I never really paid attention to the "most subscribers" group, in general, but the moment I heard about this, I was livid. My Uncle Jay is married his wife, Reiko, in her home town of Fukuoka, Japan, and for the first time this year, she had actually taken the time to meet me and even get to know me a little bit, while we celebrated my grandfather's birthday, in Manhattan. She seemed a bit quiet at first, but once she saw that I was a fan of the work she and my uncle did on translating and producing anime like Hellsing (both the OVA and Ultimate) into English, as well as helping to bring about the voice work for games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, she and I began chatting away about different aspects of anime, and it meant so much to me.

In his response video to Logan Paul's so-called "mistake," Gaijin Goombah made a very good point about how he had to be patient in order to let the people he wanted to meet in Japan feel comfortable enough to meet him. For me, this same experience took 13 years, from the day I learned who she was, to the day I finally met her. While I don't think Paul's stupidity will actually affect her opinion of me (if I ever get the chance to see her again), I do wonder what will happen when I finally try to go to Japan, and visit her home: will I be looked at with disgust, even though I'll have learned to have speak Japanese? Will I be ignored if I ask someone politely for directions?

I'll admit, Reina Scully's response video does alleviate some of this fear, but I am still embarrassed, both as a YouTuber, and as a foreigner (in the eyes of Japan), that Logan Paul, whether ignorantly or intentionally, acted so incredibly disrespectful towards so solemn a place as Aokigahara Forest.

In addition, as YaroShien stated in his response video, YouTube CAN do something about this. If they legitimately punish Logan Paul (say by taking away his ability to MONETIZE any of his videos, anymore) it will set an example for any other moron who'd think about doing something akin to it.

But, if they let it go UNPUNISHED, then the anger towards Paul, and the lack of discipline enforced on him for breaking a law of showing INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT will fester and boil to levels even higher than they already are. In addition, what sort of fucking message does it send (ON NEW YEAR'S EVE, a day of NEW RESOLUTIONS) to those who have had certain problems in life, and are now seeing a DEAD BODY and happen to look up to this jack@$$?

YouTube needs to act now. Before we all suffer for it...