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    • Horrible Customer Service

      2 months ago

      Utukku232 Utukku232

      So I am cancelling my Double Gold subscription.  Why? Because RT Customer Service refuses to answer my question.  All I wanted to know is if I was going to get a January RT Box.  Firstly, it is now February and I still have not received the December box. Second, the Shipment Information was last updated December 3, with nothing showing since, so concern if I was getting the January box I think is valid.  Instead Customer Service first responded that they would process after January 20.  Twelve days later, nothing.  I send follow-up requests and the tickets get closed without a response.  Class act guys.  Two weeks ago Eric Duncan announced changes to the RT Box program, insisting that things were going to be better.  Well maybe fix the program and service the people already paying for it before swapping it out for a new one.

      I have so many frustrations with the RT brand right now, this is just fuel for my fire.  There are great creators behind this company, it just feels like they got lost in the quest for the almighty dollar.

    • What Happened to Rooster Teeth?

      3 months ago

      Utukku232 Utukku232

      I am not sure how journals work, who will read this or how they would even see it, but I felt the need to vent a bit about Rooster Teeth.  While I am somewhat new to the website, I am no where near new to the content that RT has produced.  I was fan way back in 2003 when I was introduced to Red vs Blue by a friend who knew I enjoyed Halo.  The line 'Is it a spider?' was the moment the series got its hooks in me.  I followed the series for years after that, also watching the other short lived RT series like Strangerhood and 1-800-Magi, plus following the regular comics done by Luke McKay that appeared on the old site.  But as I got older, busier and had fewer friends that were interested in the content, I dropped off RvB and RT around series 6.

      Around two years ago I stumbled unto Achievement Hunter without realizing at first it was part of Rooster Teeth but as soon as I heard Geoff's voice, I recognized it as Grif.  Pulled backed into RT content as well as Achievement Hunter, I binge watched tons of content from the years I missed asking myself why I had stopped watching?  I subscribed to the website, bought merch and even got a VIP pass to RTX Austin this past year.  Being a geek and gamer in a smaller community AH particularly made me feel like there were others I could relate to and that understood my sense of humor.  The last few months though, that has changed.

      Somewhere along the line, it feels like the focus of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth has shifted off the content and more to the creators.  Now I love the team behind the shows, like I said in many ways I can related to them, but it has started to feel like some of them view themselves more important than the content they produce.  Either by screaming into a camera, showboating to get attention or otherwise focusing on completely on themselves.  Then there is the matter of content itself that is produced.  More and more of AH content is repeated or recut material.  Be it 'Best of the Month' or stream content that was on YouTube a week before or simply the 'Between the Games'.  I realize producing content is not easy and that it can be a busy workplace.  I tried to maintain a YouTube channel with daily game videos and it is exhausting.  But with nearly 20 people on the AH team it should be more do-able.

      At the end of it I feel conflicted about continuing to support RT and AH.  There are creators on the teams I like and want to support but like the saying goes, it only takes a few bad apples.  These bad apples spoil so much content for me that I stop watching stuff.

      That's it, I am done.  I just needed to vent if only for myself.

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