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    • alexchambers

      3 years ago

      TeX you rock.

    • alexchambers

      3 years ago

      This is for you all that put hat mail here. You such and I'll get you on halo any of them.

    • tex1009

      6 years ago

      Is tex really a redhead and prostitute

    • brainpop

      6 years ago

      Thats it people who talks about TEX FUCKING NAME AGAIN I WELL GO TO YOUR HOUSE AND KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


        5 years ago

        you not a tex fan or something sides you cant you dont know were anyone lives so the joke is on you and anyways thats not cool people can love the freelancer tex if they want

    • SpiRitKi113R

      6 years ago

      go TEX

    • Creepshow

      9 years ago

      Tex rules. she beats anyone you can name...

    • XxCrushedxX

      9 years ago

      Leave person alone you idiots!!!

    • Spartan372

      10 years ago

      Hey, everyone who comes here and leaves hate mail, heres a little tip for you.

      So no one picks the name of Characters.

      So all the posts below and mabye some above if someone comments are all dumbasses unless they didn't leave hate mail.

    • GreenarmyCO

      10 years ago

      um...why didn't anybody actually think of posting a name like this? fricking hilarious

    • sweetkiller

      10 years ago


    • Flash2005

      10 years ago


    • Green_knight

      10 years ago

      You f--ing wasted this name for every other Tex fan out there, and what do you have to say about it?
      Nothing. You're never on....


    • rvbbluespy

      10 years ago

      Roses are red
      And violets are blue.
      One day we'll cruise down
      Blood Gulch avenue
      It's red versus red
      and blue versus blue
      It's I against I
      and me against you

      Violets are blue, roses are red
      living like this we were already dead
      Hop in my car
      it don't have any doors
      It's built like a cat
      It lands on fours
      My car's like a puma
      it drives on all fours

      Red versus red
      Blue versus blue

    • lalambz

      10 years ago

      are you tex from redvsblue?

    • unkown_guy

      11 years ago

      what is the username of the real tex?

    • mr_redvsblue

      11 years ago

      I know the real Tex she is just a facker name wasted

    • _Wrath

      11 years ago

      lol prvtmcaboose thers noway they can do that becuz wants u sighn up it acks u the question do u want to become a sponsor

    • jewbacca

      11 years ago

      and yet another username wasted

    • I_am_God

      12 years ago

      yeah its just wasted on her

    • Reubix24

      12 years ago

      KILL HER ALL!!!!

    • killthem

      12 years ago

      This happens with almost every character name except Caboose

    • ThePa7riarch

      12 years ago

      why dont yall give her a break? she beat everyone else to the name fair and square, so suck on that and leave her alone. i support you missy, rock on \m/

    • MishyStellar FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      12 years ago

      Wasted! Once again, I belive that non-sponsers shouldn't be allowed to take Character names.

    • spyke5689

      12 years ago

      ya what the hell. A mod should delete her account. Wastin the name.

    • Platipus

      12 years ago

      such a name and you haven't been on for 5 months!

    • Covenant18

      12 years ago


    • cousinbruski

      13 years ago

      welcome to the chaos that is red vs blue.

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