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      Lets play a question game! Would you rather: Be sang to or be hugged? This or That: Eggs or Bacon? This or That: Tuna or Salmon?

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    • we first few

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      Nichole got into her costume. Wiggling her feet into the large boots and pulling on her mask, she walked to her partner and a stagehand connected the two children together. They wandered to the side of the stage where the main character was finishing his speech.

      “ i dare any and all grimm to attack me.” he bragged, taking her que nicole charged onto the stage, roaring she used her hands to operate the masks mouth and snapping at the hero.

      “Oh ho,” he said with a grin, “a challenger?” the ‘grimm’ roared and the audience began chanting. “Fight fight fight.” the hero nodded and pulled out his weapon, a plastic sword, coated with reflective metal to look real and sharp enough to cut through the costume. Nichole began her elaborate dance. Standing on her partners shoulders and using her hands to operate the costumes claws as her partner charged forward. The audience roared their approval as the two characters fought across the stage. At one point the hero was on his back as nicole stood over him, operating the grimms mouth, then the hero did something unscripted, he kicked the grimm in the jaw, the costume caved under the impact and the foot hit nicole's face. She stumbled backwards and fell her partner called out to her as the hero readied his sword as if nothing happened, he cut the two costume parts in half like he was supposed to do, but this time nicole was right in the middle, the sword cut through the costume, and into nicole's stomach, she screamed in pain as the plastic blade broke her skin. Suddenly she glowed green and vines crashed through the stage grabbing the hero and reaching for the audience. What was wrong with her. The audience ran screaming.


      “Grimm magic”

      “ burn her”

      “Grimm worshiper”

      Nichole wanted to scream, she wanted to say that it wasn't true, she has no idea what was happening, suddenly the vines wrapped around her, she screamed louder, eyes squeezed shut, expecting to be dragged from the ground like the others, but the vines seemed to be protecting her. Suddenly they stopped moving, nichole pushed the shredded remains of her costume out of the way and gasped, the beautiful theater, the set, the costumes, were gone, in their place was a thick jungle of vines, suddenly the door burst down. She heard voices.

      “yikes , there are no survivors in here.” a voice said. Nichole tried to yell, but the vines tightened around her stomach, squeezing the air out of her. The men shut the door and moved away. The vines opened and nicole fell, she looked up and saw a sight that would stay with her the rest of her life. Her partner and the hero, hanging up about ten feet. Vines around their neck.

      “Let them go,” she cried, the vines responded, unwrapping themselves from the humans bodies, they fell with a sickening thud, their eyes stared at the vine covered ceilings, unseeing. Nichole fell to her knees and wept. The vines picked her up gently and carried her to a back exit. She took the cue and ran, out of the theater, out of the town, out of mantle. She collapsed with exhaustion, but still dragged herself forward, she couldn't stop, she couldn't get caught.

      She couldn't go home.

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    • GOLD volume 1

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      two figures walked into the village, at first glance, they looked very similar, but if you took a closer look the differences were astounding.

      the first boy had blue eyes and a cheerful expression, his dirty blond hair almost glowed in the sunlight , on his back was a bow and a quiver full of arrows. his dirty jeans and tee shirt did little to darken his complexion. he strode forwards happily, as if he was overjoyed to take the next step.

      the second boy radiated darkness, his green eyes took in the town as if he hated it. his red brown hair was wild and uncombed and two goat horns protruded from his head. his black leather jacket was dirty, and his jeans were ripped in one knee. a gun and a yellow object hung from his belt. he shuffled forward slowly as if each step pained him.

      the two boys walked through the town in the setting sun. finding a tavern, they both walked in and sat down. the bartender walked up to them.

      "what can i get you boys today?" he said the first boy looked at the second, who stared at the floor.

      "water, for both of us." the first said. the bartender nodded and walked away.

      a second man walked into the room, he had brown hair and a large broadsword. he took a stool next to the boys.

      "good evening," he said the first boy waved, but the faunus glared at the man. who nodded and turned his head, the bartender came back with the drinks.

      "are you a huntsman?" the first boy asked, the huntsman nodded.

      "four years in beacon academy and four times that as a professional." he said, the second boy grunted, then stiffened. the first boy spun around.

      "what is it?" he asked. suddenly screams came from outside. the first boy spun around in his chair and rushed for the door, the second boy following quickly.

      Beowulf crawled through the streets, a rinedeath charging after them the first boy drew his bow.

      "take the big guy, i got the little ones." he said the second boy nodded and rushed for the rinedeath, the first shooting at the Beowulf.

      the faunus leapt onto the monsters head, drawing his gun and shooting at the white armor of the grimm, who kicked his head back to dislodge him. the green eyed boy landed on the floor behind the grimm, putting the gun away he pulled out the yellow object which extended into a staff. he spun the black handled weapon in the air and brought it down on the nose of the monster, swinging it again, he knocked off the grimm's horn, causing it to bellow in pain, clasping his staff the boy pulled out his gun again, shooting at the hole in the monsters armor that he had formed, the grimm roared and kicked, thrashing as the faunus shot at its face.

       then it fell and lay still, black smoke rising as the body disintegrated. the boy turned from the dead grimm, and shot the remaining beowulfs. the first boy nodded his thanks and turned back to the inn, the huntsman and bartender stood, shocked.

      "who are you." the bartender said, the townspeople gathered around the vanishing  monsters.

      "i am Gregory Curtis and he is." the first boy started, but the faunus held up his hand.

      " i am Daniel Samuels."

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    • why it makes perfect sense lionheart is evil

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      so, this might be common knowledge by now, but lionheart, headmaster of haven academy, secretly works for Salem.

      I was just like most of you in my reaction. total disbelief. but then the more I thought about it it made more and more sense, I compiled a list of them here, but I'm sure there are lots more

      1. cinder, mercury, emerald, and neo were from haven academy.

      2. no other haven academy member questioned the strange people who were suddenly students.

      3. no workers at the vital festival questioned the above fact either.

      4. they had haven academy uniforms

      5. they fought in the vital festival.

      there are probably a lot more, but this is all I could think of.

      now, the implications of lionhearts transgression to the dark side.

      1. Ozpin was wrong about the headmasters

      2. haven might not be properly prepared for a attack

      3. Salem will have no trouble tracking ruby as she is now in mistral.

      4. Salem is now in the perfect position to surprise attack ruby

      5. the relic in haven academy is now pretty much Salem's.

      6. the next volume is going to be sooooooooo awesome

      so after compiling this list I can see that rwby is being taken to the next level. but I'm so sad that it is over for months


      so. if you are sad that rwby is out for the mid season, I write two fanfiction series with totally original characters and plot lines.

      if you want to. check it out, it would make my day.

      anyway, thanks for reading and I will see you around 

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    • Rwby conspiricy therory

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      so. Recently two things have happened. One. I was really sick and filled with pain medicine. And i was rewatching volume one to help my stories stay cannon.( gold volume one. Read it) and i noticed something. Remember the big deathstalker and nevermore vs jnpr and rwby fight in the emerald forest? In that episode. The teams end up on a fortress like structure. Abandoned and falling apart. In the center of the fortress was a tower. Now it may have been the painkillers. But the tower in the fortress looked a lot like beacon tower. During said episode. The nevermore crashed through the top cage like room of the tower. Sending peices flying and destroying it. Remind you of anything?

      If you said the fall of beacon. Where the grimm dragon destroyed vales cct. The dragon crashed headfirst into the tower sending peices flying. So. Was the dragons destruction of beacons tower predicted in volume 1 or am i crazy. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Until next time this has been the rwby conspirisy therory. Im sonofcinder and stay tuned for some more. Conspirisys

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    • New grimm ideas

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      heres a fun little idea. New grimm ideas. Include a name. A breif appearance description and list of abilities. Also rate the difficulty it would take to kill it. 1-10 one being low, ten being high.

      Ex: beadrile.

      A huge black and white bee with a large stinger and a curved stripe on his face.

      Stabs with stinger

      Shoots stinger at men.

      Antenna wrap around people. Crushing them.

      6 hard to get close to. But weak spots in his armor make him vurnable to close up attacks.

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    • we first few trailer: heros of our time

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      Small buildings dotted the icy landscape, making the new kingdom of mantle. Snow was pounding on the roof, snow was always pounding on the roof. Alec Gundam sat near the window of his father's inn looking out into the frozen land. A dust powered heater next to him, dust, the magical crystals were the key to their survival here, the mines had sprang up, the carts rolled in empty and rolled out filled with the valuable mineral. The dust was existential to the heaters that kept the kingdom from freezing, but Alec had always found that he was fine in the cold, he ran his fingers through his messy red hair. Smiling to himself as people walked by, coats gathered around them like they were moving balls of fluff, occasionally ducking inside the shops and buildings to warm up.

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    • G.O.L.D volume 1

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      Darkness, then light, then darkness, the baby blinked in the strong lights of the atlas hospital, he was in a glass walled crib, laying on a white cushion. He was wearing a blue onesie and hat. Above him stood three people, a man, black haired and purple eyed. Wearing a dark coat and a proud smile, a small girl, with similar hair and eyes, wearing a white shirt with grey outline, and finally a woman, green eyed and red haired, smiling down at him, wearing a hospital gown.

      The baby laughed and waved his hands around, wiggling his tiny head, he knocked the blue baby cap loose, revealing small bumps on the top of his head, colored a creamy grey.

      Goat horns.

      The people who were standing over him changed expressions, the black haired man’s face turned from surprise to anger, the red haired woman’s face turned from surprise to fear, and the little girl's face turned to surprise and stayed that way.

      “Mother of beowulfs,” the man muttered to himself, then he turned to the woman,” nicole, i don't believe you would care to explain why our son possesses horns, would you?”

      Nicole glanced at her child, then at her husband.

      “Richard,” she said with a sigh, “ it's not what it looks like.”

      “Really, because it looks very very bad.” richard shot back. Nichole sighed, eyes welling, she turned to the little girl.

      “Stacey,” she said sweetly, “ are you big enough to watch daniel for mommy, we have to talk.”

      The child nodded, amanda and richard stepped into the hallway, after a few moments the voice of daniels father could be heard yelling and screaming.

      Baby daniel began to cry. Stacey took his little hand and kissed his forehead.

      “Don’t worry, baby, it will be fine.” she reassured him, wondering if she believed that herself.

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    • gold volume 1 trailer: darkness within

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      Daniel stood on the cliff, the setting sun setting in front of him, his green eyes flashed as a Beowulf howled in the distance. behind him, the smoking remains of a white fang airship cast long shadows on the darkening earth.

      Daniel rubbed his head, his horns blocking his hands path through his brown red hair. with a tight lipped smile he gripped his sword and leapt off the cliff to a uncertain future

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      only a bit. the roar made me wet myself, but Nora and Ren's child designs were so adorable.

      but im glad he dropped the accent

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        I also jumped when Ren's mom died. I wasn't expecting a jump scare like that.

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      What did you think of the newest episode of RWBY? That Grimm's roar freaked me out a bit.

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