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    • Quentin Tarantino's Manson Family Murders project finds a home at Sony!

      1 day ago



      It's a whole new world out there. If you told me 6 months ago that Quentin Tarantino's next movie would be made at Sony I wouldn't have believed you, but back then we all just thought Harvey Weinstein was an asshole not an alleged (don't sue me) rapist.

      Tarantino parting ways with Weinstein is like Mickey Mouse leaving Disneyland. It changes the established Hollywood landscape and I hope it's a bellwether for a big positive change in the industry as a whole. There's obviously a problem and for the first time it feels like Hollywood at large is willing to deal with it. 

      But away from all that downer real life bullshit and back to movies. Tarantino shopped his new project around town and fielded many offers, but Sony wanted to be in the QT business the most and his Untitled Manson Family Murders script has landed there. 

      This movie looks to be one of his biggest-budgeted films ever at $100 million, which is quite a lot for a (surely) R-rated drama about '60s LA as the Manson cult were killing in the name of their crazy leader. Django Unchained is the only other movie he's done that has been in this budget range. 

      It feels to me that Sony wants the prestige more than any potential profit. According to Variety the deal Tarantino struck is pretty great... for him. He gets final cut and first dollar gross, which means it's real damn hard for the studio to use tricky movie math to screw him out of his participation percentage. With theaters taking a cut of box office and all the money that goes into publicity that means the movie would likely have to make $250-$300m to be profitable for the studio.

      So this is definitely an investment by Sony. They're hoping for awards, they're hoping to draw in other talented, visionary directors and they're hoping that Tarantino might make his next picture with them. 

      I believe Tarantino said he was going to make 10 features and then he was out of the movie-making business. This would be his 9th.

      What do you guys think? I'm just happy to see any story that Tarantino feels like telling, no matter what logo is at the beginning. You?

    • The new A WRINKLE IN TIME poster shows off the Celestials!

      1 day ago


      Ava DuVernay's adaptation of the popular kids book A Wrinkle In Time is going to be a big deal, I think. 2018 is a big year for Disney franchises putting the spotlight on people of color. We have Black Panther in February and A Wrinkle In Time in March. It's awesome we're finally getting a solo film centered on a black superhero, but I think it's going to be an even bigger deal seeing young Storm Reid playing Meg Murray in an adventure story like A Wrinkle In Time.

      Both will be inspirational for a whole new generation, but I have a feeling young women in particular are going to relate to the story being told in Wrinkle In Time. If DuVernay knocks it out of the park you're going to be seeing quite a cult spring up around this movie.

      Disney released a new poster for the flick which shows off the magical beings that help young Meg on her journey to find her missing scientist father. 

      Check it out:


    • The Last Jedi to be the longest Star Wars movie ever!

      1 day ago



      December 15th is quickly approaching, so we're getting some of the nitty gritty details of Rian Johnson's Episode 8, most notably the epic run time. Some theater websites started listing the run time of the movie as a whopping 150 minutes (that's 2 1/2 hours), which the director confirmed.

      That makes The Last Jedi 8 minutes longer than the previous longest Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones, and 15 minutes longer than The Force Awakens. 

      Right now this is just a nice bit of trivia. We'll see in a few weeks if 2 1/2 hours is too much, not enough or just right. The story ultimately dictates how long the movie needs to be. A bad 90 minute movie feels like a 3 hour movie and a good 3 hour movie feels like 90 minutes.

      With Johnson at the helm I'm willing to bet we're in for the latter. And hey, that means there's plenty of time for a Porg subplot, right?

    • Xuelder asked ericvespe a question

      Favorite 80s movie monster and why?

      Answered: Nov 17, 2017

      This is an excellent question. Do you go by design? Quality of the movie or series they're in? Lasting chills? Design would be between Predator, Pumpkinhead and Gill-Man from Monster Squad (all created by the late, great Stan Winston, by the way). I watched more Friday the 13th movies growing up than I did Nightmare on Elm Street, but I like the character of Freddy more, especially in that first film and Dream Warriors. It might not be the most original answer, but I'd probably go with Freddy.

    • Watch The Rock Play Rampage! First trailer here!

      2 days ago


      Rampage is an interesting movie to me. Unlike most video game to movie adaptations there's not a lot you can fuck up with this one. You just gotta have big monster versions of regular animals destroying a city and you're good.

      The Rock stars as a buddy to George, an albino gorilla who gets some green space dust on him or something and grows super big. Now, The Rock's gonna protect his buddy and what we get is a Boy and His Giant White Gorilla movie with a huge wolf and crocodile thrown into the mix.

      I do miss the more werewolf look to "Ralph" and the more Godzilla look to "Lizzie", but I guess they figure they have to ground an adaptation of Rampage into some kind of recognizable reality. I can tell from the trailer that Dwayne Johnson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are chewing up the scenery when the big CG creatures aren't on screen. 

      Check out the trailer below: 

    • Titanic returning to theaters for its 20th Birthday!

      2 days ago


      Holy shit does this make me feel old. Titanic is turning 20 this year and to celebrate there's going to be a limited re-release of the movie into theaters December 1st.

      The film will be playing exclusively in AMC Dolby Cinemas (check the list here to see if it's playing near you) in both 2D and 3D Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision, if you're curious, is essentially Dolby's proprietary HDR system, so that just means this has been remastered in Ultra HD HDR and will be projected that way. Super bright and crisp.

      Titanic is one of the great big screen movies and I'm always happy to see the studios embrace the re-release. There's nothing like seeing an audience-pleasing classic projected nicely with a big, enthusiastic crowd. They did one of those kinda crappy Fathom Event things with Jaws last year and I took my then 9 year old nephew to see it big and he was enraptured even though we'd already watched it on TV.

      Movies were meant to be seen big and every time one of these limited re-releases does well it gives me hope that we'll continue to see classics restored and projected.

    • EricHVela asked ericvespe a question

      Is it wrong to want to see a movie (like Bullet Head) for the one and only reason that one of your favorite composers (like Austin Wintory - award winning video game composer) does the music?

      Answered: Nov 16, 2017

      Absolutely not. That's what being a geek is all about. I can't tell you how many cool, random, weird movies I've found while chasing down movies with favorite character actors in it or directed by people I dig. That's the fun of all this!

    • Hope you like James Franco 'cause you're about to get a whole lot of him!

      2 days ago



      James Franco is having a good year. He directed and starred in a movie called The Disaster Artist, about the making of the legendarily bad movie The Room (not the one with Brie Larson and the cute kid, the other one with the bad acting and gratuitous middle aged flexing man-butt closeups), which is great and is already being whispered about for awards consideration. 

      That good year is going full steam ahead with the latest word from The Hollywood Reporter that Franco is being courted by Fox to join the X-Men Universe as Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man. 


      Multiple Man's power, if you can't deduce from the name, is to create duplicate copies of himself and anything he's wearing. He's one of the trippier mutants in that each duplicate has his own independent thought and is telepathically connected to Jamie Prime, who can re-absorb the dupe at any time. That means he creates copies of himself, send them out into the world, reabsorb them and have all their new memories. That means he has a huge amount of memories, some of them conflicting, knocking around in his head.

      Simon Kinberg, who is pretty much the big comic book dude at Fox, is leading the negotiations with Franco and the idea is that Multiple Man will get his own movie, not necessarily be folded into an existing team right away. In the comics Madrox was a key player in the X-Factor series, as was Wolfsbane who will be introduced in another X-Men spin-off movie The New Mutants and will be played by Game of Thrones' Maise Williams. Could this mean Fox is building up to a new team? Perhaps.

      The deal isn't done yet, but it seems to be close and Fox has already tapped one of Wonder Woman's screenwriters, Allan Heinberg, to pen the Multiple Man movie, so I'd say this one looks like it just might actually happen. 


    • Justice League Is Choppy And Sloppy, But Not Awful.

      3 days ago


      Justice League is finally here. The production has gone through many ups and downs over the last year and some change, but that's not necessarily an indicator of poor quality. The Wizard of Oz changed directors mid-stream (no less than four directors had a hand in bringing that classic to life believe it or not), Lord of the Rings lost their first Aragorn, Stuart Townsend, after four days of shooting and Robert Zemeckis reshot half of Back to the Future after Eric Stoltz didn't work out in the role of Marty McFly.

      Filmmaking is a huge undertaking with thousands of moving parts and constantly shifting situations that have be dealt with every other minute. Every film is a troubled production in one way or another. There's always some drama and hurt feelings and conflicting ideas and interests. That's just how the creative process for this art form works.

      The only time that becomes a real problem for a film is when all that behind the scenes conflict shows up in the finished product. And it certainly does with Justice League.

      Now, Justice League isn't an awful movie. In fact in tone and character realization it's a giant step in the right direction for the DC Extended Universe. The problem is it's choppy, sloppy and all over the map in its plotting and structure. The worst thing I can say about the movie is it feels premature. The groundwork hasn't been done enough to really set up the threat and as such Steppenwolf and his horde of CG bug men don't feel like a big enough threat to demand that Earth's remaining heroes team up to stop them.

      I never felt that this was a task that Wonder Woman couldn't handle on her own, for instance. Batman might have an issue facing Steppenwolf alone and Cyborg and Flash were too new at the game to stare him down, but I think Diana Prince could have had him handled. It would have been a challenge, but when she's flanked by the most powerful dudes on the planet it's like setting the game on easy mode, which isn't all that fun for a thrill-seeking audience.

      What you want in a movie like this is the feeling of real stakes. You want to see a challenge for your protagonists to overcome and in the case of these big group movies like Justice League or The Avengers that means the challenge has to be supersized, even if only on a personal level.

      I feel Captain America: Civil War was a great recent example of seeing those smaller scale challenges played out. Zemo's not the flashiest villain. He's not a giant CG monster with an army of aliens behind him. He's just a guy out for revenge and in tackling the personal issues between the MCU characters he does something no other villain succeeded at: he split them apart. There's permanent damage done between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers by the end of that movie. They will probably play well together again when it comes time for Infinity War, but nothing will ever be the same.

      Steppenwolf cuts a fine silhouette and is shown laying waste to some powerful adversaries pretty early on (being vague to avoid real deal spoilers!), but at the end of the day he's relegated to being a final boss battle instead of a character. He's so one-dimensional. Steppenwolf is a bad guy that wants to destroy Earth because... that's what he does. He's tried it before, but he's really going to do it this time! Why does he want to? Because, that's why.

      They got a great actor to play him in Ciaran Hinds (you'll remember him as Mance Rayder on Game of Thrones), but there's just no depth to the character. He's not mysteriously threatening, either. He's just a big CG guy with a fire ax that wants them sweet, sweet motherboxes so he can turn the world red.

      The problem is his invasion isn't handled with any flair. In the very first scene we see Batman hunting down the Parademons (Steppenwolf's winged minions). They're already here. There's no sense of “what the hell is going on?!?” from Batman, there's no impending sense of doom or dread. Winged humanoid demons just exists around Gotham now.

      The big scene we get to set up just how powerful Steppenwolf is a narrated flashback that is essentially the prologue to Lord of the Rings except with Amazonians, Atlanteans, Gods, men and a few other geeky surprises thrown in. It's so close to LOTR you'll laugh. You have motherboxes that act like the Rings of Power. Seriously, they split them up between races to keep them from being together.

      Steppenwolf only gets one really great sequence and that involves a showdown on Themyscira. You see his ability as a warrior there that hinted at him being strong enough to require a super friends team to take him out, but then he spends the rest of the movie hiding. It's seriously his whole game plan.

      So, knowing that the villain is kind of Generic Bad Guy, how does the heroic side of the equation measure up? Surprisingly well. There are some problems, especially centered around Ben Affleck's Batman, but on the whole the reason this movie is worth seeing is because of this cast and how they interact with each other.

      Since I brought him up, let's talk a little about...

      Batman. I may not be a big fan of Batman v Superman, but I thought Affleck's Batman was pretty on point. His big fight scene in that movie (the one that felt like one of the Arkham games come to life) was a highlight and I think he looks great in the suit. I don't know if it's a choice or Affleck is already tired of playing the character, but Bruce Wayne/Batman just feels beat all the time here. The dude looks tired. He's low energy and a little bit of a woe-is-me Eeyore.

      I mean, I now Batman is supposed to be moody, but he's also supposed to radiate confidence. The character in this movie is shook by the death of Superman and the role he had to play in that coming to pass. Great! That's what we call depth and we like depth. The problem is there's no journey for him here other than getting a group together. I don't feel like Batman ends this movie in a radically different place from where he began. If you're going to put him through hell there's got to be some kind of catharsis moment for him and we never get that. We see him act a little more selflessly (to the point of almost being suicidal), but he's not the confident Dark Knight that you kind of want him to be.

      Superman. This is a tough one to talk about without delving into spoilers, but I will say that I'm very happy that they've seemed to learn their lesson from previous films. I won't say in what form or circumstance he's in this movie, but it's nice to see the character represented as the Big Blue Boy Scout again, not the sad God with the world on his shoulders. Cavill has really relaxed in the role and I'm excited to see what direction we go in with further on-screen Superman appearances.

      Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is the DCEU's single best decision so far and she doesn't let us down in this one. Diana doesn't have has much time to shine as she did in her own movie (naturally), but she radiates goodness and it's a much needed counterbalance to the muscled up testosterone around her. She gets a little moment where she has to grapple with the fact that she has been helping, but only from the shadows and not from a position to inspire others, that is some ripe stuff to play with, but because everything feels so quick and condensed it doesn't really have any time to grow into an interesting character moment. Instead we just get her being badass and kind in equal measures. Not a bad thing to settle for.

      Aquaman. I wasn't sold on Jason Mamoa in this role, to be honest, but him playing the character as a lovable, swaggering asshole is pretty great. All the stuff we get to see involving his underwater kingdom is cool, his position within the team is pretty neat and there's a fantastic moment with him being a big dickhead to the group that I'm 99% sure is all Joss Whedon. Aquaman is having fun and so is Mamoa. That goes a long way in a film like this. His character suffers a little bit from WB fast-forwarding the MCU playbook and jumping right into the big team movie, but it's not a big jump for audiences to buy him as part of the team.

      Cyborg. Victor Stone is testing his new powers when we first meet him. He's fighting between the robot part of him and the still remaining human side, but it's one of those things that looks great on paper, but in the actual movie it's not explored enough. He's great in that every day he's discovering something new about his abilities, but they don't really have fun with that. There's a great moment where his body reads a friendly character as a threat and auto-defenses kick in against his will, but it's a one-and-done moment. How much more interesting would it have been if he spent the whole movie an indispensable member of the team that could turn on them at any moment? Much more, I think. Ray Fisher does a good job with the character, but I hope they give him a little more to work with in future outings.

      Flash. Ezra Miller is great in this part. He's got the right attitude, enthusiasm, nervousness and quirks for the part and immediately fills the role of the team's little brother. His backstory is again breezed by (yuk-yuk-yuk) and makes you wish his standalone movie happened BEFORE the big team up one, but I think you'll be happy with him in the red suit. He has by far my favorite moment in the film, which again I won't spoil, but look out for his “oh shit” face and you'll know you're in the best scene of the movie. You'll know it when you see it.

      On the whole, the movie is fractured. You definitely get a too many cooks vibe from it, but the one constant is the chemistry the cast shares. Even in some of the less well-written scenes you dig this cast and roll with some of the clunkers they have to speak. The sense of fun that we've been wanting for a while is back, which is a good thing. Now we just need a singular voice to come in and give this super powered group a real challenge. That's what I want more than anything in future DCEU movies. I want to legitimately wonder how our lead will prevail.

      It'll be interesting to see where the DCEU goes from here. It feels like they finally have the right combination of ingredients and the compass needle is finally pointing to true north, but they haven't gotten everything together yet.

      DC fans will gobble this up just because they get so much of the character stuff right, superhero fans in general will probably dig it as pure escapist entertainment, but if you're at all worn out by the deluge of comic book movies then Justice League will likely test your patience with its plot conveniences and pockets of character-summary exposition.

    • Bob Rosspool urges you to keep your pants dry and your dreams wet!

      3 days ago


      I'm seriously going to have to ask Fox to continue to make Deadpool movies just so we can keep getting these amazing smart-ass teases. The first real teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 is... unlike anything you're used to seeing in the realm of the superhero movie. RT fans are pretty familiar with happy painter Bob Ross, but I doubt you guys expected the first Deadpool 2 trailer to be Bob Rossified.

      Well, it is and it's just as awesome as you could possibly imagine. Check it out:

      It may be light on actual Deadpool 2 footage, but I'd honestly be happy to keep seeing these kinds of trailers all the way up to release. Can you imagine sitting down in a theater on June 1st next year and not having anything remotely ruined for you? If there's a series that can make that work it's Deadpool. I doubt it'll happen, but a guy can dream, can't he?

      The studio is already playing with the traditional way of marketing this kind of movie and not just with the above trailer. Usually when press releases go out, even for zany comedies, they're pretty deadly serious. There's a link to the new available trailer, a release date, plot synopsis and a little text about what the news is. The plot synopsis included for Deadpool 2 is something special. I'll leave you with this slice of fried gold:


      After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade
      Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry's hottest
      bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste.
      Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor,
      Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive
      canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of
      family, friendship, and flavor - finding a new taste for adventure and
      earning the coveted coffee mug title of World's Best Lover.

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      Great to see you've found a new home! Looking forward to more of your work.

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  • Questions answered by ericvespe

    This is an excellent question. Do you go by design? Quality of the movie or series they're in? Lasting chills? Design would be between Predator, Pumpkinhead and Gill-Man from Monster Squad (all created by the late, great Stan Winston, by the way). I watched more Friday the 13th movies growing up than I did Nightmare on Elm Street, but I like the character of Freddy more, especially in that first film and Dream Warriors. It might not be the most original answer, but I'd probably go with Freddy.

    Absolutely not. That's what being a geek is all about. I can't tell you how many cool, random, weird movies I've found while chasing down movies with favorite character actors in it or directed by people I dig. That's the fun of all this!

    Honestly (and I know this makes me sound like a politician, but it's true) I love all kinds of movies. It's hard for me to pick between Jaws and Casablanca or The Exorcist and Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Lord of the Rings and The Godfather. I definitely have a soft spot for horror and sci-fi and I'm usually more willing to give a new random horror flick a shot over some drama I've never heard about.

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