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    • College Students!!... anyone??

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      I don't think I saw any posts for college students, so I decided why not??

      If you're a college student, feel free to discuss away right down below!!

      I'm currently attending UCF, sophomore, criminal justice major.

      Hoping to be a homicide detective one day, fingers crossed >.<

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    • Halo Streamer

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      Hey guys, I'm Peter and I stream. Yes, as the title states, I stream Halo.

      I play different games as well, but for the most, I'll be streaming Halo 5.

      I'd love to get to meet you people in this group and maybe play together in the future!!


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    • First Post!!

      1 year ago


      Hmmm... so first journal entry... I saw this before but didn't feel like doing it til now XD

      I'm not sure who actually gets to see this... I think it's for people who click my profile (maybe?), so for those people, hello!!

      I'm Peter and I've watched RT stuff since like forever ago but I finally got into the community!!

      Don;t be scared to send me a message or a friend request, cause that's the reason I'm here: to meet new people like you, yes you there reading this post on my profile. You obviously clicked on my name for some sort of reason, maybe you thought "oh hey, this guy seems really cool" or "man, this guys a real weirdo", in which case, I'm not sure why who the weirdo is cause you still clicked on my name... or maybe you saw my profile pic and asked "which one of those guys is this guy?".

      Well after reading this big paragraph, you get the answer to that question: I'm the one in the front. Yes, the asian one. The good looking one out of the bunch. The one that looks like he devotes his life to Halo. Yes, that one.

      If you wanna get to know me better, hit me up!! I'd be happy to talk!!

      And if this is not how I think it works...awkward...//

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    Supp, I'm Peter. I'm a college student in Florida, majoring in Criminal Justice. I've been playing video games since I can remember (pretty much like everyone else). I was that one kid with the Xbox when it first came out, while all my friends had Playstations, thus born an Xbox master race.

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