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    • burnie

      Million Dollars, But... The Game

      2 weeks ago

      One of our favorite things about making the show Million Dollars, But... is the day that we get to sit around at the bar and debate the ridiculous scenarios we have concocted. The heart of the show is the "clarifying round" where people get to ask questions about their idea to really figure if they would do it. And now, we have a way for you to experience that as well. I am proud to announce our first ever card game: Million Dollars, But... The Game, which goes live on Kickstarter at 12:01 p.m. CT today.

      Ever since Lazer Team, I have been trying to find a way for us to recreate the awesome experience of our crowdfunding campaign. It was such an incredible community experience that ran for 30 days, but lasted for over a year. It made our first-ever feature film possible, and created unique experiences like theatrical screenings and the "Infamous 535."

      Our first step into the world of tabletop gaming seems like a perfect fit. Our goals are much lower this time around (cards cost less than movies), but it's a great way to introduce our game to the world. And we have some really cool social games planned for the stretch goals, which we will announce once the dust from our launch settles. We even got to make one of those ridiculously pretentious announcement videos.

      Thanks for your support. I hope you love the game as much as we have loved designing it. #ButStuff

    • burnie

      Amazing Race Episode 11

      3 weeks ago

      The Final Four! Join us as we race through Shenzhen, China.


    • burnie

      Lazer Team Crowdfunding Report Card

      3 weeks ago

      If you listen to the podcast or were around during the Lazer Team campaign, you probably know that I am a huge fan of crowdfunding. I often show up with some bizarre gadget that I backed which will (I am sure) change my life immeasurably for the better. And the Lazer Team campaign was an awesome, summer-long community event that reminded everyone in the world just how massive and supportive the Rooster Teeth community is.

      Sadly, the story for crowdfunding the last few months has been some very high-profile projects failing to deliver the products that were backed. The goal for our campaign was to deliver the first-ever Rooster Teeth movie, and we did that in ANOTHER record-setting evening of crowdsourced screenings all over the globe. You guys should get a record for breaking records.

      As Lazer Team heads into the home stretch toward a retail DVD/Blu-ray release, we wanted to pause and evaluate the progress of the campaign, break down the funds, and lay down some dates for the final deliverables.

      To that end, we have produced the following report card which tells you everything you need to know about the project we made together:


      Any questions or comments? Hit us up in the discussion below!

      The final physical deliverables are the signed scripts, which have been manufactured and are currently being signed by members of the writing staff. The digital scripts will go out when the physical ones do.

      Scripts being signed:


      That leaves the last digital stretch goal: three more installments of my favorite show, Game Time. Next week, I will sit down with three new guests to record those episodes. I've already announced Meg Turney and our production designer, Marcus LaPorte. I am happy to say that my final guest will be Lazer Team co-star, Mr. Michael Jones. Prepare your ears.

      Thanks again for all your support during Lazer Team. It would not be the same movie without you!

    • burnie

      Amazing Race Episode 8

      1 month ago

      We are still in this and we are headed to Dubai in 2nd place!

    • burnie

      Amazing Race Episode 6

      1 month ago

      This week we race through Armenia! East Coast broadcast just started!

    • burnie

      How did you pass them?

      2 months ago

      Spoiler warning for Episode 5 of TAR28 below.

      A lot of people on RT, Reddit and Twitter have been asking how we managed to beat Sheri & Cole to the mat for sixth place when they landed so far in front of us. If you go to the CBS website and watch Episode 5 We're Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today at 39:24 you can see the exact moment we passed them.

    • burnie

      Amazing Race Episode 5

      2 months ago

      Let's do this!

    • burnie

      The Amazing Race Episode 4

      2 months ago

      I am back! Let's do this!

    • burnie

      The Amazing Race Episode 2

      3 months ago

      Here we go...

      First thing to note: the leg start time for each team is based on how we checked in for the previous leg, so Ashley & I will be starting 6th, one minute after Brodie & Kurt (if you check in at the same time you start one minute later).

      Also, Scott & Blair have to do one extra task this week (Speed Bump) because they were save by a non-elimination leg last week.

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    • TinaBobina Hubba Hubba

      5 hours ago

      I didn't think you'd do it again. You so casually mentioned your engagement and I was so surprised and yet happy at the same time. Good for you Burnie. I want to be a cynical bastard but sentiment always wins. Hope springs eternal. May all who search for love find it as you have.

    • HavocNinja37 HavocNinja37

      5 days ago

      Figured you would see this over Twitter. On the podcast you mentioned the unboxing videos and their massive numbers where they don't necessarily equate to products being sold.

      My daughter, who is 4, loves these videos. Generally, they consist of little toys being opened in the plastic easter eggs or whatever. We buy here things here or there from the videos if it's something that really sparks her interest and she can basically explain everything about that toy.

      Now the views thing. I think these videos have so many views and no one really talks about them is because parents essentially use them as babysitters to get little things done around the house or whatver. Meaning if you have thousands of parents doing this everyday you can get millions of views pretty easily without any sort of commitment from the parents to really purchase anything.

      The Chewbacca mask video related to so many sales because it wasn't necessarily kids watching the video quietly. It may have started as that way but parents who heard the laughing and stuff from the video thought it was funny and then shared it making it blow quicker than the "shameful" here kid watch this while I clean the kitchen kind of video (which if you've ever spent time watching some have an almost ASMR quality with soft talking and crinkly paper/foil) that parents may not want to share because they're essentially using it to pacify their kids pretty much.

      I've spent a lot of time watching these videos with my daughter and trying to figure what the fuck makes them so popular. After asking a dozen or so of my parent friends and finding out they all let their kids watch the videos and we have never really discussed it more than that it's pretty much the conclusion I've drawn is that the unboxing videos feel bad because they're not "educational" at all (my daughters speech is miles ahead of kids her age and I believe it's because of the videos) while they'll share the Chewbacca video because it's cute and funny because it's a mom having more fun with the toy than her kids.

      Also that mom has now been on James Corden and had a photoshoot at Facebook with a guy in a Chewbacca outfit. So, there's that too.

      Sorry so much text again I've thought way too much about this

    • hydra38811

      5 days ago

      Hey Burnie, I must say that I share your hatred of retelling of superhero origin stories over and over, but I thought you might enjoy this one:

    • Bretticus

      1 week ago

      Burnie, I think I found a song that perfectly illustrates Episode 11 of The Amazing Race:

    • TinaBobina Hubba Hubba

      2 weeks ago

      Million Dollars But...

      Wow! This is as close to being a rockstar as you may ever come. The love that this community has for you and this company that you created is astronomical. I wonder what that feels like. I've been watching the dollar amount climb and it is amazing to me the potential power that you wield. Remember with great power.....yadda yadda yadda. What's funny is that the media is always focused on people like Jobs and Zuckerberg and you haven't even registered on their radar yet.

    • ebnight

      3 weeks ago

      Hey Burnie, I'm excited to hear your thoughts on the podcast about Uber and Lyft leaving Austin as I know it will affect you guys personally. Really sucks that your local legislature can't get it together! Hope you are well!

    • Shepsus Shepsus

      3 weeks ago

      It will always be "Whoa!" in my personal opinion.

    • TristanW007

      4 weeks ago

      boy 2d place again.... geez

    • Gannon94

      1 month ago

      What a move! S28E10

    • Cassner Hail Hydra

      1 month ago

      So I'm at the scuba argument in the podcast and so its not the scu part of the SCUBA that you should be focused on. It's the uba that makes that sound. Because I'm going to scuba of the coast of Cuba, then go play my Tuba. And Incubate, that's close. Only time it doesn't work is when its part of a prefix, subatomic for example. So to sum up, English is stupid, we should talk in numbers, or not at all. I would put this on twitter but then you would only block me and I would have to sign up for twitter. love

      • BlueSkidoo

        1 month ago

        SCUBA isn't a word, it's an acronym, so this argument is still pointless. Because U stands for "Underwater," and G stands for "Graphics," there's no logical correlation between the word and its usual pronunciation; if nobody says "Scuhba," then there's no reason people can't say "Jiff."

        In this case, it falls down to the person who came up with the term to define how it's said correctly, and individuals can say it however they like based on what sounds best to them.

      • Cassner Hail Hydra

        4 weeks ago

        @BlueSkidoo acronyms are words dude, you write and it speak it and both have a meaning. Even the definition of acronym describe it as a word. Oh no what's this, your tears are so salty yet sweet. Love

        Besides none of this matters

      • BlueSkidoo

        4 weeks ago

        ...Not used to having your opinions challenged, ey? Way to rep the best side of the fanbase on a highly-trafficked page. *thumbs up*

    • theslyfox16

      1 month ago

      Hey burnie, would love to get your perspective on the way police and the govenrment are depicted in the Division, I know you have been playing the game lately and this extra credit video presented the story in way I had not considered. It certainly appear problematic without much poiticl commentary of the complexity in this iue, Cheers.

    • Octavian68

      1 month ago

      Just finished watching the podcast. What you are referring to with the planes is TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system) used by commercial air traffic. The system essentially communicates between both planes and will give the pilots a directive. Either climb or descent. For general aviation (planes that do not have TCAS) if they are proceeding head on both pilots should break to the right to avoid a collision. Thats all I got, love the podcast.

    • Nhytmare

      2 months ago

      Hi Burnie,

      I got a code to buy the Here Earbuds and wanted to know what your opinion of them has been? I was going to get them just because I suck at hearing sometimes and think it would be nice to be able to amplify voices while damping out background noises. Do you have any opinion of them either way?

    • LWJM

      2 months ago

      Thought you'd like to know that your work (RvB) has now made it into my university work. I'm currently studying Interactive Media and for Spring Term week 6 we focused on Machinima, with one of our essay questions being:

      • What in your opinion was the most unique aspect of The XboxAuteurs (Bernie Burns et al)?

      Nope, I didn't spell it wrong, you can get onto them about that. Pretty cool though that part of my degree will be based on my understanding of RvB.

    • NickPotterfi

      2 months ago

      I was told that Pyrrha will come back near the end of season 4. I really hope that it's true. I want her back with Jaune. I hope and pray that you can bring her back to the show. But if not in volume 4, then at least have Pyrrha come back and get back with Jaune soon in the show. I want to see Jaune and Pyrrha together. They deserve each other.

      • Shepsus Shepsus

        2 months ago

        ....Not that it really matters, but why is this on Burnie's profile? He doesn't have any decision making with the actual show RWBY. There are several people who are employed at Roosterteeth who makes this show what it is. Burnie is not one of them.

        Secondly, the show will be better without Pyrrha. And I don't think Pyrrha will ever return. Pyrrah needed to fight and die against Cinder Fall to show how powerful Cinder really is. That is how basic storytelling works. Our main hero, RWBY, now understands the villain she is up against, and now we, as an audience, know now too.

        Lastly, please remember it is an animated show. "Jaune" isn't real. Miles (who is the voice of Juane) is one of the few people who had a say in the decision to kill off Pyrrah. Miles is probably not broken up about it. So neither should you. Buck up old chap, things are going to be OK. Your emotional investment is what makes it a good show. But please don't use the phrases like "deserve each other" when you are talking between two animated people. They still have plans for Jaune, lets be excited and see what comes in Volume 4.

    • Arizona_Joe

      2 months ago

      As a fellow lover of the Xbox chatpad I thought you would enjoy this little life hack.

      If you also have a Kinect plugged in to control tv volume you can program the X1 and X2 buttons to change the volume of your tv.

    • garff

      2 months ago

      Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I figured you'd be one to know if a soundtrack of Lazer Team is planned? Also, if BNL starts using EDM in their tracks I'm gonna be extatic!!!

    • TheNefasus EtherCreeper

      2 months ago

      Hey Burnie, long time fan of your writing and other creative endeavours. Not sure if you're aware of this or if it's even an issue. But I came across this video on Facebook of you and Joe the Cat https://www.facebook.com/1558523984464304/videos/1... I had seen it on your Twitter in the past but from what I saw here there' no mention of you or any credit thrown your way.

      Seemed a little shady to me as that's 264 thousand views you could have had.

      If it's nothing then it's nothing, but yeah...

    • Rad-Watson

      2 months ago

      Hi Burnie!

      The creepy stories on the last podcast reminded me of this.

      You mentioned about sleep paralysis a while back.

      My symptoms left as soon as I stopped researching lucid-dreaming, I had a fascination with it. During the peak every day I'd take about 10 minutes before I could move, the entire time I'm really willing my body to move, think trying to lift something really heavy and my body is just struggling against me.

      It's not until I hallucinate something really terrifying that I jump out of bed. Usually shadows would grow legs and turn into these centipede type things.

    • ReborneLegacy

      3 months ago

      Congratulations on your engagement!!

    • Russspruce

      3 months ago

      Hey Burnie, I saw this video about Fair Use on YouTube, and thought it was worth sharing it with you. Check it out when you get the chance.

    • drew Duckster

      3 months ago

      Just finished enjoying the 2nd episode of the Amazing Race, really happy to see you guys doing so well! That being said, I know @Ashley is hot as hell, but do you seriously have to kiss her after every....single....achievement? lol....how bout a solid high five every once in a while? I mean, you two are making the young couples look sterile? XD

    • CinderNova

      3 months ago

      Freaking awesome, you and Ashley keep up the great work on Amazing Race!! Y'all can do it, lol


      3 months ago

      Yo Burnie, I have that Kitty is a bad Mystic video saved on my laptop (albiet with a liveleak watermark), is there a way I can just send it to you on here or on twitter or something?

    • RagArk Intermediate level human

      3 months ago

      I thought Roosterteeth or more specifically you have said that you hate how films are split into trilogies. However, Lazer Team is setting up for a trilogy in some ways. You introduced the "real" bad guys and basically said see you next time. We know there's going to have to be more films because of what happened in the movie. I'm not going to spoil it, but it seems like there would be a middle film where they would have to defend Earth once more.

    • mattmact

      3 months ago

      Hey Burnie you recently blocked me on Twitter and I'm sorry for the tweet it was my brother who got hold of my account could you please unblock me I love reading your Twitter so much

      My Twitter handle is @mattmactimpson

    • TheDemonY

      3 months ago

      Hello Burnie.

      I wanted to briefly tell you how fantastic you are and how appreciated everything you have made and worked to create is. It has brought innumerable smiles and whimsical moments to my life and the lives of so many others. You and Rooster Teeth both have brought invaluable brilliance to so many and I want you to know how much that means.

      Thank you, for everything you have done.

    • bfett9

      4 months ago

    • TomPaley

      4 months ago

      Congrats on Lazer Team Burnie! It was incredible and it really looked like a Hollywood film!

      On a sidenote, I just saw that it's rumoured that Grand Admiral Thrawn will make a cameo in Star Wars Rebels, which I think is the character that you wanted to see instead of General Hux in The Force Awakens? Just thought you might be interested :) http://makingstarwars.net/2016/01/rumor-the-larges...

    • StezYKim

      4 months ago

      I don't know if you've heard of these problems Channels are having with Youtube, but Doug Walker(The Nostalgia Critic) talks about it in this video:

      They could really use your support and maybe you've been experiencing similar issues yourself.This deserves some attention and I thought I'd share it with you.

    • Void_Chi

      4 months ago

      Just watched Lazer Team with 250 friends. The whole thing was AMAZING! Lots of fans here in Utah!

    • Okieninja

      4 months ago

      thank you for such a fun movie burnie and to everyone that worked on it. First time doing anything with the community it was great

    • 25zerotwo

      4 months ago


    • Kiwi OCC Time Lord

      4 months ago

      @burnie - we had a solid debate about climate change going on in the Oxford Comma Cafe here in the forums if you wanted to see some of the topics. It mostly starts on page 194, but it's a flowing forum with multiple discussions so look for the longest posts.

      Safe travels and good luck next week!

    • Alex "Keep Moving Forward"

      4 months ago

      Happy Birthday man. Hope it's been a good one.

      Surprised nobody else said it yet. Guess everything's moved to other social media or something. Hope everyone's been saying it somewhere.

      Sorry you got a cut finger for your birthday though, that's a bitch.

      Just curious - Do you have a Steam at all? Typically on someone's Birthday I go and look to see what they have on their wishlist, but yeah you don't have a steamname listed on your profile and stuff.

      Party hard dude.

    • BricBrac Eagle Scout and Explorer

      4 months ago

      Hey Burnie! There's two showings for Lazer Team near me on the 27th, but they're both sold out (I had to wait till paid to buy my ticket). Is there anyway to get another ticket or something? Just wondering if you might have any idea on what to do here. I really want to go see it.

    • mitzt Boop!

      4 months ago

      Hey Burnie, what are the chances of some songs from Jeff Williams and Trocadero becoming DLC in Rock Band 4? I was hoping that the sponsored stuff you did for RB4 would mean that you guys would be able to encourage Harmonix more than the fans who've used their song request page to try to get some RT music in the game.

    • GaelenRobinson

      4 months ago

      just read Burnie's about me... fuckin Cloning Clyde is the best game on this earth

    • PaulHikari

      4 months ago

      Bad news. The RWBY sub-forum is under attack from hordes of evil spam bots. Look!


    • Rad-Watson

      4 months ago

      Went to see star wars with my grandpa, and afterwars he said the movie was really great, teared up a bit and told me he saw a new hope in that same theater, on his first date with his now passed wife.
      He really loved the movie.

    • KyleBlouin Superman

      5 months ago

      Burnie! I want to see lazerteam so bad, its showing in my city Vancouver Canada, but its sold out immediately,what do i do?

    • jangggle

      5 months ago

      On the latest podcast you talked about workplace safety commercials in Canada. You should see some of the old ACC (accident compensation) commercials from here in New Zealand, some of them are pretty brutal!

      • BeauBrown Beau

        5 months ago

        Jesus, that took a turn.

    • SureNick

      5 months ago

      Burnie, how does it feel to be the real-world Frank Reynolds?

    • rwbysupport

      5 months ago

      So when can we watch your adventure online? Just saw Tyler Oakley was also participating in the same race.. CanĀ“t wait!

    • Ajkaine0423

      6 months ago

      Today is the anniversary of my mom's death. She passed away when I was 12. I am 18 now and looking back I don't think I could of made it through that time without you guys.

      I had the support of my family and friends, but Rooster Teeth made me laugh again. You guys made me smile. I wanted to properly thank you for that. So thank you! Every last one of you. Thank you.

    • monopoly_j Elevator's not worthy.

      6 months ago

      Saw you on the Amazing Race video. Looking forward to cheering for you when the season airs. Best of luck!

    • priest81 OCC Non Sequitur

      6 months ago

      Dude...don't get eaten on the Amazing Race.

    • Jurassic_Jake

      6 months ago

      Where are your vlogs? I keep getting notifications when you post them, but clicking the notification doesn't take me to the vlog. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the site, or the notifications, or something else entirely, but it has me really confused.

    • zacishal Zacish

      6 months ago

      Hi Burnie,

      You announced in your vlog on the 26th last month that lazer team will be released on YouTube red, however there is no release date for YouTube red set in the UK. Are there any plans for releasing the film to the UK and any other country that doesn't have access to YouTube red or will it be a case of you'll get it when you get it?

      Thanks, Zac

    • Castus13

      6 months ago

      Have any favourite ASMR-tists? I remembered that you and Gav both were into it, and I was wondering which ones 'tickled your scalps?' Any recommendations?

  • Questions answered by burnie

    Thanks, Gus. Just keep pluggin' away. You'll get there.

    I'm usually racing to hit my calorie move goal by the end of the day. I don't drink really. So I basically just browse the web. The say you aren't meant to look at screens right before falling asleep but I do it a lot.

    Nah. Part of the Q&A sessions at live events are about the interaction. I know people outside the events will often criticize the question askers, but it's not their job to entertaining. That's our responsibility. If questions get too bland, we'll just talk for 15 minutes before taking the next one.

    The only thing I hate is the fake "oh is it my turn?" "is that what my voice sounds like?" performance garbage that some people do. I have warned audiences many times that once you get to that mic you are part of the show. I have no problem blasting you in front of 5000 people the same way I do to Gavin or Joel or Gus. It's how we show love. Basically, if you do something to slow down the energy in the room we will quickly move to get it back.

    Ashley's cat Nutmeg loves me, but she wakes me up every single day and yells at me. We get in an argument every morning. Somehow, Ash sleeps through it.

    Last time, we hung out and took photos for about an hour. I imagine we would do the same this time.

    The single hardest I have ever laughed was when I interviewed Kara for the What Do You Know show about guy movies. Her Back To The Future answers were so funny and when she said which way the car travels through time, I lost it. I literally could not stop laughing for ten minutes. They cut all of that out because my host character is meant to be supportive and deadpan, but that was just too much for me.

    Nope. Vines are hard. I have lots of respect for Vine artists.

    This might sound rude, but I've been trying to find a way to say this for a long time: I never open the flash drives people hand me. It's not that I don't like to review people's work, it's that I don't trust a flash drive I don't know in any of my computers. It's far better to have an online repository and just send that to me in a link. Sorry.

    I also don't eat baked goods that people give us at conventions. But I do appreciate them. And Blaine eats it all.

    Games is our fastest growing division. Follow Michael Hadwin on the site and/or Twitter.

    Sure, I will be the guy talking about Tharsis non-stop and not knowing what The Witness is.

    Walking Dead, Jessica Jones, Mr Robot

    I have been working through a huge backlog of movies as well. Just watched John Wick. It was great.

    Sure. Reviews don't scare me. I think I said this on a podcast after our festival run, but it's inevitable to get some bad reviews. People are brutal when talking about movies. A videogame can have parts that are broken or missing on day one and still get a 9/10. Movies don't get that same pass. I am just very happy the audience likes it. It may seem like a forgone conclusion that the RT audience would like it, but that's not at all the case. There's been plenty of shows our existing audience hated. If that had happened with Lazer Team, we would have had a big problem on our hands.

    We have tested cooking in a couple of different formats. I think the people who enjoy cooking most don't really have time to pilot a new show that far off the beaten path.

    Pancake podcast is this week and I am super excited.

    Just keep using the site and posting awesome stuff. I saw that Awesome On Its Own was making a return and that made me very happy.

    Actor -- narrative shorts and our featured productions like LT and Crunch Time

    Director -- not really directing much these days, but as a Producer I will say Immersion

    Writer -- Featured Productions and developing new series

    Sure. We moved in the middle of last year so we had to change our setup, but I can tell her you would like to start again. I'm a little reluctant to admit that I don't play that many games anymore. In the last six months I have played FO4, some Just Cause 3 and a smattering of smaller Steam games. It's one the reasons I'm not ever on The Patch. I don't have much to talk about.

    Last few years I have focused on work in front of the camera rather than behind. 2016 will put me back in the Director's chair.

    Boobs or butts?

    | Asked by: WildLemon 3 months ago

    Thankfully, I don't have to choose.

    Probably the Carribean for vacation and Australia for just general travel. Once, I went down to New Zealand and rode the train from Christchurch to Greymouth. It was an amazing journey. If you go, eat the whitebait.


    It depends on the job. If you mean a personality/artist job then there is no requirement. A lot of our personalities never went to university. Some didn't even graduate high school.

    How old is Joe the cat now?

    | Asked by: Paul_Lee 3 months ago

    Joe The Cat is about eight years old. He's getting super fat in retirement.

    Matt was telling me that the box office numbers in UK were higher than in US even though it has 1/5 the population. My response was "RTUK?", he punched me.

    I would love to have the US show be a traveling show the way MineCon does. But I know how radically inefficient that model is. Hopefully we can do more touring-style events like the LT screenings, Let's Play Live and Dude Soup Live.

    I wish I had a better answer than "I know it when I see it" but that's really the main answer. Also, our writers have to be fast. It's just the nature of what we do.

    All better. Stitches out and just stretching it every day.

    There's nothing you can do about it. Some things are constant on the internet. You can't ever say what the weather is like where you are, because people will just tell you why it's worse where they are. You also can't mention an event without people being upset that you aren't coming to where they live. No one sees all the other responses and obvious jokes when they are making their single post.

    I could not be happier. Watching fans all over the world have mini-meetups was absolutely mind blowing.

    Who's your favourite person at RT?

    | Asked by: AHJode 3 months ago

    Ashley, depending on how nice Ashley is to me that day.

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