My name is George and I am a first member now! I

I can't wait to meet new people. I've been meaning to get more into the the community more. I love watching everything RT, FH, AH, The know... I can finally watch everything now. 

How come you've just joined now?
I've been watching Inside gaming sine Matt Dannevick left and came over that way. I knew there was some sort of community but I couldn't find it one youtube or reddit. atleast not the one the hosts talk about.  Maybe I can find it here.

it was the first week that showed me all that I missed. In dutch we have this saying: Wat niet weet wat niet deert. What you don't know, you don't want.  That is really what happend here.

I hope I it is worth it. I have faith.

Don't ____ me over here! :D
-- George