirts as well. We were giving them away and selling them at the Lazer Team events, and now we've made them available for shipping online! Check out the shop on our website below (also, we have a website):


      The site is still pretty buggy so we can't upgrade our group description, but we also have a variety of social sites for you to check out and join. See them below:

      Twitter: @RT_Florida

      Facebook: RT Florida

      YouTube: RT Florida

      Twitch: RT Florida

      GTA Crew: RTFL

      (Who would have guessed that everything would be named RT Florida, am I right?)

      If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask us. You can post it in the respective forum. Use the Contact Us on our website, tweet us @RT_Florida, or send Will (WB_Spartan) or myself (ArnettV) a message and we'll help you out however we can!



    • The Matt Hullum Experience

      3 years ago

      RT Florida

      Hey, everyone. Hope you had a fantastic time at the Lazer Team premieres wherever you were. Orlando had a blast with their giveaways and bowling after party. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who won some free stuff. See our winners below!

      Congratulations to:














      There are two people missing from our list, so if you won something and don't see your name above, please, let us know in the comments, or email us at admin@rtflorida.com. We want to make sure you're credited and received your prizes!

      To anyone who won a gift card, you will find that in the inbox of the email address you provided shortly.

      Remember kids, pics or it didn't happen!

      Now on to fun stuff.

      Especially if you were at the Orlando Lazer Team screening, you probably heard us yelling about a very special guest coming to Florida this Saturday. That's right, Saturday, January 30th, Matt Hullum will be attending the premier. He will be there at the 7:05 showing. Tickets are still available so be sure to get yours before they run out. Get yours here!


      We do have some events planned so definitely be sure to stick around. Before the movie, meet us at the Splitsville Bowling alley next door for some food, drinks, and fun.

      Right after the movie, you guessed it, we're having another giveaway! So stick around outside the theater for some fun questions and your chance to get some cool prizes. After all that, join us back at Splitsville for a fun night of bowling. Don't think bowling is cool? Check out our photos from last night after the Orlando Lazer Team premier, everyone there will tell you otherwise.


      We have reached out to Matt and the RT community team to see if he will be available to join us before or after the event, so keep an ear out for more information on that. We do ask however, that if Matt is able to join us, please do not crowd or push at him as with all the hard work they've been putting into this movie, plus RTXAU, needless to say everyone's a bit exhausted. So please be kind and respectful.

      More information soon!



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