So I've been working on a RWBY card game for over a year now. It's still just a rough prototype, but it's been coming along quite nicely (gameplay wise, images... maybe not as much). I've been able to play test it a number of times, mostly with close friends and family members, but I've been hesitant to open up play testing to others because I've been burned in the past when it comes to sharing my ideas. Though I've been told recently by a game designer insiders that the tabletop designer industry is a pretty supportive community, with sneaky idea stealing happening very rarely and is always frowned upon. 

I figured it might be time to open up the game to more play testers, but instead of just grabbing random Joe/Jane gamer from my local comic shop, I'd like to give the opportunity to some of the folks from the Rooster Teeth community. More specifically those in the central Florida area (because that's where I live). The RT Florida community seems like a pack of cool lads and ladies, so I might be reaching out to them... in a bit. For as long as I've been a RT fan this is the first I've fiddled with the site outside of videos and shopping, so I think I need to take some time to figure out how things work around here to minimize the likelihood of any internet faux pas. Plus, I should probably get to know the RT Florida people before trying to drag them into my hair ball well thought out game idea.

But in any event, if someone was to stumble upon this post, I also have a twitter account that I specifically use for the game (try to at least. She's not part of RWBY yet, but I can't not follow Mica). You can find it here I think, if I did it right (@RWBY_bcg if I didn't). I try to stay active on it with regular updates, but like I said I've been hesitant to divulge much about the game, so it's not a wealth of info on the game.

Ok, I think that's good for now. It sure will be nice to post things without a 140 character limit. More to come... eventually.