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  • terran18

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    #33231880 - 3 years ago

    The title says it all. Pretty much just post the games you play (system/console), and ranking if applicable.

    This is more a list for competitive type players.

    I will start off:

    CS:GO gold nova 1-4 depending on number of drinks I've had

    Overwatch still new to game (rank unknown would assume bronze/silver)

    Diablo 3 hardcore only

    starcraft 2 will pretty much play any mode rank gold

    minecraft, redstone expert. my creative skills are limited, but my redstone skills are pretty good in versions 1.8.1 and older (not sure if anything has changed in 1.9 and 1.0) also could set up a server for our timezone in any FTB mod pack, or vanilla with or without plugins.

    Elite dangerous, more an explorer than anything but wouldn't mind doing space pirate things with others.

    I will play any of this games for fun but also looking for people to actually play these games on more of a hardcore/competitive style.