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Peons of Central Florida, assemble!

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  • ChapsJr


    #33586753 - 2 years ago

    I'm putting this here to see who is located in the central FL area. That would be anything along I-4, such as Temple Terrace, Plant City, Orlando, Winter Haven, Lakeland (yes, you're included too, Polk County).... Even you folks at that eastern tip of I-4 that isn't actually east-west!

    I'm not new to RT, but I'm technically new to the site since my old account has been lost for many moons. All are welcome and all will be embraced and loved, not for your defining characteristics, but for your love of nap time, which comes after pants time!

    I'm also looking for some new friends for Xbox Live, and there's nothing like ridiculously redneck surroundings to meet new comrades.

  • RWBYstly

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    #33591339 - 2 years ago

    a lot of us are from or near the Orlando area. If you see most of our meetups tend to be in Central Florida. I recommend checking out our Facebook group because we usually do a lot of spontaneous meetups through there.