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    • Unofficial - RWBY Vytal Festival Tournament Board Game: Free to Play on Tabletop Simulator

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      I have shown this to RT at RTX as well as recently. From our last message it was ok to release a free play test as a fan game, and I hope that you all will enjoy our hard work!


      To Install the game to Tabletop Simulator simply click the link above and click Subscribe in Steam. This will add the game to your list of games you may host. As the game is updated/patched, it will automatically update for you when you join next.


      We are happy to announce that the RWBY Vytal Festival Tournament Online Testing Phase is now ready and available to play on Tabletop Simulator now! Come join us on Discord discord.gg/QAfMDK3 to find a game or talk about the game with others playing!

      This game has been in development for well over a year, and has over 3000 hours worth of work in it. We have played it over and over and polished it since our first showing at RTX 2016.

      We got to show it to Miles www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFFfckkClVU&t=16s as well as Kerry, Gray, Jen imgur.com/a/nTsIC and a whole ton of the community. Everyone was extremely supportive and pushed us to keep going forward.

      We have.

      The only problem was how do we get people to play a game that has this many pieces and get testing completed? The answer was quite simple: it had to be brought online.


      Since that time we have brought the game to Tabletop Simulator to allow for the most access, easiest development with the smallest barrier of entry possible. We do not charge anything to play our game, however a copy of Tabletop Simulator will be needed to play. We do not make any money off this game in any way, nor will we as RWBY is entirely owned by Rooster Teeth, and it is by their good graces (and awesome fanbase promotion) that they allow fan games like this to proliferate.

      We have successfully play tested the game and created a video detailing the set up of the game.

      to assist with understanding the game further.

      You can view the rules for the game online https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByfUKW2gckNJYkpmc2xNeTJWMlU/view as well. 


      The development team is made up of myself and one other. We combined have 40 years worth of gaming experience, including positions as an official Game Tester for some high profile games as well as a Magic Tournament Judge. The game is designed to be as straight forward to understand, but mechanically strong creating a dynamic strategy for the game.

      We also have a strong emphasis on theme for this game. As such, each character is designed not only to perform actions you all will be familiar with, but also fight in a style you would expect of that character. You will feel like you are playing Ruby imgur.com/a/5sWHl, Weiss imgur.com/a/rbuFj, Blake imgur.com/a/jMq2H and Yang imgur.com/a/ffnKE and each deck is held together by their Semblance.

      Also puns. Lots of puns.


      This is the first phase of testing, the Online Testing Phase. This is to test the quick game setup - the easiest way to play. Soon-after we will be releasing Phase 2: Mirror Mirror. 

      Phases 3 & 4 From Shadows and I Burn are currently in development, but need time to release. Again, all of these will be completely free to play


      We are currently using card art from screenshots in show, however  this is only placeholder art. We want this to be a fan made game the whole way through and through. As such, we want to include fan art for each card. If you have art that would depict a card perfectly and would like to submit it for use we will give full artist credit to its use. As this game is not for sale I'm afraid we will not be able to pay for any art.


      Thank you all for your continued support and interest. I hope to see you online. I'll be online the RWBY Steam Group chat, RWBY Discord and the Vytal Festival Tournament Discord all day today. If you would like to play, contact me! Thanks again, and welcome to the Vytal Festival Tournament!

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    • RWBY : Vytal Festival Tournament (Unofficial) Board Game

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      Before I start, I do not represent nor am I affiliated with Rooster Teeth, who wholly own the rights to RWBY. This is a fan made game, is not for general sale and is made for the purposes as a prototype for a proposal of concept. If requested all content will be ceased immediately. I merely want to be creative and possibly make something really neat for everyone.

      Hi everyone. I have been a huge fan of RT & RWBY for a long time. Last year at RTX I had brought forward the beginnings of a fan made game called RWBYD20, and I got to show it to Miles, Gray, Barb and Arryn and got some great reactions.

      I am still working hard on that project, however, after watching Vol 3, I had great inspiration, and working with another friend of mine we came up with another amazing idea.

      We wanted to create a game that just screams RWBY. The feel of the combat, of having a Team of Huntresses performing amazing feats, and wanted a game to reflect the world that was created for the show.

      Every step of the way we focused on making a game unlike others, as it followed the rules of RWBY and not the rules of an existing game. It's one thing to slap some pictures and names on a Monopoly board, and it is something else to create a game out of nothing.

      RWBY: Vytal Festival Tournament is a Miniature Card Combat Arena. This means that you move character around the Amity Colosseum in mock battles like those found in the Tournament.

      Each Character has their own Deck of Cards called Aura. When a Character takes Damage, their Aura is Depleted by burning cards equal to the Damage dealt. If their Aura runs out, they are disqualified.

      Each Character has a unique Semblance that benefits them in battle, as well as a set of unique Cards to do combat with.

      Teams are drafted by selecting Characters in turn. There are currently 3 modes of play: Standard, OTP and King Taijitu

      Standard is a 4v4 match made for 2 Players, and is the normal way to play the game.

      OTP is a 2v2 match made for 2 Players, and is a quick game mode.

      King Taijitu is a 4v4 match made for 4 Players, 2 Players to the Team.

      The Board is built by mixing and matching 4 different quadrants from the 8 Terrain Types of Amity Colosseum: Ice, Fire, Mountain, Forest, Desert, Ocean, City Ruins and Grassland.

      I have included a sneak peak at some of the Cards from each of Team RWBY's Decks as well as a quick description of the game here: http://imgur.com/a/h6ks1

      I will be at RTX again this year, and I would love to play some games with you all. Please let me know what you think!

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    • RWBY D20

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      Hey guys. To be honest, I don't frequent the official RT forums often, but I have been on the /r/RWBY subreddit for a very long time now. I have spent the last year and a bit working on a RWBY D20 game from the ground up for the past 19 months, and I am nearing a completed play test 1 shot campaign. I will be at RTX 2015 and would love for some people to try it out, especially those that have played Tabletop RPGs in the past.

      The end product is designed to allow for a player to take an OC character and recreate it in game easily, but keep it very unique and true to their design. There is an unusually large connection between RWBY and the fandom, such that there is a considerably higher percent of fans that generate OC/Fan fiction than other comparable fandoms. As such, I pose the question: Are there really that many differences between an OC and a well made character in D&D? I believe with the right game this could bring in a great deal of people who would rather live out their fan fiction as a DM and players as their OC than post it online. I think there is a great deal of talent out there just waiting to play.

      If you are at all interested, please contact me and lets have some fun gaming

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