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      2 years ago

      LetsPlay Community

      Many of you have been a part of this channel for years. James and I have been with the channel since it's very early days. The days when the queue would explode, get deleted, and quickly fill back to hundreds if not thousands of videos.

      By now I'm sure you're mostly all aware of James' departure for his new career with Team17. While a lot of what the channel has become was presented by myself and driven by all of you talented individuals, James was immensely hands-on with his community outreach and engagement. Before he left he was able to upload a few weeks' worth of content to continue sharing the passion and creativity of the Let's Play community.

      It's been during these weeks that we've been trying to assess what to do with the community channel. We could go back to simply uploading content as it's submitted, but before the change from AH Community to LetsPlay Community, we noticed that content wasn't being shared and enjoyed as it deserved by going through the paces like that.

      The channel, the community, and all of you should have someone who can dedicate a large amount of their time staying in touch with you, knowing you, reaching out to new community contributors, managing social media, generating ideas, understanding the brand, etc. There are so many things that this channel needs and deserves, and unfortunately we're not in a place where we can comfortably provide that.

      While I can't say the channel is at an end, it will be on a hiatus. As of today, there will no longer be any new content appearing on the channel. If you have submitted things, those videos are yours to keep, post, and share for yourselves. Please refrain from using RoosterTeeth-owned assets, like the intro/outro bumpers, if you decide to post elsewhere.

      This is certainly not my most preferred direction for the channel, and hopefully we can get back to it before you know it. Thanks for all your creativity and time! We'll be seeing you around the website and other platforms no doubt, so don't be discouraged and keep kicking ass!

      Thanks everyone,

      Trevor <3

    • Crafts and Cosplays

      2 years ago

      LetsPlay Community

      As some of you may know we have a series on the channel known as “Hands On.” Here you, the lovely community, show off your creative, crafty skills and at the same time teach other members how to make their own stuff. We ask that these crafts be more focused towards the LetsPlay family, however we want to make an addition.

      Our community hosts some amazing cosplays that take so much time and effort to create. We would love for you creative cosplayers to share your creations and the processes you go through on the channel. Whether it be a video showing how to make part of a cosplay such as a weapon or prop, or a video showing how to create the cosplay in full. With the announcement of another RTX, I’ve seen a lot of discussion into people creating new cosplays. So with those just starting now, why not log and film the process?

      Obviously there’s possible cosplays from just LetsPlay, but we want to open this one up to more people. So for this series we’re accepting cosplays for any RoosterTeeth property as well as any video game based cosplays. Please still try to keep videos no longer than 12 minutes and remember to follow upload rules mentioned in previous posts. If you have any more questions please feel free to e-mail me at lpcommunity@roosterteeth.com

      We look forward to seeing what you create!

      - James

    • Requests When Submitting

      3 years ago

      LetsPlay Community

      First of all, hello James here. Thank you all for lovely welcome, I look forward to seeing all the amazing content you will create. Speaking of submissions, it is my job to review, organise and schedule the uploads. Since I now see the back end of uploads I bring a request, to help make my job easier and bring your videos to the channel quicker. That request is when you email a video to LPCommunity@roosterteeth.com you follow this layout.

      E-mail Subject: [Type of Video] - [Name of Video]

      E-mail Contents:

      [Any message you have]

      [Title of Video]

      [Description for Video]

      [Who is in the Video]

      [Additional Information, such as music/clips added and proof you have the right to use]

      [Link to Video]

      [Link to Thumbnail]

      If you could create shareable links to your videos and thumbnails that'll be great, preferably using GoogleDrive, OneDrive or DropBox. Also please only submit videos once.

      Note that this isn't a rule, so videos will be accepted even if you don't follow this layout. If you are e-mailing about something that isn't regarding a video, just title it how you usually would.

      Thanks again, keep on making great stuff!

      - James

    • Introducing...

      3 years ago

      LetsPlay Community


      As some of you OG creators might know, James (aka @iSayWhat) has been creating content for the channel since October 2011. Over the years, his gameplay videos have been among the most creative and unique content our channel has to offer. His contributions in content coupled with the extensive voluntary work he's done in the background are the reason I write about him today!

      As my role expands at Achievement Hunter I find that I have less and less time to give the channel the attention I believe it deserves. From answering questions, to finding creative community talent, to uploading content, this role requires someone who can focus on giving you guys the attention that you give us. Lately, I feel I've been too distracted with other responsibilities to fulfill this need and have since decided to bring James onboard for additional help!

      So everyone, welcome James! Feel free to reach out to him with any questions, just as you would have with me. We'll be in constant contact and I'll still be around, so don't feel like I'm disappearing! Overall, James will be acting as Production Manager for the channel; helping with scheduling, outreach, organization, creative input, etc.

      Have a great week, and we'll see you on the channel! <3

    • New Series!

      3 years ago

      LetsPlay Community

      Today we'll be uploading a new series called "Why You Should Play"! While this series has been started by our own @Hightower, this series will be open to everyone. In fact, moving forward, all new series will be open to everyone. This will have few exceptions. We want to create a channel that is infinite in possibilities and always open to creativity!

      That being said, for any future series pitches, please keep this in mind! Try not to pigeonhole yourself or the series and really think outside the box!

      Regarding the new series...

      Why You Should Play is a series about, well, exactly that: Why someone should play a game! The idea here is less of a "positive review" and more of a "tell us about your favorite game!" Take a look at the first episode here to get a good idea of what an episode might entail, but make it your own! Whether it's because it was your first real video game, or you just love the way the water looks, let's hear why you love it!

      Thanks everyone! I've really enjoyed the direction we've taken the channel together and I'm continuing to look forward to all the amazing content you submit! <3

    • Submit Your Stuff!

      3 years ago

      LetsPlay Community

      The Let's Play community channel is a hub of community-made content submitted by you guys, the community. Whether it's an Achievement Hunter compilation, a Funhaus animation, or a ScrewAttack fan Death Battle, I want you all to stretch your creative legs and be able to showcase your talents. Anyone can submit content related to the Let's Play groups, and collaborations are highly encouraged on your videos.

      So here's how you'll go about submitting content for the near future:

      1. Gather channel assets. Ensure that the intro and outro are on either end of your video before submitting. You can download them here: Intro // Outro (both are.mp4, 6 mb)
      2. Create a thumbnail. Something that represents your video and might catch someone's eye! Be sure to include the LP community corner art in the bottom left of all thumbnails. You can download that here: Thumbnail (.png, 54 kb)
      3. Review and Submit. Once your video and thumbnail are done, email a Dropbox download link or a Google Drive share link to LPcommunity@roosterteeth.com. Make sure your privacy settings are open so we can access your video and thumbnail!
      4. Title and Description. In your email, please provide a title and description for your video. Something that encapsulates the video, see previous uploads for examples and assistance with this.

      That's pretty much it for now. At some point soon we'll hopefully have a webpage for you to use in order to submit your content more easily, so be sure to join this group page to stay updated on things.

      If you have any questions or need help with creating your videos, please be sure to take advantage of the "FORUM" tab here on the group page and get a discussion started!


      How long can my video be and what file size?
      The shorter the better, but let's try to keep things under 12 minutes (Compilations/Highlights can be longer and some exceptions can be made). 300 mb is a good size to start at as well. Be sure you're using the .mp4 format for good quality and smaller file sizes. Larger files are fine, but please avoid files upwards of 750 mb or more

      What can I submit?
      Anything that fits into a video. Simple examples include animations, compilations, speed art, music remixes, and how to videos. You all are incredibly creative, so if you have something you're unsure about please message me here on the site! (No Let's Plays)

      Who can submit?
      Anyone! Feel free to collaborate with others in the community as well. If you're just here to enjoy the content, go ahead and leave comments and start discussions!

      When will my video go up?
      I don't want to flood the channel with too much content at once, so there will be a limit to the amount of daily videos you'll see. Due to this, it could be anywhere from a week to a month before your video gets uploaded. Though hopefully it won't often take that long. If you're worried about the status of your video, message me here on the site and I can look into it!

      Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing what you all create!


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