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    • What's your RPG Class?

      8 months ago


      You find yourself hidden away as a playable character in an RPG, any RPG. What class do you hope your character has?


      I'd have to go with either Bard or Cleric

      Cleric mainly because of my actual habits in gaming: 

      I'm a Holy Priest in WoW, which heals things, 

      I'm a nuisance when playing as a Cleric in Happy Wars, which heals things and 

      I'm either Mercy or Lúcio in OverWatch... you get the picture, I seem to prefer to heal people than do damage xD

      and Bard simply due to the fact that I dabble with music all the time, if I was more of a diva I'd go with Songstress but I don't think I'd do a dress like this justice, even in the virtual world:


      What about yourself? :3

    • WoW Journal 2 - What I have done!

      9 months ago


      My very late follow-up of my World of Warcraft journal: 'WoW Journal 1 - What have I done?!'

      3 months ago I picked up the game and knew pretty much nothing about WoW. I made a trial character named 'Auburne' in the European Servers and derped about a bit... but now?

      Now I have 'Emaryllis', a Level 100 character in the US Servers!Emar1001.png

      No, this isn't a character that I just paid to boost to Lvl100, I worked hard for this!

      Good ol' fashioned grinding (Confession: The only boosting that happened was from Lvl92 to Lvl93 when I did a few instances with Gaff and Talumar, thanks for that guys ^-^)... oh, oh and I have proof from a rushed screenshot that I earned it haha:Emar1002.png

      So cheers for that Shieldmaiden Iounn!

      Huge thanks to: Talumar, for not only putting up with my never-ending stream of questions regarding this game... but for letting me know about the Auctionator! Oh boy! It's helped a lot! Gaff, for throwing me into this game in the first place, I know I know, I should have listened to you months before when you suggested it... but I'm playing it now, that's what matters :P and thanks for filling in my gaps of knowledge about the Horde's side of the lore haha

      and Reekers, for swapblasting me into hazardous places for keeping me entertained/awake during the rare times we're online at the same time, at like 2am!

      It's been so fun fishing! exploring the world and really getting my head around this game. Though I will admit I spent like 30% of the time playing the Auction House game! Getting that gold by selling overpriced fish and cloths yo!

      giphy.gifCan't wait to get knee-deep into the end-game stuff... I know I'm kinda in the last stretch level-wise (Level cap is Lvl110) but I've only really just stepped into Legion and I've overheard there's much, much more! Heck there's a ton of stuff that I know I've skipped past in order to level up quicker! I'll get to go back and indulge with a crazily over-leveled character one day though haha

      Can't wait to go back to Tranquillien, as a Lvl110, just to wonder around Ghostlands to land a million damage on that fucker Knucklerot who embarrassingly whooped my ass all over the place when I was a noob. He's on top of my Kill Bill list for sure.

      - - - - -

      Stats that I'm keeping a note of for my own future reference, you can ignore this if you want haha:

      Emaryllis, Discipline Priest (Item Lvl: 647)


      Intellect: 6770

      Stamina: 4735

      Armor: 662

      Mana Regen: 6400


      Critical Strike: 15%

      Haste: 17%

      Mastery: 25%

      Versatility: 1%


      Tailoring Lvl: 474

      Enchanting Lvl: 556

      Archaeology Lvl: 1 < I'll... I'll get to that eventually

      Fishing Lvl: 624

      Cooking Lvl: 659

      First Aid Lvl: 606

      Achievements Earned: 176 (1545 points)

      Total Damage Done: 822,581,226

      Total Kills: 16,680

      Total Deaths:... 139... 14 from falling >.<

      Quests Completed: 1965

    • Mood: Conflicted (Why I might not be attending RTX2017)

      10 months ago


      It's no secret that I've wanted to attend RTX for the past 3-4 years. At the time I was a penniless student that was really treading water when it came to grades, so I simply couldn't afford to go.

      Now, however, I've graduated and I've saved for over a year up to ensure I can go to an RTX event.

      So what's the problem?

      For the last few months I've been telling close-friends on this site that whether or not I'll be going is completely up in the air and that I've been waiting on the paperwork (the forms for the passport application and stuff)... but... I have the forms, they are 90% completed, the form has been on my desk for months.

      One section is incomplete and it directly places me in a dilemma that I'd much rather avoid... but, you know, fuck it, yay for drama.

      The one section is directly about the Parent's details... and... you guessed it, they are refusing to assist me with it.

      I can fill it out; I know all of the information necessary. What's driving me insane though is they've out-right told me that they don't approve of me going, I can fill it out, but they made it clear as crystal they don't want me to get a passport.

      It's not even the whole idea of meeting people from the internet, it's not that kind of deal. They simply don't want me to travel that kinda distance... they say I rarely go out in my hometown, now I want to travel to the other side of the world? I'm aware that's a big jump but the activities I can do in my hometown? Drinking/Clubbing/Gambling... I'm not particularly fond of any of those.

      I get why they are worried... but... what am I supposed to do? Spend the rest of my life in my fucking hometown? I'm planning on spending 1 or 2 weeks in Texas, using my own money... that's it.

      So here's what I got to deal with, either:

      A - Disappoint a lot of people I've had the pleasure of meeting on this site that I consider really close friends. That have supported, motivated and inspired me for years!


      B - Disappoint my loving family that has supported me my entire life.

      I want to simply say "fuck it", fill out the form, and be done with it.

      However I'm left with this growing weight of guilt, it just feels like I'm going to betray them by doing that and as a result face a bunch of repercussions simply by wanting to go to RTX.

      I didn't think the idea of being an adult means betraying the people you respected the most for your entire life.

      I just don't know what to do to and I'm afraid I'll settle with doing nothing, then deeply regret it months later.

    • A Cautionary Tale about Water.

      11 months ago


      To everyone out there that uses a lot of tech, a cautionary tale.

      Keep water bottles off your desk. Heck, keep water bottles on the other-side of the room.

      Earlier today I may have had a mini panic-attack.

      Whilst drinking from a 500ml bottle, between sips so the bottle doesn't have it's lid on, I get slightly knocked. Only about an eighth of the water left the bottle but the water that did leave my bottle landed on:

      My Mac's monitor, my Mac's keyboard, my laptop's keyboard, my microphone (thankfully with it's wind shield on), the top of my audio interface, my Elgato and it just missed one of my USB sticks (everything was backed up already but... still).

      So in one single second, tap water nearly did hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

      Thankfully everything is working fine. You should have seen how fast I reacted... I've never found roll of paper towels quicker.

      But yeah, water bottles near desks, not even once!

    • Diagnosed with Asperger's

      1 year ago


      Let it be known that 2016 is the year I got diagnosed with two different syndromes: Gilbert's and Asperger's. Anyone care to discover a third for me?


      Before anyone says, "Yeah yeah, whatever, self-diagnosis doesn't count" It's not. I've waited months for an appointment from a Doctor that specializes in Autism related studies and after hours of examining me they concluded today that I most definitely have Asperger's.

      So, what does that mean?

      In all honesty nothing. This is something I've lived with, so if you know me quite well already it's not really going to be much of a shock.

      However it does highlight how my brain functions. In a nutshell, I can spend hours on mundane tasks but on-the-other-hand I can be a pain to socialize with and can make any moment of interaction awkward.

      After giving me the results the Doctor noted there was a Red Herring while I was being diagnosed. Despite being unwavering on my mental condition, what threw them a curve-ball was my speech. It's apparently the norm for there to be difficulties in speech from controlling intonation and velocity (don't quote me on this, I've done no research on the syndrome, this is just what the Doctor told me) and speech often appears to be flat, however I didn't struggle with that at all.

      So yeah. I guess that's why people didn't throw me at therapists during my childhood.

      Anyhow, I would like to informally lay out a blanket of apologies to anyone that may have been caught off-guard by my poor social skills, or if I've offended you by accident, or if I've made an entire situation awkward. Sorry.

      After a little guidance I hope to utilize the condition into something useful/creative, both in my work-life and as a hobby.

    • A Re-Introduction, yet another feigned promise of more activity.

      1 year ago


      I feel like making this journal is somewhat appropriate as I'm trying to not be a total shut-in. I realized recently that I'm not exactly the most social person here anymore, or elsewhere really, and I don't want that to come across as some sort of animosity, I'm just not much of a talker (ironic considering the amount of Podcast's I've been on, huh?).

      I'm going to try to push myself out of my little bubble of comfort and post here more regularly. Even if I have to force myself too, I will write about how I don't like sand if necessary! It's course and rough and irritating and it gets e'erywhere!

      But first things first, re-introductions! If you don't know too much about me, here's a good place to start.


      So yeah.

      Hi, the name's Tyler (duh). I ramble, a lot. I overthink things yet make terrible life-decisions. I'm the audio-editor/graphic designer for The Shifty Key and you may occasionally bump into me on Rooster Speak's TeamSpeak server, I'm there usually while playing WoW. 

      I like coffee with two sugars and milk, inappropriate songs from any genre (such as Ken Ashcorp, Mystery Skulls, Jamiroquai and Hail Mary Mallon, quite the mix) and anime. Surprisingly I stumbled across a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Musicianship, a degree I continue to do nothing too interesting with (yay, student debts!) and I aspire to be a Voice Talent one day.

      I've been considered as an 'honorary American' by a few individuals due too my sudden unironic usage of "y'all" and "reckon" in my speech and that I can't remember the right way to say Tomato anymore.

      I can also be a bit of a hypocrite, get easily stressed, be rather blunt and I'm an obsessive control-freak. Introverted through-and-through with very little self-esteem.


      If this seems too open... well, that's kinda what I'm aiming for, a lot of people see my more publicly goofy/inappropriate side and not, well, this.

      Once again I'm going to aim to be... a little more active here AND on places like Twitter (seriously, over there I just like pictures of fan-art and occasionally retweet some goofy stuff, you're not missing out)

      If you read through all this, thank you and sorry ^-^

    • WoW Journal 1 - What have I done?!

      1 year ago


      So I did the unthinkable and actually decided to try out World of Warcraft!

      I only consider it "unthinkable" because usually whenever I heard anything about WoW I shuddered. I've heard: the world is massive, the lore is rich and people have been playing it for years. I didn't think fondly of the idea of being a noobie lost in a jaw-droppingly big world without any knowledge of the game's history.

      However, despite knowing that I'll probably be the most incompetent player on any server I join for a while... I atleast know of a few friends right here on RoosterTeeth that are... well, far less incompetent! If I ever get stuck with something I'm sure they'll push my clueless-ass in the right direction.

      So I got the trial and with very little knowledge, went at it. First steps, making a character.

      Step 1 - Sided with Horde. Why? Dunno, blame @Gaffi,

      Step 2 - Selected to be a Blood Elf. Why? Dunno, cooler appearance I guess. 

      It was either that or the Undead but I didn't know if that would have any issues for later (going on Final Fantasy's logic, if someone cured me... as an Undead... it would hurt... right?), or maybe I was overthinking it,

      Step 3 - Selected to be a Priest. Why? Actually I have proper answer for this. I've always enjoyed being a Healer, whether I'm being an annoying Cleric in Happy Wars or Mercy in Overwatch, so it made sense to select Priest.

      For the more experienced players out there feel free to scoff at the combination, because I really don't know if a Blood Elf Priest is a good idea or not.

      Step 4 - Nearly spent half an hour trying to think of a name... to discover it's been taken.

      In the end I settled with Auburne, ta-daaa:


      Gameplay-wise, I'm understanding what to actually do! I'm juggling quests and not overwhelmed by all the things on the screen. It's only Silvermoon City things so far, but it's going smoothly.

      Level 5 at the moment, don't expect me to start kicking butt in PvPs or talking Thalassian any time soon. I'll happily play the trial a little longer before I make any financial commitments.

      But yeah, it's going good.

    • Buying Vocaloid

      1 year ago


      For those of you that don't know this essentially what a Vocaloid character is:

      Hatsune Miku is one of many, there's Gumi, Luka, Lily and a personal favorite of mine which is IA (mainly because IA was made by Lia's voice and IA's had tracks mixed together by Teddyloid and also the damn Kagerou Project which got an anime adaptation... okay, I'll stop gushing now.)

      In the 4th edition of Vocaloid they've put a lot of work into a English one. So I thought I'd give it a go.

      I'm still waiting for products to come from Amazon to get started (I needed Cubase in order to run the Vocaloid software on my Mac) but I'm eagerly writing little drafts of songs already. After all I don't want to wait for the software to get here with absolutely no groundwork haha.

      So... yeah... if I'm difficult to get a hold of for a little while it may be because I'm obsessing over this stuff once I get my hands on it xD

    • I dabbled with music again!

      1 year ago


      Sometimes I break out of a creative rut in the most oddest ways!

      This time, a few lewd moments in The Shifty Key Podcast 128 forced my hands... to play the bass again.

      So without waffling on like I often do with these journals, here's a song I recently made, appropriately named: 'It's Not "Lust" This Time, Right?':

      (Direct link: here, in-case it's needed)

      Fun Fact, I managed to squeeze an early draft of this song into Podcast 128 a few times, bonus points if you can find those moments... well... rhetorical "bonus points" with the added bonus of damn comical lewd material.

      Rated R for Suggestive Bass-lines...


      ... I'll see myself out...

    • The Shifty Key Thumbnail Nameplates v3.0

      in Forums > The Shifty Key Thumbnail Nameplates v3.0 | Follow this topic


      Ahoy there! So, you may have heard there's a little re-branding going on here at The Shifty Keys (want more info? here).

      The purpose of this thread is for you to request your newly-designed Nameplates!

      What's a "Nameplate" you ask? Nameplates are featured in The Shifty Key's Thumbnails! Nameplates make it immediately clear who's featured in which Podcast when browsing through our YouTube Channel!

      The new design will look like this:

      To request your new Nameplate just follow the 3 simple steps below!

      - - - - - - - - - -

      Step 1 - What's Your Name?! -

      Though it sounds silly at first, we want to know what you would rather be addressed as on our Channel.

      Do you want to use your RT Username? Your real first name? A Nickname?

      Notes -

      - A maximum of 12 characters, otherwise your Name won't fit.

      Which shouldn't be a problem really, I believe our biggest Podcast Usernames have been LostInSweden, Masshalogear & RubyFINGRose, all have 12 characters.

      - Your Name will be in FULL CAPS, sorry, it just helps make your Name as clear as possible in YouTube's smaller Thumbnails.

      - - - - - - - - - -

      Step 2 - What's Your Main Colour?! -

      Use the following chart to select the Main Colour you want in your Nameplate:


      Notes -
      - The grey text represents the actual Hue and Lightness of the colours listed. The Saturation is always at 100, except for the grey 'Z Column'.
      You don't need to give them any attention to actually select a colour, it's more of a reference for me.

      - The Main Colour will be the background colour of your Nameplate. For example here's TJ's Nameplate:
      The Orange Main Colour selected above was C12.

      - Your Name is going to be white, so picking bright colours like yellow might make your Name less visible.

      - - - - - - - - - -

      Step 3 - What's Your Secondary Colour?! -

      Use the following chart to select the Secondary Colour for your Nameplate:


      Notes -
      - The purpose of the Secondary Colour is to avoid clashes.
      Let's say some people selected the exact same shade of Red for their Main Colour, we have plenty of other colours to select here to make our Nameplates easily distinguishable.

      For example, Luís and Jim currently both use X7 but their Secondary Colours are Black and White!

      - The Secondary Colour is the colour on both sides of the Nameplate that also has a subtle gradient inside the Name. As an example here's TJ's Nameplate again:
      To select the Dark Blue above you'd just need to post: O5.

      - - - - - - - - - -

      And boom! That's it! I'll do the rest and create your request.

      Many of you have already created Nameplates... twice.
      However, this time simply sticking with your old Nameplate's colour-code might not work as there's a lot more colours included in this design.
      What I mean is: L5 may have been the code for Dark Blue in the previous designs but now if you say "Keep my L5" that'll be a greenish-blue colour, Breen I guess, you'd want something like P5 instead. Meh, details! Let's not make it over-complicated!

      If you don't request a Nameplate in this thread I'll randomly select the colours for you and use your RT Username. I'll give you plenty of time to select though because this re-branding thing is going to take a while to sort out, no rush.

      That wraps it up! I'll post an example of a request up shortly, something for ease-of-use really, feel free to copy and paste it!

      Apologies for this major tagging here... but this thread is explicitly for those of you that have been on our Podcast, forgive me and thank you! >.<
      @blackhatjim, @DaCuban, @Darkside89X, @DrSparks, @Eoin, @Gaffi, @CloudMiller, @Giffy, @Giries, @goldguy81, @Its_Julius, @Jim_Survak, @Julia, @Kitsuun, @Leo_B, @LostInSweden, @LoZelda, @Masshalogear, @MissJiinx, @Mk91, @mugsoftea, @Myshu, @Neil, @nickgonz_, @Notorum, @OneBlueWolf, @Quirky, @RubyFINGRose, @samurairose, @sonny88p, @SpartanSloth, @SwiftC, @Talumar, @theBreen, @TJ1023 & @topham... and I need to get a hold of Jay Justice.

      23 replies

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    • SpartanSloth

      2 years ago

      Loved the new "That Douche Bag Tyler" tag hahaha

      But you're wrong, it's supposed to be TBDTyler, which means The Banana Dropped Tyler (because he hates bananas and bananas don't much care for haters u.u )

    • Its_Julius Shinigami

      2 years ago


    • Leo_B

      2 years ago

      Happy Birthday Tyler! Sorry i dont have a cool gif like luis.

      • TDBTyler

        2 years ago

        It's cool ^-^ thank you :D

    • SpartanSloth

      2 years ago

      Happy birthday, Tyler! May your day be ultra awesome and your years filled with joy and cookies, buddy! smiley9.gif


    • topham FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold DHYB

      3 years ago

      This just popped up somewhere, and I'm curious as to whether you've seen it or not:

      • TDBTyler

        3 years ago

        I haven't seen it before... but... I want one! o.o

    • Dominic

      3 years ago

      Warm Fuzzy: I don't know where to start. I could talk about the awesome community projects you're doing now (looking forward to what you've done with my bastard of a troll intro), or the tenure you had as Show-runner of the Latecomers, or even the YouTube channel you have with TDBTom. But, I think the thing that I like the most is that every time I came onto Rooster Speak, no matter what, you'd always say hello. It helped immensely with the social anxiety I'd been going through at the time. So... uh, yeah. Thanks a bunch.

    • Audrey Spread The Love!

      3 years ago

      You always send awesome stuff in for Hitchhiker's Guide, and have helped in getting word out as well. Really glad to have you on as a part of it! You're a really cool dude and I'm glad to have met you (virtually)!
      If you'd like to pass along the love, check this out! smiley12.gif

    • TylerGamer1

      3 years ago

      Why do people think I'm you.

      • TDBTyler

        3 years ago

        I know, I saw your profile before sending my response :( that's why I stated 'your profile's name', the one that gets displayed on the site, is what's in common.
        To be honest I wouldn't let it bother you, people think you're me? Well, I know for a fact I'm not you and you know you're not me too.

      • TylerGamer1

        3 years ago

        I live in the same place of you and I isn't born there I was born in London. And my name is Jake and if you wanna know why I call myself tyler go to my profile

      • TDBTyler

        3 years ago

        Possibly because we have a lot in common, your profile's name is my first name, you have a lot in common with me (you live in my birthplace) and you made that 'helping group', it might raise a few eyebrows xD

    • TylerGamer1

      3 years ago

      do you like anime and if you do join my group and bring friends.

    • Kohppa Scruffy Gaymer

      3 years ago


    • TDBTom

      3 years ago

      just a note as ill try get into the website.. thought i might encourage you to watch some RvB with possibly my favorite episode :P
      Enjoy :3

      • TDBTyler

        3 years ago

        Seen it smiley8.gif
        Because of that animation from Monty xD

    • Gaffi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Gaff

      3 years ago

      "Doctor Gaffy" huh? XD


    • SpartanSloth

      4 years ago

      For your hardwork and astounding dedication to The Latecomers, and for being a super cool dude, I grant you the Sloth Medal, given to those who achieved great feats related to internet stuff. Good job, lad.


    • Tristan T-Booty

      4 years ago

      I have stumbled across the TDB channel... I feel so bad for you getting shot with that BB gun, but maaaannn was that funny! :P

    • Eoin Local Brigand.

      4 years ago

      Hey I heard you and Lynxxon were talking about a GTA V Versus game night. Any particular day you guys wanna do it?

      We can totally push it back to next week if you want, just curious which day if it's this weekend. smiley1.gif

    • chocobofan

      4 years ago

      Congrats on reaching 1000!! (although I suspect it's most likely over that number by now >.<) Enjoying the group (all the less than threes)

      • chocobofan

        4 years ago

        Pleasure is mine, and if you ever need an anime request, I'm your gal. <3

      • TDBTyler

        4 years ago

        Violins cool, haven't tried playing that yet :3
        Nice meeting ya Choco ^-^

      • chocobofan

        4 years ago

        Right? Felt it was appropriate (the name that is), but you can just call me choco (much shorter) and that's really cool!! Wish I could play guitar :T (guess I'll just stick with my violin >.<)

      • TDBTyler

        4 years ago

        Thanks chocobofan :3
        ... and 'chocobofan'? That's an awesome name xD I used to be able to play two of the Chocobo themes on my guitar, now after a ton of work and studying other pieces I've forgotten it... but ah well, glad you're enjoying your time on RT smiley8.gif

    • topham FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold DHYB

      4 years ago

      Hey, thanks for the friend request, hows it going?

    • Eluviahns FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Thinking of you <3


    • SpartanSloth

      4 years ago

      I believe you should have the Gus Award, for all your hardwork on the podcasts. The Gus Award is the picture of the mighty Podcast King Gus. Bask into its glory. Also congratulations for achieving such honor.

    • SickDemon

      4 years ago

      Alright so I'm making an attempt at an intro for the podcast, I've got a pretty good plan right now but executing it is proving to be a little difficult. I know you know how to edit so you might be able to help; any ideas on how to remove a kinda hollow metallic sound from a recording?

      Normally talking like Soundwave would be cool, but it isn't helping at the moment.

      • TDBTyler

        4 years ago

        Hahaha Good Luck, the metallic sound is a big pain for me lol, it's fixable... with a ton of effort though, re-recording is probably the quicker option

      • SickDemon

        4 years ago

        If I wasn't a perfectionist, it would probably be fine as it is, but I'm going to try to re-record the problem spot. If nothing else, I'll have learned how to edit by summers end. smiley4.gif

      • TDBTyler

        4 years ago

        That metallic sound is a pain, unfortunately I'd have to see it to fiddle around with my obsessive audio editing tools in order to try and remove it myself. It's hard to deal with audio issues and give advice without actually hearing them yourself... you know?
        But it's awesome you're making an intro lad :D

    • Kitsuun Pro Lurker

      4 years ago

      I know you like K-Pop, but I was wondering, do you like J-Pop too? :)

      • TDBTyler

        4 years ago

        Ditto, for example I mainly know of Koda Kumi and a few other Korean artists that have released songs in Japan, like KARA, Beast, SNSD... etc etc

      • Kitsuun Pro Lurker

        4 years ago

        Yeah, most the ones I know are because they did an anime theme I like >_<

      • TDBTyler

        4 years ago

        I'm only familiar with a few JPop artists, I haven't been exposed to it as much as KPop but it's still good

    • Julia FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold elDiablo

      4 years ago

      TC is dead and so now...*cracks knuckles*

      Let's take it outside.

    • Gaffi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Gaff

      4 years ago

      "Today, children, we'll be learning the summoning spell 'Accio,' one of the oldest spells in history. Simply say 'accio,' followed by whatever it is your heart desires. Oh and don't forget to swish and flick the shit out of your wand like this: eehYURHH!!


    • Gaffi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Gaff

      4 years ago


      PANDAMONIUM!!! Ehhhhh!!! <3

      • TDBTyler

        4 years ago

        xD oh dear, the puns!!

    • Ayarin

      4 years ago

      Just checked out the TDB YouTube channel, will you be posting up anymore videos in the future???

    • sneedse

      4 years ago

      So I finally got to listen to the podcast and apparently I have to kill you now for leaving me out of the admins shout out lol

    • TimGee FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Friend request number 3. My lucky number. you lucky son of a gun!

      Thanks for the add !!

    • pwnd117

      4 years ago

      Thanks for the add.

      • TDBTyler

        4 years ago

        No Problemo :D

    • ozzy786

      4 years ago

      Thanks for friend request smiley0.gif

    • Julia FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold elDiablo

      4 years ago


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